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A Twisted Tale - Perfect Wife

Author: deathbroken
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Not really that good... But it needed a twist in it and it was all I could think of!

A Twisted Tale - Perfect Wife

Mrs. Alice Chional had always been named as the ‘perfect’ woman and a ‘perfect’ wife. She did her house chores perfectly each day. She folds clothes perfectly without a crease. She washes dishes so perfectly they shine. She cooks dinner just the way Mr. Chional likes it. Yes, Mrs. Chional is truly a woman of pride and a perfectionist. She was loyal and faithful, and with her long wavy red hair and bright blue eyes, she was also beautiful. Her husband was rich and famous. Everyone loved her, and everyone thought she had the perfect life.

That weekend, the day went on as usual. Alice woke up and got out of bed, then continued to do her daily chores. Doing everything perfectly, after a normal day of going through her house chores. She headed towards the living room and sat down on the couch, waiting for her dear husband to come home.

Mr. Chional returned home just as the clock struck 6. Now, Mr. Chional seemed to be the complete opposite of our dear Alice. He was a great big brute and he wasn’t much of a looker. He also grunts and groans a lot. People had always joked around how Mr. Chional ended up with a woman like Alice.

Speaking of Alice, Mrs. Chional had stood up and went to take his coat.

“How was your day Mr. Chional?” Alice asked while taking the liberty and time to hang his coat up perfectly straight and neat.

Mr. Chional grunted and groaned before murmuring something. Alice seemed to understand everything he was saying. Or at least, trying to say.

“Ah… Is that so? Never mind darling, those people are like dogs anyway… Would you like some supper?” she asked.

Mr. Chional shook his great brute head and then sat down on the sofa opposite the one Alice was sitting on. Alice went back to the seat she was sitting on. She gave her husband a quick smile before saying: “Honey, I’ve received something for you today.”

Mr. Chional grunted and groaned again signaling to her that he either wasn’t bothered or didn’t care right at the moment. Alice’s smile froze when she saw him standing up, as if he were going to walk out on her.

“But it is of the utmost importance!” Mr. Chional flipped his hand at her as if the chase her off. He walked towards the door while grabbing his coat. “Honey, you’ve just returned home! You can’t be going out again!” Alice called out almost desperately.

The man ignored her, Alice then called out his name softly. He ignored her. A silent gunshot echoed through the empty house, before a great crash of Mr. Chional hitting the ground. A perfect shot right in the back of his head. Alice walked up to him and looked down at him, in her hands; she held a raven black revolver.

Alice had always loved the feeling of the gun in her hands. It made her feel powerful and proud. Mrs. Chional- no, no longer Mrs.Chional- Alice walked up to her dead husband and stared down at him. His lifeless eyes staring back at her. He was dead within an instant. Alice felt a sense of calmness spread through her. She then silently put down the gun next to him and walked out of the house. While passing the hallway she took a sneak peak into the mirror. Making sure her lipstick wasn’t smudged and no blood could be seen on her clothes. She threw her pair of gloves into the fire, watching it burn into ashes, before walking into the garden.

“Hello Mrs.Graham.” Alice called out pleasantly at her busy neighbor. The woman turned around and smiled back.

“Mornin’ Alice” She replied. “Came for you’ jam jar ain’ that right?” she asked.

Alice nodded. “You could always read my mind… Oh. Before I forget I have a new jar for you and Mr.Graham. But I left it back in my house…”

Mrs.Graham shook her head. “No need to tro’ble yourself. I’ll go in the get the jar and I’ll come over to ge’ it wid ya.”

Alice smiled one of her winning smiles and put her hand over her heart. “Thank you Mrs.Graham.”

Alice let mischievous smirk appear on her face as she watched her dear neighbor walk back into her house to get her jam jar. Oh yes, Alice had it all completely planned out. She knew now, she was free from the horrors. She never really liked her husband anyway, throughout the years she learned to act like she did. It was a relief to know that he would no longer bother her.

Sometimes… It was great to be a perfectionist.

News Report:

Mr. John Chional was found dead on the 15th of March on Saturday. He was shot in the back of his head in his own home. The murder weapon was found beside him. He was found by his wife, Mrs. Alice Chional Lee and their neighbor, Mrs. Katherine Graham. On their return from their visit to Mrs. Graham’s house.

Mrs. Chional was in shock when she found the body while crying non-stop for three days. “Who would do that to my dear husband? He hasn’t done anything wrong!” Mrs. Chional had cried out during the interrogation, she refused to say anything else, falling into a sense of depression.

The current suspect is one of Mr. Chional’s workers. Who had mysteriously disappeared without a trace. The police are still holding an on going investigation on this.

“John was a good man… And a good friend… We would not rest until the murderer is behind bars.” Let out the commanding officer. While the rest of the department whole heartedly agreed.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Chional and Mrs. Graham are no longer suspects to this murder case. Mrs. Chional, luckily, has recovered from the death of her darling husband. Mr. Chional’s funeral will be held on the 15th of June. Anyone is free to come to offer their condolences.

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Comments live up to your name in this story dearie...
see you around
| Posted on 2007-04-11 00:00:00 | by rubymoon | [ Reply to This ]
  Omg, this is so sick!
It kind of reminds me of a story that was written prior to this about a woman killing her husband with a frozen thing of lamb.
Anyway, the only thing that really bugged me was the spelling between the names "Chional" or "Chonial".
I'd just thought I'd let you know.
| Posted on 2007-03-20 00:00:00 | by xgirlxbassistx | [ Reply to This ]

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