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    dots Submission Name: Late Night Gamedots

    Author: Katlord
    ASL Info:    24/no thanks/my room
    Elite Ratio:    2.17 - 375/199/101
    Words: 3922
    Class/Type: Story/
    Total Views: 1469
    Average Vote:    No vote yet.
    Bytes: 19564

       Miko is unlike the average boy in many ways. He lives in a prison for the emotionally disturbed and has no friends. Not that he would want any. He has been a loner his entire life. He believes his only purpose in life is to get back at those that had wronged him.

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    dotsLate Night Gamedots

    Ch. 1 Escaping
    “Yes the beauty of the night. The sweet smell of blood in the darkness. The sound of screams in the distance. So very comforting.” Miko jumped down from his sitting place in the tree. His long black hair covered his face. His red eyes searched the perimeter. His black trench coat hung well passed his knees concealing every weapon he had. He stood, he walked up to the fence that marked his prison. “One day I will be free to reign terror on all that cross me.”
    A bright light swept across the ground. Miko returned to the shadows. He saw a rather chubby watchman scanning the area for attempting escapers. Miko smirked. 'I will not be stopped by one man.' He thought as he moved among the shadows. He again returned to the darkness of the trees. In the distance he could hear sirens. 'Could they becoming for me?' he thought as they became louder, 'ah yes game time.' He found himself above the frightened watchman. The watchman heard a rustling in the leaves and looked up. Miko quickly jumped down from the tree and pinned him against the ground.
    “Well, well, well,” he said as he searched through his trench coat, “how should I kill you?”
    “Please……” the watchman begged, “I have children……”
    Miko shook his head. “tsk, tsk, tsk…… perhaps you should have chosen a safer line of work.”
    Miko punched the man in his face. Causing a small trail of blood to come from his lip. Miko smiled at this. The sight of the beautiful dark red against the man’s pale skin made his blood boil. The smell of the sweet juice made his mouth water. He pulled out a small pocket knife. He began to my small cuts all over the man’s body. He placed his lips to each of them. He moaned as the warm sweet liquid passed over his lips. He brought his gaze to the watchman’s eyes and discovered he was dead. 'No point in wasting perfectly good blood.' He thought as he continued to drink. He heard footsteps coming toward him, he quickly returned to the safety of the trees. Licking the remaining blood from his lips he began to sneak toward the fence. He could hear the police in the distance talking.
    “What the?”
    “Great it has to be the work of that blood sucker.”
    “What do you mean blood sucker, like a vampire!?”
    “Kinda of but he’s not a vampire, he just thinks like one.”
    “What does that mean?”
    Miko smiled. 'They will never understand.' He quickly returned to the fence. 'How will I reach the top?' Miko stood at a good six feet, but the fence was well over fourteen. It was not an average chain link fence. It was made of a solid wall of concrete with barb wire at the top. He shrugged and returned to the trees in an attempt at finding a way over. After about two minutes of searching he discovered that one branch was placed carelessly close to the fence. All he would have to do is stand the branch upright. He would then have a clear path to freedom. He looked around for any officers. He came to the conclusion that there were none. He slowly approached the branch, stood it up, and began to climb it.
    He went up and over the wall. He finally reached the outside world after twelve years of being detained and shunned. A light swept quickly across the wall. Then again it was dark. Miko did not know where to go or what to do with his renewed freedom. It had been so long. Nothing looked the same. The expensive looking building that once held him seemed to be the only form of civilization as far as he could see. It was dark. There was no light from houses or any buildings. 'Perhaps the town was further then I thought.' He heard sirens again. He quickly ducked down into the brush that lined the paved street. Two cars drove past and entered the facility. Out of fear of given away his position, Miko remained still. His mesmerizing blood colored eyes watched patiently. When there were no longer sounds of movement he began to crawl down the road being careful to stay hidden.

    Ch. 2 Renewed Freedom
    After many hours of crawling Miko finds himself near a small city. The houses look different from the ones that he remembers. They stood much taller then any man he had ever seen. The shortest one he could see was well over four stories tall. The streets seemed littered with people and cars. The streets where lit with huge lampposts. He turned around and saw a girl staring at him. He hadn’t seen anyone, except for police, in years. He didn’t understand why she was waving at him. She was no older then ten, her hair was blonde, short, and untamed, she wore a blue dress that hung pass her knees. She was about four feet tall and had eyes the color of newly bloomed cherry blossoms. She began to approach him.
    “Hello mister,” she said innocently, “Where’s your mommy and daddy?”
    This mention of his parents, stabbed at his heart, sent rage through his mind. How could this child, so young, cause him such discomfort? He glared at her. He found that the anger he had disappeared. 'This child, why is this child talking to me? Why I’m I allowing her to speak to me?' He couldn’t help but to find himself filled with fear for his mind and emotions where playing tricks on him.
    “Are you lost?” the little girl added.
    Miko looked at her more confused now then ever. 'Why would she ask me that? Why would she care? This place has definitely changed since my capture.'
    “Follow me.”
    He found himself being pulled by the little girl. She walked with him past a couple of stores, a large restaurant, and down a set of seemingly never ending stairs. Throughout the entire walk Miko found himself wondering, not of where the girl was going, but of why she didn’t fear him.
    “Leave me be child.”
    The little looked sadly at him. He instantly felt the urge to comfort the girl. He shook his head and back away. He began to run in the direction he had come.
    He did not know where he was going. He didn’t care he was going to get as far away from this ‘child’ as possible.
    “How was that child able to change my emotions? Had it been anyone else they would not have lived past hello.”
    Miko walked down the street and came across a small building it seemed hidden between three monster size buildings. It looked abandoned Miko decided to take a look. There were no lights, furniture, people, anything inside. The walked to the door and slowly turned the knob. A group of small animals ran out. 'What are these?' Miko picked up one of the small mewing animals and inspected it. This ones eyes had not opened. It was black with occasional orange blotches. It had small pointy ears and whiskers. It claws dug into Miko’s hand as it continued mewing. Soon a larger animal approached Miko. It looked much like the ones at his feet. He set the small creature down.
    “Awwwwww…. Cute kitties are they yours mister?”
    Miko jumped at the sound of the little girls voice. He again looked at the animals.
    “Kittens so these are what felines look like.”
    The little girl looked at him and smiled.
    “Child why are you following me?”
    The girl shrugged her shoulders. She went back to looking at the kittens. She began to play with them.
    Miko left he didn’t understand the child. Anyone else would have been scared and ran. Then again anyone else he would have killed if they hadn’t. He shook his head. He again could hear sirens. He didn’t know where they were coming from so decided to get off of the dimly lit street and into a dark alley.

    Ch. 3 Little Sister
    Miko awoke inside of a house. He had no memory of how he had arrived there. He looked around the room. It was bright compared to his prison’s room. The walls were pink. There was a small vanity and dolls scattered throughout the room. There were childish drawings of flowers and animals. The bright colors hurt his eyes. He growled and stood up. He walked over to the door that obviously led to the rest of the house.
    A young lady, about thirty two, was standing in front of a stove. The child was standing next to her. 'Why me?' he thought. The little girl turned around.
    “He’s up mommy.”
    That word made him cringe....
    “Mommy,” a younger Miko said as he climbed into a car.
    “Yes, Miko”
    “Where are we going?”
    “We're going to a nice little place where you’ll be safe and no one will hurt you.”
    “Will I like it there?”
    “I sure hope so.”
    They pulled into this large driveway that would be his home for the next twelve years. Miko was only five at this time and didn’t know what was awaiting him. He remembered trying to run back to his mother. He couldn’t remember what it was that bounded him and prevented him from going to her.....
    He shook the memories away as though they were a bad dream returned his gaze to the oddly familiar faces. The girl approached him first.
    “Is your name Miko?”
    Miko stared at her. 'How does she know my name? I never told her. I’m pretty sure there was no news of the escape.'
    “See mommy, I told you it has to be him.”
    The lady had tears in her eyes. She walked over to Miko and tried to hug him.
    Miko quickly moved away and stared at her.
    “What have they done to my little Kuroso?”
    That name sent pain throughout his body. He searched his memory for who it belonged to. 'Kuroso, where have I heard that name before?' He stared at the lady to choked up to speak.
    “Mother,” he said with little emotion on his face.
    She nodded fresh tears streaming from her eyes.
    Miko knew exactly what he had planned on doing to her once found, but now that he could see her with the little girl, he just couldn’t bring himself to do any thing but stare angrily. Miko shook his head. 'No that is not my name not anymore.' He looked around the room saw a window and decided to use it as an exit.
    He landed on the street and ran. He wouldn’t look back never again did he want to see them. She had betrayed him. 'She said she would come back but she never did. To top it all off she expects me to accept her and that child as my family. Nonsense, I will do no such thing.' He could no longer run and fell to the ground panting.
    “I will not forgive her for this.” He yelled into the night.
    He could hear cars and decided to stray from the road. 'There is no explanation needed, I have been replaced.' He ran until morning. By now he was far from her, that being which created then destroyed him. He came across a huge barn and stayed the day there.

    Ch. 4 Pointless
    When he awoke he again ventured out into the night. He walked slowly along the road. His stomach ached, his clothing was filthy as was he, he had bruises covering his face and cuts from the falling out of the window the night before, his feet hurt and he didn’t have a clue as to where he was or where he was going.
    He found himself stopping frequently thinking of blood. The sweet nourishment that had kept him going for as long as he had. He needed to get something to eat or he would surely die.
    He looked for a slaughter house of some sort. Once one was found he cautiously opened the door and snuck in. There were cows and pigs on conveyer belts. He wanted fresh blood day old never did enough. He walked through and found a small cow that was obviously weaker then the others. His head throbbed and couldn’t take his eyes off of the cow’s pulse site. His mouth watered. He looked through his trench coat and pulled out a small knife. He took it in the palm of his hand and in one swift movement cut the cows throat causing it to die instantly. He kneeled down and drank the warm dark liquid. He could feel his strength slowly returning to him. The animal blood burned as it hit the walls of his, once, empty stomach. When he finished he leaned back and licked the remaining blood from around his mouth. He sat and waited for the remaining bits of strength to return to him. He quickly moved the body onto a conveyer belt and left.
    These streets didn’t look familiar in the smallest amount. Miko didn’t understand how everything could look so different compared to what he had seen only twelve years before. He found himself looking for landmarks that no longer existed. They were either gone, or were there but change drastically. Miko fell to the ground confused and angry that he couldn’t recognize anything. He felt like a child lost in a huge mall. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to carry out his plan with his mother, but he couldn’t, not with a little girl that needed her. He could feel his eyes burning. They seemed to be leaking. He slammed his fist on the ground. 'Why, why, why, why, why,' he thought angrily with each slam.
    “Miko, where are you, please come home?”
    He looked around, he couldn’t tell exactly where the voice was coming from, but he knew it was that little girl.
    “Please Miko mommy says she’s sorry.”
    He could hear her cry. He didn’t want to deal with her right now and decided to jump into a nearby tree. He always felt better high above people concealed in the darkness.
    “Miko, I know you’re around here somewhere.”
    Miko could now see the little girl. There was a man approaching her. He was wearing blue jeans, and a bright red shirt. That guys up to something. Miko thought as he went through the trees to get a closer look.
    “Hey there, you lost little girl.”
    She ignored him.
    “Whose this Miko maybe I can help you look for him?”
    “No, Miko, come out.”
    Miko by now was over their heads and listening intently and watching closely.
    The man grabbed at the girl and Miko quickly jumped from the tree and punched him in the face.
    “Stay away from her or I swear I’ll kill you.”
    A small breeze flung Miko’s hair in front of his face and caused his trench coat to fly open reveling his weapons.
    “Miko” the little girl squeaked as she clung to him.
    Miko looked at the girl. Before he could look back at the guy he found himself on the ground being hit by a branch. Miko quickly returned to his feet and picked up the girl. He jumped up into the safety of the trees.
    “Stay here I’ll be right back.” he whispered.
    The girl nodded and held tightly to the tree.
    Miko jumped back down.
    “Smooth move hitting me with a branch.” Miko said with a sly smile.
    “Thought you’d like that.”
    Miko ran toward the man and threw a punch that caught him in the gut. The man kneeled over in pain screaming coughing up blood. Miko eyes change to the color of hot amber. 'Game Time.'
    He walked over and kicked the man in the face.
    “Not so tough without that tree branch.”
    “You little punk!” the man yelled causing more blood to come from his mouth.
    Miko could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He had just eaten, but human blood was so much sweeter then that of an animal. His mouth began to water. He approached the man and slammed him against a tree.
    “Okay I’ll leave you and that girl alone, if you let me live.”
    “You really don’t look like you’re in the right place to be negotiating.”
    Miko punched the man in the face causing his lip to bust. He pulled a small razor out of this trench coat and made a small slit on the mans arm.
    “What are you doing?”
    Miko couldn't resist the blood any more he was so drawn to it. His sister, where was that girl, did he want her to know what he was. His mind wandered away to thoughts of his newly discovered sibling.
    This gave the man time to break away. He grabbed one of Miko’s knives and dug it into his shoulder. He stared at Miko.
    “Miko” the girl screamed.
    “How’s it feel to be the defenseless one?”
    Miko began to laugh.
    “You idiot, and think I was going to spare you.”
    Miko reached down and unhooked one of his throwing knives from his boots. He ran toward the man and slashed open his chest.
    The man fell to the ground screaming in pain.
    Miko enjoyed the site of suffering with every scream the man let out the more he wanted to beat him. Miko looked at the man, at his shoulder, then at the man.
    “Blood for blood”
    The man ignored him and continued screaming. Miko kneeled down, he made cuts along the mans body and drank. It was so sweet. The man stopped screaming. Miko backed away. He was not dead but he was unconscious.
    “Wimp.” Miko thought as he kicked him again.
    “Miko, stop.” He could see the little girl crying, “Please Miko, don’t kill him.”
    Miko looked at the helpless man that was now lying at his feet. He looked back at the girl. He walked over to her and picked her up.
    “I’m going to take you home and you are going to stay away from me.”
    “You can’t just leave him here to die.”
    “That’s where you’re wrong.”
    “Please Miko, let me help him.”
    “Why would you want to do that?”
    “Because, please.”
    Miko didn’t understand how someone related to his mom could have such a kind heart. He nodded and watched closely as the girl went over to the man.
    She held her hands inches above the wounds. There wasn’t a visible light but you could tell there was one. The area around the girl felt warm. Soon most of the mans wounds were closed.
    “We’re leaving before he wakes up.”
    Miko picked the girl up and began walking home. It didn’t take them nearly as long to get back as it did to leave because Miko was horrible with directions and just ended up going in a huge circle. Miko opened the door and laid the girl on the couch.
    “That isn’t my name anymore.”
    His mother nodded.
    “What happened to your head?”
    Miko reached around and could feel a large wound on the back of his head. He brought his hand in front of his face and could see blood. Not dried crusty blood, but dripping warm blood. He looked at his shoulder it ached where the attacker’s knife had entered.
    Miko patted the girl and went to leave. He didn’t want to ruin this family that his mother had going for her. He did not want to cause anymore pain then he had. He left, he ran back to the forest beside the fence of his old prison. He looked through his coat and looked over each of his knives. The things he had used to kill so many before. He took each of them and one by one began to makes cuts along himself. He came across his favorite throwing knife. The one he had used to kill his most recent victim. He held it a distance from himself and brought it slamming into his chest.
    He let out a low loud growl. Then the area returned to its peaceful silence.

    Submitted on 2007-03-14 09:58:33     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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      wow that was long...... but it was enjoyable!
    | Posted on 2007-03-23 00:00:00 | by yamifox | [ Reply to This ]
      This poem is okay for a beginner!!! I think that it is good!!! You have done a great job!!!
    | Posted on 2007-03-20 00:00:00 | by Granger | [ Reply to This ]
      I printed this out and red it on my lunch break and really liked it, i was wondering of it was set in the modern day? and i would mind reading more about the little girls powers, so maybe you could do another peice on her when she grows up?

    Good work, keep it up.

    | Posted on 2007-03-19 00:00:00 | by Kube | [ Reply to This ]

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