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Unbelievable (PART 1)

Author: VampireMaiden
ASL Info:    16, Female, USA
Elite Ratio:    2.43 - 23 /31 /29
Words: 3489
Class/Type: Story /Love
Total Views: 1931
Average Vote:    5.0000
Bytes: 18932


Part one of...3 so far. Just a story for English

Unbelievable (PART 1)


It was a late, Friday night and I was restless. I got dressed in my boots, black and white stripped tights, black ballerina skirt, and a black tank top. I brushed my long, black hair strait and made sure the red streaks were showing. I was going out, I had to look my best. Me, Jake, Louis, and Rachel all went out to the abandoned warehouse again and Jake was already high. What a stoner. Louis took me to the third floor while Rachel made sure that Jake wouldn’t jump out a window again. We took out our stash of cigarettes and beer and Louis offered to light my stick.
“Maye?” Louis sat down next to me. Part of his long, black hair fell in front of his eyes and he shook his head until it back into place.
“Hmm?” I puffed some smoke out and took a swig of the beer.
“Maye, what are ya gonna do? Ya know when you get outta here? When you’re grown up?”
“Ha!” I snorted, “I’m not gonna wait ‘till I’m grown up to leave this place. I’m getting out as soon as possible.”
“Are you going to St. Charles?”
“Mom is not deciding the college for me. No way am I going to a preppy, catholic college.” I took another drink and inhaled the smoke from the cigarette deeply. “Are you going to...?”
“FCC? I...don’t know.”
“If your going to college, why a community college? They seem cheap and lame.’
“I know, but as you know, my money situation is not really ready for Yale.”
I gave Louis a dumb look. “You wanna go to Yale?”
He stood, stuck his hands in his pockets and paced. He looked back at my face and shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe.”
I laughed so hard, that I rolled onto the dusty floor, gripping my stomach.
“What? Maye? Maye, what’s so funny?”
I sat up and took a sip of beer to calm my stomach. “Picture it.” I grinned at him. “Louis, the ivy league man!” I laughed again and sucked the cigarette to stop from laughing so hard as to crying.
“What’s so funny?” I heard Rachel, as she poked her head from up the stairs, Jake behind her, baggy eyed and heavy footed.
“Louis, an ivy leaguer!”
“Like what, Harvard?” Rachel gave an odd look.
“Yale.” I smiled slyly.
“Wow, Yale. Shooting high, aren’t ya, Louie?” Rachel teased.
“I’m going to FCC.”
“Francis Community College?” Jake asked after sitting in a dusty rolling chair. “That’s lame.”
“Told ya.” I looked over to Louis and smiled.
“Drop it, Maye.” He scowled at me.
I just smiled at put my hands up innocently.
Louis offered Rachel and Jake some cigarettes and beer and they took it graciously.
“Hey, Maye,” Rachel puffed, “does your mom know you’re here? Or even out?”
“No.” I answered simply. “You think I would have told her I was going out to smoke and drink with my friends who she thinks is part of a gang? Yeah right.”
“My mom doesn’t give. I simply said I was gonna go hang with my friends and probably won’t be back till tomorrow. She flipped her hand for me to leave and I asked for the car, she flipped her hand again, and I left. Mom is great, isn’t she?” Jake smiled.
“Lucky enough. My dad lets me go but my mom battles him. Tells him about how my group of friends are “hoodlums” and that they are a bad influence. That I need to be studying and going to church instead of smoke, drink, and steal. In the end, dad wins. I get out.” Rachel shrugged her shoulders.
Louis was silent and kept pacing. I looked at his sad features and low eyes. When he finally sat, I went behind him and wrapped my arms around his chest from behind and put my head on his shoulder. “Louis? Louis, what’s wrong?” I whispered into his ear.
He shook his head but I kept strong. “Louie, tell me, please.” He turned towards me and I let go of him. He motioned his head to the stairs and we stood and left. He took my hand and led me to a separate room that was once an office. He sat on a big, red, velvet chair and put his large feet on the desk. His Converse made his feet look longer than they already were. I sat down on the desk and looked into his blue eyes.
“Louis, what is going on?”
He didn’t answer. We sat in silence for a long time. He rubbed the temples of his head and said to the floor, “I’m leaving.”
“I’m…I’m going, Maye. I’m leaving.”
“You’re moving?”
“No. No, I’m just gonna leave. Take off. Live on my own.” Then he finally looked up and met my gaze. “I want you to come with me.”
I stared at him, and he stared at me. He’s pulled this kinda thing before, where he said he was leaving, I was coming, blah blah blah, but nothing ever happened. We both ended up at school the next day. But his eyes held no joke. He was serious.
“Louis….I…maybe we…are you…Louis…”
“You don’t have to answer now, but I got two train tickets for tomorrow, 2:30 AM. You can come if you want, but don’t pack too much. What I’m doing is selling a lot of junk tomorrow to get some money. I’ll only take bare necessities. If you decide to come, I think you should do the same.” He looked back to the ground. “I…hope I see you tomorrow.” Louis slowly got up and left me there, staring at the empty chair he was once sitting in. Me and Louis. Together on the road. No one to boss us around or yell at us or make us do anything we don’t want to.
I heard some noises out side the door and I thought that maybe it was Louis coming back, or maybe Rachel and Jake seeing where we went off to. I opened the door and my eyes widened and I swore under my breath.

* * * * * * * *
KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Slowly the door opened and my dad’s tired face appeared in the doorway. He turned from tired to confused to upset to angry to ballistic in about 10 seconds. Record time.
“Mr. Chase.” The police man who held my handcuffs nodded to my dad.
“Officer.” Dad nodded back.
“Trespassing. The old warehouse by the edge of the city. Her and that group.”
“I see. Well, I hope that this can be resolved by her parents instead of the authorities.”
“Yes, sir. I would highly recommend locks Mr. Chase.” The officer scowled at me and pushed me to my father’s stern grip. “Have a good night. Or…morning.” He said after looking at his watch.
“It won’t happen again officer.” Dad called to him and closed the door. “I hope.” He looked at me.
“Just ground me. Send me to my room. Yell at me. Do your worst. Just, let me go to bed first.” I said. Oddly, dad didn’t protest. I just walked up the stairs into my room and onto my bed. I laid there in complete darkness, letting Louis’s words run through my head.
I decided. I’m going. I am going to go with Louis.

* * * * * * * *
I smell smoke. I sit up and look around, but I’m not in my house, I’m in a jail cell. I get up and go to the door and grip the bars. I quickly pull them back because they are extremely hot. Slowly they start to slide open. I don’t see any fire, but I still smell the smoke. I wander down the hall, rows and rows of cells, all filled with people. Some are just huddled in the corner, some stare into darkness, but their sockets are empty, some are lying on their beds, but they have no faces. One man in on the floor, his back to the cell door. He is breathing extremely deeply and twiddling his thumbs. I come closer to the cell slowly until I am in touching distance. I open my mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. I can’t talk. I can’t speak. No words. The one in the cell slowly turns around, as if he heard my words anyway and looks into my eyes. It’s Louis. But he looks as though he has been beaten, kicked, cut, burned. He looks as if he was dead for years. I try to say something but nothing comes out of my mouth again. I hear a noise from my left and I hide behind a bin of dirty towels. It looks as if it is a guard that is coming. He walks down the hall slowly, not looking at any of the cells. Soon he stops. At Louis’s cell. He opens the cell door and he motions his head for Louis to get up. He doesn’t. The guard doesn’t tolerate his disobedience and kicks Louis in the stomach. Then the face. Louis falls to the floor, hands gripping his stomach. The guard grabs Louis’s hair and pulls him from the cell. He drags him back to where he came from and I see him go, Louis watches my eyes. I stand to and help him, but Louis lowers his eyes and soon closes them. The guard throws Louis’s body into the door from which he once came and it is shut behind him. The guard looks over to me and lowers his eyes.

* * * * * * * *
I sit up, hot and breathing heavily. I rip my blankets off of me and look at the clock. 8:30 AM. I lie back down and stare at the ceiling. What will mom and dad do when they’ve figured out that I am gone? They’ll probably call the police. Then they’ll find me and Louis and it would have all been for nothing. What if I write them a note?
I sat up again and slipped off of my bed. I slowly walked over to my desk and grabbed a pencil and ripped a sheet of paper from a notebook. I started to jot down what came to mind.

Dear Mom and Dad
Me and Louis are going. I don’t know where, and I don’t know when we’ll know when we are there. Don’t worry about me. I’m alright. I’ve got enough money and I think Louis has thought everything through. Please don’t try to come and get me and/or call the police. I want this and you know you do too. Maybe later, you can send the rest of my furniture to me, since they’ll have no use just sitting in my room. I’ll have my cell, so you can call me and keep in touch if you want. I may not answer a lot though. Love you guys.

Seems good to me. I’ll leave it on my bed tonight. Jeez, I hope they’ll listen to me and not come and get me. Today, I’ll say I’m going to the mall and sell a bunch of my junk that I won’t need. I’ll just borrow dad’s truck.
I walked over to my closet and picked out a black turtle neck, a thigh-high, plaid, spaghetti strap dress. Underneath I wore black tights and my boots. I went to my mirror and combed through my black hair and tied it into a pony tail. I turned quickly and went downstairs to the kitchen where my mom was munching on an English muffin, reading Vogue and dad was behind the newspaper. I opened the fridge and neither of them looked up or even said a word. I pulled out the orange juice and took a swig from the carton. They did nothing. Usually I would get a lecture after that, but I got nothing. I strolled over to the toaster and put two pieces of toast in and pushed the lever down. I turner quickly, but they did nothing. I stared at them. Dad changed the page and mom took a sip of her coffee.
This is stupid. Trying to give me the cold shoulder? Making me feel left out and ignored? How childish.
My toast popped out of the toaster and I took out my pieces of toast and went to the table. I took mom’s knife and spread some of her special French imported jam onto the toast. I looked up again and they still were stuck in their own business. I was fed up.
I leaned back in my chair and set my un-eaten toast down. “Okay, what’s up?” I asked sternly.
Finally the two looked up and gave me a queer look. “Hmm?” dad asked me.
“I come in and you two completely ignore me. I drank from the carton. I took your special French Jam. What’s wrong?”
“There’s nothing wrong honey.” Dad said and went back to his paper. I glared at them at took a bite of my toast.
“Dad, can I borrow your truck?”
“Sure. Have it back by 3:00.” He said quietly.
That’s it? No, ‘No. You’re grounded?’ no, ‘Yes, if you clean it for a year?’ No punishment?
“...Okay...I’ll, uh, see you later.”
I got up slowly and grabbed dad’s keys off of the counter and went to my room and put some things in boxes and discretely put them in the truck. When I finally yelled that I was leaving, right when I opened the door, mom yelled to me, “Don’t drink from the carton, dear.”
Oh my god.

* * * * * * * *
I decided to get rid of clothes first. I had a bunch of clothes that I never wear and I decided to bargain a good price for them at a thrift store. The woman inside gave me a really good price for all of my tight pink tops and some tights that were too small for me. I got rid of the rest of my shirts and pants quickly, but the shorts are some skirts were really hard to get rid of. I finally got rid of them when some girl a bit older than me saw they were in the back of my trunk at a gas station. She paid a lot.
Next, I got rid of my books. I don’t have very many, but I do have some classics from school and some I got as gifts from grandparents and aunts and uncles. I sold those at a small bookstore and they tried to give me store credit until I talked to their manager and they finally gave up the cash.
The only furniture I was selling was a chair and side table. Those didn’t match my room. I decided later to have mom and dad send the rest to me or they could decide to sell them. Which would really stink. I gave those to a small antique shop and the man paid a lot. A bit overpriced, if I was to guess, which is fine. More money for me!
I had one thing left to sell. A disgusting, frilly, white blouse. I think I wore it for granddad’s funeral. I’ll just keep it with me. Just burn it later.
I got a pretty good deal on all of my junk. I made $5,054 all together. Louis’s idea was really good. This will defiantly give me the opportunity to buy good stuff. I pull into the driveway and mom and dad are at the door, giving me the dirtiest look in the world.
Oh my god.

* * * * * * * *
“We have decided our course of action for your punishment.”
“Jeez, that took a while.”
“Maye...” mom warned me.
“Okay, shutting up.”
“Grounded. One month. No phone, TV, friends, going out, except for school, and no boyfriend.” Dad said sternly.
“Okay, let’s be reasonable-”
Dad held up his hand to silence me. “I think we are being a little too reasonable. Your mother thinks differently. By the 4th time an officer had to bring you home, I would have thought your mom would have the back bone to give you what you deserve.”
“Mark, please.” Mom looked coldly at him.
“Well, it’s true, Sharon. You said, ‘The third time’s a charm’, ‘It’s a faze’, ‘She’ll get over it’. Well, Sharon? Is she over it?”
Mom didn’t answer. She just left the living room and went to the kitchen. I heard her turn the coffee pot on and couch quietly.
Back to dad. Blazing red eyes. Mouth twisted. “Dad, I get it. You’re mad. I’m sorry. This is the perfect punishment. I....guess I’ll just be in my room.”
He opened his mouth to protest but realized what I said. “Um...I guess that’s alright.” Confusion was in his tone. “Good. Good, you do that.” He shook his head.
I went to the stairs and closed my eyes, walking up to my room. ‘Come on, Maye.’ I thought to myself. ‘All you have to do is last till night. If you can keep them out of your room, stay good and quiet, you can get out of here.’

* * * * * * * *
“Maye?” a call from the door. Mom.
“Hmm?” I turned off my iPod.
“Honey, I-” the door started to open and I rushed to it and slammed it shut.”
“Umm...changing. Don’t come in. What do you want?”
“I just wanted to say...I’m sorry. You may be on the wrong track, and I think, maybe you can get back on the right one. Maybe your father doesn’t understand that, but we should try.”
Silence. “Ooooookay.”
“Alright.” I heard her starting to walk away. “Time for dinner, then.”
“I’m not hungry.” I said plainly.
“Oh, alright. Well...I guess...alright.”
I waited for her to leave and I turned my music back on to ear-blasting-off level.

* * * * * * * *
It was 1:30 AM. One hour until Louis told me the train was leaving. If I left now, and of course I would have to walk, I could reach there around 2:00. Then Louis could tell me his plan and the train would arrive and we would be out of this dump forever!
I lifted off my covers and stretched out my arms. I didn’t get any sleep because I was so nervous. And excited. I stood and looked around for my boots. I found them next to my dresser and slipped them on. I was already dressed so I could get out as soon as possible. I made sure my note was in place. My bed made with the note right on top. I grabbed my bags of clothes I kept and, of course, my guitar, which I love. She is my baby. I have to take her with.
Quietly but quickly I go down the stairs and let my self out the front door. Quickly I run down the path to the end of the street, but stop. I turn to look at my house for the last time. It looks so big even though I know I’m imagining it all. I look away a walk down the street with strength in my stride. I have to leave before the sadness rushes in and makes me go back. I have to be strong.

* * * * * * * *
I arrive at 2:04 and sit on a bench and set my bags and guitar down next to me. Now, I wait. I’m sitting, twiddling my thumbs. I stare at the other side of the platform. I’m staring at nothing. At black nothingness.
I hear a sigh from behind me. “You came.” I turn around and see Louis with three bags and a broken smile. I smile back and he comes and sits next to me. I lean over and hug him so hard that he lets out a little wheeze.
“Of course I came.”
He shrugs. “I almost wasn’t.”
“So if I came, I would have sat here, waiting for you?”
“I would have called.” He rolled his eyes.
I smile. “I almost wasn’t gonna show, either.”
“Well, I’m glad we both did.”
I nod and a tear rolls down my cheek. “Me too.”
Louis wipes the tear from my face and I lay my head in his lap. His hand strokes my hair back from my eyes as we wait for the train.


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  woo, gr-ate!! lol i'll check the other parts for sure!
| Posted on 2007-05-04 00:00:00 | by darkwiccan14 | [ Reply to This ]

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