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    dots Submission Name: Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Boarddots

    Author: Nearby Thoughts
    ASL Info:    18; Female; Valhalla
    Elite Ratio:    3.3 - 11/5/23
    Words: 5947
    Class/Type: Fanfic/Misc
    Total Views: 1158
    Average Vote:    No vote yet.
    Bytes: 33058

       I was watching the craft and listening to AFI at the same time.
    I think it's funny, what do you think? I do it just to humor myself and to hone my story-telling skills. yes, there is sexy time.

    Make the font bigger!! Double Spacing Back to recent posts.

    dotsLight as a Feather, Stiff as a Boarddots

    “Ohmigod, Lily…your hair is soooo purrty” Jade purred as he ran his fingers through Lily’s hair –his friend’s hair was light brown, thick, soft, straight and long; as silky and gorgeous as only girl hair could be.
    “And it would stay ‘purrty’ if you stopped rubbing your hands and face in it” commented Davey as he filed his long nails on Lily’s bed, talking down to Jade who sat on the floor with Lily.
    “Shut up, Dave. You’re just jealous I’m not doing that to your hair” spat Jade as he twisted and parted Lily’s hair doing one thick braid. Lily just sat there, feeling Jade’s delicate hands on her hair and the back of her neck. She could not help but giggle at the two boys arguing and at the fact that her mother had allowed her to have a sleepover with these two boys on the grounds that they were queer…and honestly, they might as well be.
    “Jade, you’re gay” Davey mocked the skunk-mulleted lanky boy of 17 sitting cross-legged with a wide arrange of bows on his hair.
    No, Davey…you’re gay” Jade pointed at the 16 year-old boy sitting on the bed wearing a hot pink bathrobe and Hello Kitty pajama bottoms.
    Lily rolled her eyes and buried her face in her hands, whispering “Here it goes again”.
    Davey arched his newly tweezed eyebrow and pointed at Jade with a flowery nail file
    “Hey Jade, you know how I know you’re gay?”
    Jade simply stared at Davey and cocked his head sideways in a defiant manner.
    “You sing and dance ‘I’m a little teapot’ in the shower”
    “Hey Dave, you know how I know you’re gay?”
    It was now Davey’s turn to stare.
    “You think Boy George is hot shit”
    “So do you and that’s how I know you’re gay.” Davey rebutted with a triumphant air. he had Jade right where he wanted him.
    “It takes gay to know gay, doesn’t it, Dave?” Now Jade had Davey right where he wanted him.
    “So you ARE gay?” Davey pressed the question viciously. Jade hesitated for a second, but then came back to drive the nail home
    “Are you?” Damnit, now Jade had him good.
    Davey jumped off the bed like an angry housewife toward Jade, but Lily bounced off the floor in front of Jade and yelled at Davey
    “GODDAMNIT! Not again, Dave!” and Davey landed on top of Lily.
    “But he called me gay!” Davey whined loudly.
    Lily landed on Jade and he yelled
    “GODDAMNIT! My arm!”
    Downstairs, Lily’s mother screamed at the top of her lungs
    A piercing scream that quieted the three teens, but did not move them from the pile they were in.
    “You called me gay first” Jade corrected Davey.
    “Because you were acting all gay snorting hair like a coked up hairdresser”
    “What about you? you’re dressed like a fucking fairy queen doing your sissy-ass nails” both boys tried to get closer to fight, but Lily was still in between them, holding her breath, confused, a bit upset and aroused at having two pretty boys so close to her, rubbing against her as they moved to bite each other’s heads off.
    The three of them had been friends for several years and it was only recently that Lily had started to see Jade and Davey as attractive; the boys were starting to regard her in much the same way. Maybe it was the puberty thing. Or maybe they were just really cute. Or maybe she was.
    Lily sighed loud enough for the boys to hear, but they didn’t. They were too busy arguing…still.
    “You’re gayer though” came Jade’s reply from underneath Lily – his belt buckle was digging into her lower back, but ignoring the discomfort, she sat still enjoying the place her bottom occupied in the space-time continuum of Jade’s anatomy.
    “No, you’re gayer” Davey pointed his manicured finger straight at Jade’s nose and poked it.
    “you’re gay” Jade’s turn. He poked Davey’s forehead.
    “Am not!” Davey’s turn. Poked Jade in the eye.
    “Ouch, are too” Jade poked Davey’s eye.
    “Damn, are not!” Davey jabbed Jade’s shoulder.
    “Are too.” Jade jabbed back.
    As much as Lily was enjoying the boy sandwich, her brain had had enough of the ‘gay’ bullshit. It had been funny the first ten seconds, after that, it had become irritating and unnerving.
    “FUCKIN’ A! you’re both gay, alright?! Now shut up!”
    Both boys looked at her as if she had three heads. She expected them to roll off her at any second, but they did not budge. Part of her was glad though – the bottom part of her, that was.
    “No, we’re not’ they whined in unison.
    “And how do I know you guys aren’t gay” she asked them.
    “Umm…” was the common response.
    “I like girls!” was the second common response.
    “And how do I know that?” Lily asked again, hoping to find out.
    “Watch” Jade turned Lily’s head around and gave her a wet and sultry kiss; Lily would have never imagined Jade could be so sexy or such a good kisser. The kiss improved with Jade’s hands rubbing her hips and sides. Lily pulled away, blinked several times and turned to Davey
    “Well, Jade’s not gay…what about you?”
    Davey tossed his hair and chuckled deeply. “So not gay,” and with that he scooped Lily’s butt up with his hands to bring her closer to him and kissed her almost aggressively.
    Lily was the type of girl who liked things nice and slow, but Davey’s roughness did not bother her; in fact, was kind of hot. The aggression was waking something wild in her and coupled with Jade’s sensuality were bringing out her other side. She liked Davey’s kiss as much as she liked Jade’s.
    Next thing Lily knew, Davey’s mouth had moved down to her neck and was sucking and nipping at the flesh there. She let out a long, languorous sigh with her eyes closed and her lips pursed. She finally spoke to prevent any more sounds coming from her throat.
    “Nope, Dave’s not gay either…so what do we do?” Davey still kissed her neck, smiling inwardly because he was not gay…as far as Lily was concerned. That was what mattered, wasn’t it?
    “We could play ‘light as a feather, stiff as a board’ and see if any of us has superpowers…like Wonder Woman or something” Jade cheerfully suggested. Maybe Lily had been too quick to judge in regards of Jade’s manliness; perhaps Davey had indeed won the argument with Jade; Lily and Davey stared at Jade strangely, but finally said okay.
    They were still piled up one on top of the other, but not for long – Davey stood up first and fixed his (actually Lily’s) bathrobe and sat on the floor. Lily picked her bottom up off of Jade (who was saddened to see and feel her butt go) and took a seat next to Davey.
    “Who’s first?” Lily inquired
    “Jade” Davey pointed at the other boy already lying on his back, grinning almost stupidly at Davey and Lily.
    “Alright, but you know what? We should play it in a different way this time…more interesting…” what could be a good idea crossed Lily’s now dirty mind.
    “How can you make the dumbest sleepover game in the world interesting and /or different?” Davey asked sarcastically playing with his hair; Jade frowned and called him a party pooper.
    “Hey, I just said it was dumb, I never said it wasn’t fun” he defended himself and Lily giggled; maybe she had been quick to judge Davey too.
    “What were you saying, Lily?” Jade was interested in hearing what Lily had to say, hoping that smart people knew how to have fun.
    Well, we could all strip and you can follow my lead…” she the sentence hang in the air and blushed slightly. She had no idea how she had summed up the courage to say such a thing to the boys, but whatever had hindered her before wasn’t there now. Feeling like depraved freak felt good.
    Neither Jade nor Davey could have ever imagined (only in dreams they would never admit to having) Lily ever saying something of that nature – Lily: cute, little white Lily…it was fascinating and hot, but kind of weird because she was a shy girl. Did they mention fascinating?
    “Okay” both boys agreed to go with Lily’s suggestion, afraid to seem too eager but afraid to hesitate and lose that golden opportunity. Lily smirked (something she had never done) and slowly pulled up Jade’s Ninja Turtles shirt by the hem, fingers lightly brushing Jade’s flat belly. Jade shivered and hope he did not jump Lily and make an ass out of himself. Davey was somewhat confused, grossly entranced by the scene before him – he was excited to see Lily make the first moves (he had been hoping for a while to be the first one to deflower her) and Jade being undressed in such a vulnerable position (he did not mind giving Jade a go in the process of deflowering Lily). Such thoughts of Jade made him question his manliness, but only for a second.
    “C’mon, take your pants off and stay in your undies. Jade goes first and we’ll see if my theory is right” Lily persisted on getting the boys naked; the faster they took off their (her) clothes the faster she could take off hers.
    “And what is your theory?” Davey asked as he untied the bathrobe and took it off.
    “Maybe the game never works because people wear clothes, but if we don’t wear any, maybe it’ll be easier to levitate…and I’m pretty sure we will” Lily might have sounded reasonable (Davey’s term for nerdy), but they all knew that was not her primary reason; in fact, that wasn’t anybody’s reason. No one seemed to care though.
    Damn, Jade had to admit, nerds were pretty sexy.
    Davey got rid of his The Damned shirt in a matter of seconds - seconds which Lily would forever treasure in her mind; his method of taking off his clothes was like watching kinky hardcore porn ; Jade’s thoughts were routed in a similar direction and his brain was torn between the two people before him (could he have really been checking out Davey as lustily as he thought he was?).
    Jade had a brilliant idea to make Lily’s eyes bug out of her head – he knew she loved reading that sappy slash fan fiction online (he had caught her reading that crap in his computer once and he read it over and over after she was gone); he figured he’d do something along those lines with Davey.
    “Hey buddy, you’re good at taking off shirts; help me out with mine, will you? Lily half-assed the job over here” he pointed at his lifted shirt and then at Lily. Lily’s jaw dropped but came several inches short of smashing against the floor; Davey stared at Jade’s inviting little body and crawled over to him. Davey rested his hands on Jade’s ribs and glided them upwards almost forcibly; his hands pushing the shirt up. Jade’s back arched a little and one of Davey’s hands took a detour and slipped under Jade’s body and settling on his back. Davey lifted the other boy with that hand and he tugged at the shirtsleeves with the others, setting Jade’s arms free to wrap around Davey’s back, seeking warmth and support. Jade’s head rested on the crook of the other boy’s neck and his mouth bit down on the tender flesh between the shoulder and the neck. The boy cried out and pressed the other boy closer to him. Lily’s jaw could no longer drop without becoming detached from her face. At some point, she had spread out her legs, but quickly crossed them together (very tightly) – she was still a lady despite of her sudden perversion. Those boys couldn’t possibly be gay – if they were, who would do that to her?
    The boys let go of each other and Davey grabbed the shirt and carefully pulled it off Jade’s neck. Jade pulled his head through the tight collar, ruffling the two-toned hair. He tossed the Ninja Turtles to the floor and stood up. He tried to untie the strings of his Hello Kitty pants, but the strings were in a tight knot; there was no way he was going to ruin his beautiful nails untying that fucking knot.
    “Lily, these strings have a knot and I can’t take it off, I’ll break a nail. Can you help with that, please?” Davey asked innocently, or so it seemed. When Davey said please like that it sounded like begging; Lily bet he was the begging type in the right situation.
    Lily kneeled and placed herself before Davey (a position that elated him). She tried to untie the knot with her fingers, but all attempts were futile; the knot would not loosen up, so she involuntarily (though conveniently) leaned her head down and forward and used her teeth to get rid of the knot.
    If Jade hadn’t known what the whole deal was about, he would have thought he was being cheated out of his fun. It looked like a lot of fun from where he was laying…fun he seemed to be missing, sort of.
    Lily’s face rested a short distance away from Davey’s crotch; her mouth diligently working on the knot, her hands resting on Davey’s hips. Davey’s ‘pet snake’ (as he was fond of calling his pride and joy) woke up from its sleep and greeted her with a nudge to her chin. She smiled and gave it a light greeting kiss. It yawned and stretched. Davey almost died (never in his life had a girl just kissed his pet…they usually played with him and bathed him, but never kissed it as sweetly…him and his pet were about to weep with joy). The knot came undone and Lily felt as of she had won the super bowl.
    Jade poked her leg and demanded she took off his pants.
    “You broke my legs and I can’t move, so at least help me with the pants”
    “I thought it was your arm” Lily was amused and confused.
    “No no, it was my legs”
    “But you said ‘goddamnit, my arm’”
    “But your dumb ass fell on me and broke my legs”
    “I’m not dumb!” Lily slapped Jade’s belly.
    “Ouch, just help me, will ya?
    “Fine” she said as if she had given up…not. She stood still, admiring Jade in all his horizontal glory.
    “C’mon, I don’t have all night, okay?”
    “Umm…it’s a sleepover, yes you do”
    “I don’t ‘cause as I can’t feel my legs” Jade danced with his hands and shook his butt; his legs looked about as lifeless as a tree stump. The scene was ridiculous; even Davey laughed as he wiggled his tight little butt out of the Hello Kitty pants and tripped on them. Lily clapped as if she was watching the Special Olympics…and was a part of them as well.
    “Stop clapping like Kelcey and take off my fucking pants”
    “I ain’t yo’ momma, so quit it” Lily might not be jade’s mother, but she gave up and acted like it. She undid the belt buckle and unbuttoned Jade’s jeans. Jade did Lily the honor of unzipping his own pants and let his pants fall to the floor. Lily’s hands made their hesitant way towards Jade’s bottom, grabbed the jeans (and jade’s ass in the process) and pulled the jeans down in a painfully slow manner. Jade’s boxers started to peek out of the jeans and by the magnificent force of friction, rode down with the pants. But, his boxers got snagged on something…
    That something could have been none other than Dr. Frankenfurter (who was Jade’s homeboy from the south side and made her crave for a plateful of franks and beans).
    As friction worked its magic, anticipation rippled, and the pants continued on their downward journey, the boxers trapped and tortured poor helpless Dr. Frankenfurter. Since Lily was a humanitarian soul by nature, she did nothing to free him. What she did do, however, was to stretch the elastic a couple millimeters away from Jade’s body and pulled it up slightly as she allowed the pants to continue their charted course with no other delays. This gesture relieved Frank somewhat but he was still miserable and consequently so was Jade. As the pants approached the knees, Jade quit his professor Xavier charade and said out loud
    “Ah fuck it!” and kicked off the pants with a speed that would have frightened Flash himself.
    “So, whatever happened to having broken legs?”
    “By the time you take off my pants, Jesus will have already come a third time and have tea with Davey and Mr. Fuzzums” Jade bitched at Lily, assuming the motherly role. Strike two for Jade’s manliness.
    Mr. Fuzzums was Davey’s stuffed beaver who kept him company on those lonely, slut-free nights. Him, and in some occasions, Jade. Another strike for the both of them, but Lily did not have to know that…yet.
    “Hey Lily, you have to strip too – if all of us don’t do it, then it’s not going to work. You of all people should know that” Davey reminded Lily, using her alleged reasoning to his advantage.
    “Yeah, Ms. Rocket Scientist. Put your mouth where your mind is and do what you yourself suggested” Jade seconded Davey, also wanting to take advantage of the opportunity…and Lily.
    If she was supposed to put her mouth where her mind was, she would soon be having a feast with the most delicious food groups – sweets and meat – accompanied by plenty of drinks.
    “Jade, you got it all wrong, it’s ‘put your mind where your mouth is’” Davey corrected Jade.
    “Shut up, Dave.” He had said it like that on purpose. Davey always underestimated him, mainly because Davey liked the top.
    If Lily was supposed to put her mind where her mouth was, her mind was going to spend a lot more time in the gutter than she had ever thought…either way, it worked out for her and everyone else’s gutter, whatever that meant (her own thoughts sounded foreign to her, but sounded good nevertheless).
    “Alright, alright. Jeebus, don’t rush, it’s only like ten” she said, looking at the middle finger pointing at the number ten in her wall clock.
    “But what if I’m cold? I can’t concentrate when I’m cold, you know…my powers don’t work if I’m cold” Davey argued…of course his powers were impaired by the cold – they shrank.
    “Well, if you don’t like it, then put your clothes back on and think of something else to do” Lily replied, regretting what she said – Davey would put his clothes back on and leave just to spite her; she just wanted to tease him a little bit, not push him away. Never that.
    “I think I will. I’m going to Fritch’s house and play World of Warcraft with him or something since you’re kicking me out”
    Jade and Frank were panicking, about to go over the moon from the anxiety, like a rocket.
    Lily’s mind was struggling to find an apology before Davey finished making up his mind to leave, and she found it.
    “I’m sorry, Davey. I didn’t mean to be rude, you’re just too pushy.” Lily tried to make peace with Davey as she took off her sweater and dropped it on the floor. Lily was something to look at, even with clothes on.
    Through the thin fabric of her grey wife beater, the contours of her lithe little body could be seen – her breasts were rather small but perky (unlike the skanks Davey and Jade were accustomed to sleeping with; but when push come to shove, one did not need more than a mouthful), her waist was small and her curves were subtle, visible but subtle (the curves in the skanks varied from too much to nothing at all; Lily would look just as good with more, but why fix what ain’t broke?), the little black shorts she wore wrapped around a small but round little bottom (her cute little butt reminded Jade of apples; once again, the skanks varied in shapes in sizes but none came close to resembling Lily), from that bottom stemmed her long, slim legs – though delicate, they were strong and toned from track and field training.
    Davey was going to show Lily what real pushing was. The girl was in for one hell of a ride. Since and Davey were devote followers of the buddy system (when it suited them), Jade would indubitably wind up doing the same.
    “Honey, you know nothing about pushing” mused Davey, challenging Lily.
    “Of course not, you’re the drama queen” Lily shot back. Damn, the nerd could fight. But so could he.
    “And because I’m the Queen, you owe me an apology; so you must go first.” That rebuttal did nothing to help defend his manliness, but did put Lily in a position they all would enjoy and she could not refuse. Lily had long ago given up on the task of keeping count of Davey’s strikes.
    “Alright, your majesty, whatever you say” Lily spat, more than eager to comply.
    “You know, it’s ten thirty. You’ve been fighting for half an hour. You take off your goddamn clothes and go, and you stop pushing her, okay?” Jade mediated between his peers. Heaven bless the buddy system – people watching (and often washing) each other’s back.
    The kids did as the lanky mother boy told them.
    Davey and Jade took a seat on the floor, waiting for the flower girl to get a move on. Lily felt the shadow of awkwardness and prudery graze her, but it went away as quickly as it came. She slid the wife beater over her torso, past her chest, past her head and gracefully hurled it at the bed, but it missed it by several inches. Not like anyone else noticed that. She pushed down the shorts and stepped out of them with incomparable grace.
    Davey and Jade gaped at their friend whom they have never seen in any undergarments before (last time they saw her in a bathing suit was in the fourth grade field trip). The simplicity of her matching green bra and panties and the faint pinkish tinge of her white skin, coupled with her simple little name made her a true flower; white skin and green leaves covering her most vulnerable parts; a beautiful, young Lily. She smiled and her face bloomed.
    They suddenly felt really undeserving, dirty and uncomfortable at the thought of marring such a pure body – they knew she was still a virgin regardless of how many boys she had dated and they simply were not, having slept with their fair share of popular girls and a couple of sluts. Jade and Davey soon got over their guilty feelings at the thought of her dirty mind, a side of her they had never seen but wondered if she had. That made it okay to have fun with her…again and again if things turned out right. Cheers to lasting friendships. And cheers to bees and their buddy team.
    Lily scrutinized them with her big brown eyes and smiled even wider. Seeing the two boys and seeing herself reminded her of what her parents once told her about the flowers and the bees; just how funny it was that her parents had lied to her about sex but they turned out to be right. Who would have thought?
    Now that she really noticed, Jade and Davey did look like a cute pair of bees; Jade’s blonde and dark hair made him look like a bumblebee; Davey’s black hair and faint gold eye shadow made him a queen bee.
    Lily lowered herself to the floor and laid herself before the hungry guests with the hungry eyes and impatient bodies. The better part of her was nervous and did not quite know what to expect nor knew what to do. The other part of her was elated, excited and very open to anything at that point. Lily was never one to overvalue virginity or save herself for the right man; she had never really slept with anyone because she did not want to regret it; but she doubted she would regret anything that happened, she hoped their friendship would not be tainted by tonight, she hoped none of them had any regrets come morning except of other things they could have done but did not do, which could easily be remedied by another sleepover. Lily felt shame at being glad she was sterile due to some genetic problem that was of little concern to her. She sighed and closed her eyes, chanting under her breath
    “Light as a feather, stiff as a board; light as a feather, stiff as a board“
    her chanting was joined by Jade and Davey’s voices echoing hers; their hands settled on her stomach and hips. The hands on her navel were almost weightless, soft, large and feather light. The fingers on those hands moved softly back and forth; drawing swooping circles, tracing patterns, following lines. The light touch of fingers on the bare skin made the little hairs on her arms and neck stand on end, electrified. Her legs kept trying to gather against each other more than it was physically possible; her head rolling to the side and her chest rose and brought her back along for the ride. The touch was so good it was hard to keep track of how many hands were on her; sometimes a hand or two would be lifted for short moment, but they always came back. The chant never wavered, until Lily felt a mouth over her collarbone, a hand over her eyes, two hands pulling her panties, and a hard naked body sitting just where her panties had been only seconds ago. She gasped and tried to open her eyes, but it was Jade’s hand that kept her from doing so, and Davey’s voice warned
    “it’s not going to work if you don’t keep chanting…light as a feather” what could only be Jade’s mouth brushed kisses on her neck and his fingertips fluttered over her small breasts, still cradled by her brassiere.
    Her chants left her mouth in ragged breaths and accompanied by small strangled noises. Couldn’t they see it was impossible to concentrate when she was being double teamed? The gold eye shadow was clearly eating Davey’s brain, or was it the snake writhing its muscled underbelly on hers? Hard to tell with her eyes closed.
    Jade would say “light as feather” and lick along and touch her flushed flesh, and Davey would counter with “stiff as a board” and rock against her. Her mouth and body desperately tried to keep up with them. But as the boys found an easy-going rhythm and the snake found somewhere warm and cozy to snuggle up and writhe some more, Lily gave up trying to chant along with them; she dared not move her arms but her mouth gave the boys a piece of her body’s mind. Her body just rose to new heights, gravity and reality abandoning her; ladies and gents, gravity had left the building; her theory was working. Who knew AP Physics were useful in a situation like this?
    Davey tried to be gentle and paid close attention to any signs of discomfort as he did what he had been dying to do all night. He hadn’t been inside her long enough and he had already made a big mistake – he had forgotten about the little foil packet at the bottom of his bag; in his head, alarm bells wailed, hating himself for corrupting and possibly tainting this girl for life, but he was clean according to the last tests he had had. But on he eased in and out, his mind regaining his calm as waves of bliss washed over him and made her body sway, the blowing winds of passion bending her body and her will. He was surprised at how quickly her body adapted to him and demanded he sped up; after all, he was supposed to be the board.
    Jade continued to chant in between kisses and touches; his hands traced a path that led to the front clasp of the bothersome article restraining Lily’s chest. Jade was also a humanitarian soul, so he freed her from the fabric confines and enslaved her with his mouth and hands; hands that cupped and kneaded, a mouth and licked, nipped and sucked with the utmost tenderness.
    “lightasafeatherstiffasaboardlightasafeatherstiffasaboard” the chant sped up as their ritual took off. Lily was almost screaming, Jade’s mouth conveniently muffled her screams and joyful cries, Davey’s voice cracked every time he came closer to Lily’s body and his breath caught in his throat as his body lost contact with the rest of her body except for the innermost part of her enveloping the outermost part of him. This time it was so different for Davey – this time he really knew the person, this time he did not have to leave and never see the person again, this time it was not the alcohol speaking or doing, this time it wasn’t just a way to get off and quickly forget about, this time the girl was real, so to speak. There was something about this time that made Davey re-evaluate his priorities in life and the way he lived that life, this time there were pure feelings for the person (relatively pure). Being with Lily also made him re-evaluate his relationship with Jade – sure they were bona fide buddies and off-screen lovers, but Jade provided a comfort zone, a friendship that would follow him wherever he went. He was grateful for friendship, stupid sleepover games and the people who played them with him. Sensations were strong enough to tear through the thoughts and take him higher.
    Jade poked Davey in the shoulder and made a head gesture; the universal sign for ‘ride is over…my turn’. Davey was very comfortable and happy where he was (especially because he was reaching maximum altitude), but he would not deny his best friend the pleasure of experiencing the ride of his life with Lily. He could guarantee it.
    Lily’s clamoring for Davey and Jade fused into her chants of “light as a feather, stiff as a board”; her mind and body straining to keep chanting, though all she wanted to do was claw, grope and kiss the beautiful boys who were making soar up to the heavens and keeping her there. She hated that part of the stupid game where she had to lay still and not move. But she held her composure through the moaning and groaning.
    The cold air quickly filled the void Davey’s body left on and in her, she gasped and almost bolted up; Jade pushed her back down and pushed himself down on and in her. Just when she though she couldn’t get much higher, Jade lit her fire.
    Jade’s body was lighter and different from Davey’s in many ways, but it felt just as glorious, just as great as she once imagined it could be – the pace was quick and the pushing was deep. Only true friends could do this with such grace, tenderness and expertise; The way Jade and Davey worked together to bring her to her peak made it obvious that those two were more than just friends and that they outed each other in public just to keep people from finding out about their ‘team effort’.
    Jade rode that flower for all she was worth, every thrust made up for every single moment he had spent without her; thrusts that equaled and differed from Davey’s…their need was a plea to unmerciful time to slow down and let them and start over with the little flower girl; a clamoring that time bitterly refused them, but gave them a lightless dusk and a red dawn as a gift of consolation along with the promise of another day to come. A promise they happily settled for.
    The thought of those two boys being friendly with each other made perfect sense and pushed Lily over the edge, feeling thrilled at being part of something so marvelous. And the two boys were hers. Her world went supernova.
    Lily screamed herself ragged into Davey’s mouth that eagerly swallowed her screams and it worked her lips in the same way he had been working her body a while ago; his hands rested everywhere on her and held her hands as Jade held on to Lily’s hips for dear life as he fed her and she drank him; Jade felt immensely glad that there would be no risk of any little Jades or Davey’s running around any time soon. The sight of the two people who meant most to Davey locked in such an intimate embrace made him reach for the stars as well, and he groped Lily’s breasts as she ate his screams with a swollen and hungry mouth; his body releasing all tensions among other things.
    Jade laid his body on top of hers, her racing heartbeat pounding against Jade’s ear, threatening to punch a hole through her chest and his eardrum. His own heartbeat deafened him and his mind was fraying around the edges. He had never spent himself in such a way in just one go; no endless amount of rides atop someone else could satisfy him so fully – Davey took one ride, three rounds of Street Fighter on PS 2 and Mountain Dew if available. But Davey was a different matter.
    Davey pushed himself up on all fours, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly, trying to navigate his way back to reality; his body navigated its way to Jade and mounted the lanky boy, laying on him as if conserving body heat. They were back in a pile, ending just the way they had begun.
    “Lily, you have superpowers.” Declared Jade, having some trouble breathing as he was in the center of the friend sandwich.
    Lily tried to giggle but only a snort and a sigh came out; there was no way to laugh properly when her lungs were squashed between the floor and two boys.
    “How so? Did it work?”
    “Girl, please…your puny little body jumped ten feet in the air right from the start and you kept rising and rising” Davey made hand gestures and smiled at Lily.
    “Hey Lily, the Mile High club called and they said you made the team” Jade joked as he pointed his arms up, down and to his sides, as if pointing out the emergency exits on a plane like a flight attendant.
    Lily and Davey attempted to laugh and Davey rolled off the pile; Jade was next and rolled to the other side, leaving Lily to breathe for the first time in ten minutes and lay in between the two of them.
    After gulping absurd amounts of air, Lily declared
    “Next week we’re playing truth or dare.” And no one argued.

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      Aww...I liked this. I think it was very well done.
    Reading this, somewhat made me feel like I was there. lol... Good imagery

    | Posted on 2008-05-16 00:00:00 | by KeeperOfLight | [ Reply to This ]
      You, little miss, are a VERY VERY VERY bad person. Shame shame. *blush*...Putting an innocent little girl in the middle of a very sex-crazed and "i'm not gay" kicking Davey/Jade moment. Lol. Tut, tut.

    Jeeze...with that detail, if I didn't know any better I'd be wondering if this wasn't an autobiographical piece.


    | Posted on 2007-05-11 00:00:00 | by Drifting Star | [ Reply to This ]

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