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    dots Submission Name: Bestial Lust #11dots

    Author: Nearby Thoughts
    ASL Info:    18; Female; Valhalla
    Elite Ratio:    3.3 - 11/5/23
    Words: 2923
    Class/Type: Fanfic/Religious
    Total Views: 981
    Average Vote:    No vote yet.
    Bytes: 15521

       haha. I told you it was crazy - I mean, who in the right mind would get Dani out of that room at that moment and send them downstairs to get doped up and talk about leper gang bangs?

    Make the font bigger!! Double Spacing Back to recent posts.

    dotsBestial Lust #11dots

    CHAPTER 11

    Rowan disentangled herself from the lovesick men and laid her body down, spreading her arms and legs as she did so; she arranged herself in a way that brought out the men’s hunger for her to the point of delirium. She threw her head back and beckoned them to come closer in a breathy whisper that made Dani’s hand automatically gravitate to his crotch, but he held his composure and stopped his hand from reaching its goal. He could just let his hand work its magic to bring an end to his torture, but he did not because his hands would not heed a command that his brain refused to give out; all he could do was sit still and watch that less-than-sweet pandemonium about to unfold.
    Rowan’s face and body oozed desire and all the delights that the heavenly kingdoms could only dream of – her predator eyes glinting in the dark like pale emeralds, the porcelain skin that hugged each one of her curves and folds, her graceful little hand gliding up her hip, past her navel, brushing her prominent and heaving chest and settling on her pretty red mouth, the mouth that was the door to the tantalizing wonderland of sensuous delights. All the men suddenly had become snakes, slithering and hissing on the bed, waiting to be fed by the gardens of her body.
    Rowan pinched her lower lip between her thumb and index and ran her tongue over it in the slightest and slowest of motions, reminding everyone in the room about the taste and promises of those lips; those same lips that Dani had tasted only hours ago and those which he craved at that moment.
    The nude seductress spoke to the other men and told them things that they could have never imagined hearing from the lips of a woman in their wildest dreams and most obscure fantasies.
    If he could not have her his way, on his terms and without other people distracting her, he did not want to watch; he would just stop breathing and quite possibly die. Somehow he just wasn’t keen on the whole dying idea.
    Dani decided (much to his own dismay) to take leave of the premises and occupy his mind on something that did not involved a certain naked witch; quite impossible a feat since his mind was trapped in a never-ending naked witch Disney world. He walked around the bed and grabbed the green eyed gorgon’s head by the hair and devoured and trashed her mouth with the violence and need of his. The Gorgon shrieked with surprise and that familiar thrill that goes hand in hand with pain, pleasure. Unbounded pleasure. Dani was jealous and he wanted her in all the ways one can have another human being; feelings similar to hers. She could feel that tension that tore Dani apart and she tried to ease it by surrounding his neck with her arms with graceful languor.
    Rowan’s gesture was the first one of the night that made him feel wanted, made him feel worthy, special; the warmth of her arms lit a flicker of hope deep inside of him that her body would soon belong to him. He was so lost in that simple embrace; no other thoughts could make him find his way. But his body jerked free from the embrace and it found its way to the door and closed it behind him; the sound of the closing door resembled that of emptiness and whistling winds rustling dead leaves on the dirty ground.
    On he walked and on he cursed himself for not having the guts to stay and watch her. But more than that, it was those haunting thoughts of past events, consequences and insurmountable guilt that held him back and bled him of all common sense and sanity. He needed as many drinks as his body would take without dying…though dying did not sound like such a bad idea. He had to force himself to think it was before that gave leeway to more ideas of that nature. He settled for drinks; anything to drown that bitter love, that bitter pain.
    Inside the room, screams and howls bled down the soundproof walls; the maelstrom of freezing fire and silent thunder consuming anything and everything at the canopied pyre surrounded by stakes. No way or reason to escape that fate, not even dead.
    Dani fled down the staircase like the reaper was after him swinging its doomful scythe; Dani took refuge in the light of the first floor landing and shielded himself from doom in the company of Will, Madame Schachter’s son who stood by the foot of that stairs.
    “Dani, are you alright??” Will held his arm, preoccupied for the shorter man who seemed on the verge of a string of heart attacks.
    Will quickly produced a pill out of his pocket and nearly dragged Dani to the nearest seat, a loveseat in the living room. Dani collapsed on it and mumbled that he was okay, but Will ran out of the living room, returning with a tall glass of water in a matter of seconds.
    He offered Dani the pill and he put it in his mouth without asking what it was. He took the glass of water from Will’s hand and downed it, hoping that the detoxifying properties of water could wash away Rowan from him and those other poisonous thoughts that paralyzed and tortured his mind and soul. Funny how he still had a soul. Or a mind.
    Will took a seat on an adjacent straight backed chair and watched over the discombobulated man who was limply sprawled on the couch. The pill would soon take effect and the man would relax and forget about his problems for a little while. If it did not work, there was always more from where that came from. The man was one of Will’s favorite musicians and he was damned if he let the man alone to the mercy of his thoughts.
    “You know what really grinds my gears?” Dani slurred, pointing his finger in all directions.
    ‘What?” asked Will, smiling; proud to see the pill lightening up the troubled man.
    “Christian holidays and the wankers who love them. Bunch of dick suckers they are…”
    “Me too, mate. Hate all those people shopping and being gay because a non-existent god is coming to bring peace and joy on earth” Will concurred, thrilled to be talking to one of his heroes.
    “I absolutely hate good Friday – all those sodding Christians pissing and moaning because their bloody god got screwed over. If I were them, I’d be fucking thrilled – the wanker is finally dead, for fuck’s sake! Rejoice! After a whole damn year of having to go worship the sod and pray to him, I’d be ecstatic to be rid of him; sadly, the fucker wouldn’t stay long enough for me to party properly…” Dani ranted on, his eyes were glazed and unfocused and his body was no longer tense.
    Will’s laughter masked the not-so-faint noises coming from upstairs. Dani did not notice his surroundings and continued talking about ridiculous Christian holidays and how Mother Teresa ought to have been gang-banged to death by lepers.
    Will’s valium/ecstasy hybrid was working wonders on Dani; he could just imagine the splash his newest invention was going to make in all markets – from the mainstream drug circles to the blackest international market. Bring on the Nobel Prize. The strong man suppressed a giggle, partly at his thoughts and partly at what the half-baked man was saying. Leper gang bang? The man was a fucking genius.
    Will looked around the living room and he saw several call boys and call girls standing around the staircase, listening to the piercing screams and toe-curling wails coming from upstairs; the racket was almost infernal in all its erotic glory; the racket rose and fell over the house; a noise that threatened to continue until Kingdom come.
    And Kingdom came and all sound was gone.
    Then the howling tore through the house and struck terror and lust into everyone’s core. The strongest wavered and became disoriented; the weakest fell to the floor and screamed. Dani was laughing stupidly at the noise and imitating it, too fucked up to be affected, too gone from that realm to care. Such were the effects of drugs.
    Will resumed breathing and called a man to him. The man short of ran to him and he told him to seek his mother and watch over the house and the other visitor. He would take Dani back to Suzanne’s house, where he had been informed he was staying. He did not want to leave the house at the mercy of the woman, in case she wreaked some real havoc in his house. But he could not leave the helpless man in such a condition near the woman; besides, should Dani die (highly unlikely though a possibility), he would hate to have to get rid of the body.
    “Come on, mate. I’ll drive ya, home. You need some rest” Will helped the other man become re-acquainted with the concept of gravity and the floor, almost dragging him toward the back door and the garage – no matter that his house was in the same block as Dani’s place, walking a drugged up, drunken man a whole city block was a task from hell.
    “What?” Dani slurred, really dazed and really confused.
    “We’re going to go lynch some Christians” Will said, hoping that would get Dani to stand up and cooperate. To his surprise, it did. Maybe it wasn’t such a big surprise – it was Dani Filth, after all…regardless of the state he might have been in.
    “Great! I call dibs on the first one we see!” Dani exclaimed, as excited as a little boy in a toy store. Will laughed again and told him he could lynch as many as he pleased. Dani scrambled out of the living room, hurrying Will to get his car and some crowbars on the way out. Will complied as not let down the other man, though he chose to put them out of Dani’s reach in case he realized they were not going Christian lynching and got even with him; Though he doubted Dani would be awake long enough to do anything. It was better that way.
    Will dug deep in his pocket for keys; upon finding them, he punched in the code to access the garage and a door slid open granting him passage; Dani followed him not too far behind. He was raving about how he had always wanted to lynch a Christian.
    Will turned off the alarm of his black BMW bullet-proof sedan. He opened the door for Dani and himself. Dani thanked him and he dumped himself on the seat. Will eased himself in and turned on the car. He paged one of the call boys by pushing a little button on his small headphone. He spoke in a clear and smooth voice, asking the man to dress and wait for him at the front gate.
    “Hey Will, got anything on you to drink?” Dani asked the man next to him. Will pointed at the glove compartment and found a couple of minibar bottles of Johnny Walker black label stashed in there. He muttered some words of gratitude and downed one bottle after the other. Will pushed the open button on the remote control that opened the garage door. He backed out and pulled out of the garage and down the long driveway. Will relaxed himself and counted to sixty. One, two…
    “One night, I was having some beers with Dimebag and this little old nun passed by and told us to repent and embrace Jesus and then Dimebag asked her if she wanted to embrace his dick…” Dani cackled at his anecdote. Will just kept on counting. Twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine…
    “There was that one time that I got a letter from an angry priest telling me how I was going to burn in hell and what a nasty and shameless man I was, so I sent him back a dead duck. That was great…”
    …fifty-six, fifty-seven…
    “Bloody hilarious”
    …Fifty-eight, fifty-nine, sixty. His car stopped next to the front gate and the other man got in the back of the car. Will looked over to Dani, who had passed out right after he finished counting. Perfect timing. He sped away down the street; his destination, Suzanne’s house.
    Will handed the man in the back a cellular phone and told him to dial 6 and warn Suzanne that he would arrive shortly with Dani. The man did as he was told and soon finished the phone call.
    In a matter of seconds, Will pulled up in front of Suzanne’s house. The gate was open for them to go through and the porch light was turned on, illuminating the door and the pathway that led to it. The man in the back of the car exited the vehicle first, opened the passenger’s door, heaved Dani off the seat and dumped him over his shoulders. Will exited as well and closed all doors, locked the car and helped the other man carry the unconscious Dani up to the house. Thankfully, the pathway to the house was not too long and they stopped before the door. Will stood there and the door opened; the man opening it was wearing an expensive black suit, Armani, a dark ponytail and a dark blue dress shirt with a black tie. One of his eyes was green, his other eye was blue.
    “Hi Sam. Sorry to bother you so late” Will smiled and shook the Armani man’s hand.
    “No Will, I’m sorry for bothering you so late” Sam spoke with an American accent and smiled back at Will. He opened the door even wider to let both men through with the dead weight man. Sam lead the way down to the living room and pointed at a random chair and kindly told the man carrying Dani he could leave him there and he would make sure Dani was put to bed.
    “What about Rowan? She’s still at you house, Will?” Sam asked, wondering if she was ever going to come home at all.
    “Yes, she was busy so I brought Dani here. If you want, I can arrange someone to fetch her and bring her back here” Will offered. Sam waved his hands in a gesture of refusal and told Will
    “No no, you go home and rest, man. I’ll pick her up a bit later….putting up with these two tonight is enough good will on your part and your mother’s. Don’t worry, I’ll bring her home. I’ll put Dani to bed and I will go pick her up, alright?”
    “However you want it, Sam…you’re The Man” Will joked a little with the good natured American man. Sam just laughed. The men said their goodbyes and Will and the other man left. Sam locked the door after them and went over to Dani and shook his head
    “Poor fucker….not your day, was it?” and he grabbed of one of Dani’s hands and pulled him off the chair; gravity pulling down on the dead weight but Dani’s body never touched the ground; It floated about three inches above the floor. Sam dragged Dani by the arm the same way a little boy pulls a little red wagon behind him. Sam went up the staircase, still pulling Dani by the arm; the other man’s body did not make contact with the ground or stairs a single time. Sam hummed a tune under his breath as he dragged Dani down the hallway and into his room. There, he grabbed Dani and lifted him onto the bed as easily as lifting a puppy or a baby – a considerable difference given that Dani was much heavier than Sam. The American man took off Dani’s shoes, coat, and left him in his shirt, shoes and socks. Sam put a blanket over the man and whispered “sweet dreams”. He walked out of the room, down the hallway and stairs, out the door and down the street.
    Sam was never tired; he was always dressed immaculately, was always pleasant , always ready and took great care of Suzanne and her interests. After all, he had always been her lawyer. Suzanne and her business were his business; so he was going to go get his business and carry it back home. Sam Hane, Attorney at Law.
    As the night continued its passing, Dani slept on, enveloped in comfortable blankets, a soft bed and sweet dreams of his daughter, Luna, dancing and laughing.

    Submitted on 2007-05-12 17:27:58     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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