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    dots Submission Name: Horndots

    Author: yaoifan
    Elite Ratio:    1.62 - 0/0/1
    Words: 27099
    Class/Type: Story/Dark
    Total Views: 1031
    Average Vote:    No vote yet.
    Bytes: 152366

       A story of a mutated girl who finds love, loses it then finds happiness!

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    It was a dark night. I could hardly see the building that was situated in front of me. One its front windows were smashed and its shadow made me shiver as it covered me. I sighed and turned away from my house as soft rain began to fall in sheets. Shivers ran up and down my spine as shadows leapt out from behind trees, and echoing night noises startled me. I chewed my bottom lip anxiously as i trudged looking for the familiar path that lead me to the road. I knew it was stupid to walk through the forest in the dark and rain, but couldn't stand to be in that house anymore. Too many painful memories. I continued to walk not recognizing anything until i heard the soft hum of an engine idling. I sighed and ran towards the noise, pulling my hat on quickly, and straightening my clothes out. I stepped onto the desolate road and had quick look around. A family van sat on the side of the road, its engine still running and its door open. I looked inside.
    "Hello? Is anyone there?" I said quietly and timidly. There was no answer, so i sighed heavily and straightened up. I turned around and accidently stepped on a boy's foot and hit my head against his.
    "Oh gosh!" I yelled and closed my eye's in fear and embarrasment, stepping back at the same time. "I'm so sorry!" I siad opening my eye's and holding my head where i hit it. My hat had popped up, and i pulled it down hastily as the boy laughed.
    "It's ok. I heard you calling so i came to have a look at what was going on." He smiled gently at me as I blushed. "Do you need some help or something? Are you lost? Where's your folks?" He asked looking at me with concern. I looked away, still playing with my hat.
    "I don't have any parents... and i just need a ride into town... my uh um uncle lives there." I lied. I kept my eye's down as he studied me. I looked up angrily when he laughed. "What!?" I yelled angrily.
    "Sorry, but i don't buy that. Aren't you a little young to be a hitchhiker? I mean your like what, 9?" He said and stopped laughing, going serious. I blushed angrily and glared at him.
    "I'm 10! And i'm not a hitchhiker! I need a ride into town is all! Then i will be fine!" I yelled and turned around sulkly. I heard him sigh and jumped when he touched my shoulder.
    "I'll tell you what, i'll ask my dad. When he comes back, i'll ask if we can give you a ride." He said softly. I swallowed quickly and nodded, not turning around.
    "What's all the yelling out here Kohta? And since when have you sounded like a girl?" A deep voice said with a rocking laugh following the joke. I spun around and blushed when i saw an adult man walk out from the bush still doing his fly up. The boy, Kohta, faced his dad and pointed to me.
    "Hey dad, can we please take this girl into town. She said her uncle lives there but can't come and pick her up because her aunty is really sick." I gasped and turned to him quickly. He winked at me then turned to his dad and looked at him sadly. "Please?" His dad sighed, crouching down to look at me.
    "Do you have any way to contact your uncle? A phone number?" He asked looking at me from under the brim of my cap. I shook my head and looked away. He stood back and sighed. "I'm not sure if i can believe your story little girl. I mean your uncle shouldn't have left you out here. But i guess i will at least take you to the police station and then we will find out the truth." I ground my teeth and clenched my fists. The police would take me away, i knew it. I spun away from them breathing heavily, trying to get my anger back down. Kohta grabbed my arm.
    "Hey come on, you had better get in the car. It's starting to really come down now. I'll sit with you ok?" He said with a small smile. I nodded and climbed into the back seat of the car. Kohta's dad climbed in the front and Kohta climbed in next to me. I looked out the rain smeared window as Kohta's dad turned onto the road. There was silence for about five minutes then Kohta's dad broke it.
    "I'm Clay Corbin by the way, and that's my son, Kohta." I looked up and nodded then turned back to the window, staring out into the darkness. Clay sighed. "May i at least know your age and name?" He said esperatly. I sighed and turned back to the front.
    "My name's Kitty, and i am ten years old. i have no parents, my dad ran away and my mum committed suicide. Is that enough information about my life for now?" I said snidely. Clay's eye's fell, as i looked in the rearview mirror and i felt Kohta move slightly next to me.
    "That's a pretty name, Kitty." I spun around tp look at Kohta. He was leaning over, smiling gently at me. I blushed as i caught his steady gaze. I turned away again and looked out the mirror. "Like dad said, my name is Kohta, and i am thirteen
    years old. Are you turning eleven soon? Or did you just pass your birthday?" I continued to look out the window, hiding my red face.
    "It's my birthday in about three months." I said softly, turning back to face Kohta. He was sitting up again with his eye's closed.
    "Ah so your a September baby. That's cool." I nodded and leant my head against the backseat, and closed my heavy eyes.

    I awoke in a hallway. I looked down as I realized that i was wearing no clothes. Sweat beaded on my forehead as i stood up and looked around. The hallway was very long and dark. I could barely see my hands stretched out in front of my face. My fast and heavy breathing echoed in the hall and a slithery noise made me yelp in fear. I looked at the wall as a liquid began to flow down it. I stared at it, and then looked up when i heard a faint calling. I took a step forward and ran my hand along the wall as a safeguard. The substance was sticking and warm. I kept walking forward until an extreme pain split through my head. I screamed and dropped to my knees holding my head. A bright light flashed above me and the substance on the wall become clear to me as i looked down at my hand. Warm red blood dripped off my fingers. My head throbbed painfully until i yelled out. "STOP IT! IT HURTS!" I screamed. I felt a hand grip my arm tightly and opened my eyes, and saw my mum's hollow eye's staring at me.
    "It's ok Kitty! Shhh... You were just dreaming." She said her voice fading off at the end. I closed my eyes and opened them again and saw Kohta leaning over breathing heavily as he held my arm tightly. I shrunk back from him, still shaking and remembering my mum's hollow face.
    "Are-are you ok now Kitty?" I took a deep shuddering breath and looked around realising that car had stopped and was sitting on the side of the road. Clay was leaning over at my door holding my other hand tightly. I nodded to Kohta as he looked at me worriedly.
    "I'm ok, it was just a really bad dream. I'm sorry for the trouble i caused you two." I said sincerily. Clay sighed in relief, and let go of my hand.
    "You really scared us. You began breathing really heavily and kept clutching your head. Then all of a sudden you jerked up and started screaming. We couldn't wake you up." Kohta said dropping back into his seat while Caly climbed in the front again. I gasped and touched my head. My hat was still on, just a little crooked. I fixed it up and blushed as Kohta leant forward again. The car drove back onto the road and i turned away from him.
    "Kitty, are you sure your ok? I mean your really pale and there is... oh my god." I swun around and he clutched my shoulder tightly. He reached forward and touched the side of my face gently. I closed my eye's and blushed, then opened them when Kohta cursed quietly under his breath. "There is blood running down the side of your face. I'll get dad." He said and turned to the front. I had no idea what was going on but i knew that i would have to take my hat off so they could look. If they did then they would find...
    "Dad! Kitty is-" I dived on Kohta and locked my lips onto his. We both stared at each other through wide eye's. I pleaded with him, and broke away blushing bright red. Clay turned around and looked at Kohta in annoyance. Kohta opened his mouth still staring at me, only stutters coming out of his mouth. Clay sighed and turned back to the road. Kohta turned away as his face too blushed to a bright red. He bent over and grabbed a tissue box that was on the floor of the car gave it to me, leaning over. I blushed even brighter, if that was possible.
    "Are you ok?" I nodded and gratefully accepted the tissues, wiping the blood off my face.
    "I've been thinking. I'm going to take you home, and get you cleaned up then i'll take you to the police station. If they can find your uncle then i am sure that they will take you to him. But if your story isn't true then you will most likely be taken to the orphanage. I'm sorry but we can't do anything else." Clay said sincerily. I slumped down low in my seat, looking out the window as we reached town. The orphange would be just as bad as the boarding school's were. I felt Kohta grab my hand tightly, i spun around quickly and glared at him.
    "What're you doing?" I whispered angrily. He looked at me for awhile then smiled gently.
    "I promise. I will come and visit you ok? I promise, as long as you don't forget me." He never withdrew his gaze from mine. I could myself blushing from my neck upwards. "I promise..." He whispered.
    "We're here kiddies! Civilisation" Kohta straightened up quickly and let go of my hand. I dazedly wiped the blood that was still running down my face off and looked at the peaceful house in front of the car. Kohta let out a loud cheer and kicked the door open. Clay got out and stretched groaning. "It's so good to be home. Let's go Kitty." I nodded and opened the door and stepped out of the car. I took two steps and collapsed to my knee's. Kohta had already run inside, and Clay was bending over in hte trunk. I struggled to get up bt my head was swirling crazily, my vision was going blurry. I made a pathetic noise and Clay came running up to me.
    "Hey, don't move, you must be really tired and shocked. You are deathly pale. I'm taking you in to have a bath then your going straight to bed. We'll face the police tomorrow." He picked me up in his arms and carried me into the house. We walked along a small hallway and came out into the kitchen were Kohta's mum was kissing him like crazy, and a little girl was jumping up and down in excitment. Clay cleared his throat and everyone turned to him, both the little girl and her mother gasping when they saw me. Clay smiled tiredly.
    "I'll explain in a second. Nellie can you please take her to the bathroom and get a nice warm bath running for me? Thanks darling." Clay had addressed the young energetic girl. She, Nellie, noodded and took my hand as Clay put me on the ground gently. I hobbled along, the walls warping and bending around me. I stumbled but was straightened up by Kohta's hands on my shoulder's.
    "Nellie can you get the bath ready, and i'll look after Kitty." Nellie nodded and ran into a room to the right of where we were standing. Kohta led me to another room and sat me down at the bed in there.
    "Is this your room?" I slurred as my head swam again. He nodded and looked at me in worry.
    "your still bleeding really badly. Are you sure you don't want me to have a look at your head?" He said. I shook my head slowly.
    "I have an old cut that opens up sometimes, is all. So you don't have to worry aobut me." I lied again. I had no idea why i was bleeding so much, but i knew that i couldn't let him see the disgusting lum-
    "Bath is ready!" Nellie called from the bathroom. I stood up unsteadily and stagerd into the bathroom. Nellie smiled at me, as i closed the door. I returned it then shut it fully. I walked up to the mirror and pulled my bloodstained hat off painfully. What i saw shocked me. I couldn't move, and i couldn't think. My face was as pale as a sheet, and there were little rivers of blood running down it. My hair was wet with it. But none of this had caused me to stop. it was the two white horns that were sticking up out of my hair. They were small and rounded, but still very obvious none-the-less. I slowly lifted my hands and grabbed onto them and pulled as hard as i could. I could feel my skin ripping around them and screamed as a spray of blood coated the mirror and soaked my hands. There was a frantic knocking at the door, and Kohta burst through it covering his eye's.
    "Kitty! What's the matter!? Are you decent?" I didn't answer, just fell to the ground sobbing in embarrasment, shame and pain. Kohta opened his eye's and gasped when he saw the blood that coated the mirror. His eye's followed the trail and widened when he saw me sitting on the ground trying pathetically to cover the white horns on my head. Blood was dripping from in between my fingers, and i yelled in pain as the horns grew bigger tearing the skin around them. Kohta paled, and grabbed my arm.
    "What's going on?! Kitty? Are you ok?" Tears welled up in his eye's as i dropped my hands to my lap, and my head dropped in shame.
    "I'm so sorry. I didn't want you to see me. I just wanted..." Kohta wrapped his arms around me and held me close. I struggled to stop myself from bursting into loud tears. I sat there stunned and my shirt got wet by his tears. I couldn't understand what wass going on. Why was he crying? Was this just another cruel joke?
    "Kitty, don't be sorry." He murmered. I ground my teeth and pushed him away hard. "What are you doing?!" He yelled as i stood up quickly and ran to the bathroom door, grabbing my tattered hat off the ground. I stared at him, then pulled my hat on and turned my back on him.
    "I'm leaving your life before you have to endure as much pain and sadness as i have!" I yelled and ran. I ran past Clay, Nellie and Kohta's mother. I ran out the front door and into the street. Looking around frantically, i chose a direction and ran as fast and far as i could before my body gave in to the pain and tiredness. I wept pathetically on the ground, my tears mixing with blood, as i crawled on my hands in knee's trying to escape.
    "Kitty stop! Don't try and move! You have to stop moving!" I spun around and glared at Kohta as he ran up to me and grabbed my sweating arm. "We have gotta get you bandaged up! Come on, my parents will be here soon!" I pulled my arm away from him and stared at him angrily.
    "You told your parent's? No! No! NO!" I yelled and grabbed my head as it throbbed again. I then pushed him onto the ground roughly. "I knew this would happen! I knew you would be just like the others! You think i'm a freak! You think i need to be put in a hospital and examined! A gross little monster!" I screamed. He stared at me in shock. "I don't want to go through the pain of being judged and unloved again! I don't want to be the cause of deaths again! No more loneliness! No more... no more..." I broke down sobbing pathetically. Kohta picked me up and laid me on his lap, holding onto me tightly. I grabbed his arm tightly and cried into it.
    "I don't care. I don't care whether you have horns or not. You are no different then the Kitty i spoke to in the car, when i didn't know you had horns. Your still the same little girl. I havenít known you for very long, but already i think that your an awesome friend! Your different to other girls that i have liked. And it's not just because of your horns. I really like the way you are." Kohta said, stroking my back lovingly. "And so i would never tell my parent's anything that you didn't want them to know." I sat up and wiped my eye's and stared at Kohta in amazement.
    "Kitty! Are you ok!?" Clay and Mrs. Corbin came running up to us. Mrs. Corbin leant down and grabbed me in a loving hug.
    "You must be such a strong little girl. Youíre so young and yet you live alone? You must be so strong..." I closed my eye's as voice's echoed in my head.
    "Your so strong Kitty. You have to live with those mutations... and yet you still smile... your a good girl..." My mum's words echoed in my head. I bit my lip and pushed myself away from Kohta's mum. I stood up and stepped back a few times.
    "I don't need your sympathy!" I directed my words to Kohta as well. "Leave me alone and get outta my life!" I screamed. Blackness swirled in my head, and i collapsed to the ground, the last thing i saw was Kohta reaching forward with tears running down his face. Then I fainted.

    I woke in a soft bed in a strange room. There was nothing familiar in the room, and it had a funny smell. There was nothing in the room except the bed and a desk.
    "Good morning Kitty. I am Mrs. Keating, and I run this orphanage that you are in now. This is your new home." I glared at her angrily, keeping my tears of frustration down.
    "I don't need anyone!" I yelled and sat up, glaring at Mrs. Keating as I realized that she was standing back a little. My eye twitched in anger and i reached up to touch my horns. They were covered in a rough bandage. "Where is my hat? Why am i here?" I yelled holding my horns tightly. Mrs. Keating smiled grimly.
    "Your hat is in the bin; it was completely bloodstained and was ruined. You don't need to worry about your mutations, i will tell everybody here to leave you alone about them ok?" She said with fake kindness. I stared at her in disbelief.
    "You really think that that will stop them?Ē I said spitefully. "That is the stupidest thing i have ever heard." Mrs. Keating turned and walked to the door. She turned around one she had stepped outside.
    "Come out and have something to eat when youíre ready ok Kitty?" Then she closed the door, and i listened to the footsteps as she walked away. I swung my legs over the bed, and sat there fuming.
    "That liar... idiot and traitor..." I murmured to myself. "Kohta." I touched the bandage again and sighed. I braced myself and walked out, getting ready for the stares from the kid's who were here. I found the dining room after wondering around a little bit. I opened the door, and got exactly what i expected. About twenty kids were staring at me, some hiding their sniggers and laughs behind their hands. Other faces were screwing up in repulsion. A couple of faces, older ones, looked at me with pity while another lot just looked at me with distaste. I ignored all the whispers and sat down and concentrated solely on my food, eating as fast as i could so that i could escape the stares of the other kids and a couple of the teachers. When i had finished eating i went into the bathroom and looked at the mirror in disgust. I undid the bandage and stared at the two horns. They had stop emerging from my skull, and the skin had closed up slightly, stopping the blood. I stared at my reflection for awhile then took a deep breath and excited the bathroom.

    I followed a routine for about two months. I would do the same thing everyday, that way i wouldn't endure much of the pain's of the stares. In the morning i went into the dining room early and ate my breakfast with only a few kids. When more arrived i would leave and sit in my room until lunch. Again i would go early or late to miss out on the lunch rush. After lunch i would spend the afternoon outside, sitting by myself under a desolate tree, thinking or sleeping. Then dinner would come. The only meal that they force us all to be together for. I had to sit in between a girl named Sara and a boy named Mathew. Sara talked to me a bit, but mainly to ask what Matthew was saying. Matthew just solely ignored me. I didn't mind. After dinner i would skip dessert and have a bath or shower then go back to my room and sleep. I was fine with the way that i did everything for those months. Then another passed and it was September. My birthday came and went, a lonely birthday that nobody knew about. I had turned eleven. And it was that month that the teasing started. I had endless pranks pulled on me, and got called hurtful names. But i was immune to the names, having lived with them for all my life. Names such as "Horn", "Freak". I got called creepy often. But the newest one slowly began eating at my immunity. "devil Child." It hurt me slightly. But nothing hurt me more then the pain of a broken promise. In that month at least one good thing came. I made a friend. Sara began to really be friendly to me, and allowed my heart to accept her as a friend.

    "Kitty! Do you wanna go outside for awhile?" It was a Sunday morning and we were sitting in her room talking. I nodded slowly and stood up, following her outside. We sat under my favorite tree and looked at the boys playing football on the oval.
    "Don't you reckon that Matt is hot?" Sara said sighing and staring at Matthew. I raised an eyebrow and looked at him. I personally found him repulsive, but i didn't want to hurt Sara's feelings so i made a small agreeing noise. She looked at me and laughed. "I heard that John is gonna ask you out this afternoon." She said cheekily. I whipped around and looked at her in shock.
    "As if Iím gonna believe that, seriously. Anyway i am not thinking about boy's anyway, so he can go ask some other girl out." I said spitefully, drawing in the dirt angrily. Sara didn't say anything, but i sensed that she was trying not to laugh. I could feel something inside of me boiling, i strange feeling of betrayal. "I'm going to the bathroom." I said and stood up abruptly. Sara nodded and I stalked away. I went inside and watched as she ran to Mathew and her face screwed up in repulsion. She pointed to the side of her head and shuddered then laughed. I turned away breathing heavily in anger and betrayal. I walked to bathroom and leant against the cold mirror.
    "Stupid...stupid girl. Your fault." I murmured to my reflection. Then I saw something that casued me to yell out quietly. I spun around and looked out the window where I thought a saw a shadowed stranger with red eyeís. There was nothing out there so I shook my head and turned back to the mirror. I reached up and grabbed my horns and began to pull at them as usual. I clenched my teeth to stop screaming as the bruises on my head throbbed and my head pounded. I let go of my horns, breathing heavily. They hadn't even cracked. I leant forward again, and allowed two single tears to run from my eye's. The first two tears of that month. I stood back up and wiped my face and walked out of the bathroom. Sara was leaning against the wall outside of the bathroom. When i opened the door she smiled.
    "Are you ok? Cause i heard you yell out." She said grabbing my arm. I pulled my arm away and walked down the hall, ignoring her. "Hey! What're you doing!? Why are you ignoring me?" She yelled. I stopped and turned back around with a snide smiled on my face.
    "I don't want to make you feel sick, or be any trouble to you. After all my horns are repulsive." I said spitefully. She gasped and bit her lip, looking away.
    "I was just..."
    "Being normal?" I interrupted. "It's a completely normal reaction for you, to find it disgusting. After all how many people do you know that have horns sticking out of their heads." I said looking down, and leaning against the wall. "I mean, they would freak anyone out... especially if you were born with a child like that." Sara gasped, and without realizing it, i began to cry. My words kept coming. "Of course if you had a child with horns you would be ashamed. Disgusted, and afraid. Of course you would feel bad, and wish that you had never had a child." I noticed that Sara also had tears in her eye's, but didn't think anything of it. She took a couple of steps forward. "Of course there is only one way to escape from the pain of having a "Devil Child" Of course, only one way. Death." I said and grabbed my horns automatically. "Death, blood, no escape. Thatís how they escape. Through death, and through running away from their problems." I turned away from her and began walking away. I heard fast footsteps running up behind me and jerked up when two arms wrapped around my shoulders.
    "I am so sorry Kitty! I am so heartless, i didn't even think of how you would feel! I was just so selfish, and... and... i am so sorry." She sobbed. I grabbed her arm and pulled it off my shoulders, biting my lip to stop from breaking down.
    "Like i said, not your fault. It's my fault for being here, For being born." I walked away from her and into my room, locking the door behind me. I jumped onto my bed in shock, not believing what i had just said to Sara.
    "I'll visit you ok? I promise." I stared at the ceiling as Kohta's promise echoed in my head. I touched my lips and sighed. I could still remember that kiss, I could stil remember that day so clearly. Although it was at the same time my worst day, it was also my best day in a long time. It was the day I met Kohta. I then rolled over and clenched my eye's shut to stop the memory. I rolled over and tried to sleep. tried not to remember anything before i started living in the orphanage.

    Another three months passed and it was Christmas. Decorations were put up and all the teachers and kids were getting excited. I ignored all the celebrations and did my usual routine of eating, sleeping, and thinking. I always saw Sara looking at me with pain in her eye's, and she always went to say something to me but couldn't form the words. Matthew began to tease me even more, only because he apparently got rejected by Sara. I didn't care though. That's what all the kids did, took their pain and sadness out of me.

    On Christmas eve, everyone stayed up past midnight. I decided to, as i was sick of sleeping and thinking of memories. So i sat by myself looking at the stars above where we were all sitting outside. I gasped as I saw a shadow fly across the moon, a streak of red following. The memory of the day that Sara betrayed me, hit me. I remembered seeing those red dots in the mirror. What did it mean? Sara then came and sat next to me. I looked at her for a second, then looked away.
    "Kitty, Merry Christmas." She said, laying a hand gently on my arm, then stood up and walked away and sat next to John. I followed her with my eye's, and caught John's gaze.
    "Merry Christmas Kitty!" He yelled and waved. I bit my lip and turned away ignoring everyone else.

    Christmas passed, along with the months and before i knew it, it was June. It had been a year since i had arrived at the orphanage. My horns continued to grow bigger, along with my body. I also noticed a slight red glow in my eye's when the light caught it right. It was winter, and it soon began to snow. Most of the kids had to stay inside and a bad bout of the flu went through the orphanage. I missed it luckily, and so i got to spend a couple of weeks without teasing. Sara caught pneumonia, and had to go to hospital. I felt a little bad for her, but didn't allow myself to worry about her. July came and it got even colder, Sara came back, and i was happy to see she was well, but didn't allow anybody to see my feelings. I continued to do my routine, and found that it was much easier now. At meals times Sara always sat near me, not next to me but sat near me. It made me feel slightly better, but not enough for me to forgive the people around me, and not to forgive her. Every night i would pull at my horns, trying to break them off. But it didn't work, and gave me headaches. In the last week of July i was called to Mrs. Keatingís office.

    I walked into the office, and sat down in one of the chairs in front of her desk. She smiled at me, but i didn't return it.
    "How are you today Kitty?" She asked friendly. I shrugged nonchalantly.
    "Been better, but ok. Yourself miss?"
    "Oh Iím good thank-you Kitty." She said smiling at my reply. "I called you in here to discuss your future. Your twelve aren't you?" I raised an eyebrow.
    "Nope, Iím eleven." Mrs. Keating blushed and shuffled with her papers.
    "Sorry Kitty. Your eleven right." I laughed under my breath. Stupid women, i thought to myself. "Well, when you turn twelve, we will have to send you back to school again. I know this is jumping the gun a little, but when you turn fifteen, you will need to get a job, and start thinking of moving out, or putting yourself up to be taken to a foster home." She said looking at me gently. I nodded and sighed.
    "Is that all?" I asked quickly. She nodded and i stood up and walked out of the office. I walked along the hall to my room, with my head down and crashed straight into Sara, John and Matthew. I looked up quickly as they all smiled at me.
    "What?" I asked quickly. Sara stepped forward and grabbed my hand.
    " Would you like to come downtown with us?" She asked, motioning to John and Matthew. I stared at Matthew as he blushed and looked away.
    "As if you guys would want me to come anyway. I mean who would want a girl with horns with them?" I said and pulled my arm away from Saraís grip.
    "We would. Kitty, we like you. Despite your tough shell, we can tell you are a really nice girl, and you seem fun to be with." John answered this time. He took a step forward and smiled at me. "really, we want you to come with us." I glared at Matthew. Sara and John also looked at him and smiled.
    "Yeah, i do kinda want you to come." John raised an eyebrow at him, and he clenched his teeth. "And listen Kitty... Iím really sorry. I shouldn't have teased you for something that you can't help. You don't know how bad i feel about what i did and said to you..." I smiled inside. I could tell that this was really difficult for Matthew to say, and his pain made me feel better about it. His face blushed bright red when i stepped forward and glared up at him.
    "I shouldn't forgive you, you know. I don't think i will be able to for along time." I took a step back and addressed everyone. "I'm not sure if i can trust you guys, i mean you all pitched in together to make me feel horrible about myself and my horns, and every night you caused me great pain, as i tried to snap my horns off." All three gasped and Sara grabbed my hand tightly again. "every night i did that to fit in, to stop the teasing. But every night i failed, and every night i would sleep with a bruised head, and ego. So i really hope this isn't a stupid and cruel little joke." They all looked down, Sara still holding my hand tightly.
    "It's not a joke, Kitty. We really want to spend some time with you, getting to know you. I was stupid and didn't allow myself to, as i couldn't see past our differences. But now i realize we aren't different at all. So what if we look different, that doesn't matter, cause we both feel." She said. I laughed and she blushed.
    "Oh my gosh, did you get that out of a movie or something?" I said laughing good-heartedly. She began to laugh as well and nodded.
    "Yeah i did, i was kinda hoping you wouldn't notice." I laughed. Then sighed, dropping my barrier a little.
    "I guess i'll go with you guys." I said, biting my lip. Sara squeezed my hand tightly, and then pulled me to her room. John and Matthew sighed desperately.
    "There they go, to spend an hour getting ready." Sara and I laughed. My chest was fluttering funnily, and i felt light and really happy. This was the first time i had ever felt this way before. I looked at Sara's smiling face, then John's, then Matthew's. I couldn't understand why i was dropping my barriers, when each one of these people had betrayed me at least once. And yet, here i was laughing along with them, and going out with them. Sara dragged me into her room and got straight into dressing me up. I allowed her to, grateful for the help when it came to choosing clothes. I had been living with old shirts and tattered second-hand shorts. We were ready in about fifteen minutes.
    "Let's go, Matthew and John are gonna go nuts if we take any longer!" She said as we walked quickly to the front door. It was already dark, and Matthew and John were standing impatiently by the door, talking. I blushed as Matthew turned to look at me, and smiled. Inside i was yelling at myself, getting angry that i had blushed because a boy had looked at me. I knew this wouldn't turn out, my barriers were almost gone. Sara grabbed my hand, and we ran out the front door.
    "are we allowed to do this?" I said as we waited for a taxi to come and pick us up. Sara laughed.
    "Of course, we asked Mrs. Keating. Anyway John is thirteen so he is allowed to leave the orphanage whenever he wants to!" I looked at John, and he winked. I smiled back and touched my horns in habit. The taxi arrived and there was a mad scramble between John, Matthew and Sara to get the front seat. I sat in the back quietly, listening to their fighting. I tried not to think that the main reason why they would have wanted to sit in the front was because i was in the back.
    "I'm the oldest so i should sit in the front!"
    "Your a girl Sara so you have to sit in the back so Kitty isn't alone!"
    "Matthew you have to get to know Kitty so YOU sit in the back!"
    "I like the front seat though!" It ended up as John sitting in the front cause he's the oldest, and Matthew was sitting on one side of me, and Sara on the other. Just like at dinner. But this was different, both Sara and Matthew included me in their conversation, and John popped his head back every now and then to add his insight on the topic of conversation. We arrived on the shopping strip in about five minutes. There was a mad scramble again to get out of the car. I casually waited until they all got out, then climbed out slowly. They all grabbed me and started to pull me in opposite directions. I just let myself get dragged along to different shops, just mainly being glad to get out of the orphanage.
    "Kitty come and look at these earrings!"
    "No! Come look at these computer games!" Sara and John fought over me angrily, while Matthew stood next to me waiting.
    "What do you wanna look at Kitty?" He asked me quietly. I looked him, then back down at the ground.
    "Um, i don't know. I would just like to walk around for awhile. Would that be ok?" Matthew smiled, then nodded and grabbed my hand, leading me away from John and Sara who were still arguing. He let go of my hand, and we walked along the road silently.
    "Kitty, listen. I am so sorry about everything that i did to you. I was the one who started to the name calling and the pranks, because you were different. I was an immature young idiot." Matt said quietly, not looking at me. "I really, hope that you can forgive me at some time, although i don't expect it to be for awhile."
    "Do they disgust you? Do they freak you out or anything like that?" I asked him, looking at the ground. "If you can answer those questions truthfully, then i can forgive you. I will know whether you are lying or not." I said sternly, looking at him. He grabbed my hand and led me to a spare bench in the strip.
    "I am not disgusted by them, i just... they are different from anything i have seen, and so yes... they freaked me out at first. But i don't care about them anymore. I am used to it, and they don't change who you are." He said softly, blushing. I smiled.
    "Good answer. If you had lied, then i would have known that you wouldn't want to be my friend and it was all a cruel joke." I said sighing. "You guys... you are the first people who have ever wanted to get to know me. You, Sara and John are the only ones who have ever wanted to become friends with me, the only ones who have tried to see past my mutations. Not even my parents tried to do that." I looked quickly over at Matthew who was staring at me open-mouthed. "Oh, Iím sorry, i didnít mean to start talking about my family again. Sorry." I stood up quickly and spun around to face him with a smile. "Come on, let's keep looking around." He smiled and stood up.
    "There you two are! Geez we thought you guys had been kidnapped or something!" I spun around when i heard Sara yelling. I grinned sheepishly, and looked down. "What did you do to her Matthew!" She said, accusing him straight away. He looked up and protested loudly. I smiled as i watched them fight. John grabbed my hand this time.
    "Sara always has to pick fights, with everyone. Are you having fun?" He let go of my hand and laughed. I nodded and grinned.
    "Let's go!" Sara yelled and laced her arm through mine. I grinned and we walked off down the street with Matt and John following. At about eight thirty, i saw something that caused my barriers to come back up, and a sharp pain to burst through my chest. I was walking along with John, when i asked for a rest. We sat down at a bench, and watched the crowds of people walking by us. a crowd of kids a little older then John walked by. I studied each on out of curiously, until my eye's fell upon a familiar face. My chest felt like it had been shot, and my head started pounding. I jumped to my feet and walked towards the boy as he stopped to get a drink. i saw him sigh and stand back up. He swung around fast and crashed straight into me, stepping on my foot, then smashed his head onto mine.
    "Oh gosh!" I exclaimed and he cursed.
    "I'm so sorry about that! Are you ok?" He said quickly, holding his head in one hand, grinning sheepishly. I just stared at him in shock.
    "Kohta, don't you remember me?" I said, feeling tears well up in my eye's as confusion swept over his face. "It's Kitty, remember?"
    "Kitty... that's a really pretty name... but sorry... i uh don't remember you. I'm sorry." My eye's dropped to the ground as tears ran out of them in rivers. John came running up to me and grabbed me in a tight hug.
    "Hey, what the hell did you do to her? You had better piss off now." John said angrily to Kohta. Kohta smiled grimly and laughed.
    "I didn't do anything. Mr. Tough-guy! She knows me somehow, but i don't her, and i just told her that. So don't go blaming me for doing something weirdo. See ya later." Kohta said angrily and stalked off. I grabbed John tightly and cried into his chest, not caring about anything.
    "Kohta... Kohta... why?" I mumbled to myself. I was numb, and my barriers were rising. So that is what friends did you. John waved Sara and Matthew over.
    "i think we need to take her home. I'll explain in a second." Sara and Matthew both nodded and they led me back to the Taxi. I had stopped crying by now, and i was just walking in shock. Shock and depression. Sara sat in the back with me, and John did as well. Both held my hands tightly. I looked out of the window, and saw Kohta standing in shadowís, his face half covered in shadowís, white riverís of tears running down the other side. I watched him and he turned around and the shadowís seemingly engulfed him. I looked away, closing my eyeís until we reached the orphanage.
    "I'm ok now. I just need to sleep." I said, when i got to the front door. All three of them looked at me in concern but i ignored them and staggered to my room. I pulled my clothes off and pulled my old ones on, and flopped onto my bed. I stared at my wall which had words carved on it. Words like "Promise", "love", "mum" "Dad", "devil child", "horn" and now another, "Friend."

    Two months passed, and it was my birthday. Sara, Matthew and John all gave me small presents, and gave me a small celebration. I was now twelve. I was grateful for everything that they gave me, even if they were small. The celebration was small too. They came into my room on the afternoon of my birthday, and we ate chips, lollies and soft drink that they had stolen out of the cupboard. That night we all crowded around in a circle on the floor to play games.
    "Hey let's play truth and dare!" Sara burst out quickly. Matthew and John were quick to agree, but i bit my lip anxiously. "If you don't wanna play it Kitty, that fine. We can play something else if you wanna!" Sara said smiling. I shook my head.
    "No, Iíll play actually. Who's going first?" I said quickly. I had decided that seeing as these were my friends i would do what they wanted. Sara smiled.
    "Truth or dare kitty?" I bit my lip again, and then sighed.
    "Truth i guess."
    "Hmmm... oh i know! Have you ever kissed a boy?" I blushed bright red and looked away from them all. Sara exclaimed. "Oh my god! You have havenít you!" She smiled as i looked at her. I took a deep breath.
    "Yeah, i have. One year and um three months ago to be exact. It was three days before i woke up here." All three of them leaned forward.
    "Who was it?" Sara asked breathlessly. I took a deep breath and looked away, my eye's downcast.
    "A boy named, Kohta." John gasped and leant back up.
    "You mean, that little creep from that night? Your first night out?" I nodded and sighed.
    "How did it happen?" Sara asked still breathless from excitement.
    "It was an accident really. My horns... were bursting through my skin, in the car and i had started to bleed. Kohta saw that and began to call out to his dad but i couldn't let either of them see my horns. So i had dived onto to Kohta to make him be quiet, but accident kissed him." I blushed and looked away. "It was my first kiss." There was silence.
    "Did you like him? I mean had you known him for ages? Did you have a crush? Or was it love?" sara asked quickly, grabbing my hand tightly.
    "I-i had only met him that night. I was looking for a ride into town, and his dad was going to the toilet in the bushes and i ran into him. Then his dad told me that he would take me to the police station. That wasn't what i wanted, but as long as i got out of the bush, i could word my way out of trouble. Kohta was nice to me. I wanted to be friends with him. I wanted to be with him. Then...i fell asleep and woke up, and my horns had split my skin. He was so worried about me, and i couldn't understand why." Sara squeezed my hand tightly. "After i had kissed him, i felt feelings i had never felt before. Is that love? He said that he would visit me, if i was sent to an orphanage or sent away. He promised, because... because..." I squeezed my eye's shut. "I was an awesome friend. He said i was different to other people, not just because of my horns. I havenít stopped thinking about him since that. He has always been in the back of my mind. Am i in love?" I said opening my eyes and looking at my three friends that surrounded me. "Is it love?" Sara grabbed me in a tight hug. Matt patted my back, and john clenched his fist.
    "Why the hell did he not remember you?! Why didn't he visit? Damn! I'm gonna bash that guy." John said angrily. I let a small smile go. Sara was looking at me in awe.
    "That sounds a lot like love to me! How old was he?" I sighed, and let another little smile go.
    "He was twelve, and i was ten. I just don't understand why he said all of that then, just forgot about me. He said he would visit me, as long as i didn't forget about him. And i didn't... so Why? Why did he forget me?" Sara looked at me.
    "Ah ha! what was his reaction when you kissed him?" I bit my lip.
    "Um... he blushed, and looked at me in shock. I think. Why?" Sara grinned.
    "That was his first kiss as well! Otherwise he wouldn't have blushed. What did he do after that." I drew back for a second.
    "Um i think he leaned in close, and grabbed my hand. Asking if i was gonna be ok, referring to my head." Matthew, John, and Sara all grinned at me. "What?" I said sulkily
    "He had the hot's for you as well Kitty." Matt said. I looked at each one of them. They all nodded and grinned. I blushed and shook my head.
    "But then why did he forget about me then?" John shook his head.
    "I don't think he forgot at all. He stammered when he said that he didn't remember didn't he? Then i think he still remembers. I just don't know why he would have said that."
    "Hey! Go to bed! It's past curfew time!" There was loud banging at my door and Sara, Matt and John all flinched.
    "I'll sleep with Kitty tonight. See you guys tomorrow!" Sara said. I waved and they trudged out the door. I could hear the teacher yelling at them as they walked down the hall. I climbed into my bed and Sara followed.
    "You don't mind do you?" I shook my head.
    "It'll be good. I havenít had anybody with me when i sleep for so long. It'll be a good change." Sara smiled at me. I smiled back. "What about you? Who do you like right now?" I whispered to her. She blushed.
    "I kinda like John a bit." I grinned at her, as she blushed bright red. "I don't have a chance at all with him though. He likes you." I exclaimed loudly. Sara held a hand over my mouth. "Shhh... you aren't supposed to know! When i told you, so long ago now, that he was going to ask you out, i was telling you the truth. He has liked you for that long." I blushed, and Sara took her hand away from my mouth. "Matthew also likes you." I exclaimed even louder then before. "SHHH...!" Sara held a hand over my mouth, laughing silently at the look on my face. "See your not alone anymore. Two of the most popular guys like you." Sara said.
    "But what about you and John? Do you want me to tell him how you feel?" She blushed but nodded.
    "I know that he won't ever ask me out, but i know i have to as least let him know how i feel, otherwise i get really depressed." I smiled, as Sara grinned sheepishly. "Next time we play truth and dare, it's going to be very interesting." she said. We giggled for awhile, until we just laid there looking at each other. I closed my eye's as sleep overcame my brain.
    "Happy birthday Kitty." Sara whispered. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

    I awoke, and straight remembered my first fun night in a long time. Sara was still fast asleep, lying next to me on my pillow. I grinned and sat up and quietly as possible. Sara stirred and opened her eyes. I looked at her, and smiled.
    "sorry about waking you." I said apologetically. She smiled.
    "It's ok. did you have a good sleep?" i nodded.
    "And you?" She smiled.
    "Yeah it was really good. Your really warm!" She said and poked her tongue out. I laughed adn climbed over her to get out of the bed. "Get your butt outta my face!" She yelled good heartedly and slapped it. I screamed and laughed, and punched her gently on the arm.
    "What you say to me?" I said, with mock anger.
    "I said get that butt outta my face!" I grinned and waved it in her face.
    "This one you mean!?" She grinned and I sat down on the bed next to her.
    "Kitty, i am so sorry. I am so sorry that i didn't get to know you better before. I really should have, your really great. Then we would have been able to spend at least a little bit more time together." I frowned and looked at her in confusion.
    "But-but we got like another three years before we have to start thinking about moving out and stuff. So we don't have to worry about time and stuff." Sara looked away from my gaze and sighed.
    "Kitty, i have been adopted. I am leaving this Christmas." I stared at her in shock.
    "But i can still visit you right? I mean we will be able to keep in touch right?" She shook her head.
    "I'm getting moved into a completely different state to you guys. That's why i regret not getting to know you sooner, and i regret teasing you and everything else. I really wish that we could have gotten to know each so much earlier, because you are so awesome Kitty." She had tears running down her face. I leaned forward and wiped them away.
    "I pushed you away. I didn't even try to be friend with anyone here, because I was sinking in my own self-pity. I realize that now. You tried so many times to be nice to be, but i threw it back in your face." I said, beginning to cry as well. We both wrapped our arms around each other and began to sob. We broke apart grinning at the sight of the other, both our faces terrible and blotchy. "Come on, let's go. I dunno about you, but Iím starving!" I said and got dressed Sara grinned and did as well. We walked into the dining room and sat down next to John and Matt, who were both slightly muffled looking.
    "So the princesses awaken." John said with a grin. Matt mumbled something inaudible. Sara and i glanced at each other and grinned.
    "What did you boys get up to last night, after leaving us girls?" John grinned and winked at us.
    "Wouldn't you like to know. Aye Matt!" John nudged him. we all looked at Matt and burst out laughing when we saw that he was asleep, lying on his arms. John sighed. "Stupid Idiot spent all night talking about what an asshole that Kohta guy was" John said to me with a small laugh. "Not that i blame him or anything or course." I grinned.
    "Kitty? You have some mail!" I looked up quickly as one of the supervisors addressed me and handed a package to me.
    "What the heck?" I murmured to myself. Sara and John crowded around me, and Matt snored at the table. I opened the package and a hat fell out of the paper. "what?" I said and picked up a folded piece of paper that was hidden in inside of it.
    "What does it say?" I opened it up and read it aloud.

    Dear Kitty,
    This is a hat that i thought you would like. I saw you so often leaning against a window crying. I used to see the other kids teasing you. I know that your horns give you trouble, so i thought that this hat might help you. I hope that i can talk to you one day soon.

    I frowned and re-read over the letter a couple more times. There was no name or anyway for me to tell who it was. I looked at the hat and gasped. It was the same one that i had before i came to the orphanage.
    "Who's it from?"
    "Is that all that there was?"
    "Are you gonna wear it?"
    "Do you think it was Kohta?" Sara and John asked i just shook my head, and picked up and the letter and hat.
    "I'm going into my room for awhile. I'll see you guys later on." I waved and ran to my room. I could sense their worried looks. I was shocked. I had just recognized the writing on the letter. It was-
    "Kitty! Mrs. Keating wants you!" I stood up and opened the door. Sara was standing there. She pointed to Mrs. Keatingís office. I smiled in thanks and walked into the room. The room was set up very professionally, and there was too extra people in the room. I edged my way into the room and sat down on a spare chair. i could feel the eye's of the couple surveying me, and my horns, which weren't covered.
    "Kitty, this is Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs. They wish to adopt you." I jerked around my chair and looked at the couple before me. Mrs. Jacobs had tears running down her face, and Mr. Jacobs had a small smile on his face. I took a deep breath, my barriers up as high as they possibly could.
    "What a cruel joke." I stood up, keeping my eye's locked on the ground. My hair fell down and covered my eyes. "Is this fun, tormenting me? Do you really wish to adopt me? A devil child? A child with horns? With red eye's? You must be joking. I hate you all... Excuse me." I walked past the three shocked adults and t hen past Sara who was waiting for me in the hall.
    "Kitty, wait what's the matter?" I ignored her and locked myself in the bathroom. i stared at my reflection, breathing heavily.
    "How dare they... how dare they... how dare they..." I kept mumbling to myself. I grabbed my horns in my hands and took a deep breath. I pulled and pulled until i felt a crack. A pain like no other split through my skull, and blood sprayed out of the crack i had created. I screamed and screamed, dropping to my knee's as throbs ran through my head, escalating from my cracked horn.
    "Kitty! OPEN THE DOOR!" Sara screamed. I gritted my teeth and grabbed my horns again and pulled screaming as the horns both split and blood sprayed everywhere. I looked at the two horns in my, and then fainted as the door burst open.

    A faint beeping woke me up. It hurt my head horribly. I opened my eyeís and looked around the pure white room. A face leaned over to look at me.
    "Thank god your awake Kitty. Do you recognize me? It's Sara. John and Matt are here too." I blinked and their faces came into view.
    "Where-where am i..." I slurred, as my head pounded painfully.
    "Your in hospital." Sara said. I frowned and touched the side of my head.
    "Why and for how long?" Sara bit her lip and grabbed one of my hands.
    "You snapped your horns off. It put you in a coma for about a month. It's now October, nearly November." She said sadly. I frowned, then remembered. "We were all so worried about you, you have no idea how much. I had run and got a supervisor and she had unlocked the door for me. The moment the door opened, you had smiled then fainted. We rushed you to hospital, and they put you on a drip. We came here everyday to see if you had waken up, but you hadn't. We kept coming for the full month. We were so afraid." I smiled.
    "I feel fine now. My head just hurts a bit. This bandage is way to tight." I reached up and pulled it off. All three of them gasped and I frowned reaching up to touch the stubs that would be all that remained of them. But what i felt was two newly grown horns. They were both still round, but were slightly bigger then before. i fell back in my pillow with wide eye's.
    "But why?" I mumbled. I couldn't even feel Saraís hand in mine. "Why has he come back?" All three of them gasped and John leant forward.
    "Who's come back? Are you talking about your horns?" I shook my head.
    "That parcel, i just remembered about it. I know who it's from. That's the main reason i snapped my horns off. It's from my dad. The package, is from my dad." Sara gripped my hand even tighter. I glanced at her with a small smiled. "Umm... my hand about to fall off." She looked down at my purple fingers and gasped.
    "I'm sorry! But isn't that good, that your dad has come back?" I rolled my head away from her and sighed.
    "He ran away without telling me where he was going. He left me on my own after my mother died." I sighed again. "And so, if he's coming back, that's not a good thing. I have no idea why he is coming back. Probably, probably to..." I closed my eye's as my dad's last words echoed in my pounding head.
    "It's your fault. You killed her. You caused all her suffering and pain, it was all your fault..." I opened my eye's when i heard my name. I put a fake smile on quickly.
    "Oh sorry, i just yeah. Listen, Iím kinda tired now. I'll talk to you tomorrow." I said and rolled over.
    "Goodnight Kitty. Just remember that we're all here. And that we love you." Sara mumbled and brushed a strand of hair off my face. I smiled and nodded.
    "Thanks Sara, you really don't know how much that means to me. Goodnight." I closed my eye's, and heard them all stand up and open the door. "Hey guys wait!" I yelled quickly, opening my eyes and rolling over. They stopped and looked at me from the door. "Can we go out again? I mean downtown again? I mean i havenít gone for ages." They all smiled and nodded and walked out the door. I closed my eye's again and slept until late the next morning. When i awoke, light was streaming into my room, and my stomach grumbled with hunger. I sat up and yawned, looking around dazedly for any food. There was a knock at the door and Sara walked in with a wide smiled on her face. She bounced holding a tray topped with delicious smelling foods. My mouth watered as she sat it down in front of me.
    "Guess what Kitty! The nurses said you can come home today if your feeling up to it!" She yelled excitedly and dropped into the chair beside my bed. I nodded, still shoving the food into my mouth. I swallowed.
    "Where's John and Matt?" I said smiling. "Have you told John at all in the month that i was in a coma?" I giggled and concentrated on my food again. Sara sighed and watched me wolf my food down, then smiled.
    "No i havenít, but i will. I promise that i will tell him the day that leave. I will let him know my true feelings and then kiss him. I will." She clenched her fist. "I promise." She looked up and smiled at me with tears in her eyes. "Just like i will tell you how much i love you, and Matt too." I smiled and nodded.
    "Let's go back. Back home, to the orphanage." I smiled, and Sara held her hand out. i grabbed it and pulled myself out of my bed and stretched painfully. "Man, it feels good to be out of that stinking bed." I looked down. "Do we have any clothes for me by any chance?" Sara laughed and nodded at the bathroom.
    "Get changed in there, your clothes are hanging on the rack." I nodded and went into the bathroom, deciding to have a hot shower. I stood under the soothing water, and sighed as it washed away my cramps and pains from being in the bed or a month. I reached up and touched my newly grown horns tenderly. I couldn't understand why they had grown back, and gown bigger then they were when they had first burst through. There was a loud knocking at the door.
    "Come on Kitty! If you hurry we can still go downtown tonight if you want to!" Sara yelled. I smiled a quick smile to myself and turned the running water off. I reached for my towel slowly and drew back when my shoulder blade's throbbed. I rubbed them quickly with clenched teeth until the pain subsided.
    "What the heck was that?" I murmured to myself, drying myself on my towel then getting dressed. Walking out into the min hospital room, i smiled and grabbed my bag. Sara grabbed my free arm and dragged me to the front desk where Mrs. Keating was paying the hospital bill. I blushed and looked down as she smiled at me.
    "I'm so so sorry ma'am. When i start earning money Iíll be sure to pay you back." I looked back up, as she laid a hand on my shoulder.
    "It's no problem Kitty. That's what the orphanage is for. To look after you. I hope your feeling a lot better, and that you won't scare us this badly ever again." She said looking down at me. I nodded and followed Sara as she pulled me to the car.
    "We are going straight downtown from here ok!?" She yelled excitedly. "It's gonna be so much more fun now that your coming!" I laughed as the car screeched out of the hospital car park and towards downtown. I kept touching my horns nervously until Sara noticed. I blushed and dropped my hands. "Do they hurt?" She said quietly. "I have always wondered whether they hurt you or not. I see you touching them all the time." I looked down.
    "What hurts the most are the disgusted looks that get thrown at me, and the snide comments that people make about me. But i guess i am kinda immune to all names, thanks to you guys." Sara blushed. I winked. "So i guess i can thank you for calling me those names. Though one name still eats me deeply... Devil Child. My dad called me that once. Just after my mum killed herself. So that one is a little painful." Sara looked down sadly. I sighed. "But as for physical pain, it's my skin around them that aches." Sara nodded, still looking down. We rode the rest of the trip in silence. When we reached downtown, Sara perked up a little bit more, and i myself started to get that funny feeling of happiness in my chest. We climbed out of the car, and Sara handed me a hat.
    "I found that hat in the car just as we got here. I dunno if you want it or not, but i understand the way you feel about your horns." She said. I looked at her and smiled, pulling the hat on over my horns.
    "Thanks Sara." She smiled and we started to look around. I stopped to look eat a display in a window and realized that Sara was gone. I stood up quickly and looked around. People were milling around everywhere, and none of their faces were familiar. I chewed my bottom lip ad started to walk to the left looking at every face i could to see if Sara was there.
    "Move your ass kid!" I whipped around as a big fat man pushed me hard. I fell to the ground with a painful sob, and watched as my hat landed about two meters away. Tears began to run down from my eyes as a circle formed around me, a circle of disgusted faces. I tried to cover my horns up, but it was too late. Snide comments, disgusted comments and plain rude comments were brown at me relentlessly as i crawled towards my hat. The fat man stood on it and rubbed it into the dirt.
    "You shouldn't be here, Devil Child. Go back to where you belong." I stared at the man, until i had to close my eyes in pain. My back throbbed painfully again. I felt a hand lift me up.
    "Leave her alone. Just clear off! Get outta here, stupid morons." I opened my eyes when i heard a deep male voice. A teenager stood above me yelling at the crowd angrily, holding my arm tightly. He turned to me and smiled quickly. "Let's go." I followed helplessly as he dragged me away from the crowd and behind a building. I frowned at him and pulled my arm away as i studied him. He had a black beanie on, and dark sunglasses covered his eyes.
    "Who the heck are you? How dare you touch me, or drag me away like that! I'm leaving now!" I yelled and pulled my arm out of his grip. I took a couple of steps back as he reached up. I gritted my teeth then let out a loud exclamation as he pulled his beanie and glasses off.
    "Sorry about that. My name is Steve. Sorry if i seemed the ominous type, but believe me Iím not. I am as gentle a they come." He said sheepishly and grinned at my expression. I didn't pay any attention to what he was saying. I was staring at the two white horns sticking up through his dirty blonde hair. My eye's rolled down his head and caught his steady gaze, which came from two deep red eye's. I swallowed heavily and my eyes went back p to his horns. They were bigger then mine, and were sharp looking. I opened my mouth, unable to form words. "Do you understand why i just had to help you? I'm sorry i didn't explain it earlier, but yeah, they wouldn't handle two of us." I nodded and dropped to the ground in shock.
    "I can't believe it, Iím not the only one... it's crazy." Steve sighed and also crouched down.
    "Yeah when i saw you lying on the ground i didn't think anything of it. I just felt a little sorry for you. Then i heard a comment about horns and i looked at you again and was totally shocked to see to horns. I just had to get you away, because i know what it's like to get teased like that. And i really wanted to talk to you as well. What's your name? How old are you?" He said leaning against he wall behind us and closing his eye's. The night got slightly darker at the instant, the glow of his eye's having lit it up a little. I sighed and leant my chin on my knees.
    "My name is Kitty. I am twelve. How old are you?" He nodded and opened his red eye's again. I was fascinated by them, mine only glowing slightly, the color still it's deep blue. But his were red, a deep red.
    "Twelve aye? Arenít you a little young to be out here on your own? Oh and i am sixteen." I stared at his eye's until he turned to me and smiled. I blushed and looked away.
    "I wasn't alone, i was with... Oh! Sara!" I jumped to my feet. " I have to go and find Sara! I have... um a curfew and it's nearly that time!" Steve smiled and stood up, pulling his beanie on tightly and slipping his glasses on.
    "Here, put this on." He threw me my hat and grabbed my hand quickly. "Come on let's get going. I'm not gonna let go of your hand until we find... um Sara was it? I don't want you to get knocked over or hurt." I nodded and clenched his hand tightly as when stepped back onto the main street. I looked around frantically, not recognizing any faces until a saw a familiar one bob in the crowd. This face had tears running down his pale face, although there was a happy smile on his face. Then with a blink it was gone. I frowned, then spun around when i heard a familiar voice.
    "Kitty! Oh my god! It's you!" Sara came running up to me and grabbed me in a tight hug. I one-handedly returned it, still - without realizing it- holding Steve's hand tightly. "I've been looking absolutely everywhere for you! Are you ok? Why is there dust on you? Did you faint again?" She said and looked at Steve quickly, then down to our hands and back at me again. "Is that Kohta?" She whispered to me. I shook my head, then realized i was still holding his hand. I let it go and stepped away from him.
    "I'm sorry. Sara this is Steve. Steve this is Sara." Steve smiled and held his hand out.
    "I'm very honored to meet you Sara. I'm glad that you found Kitty." Sara nodded and shook his hand.
    "Um, thanks for uh looking after her i guess." She stammered. I grinned.
    "Guys i am right here you know. I'm not that young you know!" Steve smiled down at me.
    "Are you gonna be ok? Do you need a ride or anything?" I looked and Sara and she nodded.
    "Um, i would kinda appreciate it if we could have a ride." Steve grinned.
    "Certainly. Do you need to get permission from your parents or anything?" He asked, grabbing my hand again and leading both me and Sara towards the road. Sara and I looked at each other in embarrassment.
    "I'm sure that it would be fine by them. They just expect us to be back by eight thirty." Steve raised an eyebrow, from behind his glasses.
    "I dunno, i think it would be better if i could at least talk to them on the phone first. I'll just call them up on the payphone." He said. I clenched my hand onto his.
    "No. Really, It's fine. Sara and i we uh... don't have any parents. We live in the orphanage on Seventh Street." Steve smiled.
    "Ahhh... i thought that you two were hiding something. But that's fine. Do you want me to contact the orphanage then?" We shook out heads.
    "It's ok. They don't mind, as long as we get home on time. If we don't then they call the police." Steve looked down at us with a slightly bemused expression on his face.
    "Ah ok then. I guess i'll have to believe you. I just hope i don't get murdered for taking you home without permission." Sara and I grinned at each other and grabbed each other's hand, as Steve led us to his car. He climbed in the front passenger seat and smiled at us sheepishly. "I'm not old enough to drive yet. My older sister can though. So you guys just pop in the back, and she should be here in about two seconds." We nodded and climbed into the back seat of the car. We all sat there silently until Steve turned around and grinned at us. We smiled weakly back at him, nervously.
    "Sara are you the same age as Kitty?" He said turning back to the front and leaning back tiredly.
    "Um... no i am about three months younger then she is. So i'm still eleven. How old are you?" Steve nodded and sighed, yawning before answering.
    "Damn Iím tired. I'm sixteen. Kitty that run really took it outta me! I really got start getting fit again!" He laughed quietly, i giggled nervously, then jumped as the front door was pulled open suddenly.
    "What the hell are you doing Steve!? Mum said that you couldn't have any friends over tonight. Sorry fellas-" An approximately nineteen year old girl leaned in the car and then gasped when she saw us looking at her with scared expressions on our faces. "Oh hello. Sorry about calling you fellas. Steve always tries to bring his friend home. Um can we help you with anything?" Steve sighed.
    "They just need a ride back to the orphanage is all Jo. Is that possible at all? It is just a slight detour." He said opening one eye and looking at her tiredly. "Please sis." Jo sighed and climbed into the drivers seat, pulling the door shut behind her.
    "Fine. My name's Joanna, but just call me Jo. I'm twenty, a couple of years older then pipsqueak here. What's your names?" She hit Steve on the head then turned to us with a small smile. I swallowed and sat up a little bit.
    "Um, my name is uh Kitty. I'm twelve." Jo winked and turned to Sara. Sara gave a tiny little smile and grabbed my hand tightly.
    "My name is Sara. I'm eleven." Jo smiled and gave her the thumbs up.
    "So where about is this orphanage? The one on seventh street? Right-on. Strap yourselves in!" Jo said and started the car. Sara and I grinned at each, and Steve sighed.
    "Don't act like an idiot, sis. Can't you be sensible for once?" The wheels screeched and me and Sara yelled in excitement as the zoomed down the road. "I guess not..." Steve mumbled and turned to us. "sorry about her. She is a bit of an Idiot at times, but she isn't a bad kid." He said with a grin. Sara and I looked at each other and laughed.
    "Ah your such a spoil sport Stevie!" Steve's face twitched when Jo yelled.
    "Don't call me Stevie Geez!" He spun around angrily, blushing a little bit. Sara and I laughed as the two sibling began to fight, calling each other kid names. I gasped and looked at Jo in one point to check to see if she to had horns, but was disappointed to see that she didn't. When arrived at the orphanage in a short time, neither me nor Sara wanting to leave this interesting pair of siblings. I especially didn't want to leave Steve. Apart from being just like me, i could feel... something, when i was with him. I climbed out of the car and smiled when i saw Steve get out as well.
    "I thought i'd walk you to the door. I gotta talk to you about something." I nodded and we walked to the front door. Sara walked inside and waited for me. I waved at her.
    "I'll be in in a second." She nodded and closed the door. Steve looked down at me fondly.
    "Listen. We gotta stick together ok? I mean there aren't really that many like us. You are the first other one like me that i have actually ever met. And i don't want to lose you. I havenít known you for very long at all, but i can just sense that you are a beautiful little girl, inside and out. And so..." I stared up into his dark glasses, then his red eye's when he pulled his glasses off. "I'll come back to you ok? It won't be tomorrow, but really soon, maybe in two days or something. I promise ok?" I stared into his soft eye's and felt two single tears run out from my eye's. He looked at me gently and wiped my face. "Hey, hey come on now. Don't cry. Your too beautiful to cry." I sniffed and nodded.
    "It's just that... somebody made that promise to me, and broke it. But know you won't because we are the same. Whereas me and Kohta... are just too different. That's why." Steve grabbed me and held me tightly.
    "I won't break my promise. I swear. I'll come back to you again." I wrapped my arms around his waist and allowed a couple more tears to run from my eye's. There was a loud beeping and whistling from the car.
    "Get a room you two!" Jo screamed. Steve sighed, his warm breath rustling my hair.
    "Stupid idiot. She's supposed to be twenty." His deep voice echoed through his bones, making them vibrate slightly. I snuggled closed to his chest then broke away when the front porch light came on.
    "I have to go. Sorry. Please come back." I said taking a few steps back. Steve's red eye's stared into mine.
    "Of course. I like you, so i won't abandon you." The front door opened and i was pulled inside. Just as the door shut, the red eye's went out as he pulled his glasses on. I turned around, and looked straight into Matt's brown eye's.
    "We gotta get to out room's! Mrs. Keatingís going nuts! Heaps of people stayed out past the curfew! Come on!" He grabbed my hand and we ran down the hall. "Welcome back by the way!" He said then winked. We stopped at my door. "There you go. See you tomorrow!" Then ran down the hall. I followed him with my eyes until i was pulled, again, forcibly into my room.
    "Shhh..." I sat in the darkness with someone's hand over my mouth, listening to the footsteps of a supervisor walking down the hall. I peeled the hand off my mouth and breathed heavily, and turned the light on low. Sara was sitting on my bed with an excited look on her face.
    "Who is he? What's your connection?!" Sara said quickly pulling me onto the bed next to her. I sighed and flopped onto my pillow. Sara dived onto her mattress on the floor. I looked at it quizzically. "I have been moved in here until i move. Sorry... i didn't tell you." I smiled.
    "That's fine. It'll be good, cause then i will be able to spend even more time with you. After all, i threw away a whole month acting like an idiot. And look what it gave me..." I grabbed my horns. "They grew, didn't get smaller, but grew." Sara smiled gently. "Anyway, you wanna know about Steve right? hmmm..." I sighed. I didn't know what to say. I wasn't sure whether i should tell her about his horns. I chewed my lip. "Uh... i got knocked over and people were getting rowdy about seeing my horns, and they were starting to get really freaky but Steve came and kinda saved me in a way. He told all the people to go away then we just... wondered around for awhile. He was holding my hand, only because he didn't want me to get hurt of lost again..." I said avoiding her gaze. "There is no connection, at all. We are completely different." I lied and sighed, looking at my wall that had the carving's in it. I grabbed my knife and carved another word into the wall. "Different." Sara sighed and hopped into bed next to me and wrapped her arms around me.
    "Itís so good to have you back again Kitty. You have no idea how scared i was. How scared we all were. The amount of blood that was in the bathroom, and the fact that you wouldn't wake up. It scared us all so much. We actually thought that we had lost you. Please don't ever do it again." I bit my lip again, and wrapped an arm around her as well.
    "I'm sorry. I just was so sick of..." My eye's jerked open. "That's right. I was getting adopted. But the people who were adopting me must have been playing a cruel joke to me. And then that was the day that my father had written to me. I just was sick of everything that my horns had done to me, so i had decided to pull them off. It's all my father's fault. No, it's all my fault. My fault that my mum killed herself. My fault that day left. My fault, because i am alive." Sara shut her eye's tightly.
    "No! It's not kitty! You have every right to live just as much as they did. As Matt, John and I! We all are meant to live, that's why we were born into this world." Sara said, holding me tightly. I frowned and closed my eye's willing sleep to override my brain.
    "I was born in this world to live? And that meant that others had to die to allow me to."

    I awoke the next morning feeling as though i hadn't slept as all. My head felt like it was full of soggy vegetables. I heard a loud thumping, and stood up and opened my door. Loud music was thumping from the lounge room, and there was yelling and screaming. I staggered down the hall and opened the lounge room door. All the kids were crowded are jumping and screaming as distorted music filled the room. I raised an eyebrow and stepped into the room. Three of the kids turned around and grinned at me. I stared at them in shock. All three were wearing gruesome masks, making their faces seem distorted. They ran up to me.
    "Come on Kitty! Join the party!" Sara's voice echoed from behind the mask. I shook my head.
    "No, i really don't want to-" At that moment the light's shut off and the music stopped. I stood in complete darkness, until a lone light above me flickered on above. I gasped, my gasp echoed back and forth down the deserted hall.
    "No, not again! I don't want to go again!" The screamed and dropped to the ground, holding my skull tightly. I heard the familiar slithering noise and looked up as blood was again began to flow down the walls. I shook in fear as wet footsteps echoed from the darkness, and two red glow's pierced threw the darkness. As they came closer lights flickered on and off, casting the face into shadows then into darkness.
    "Kitty" The being held out a single hand. I reached for the familiar voice but stopped when two pains ran down my back. I screamed shrilly and clutched at my back scratching and tearing with my nails to try to stop it from hurting. The stranger also screamed, hoarse and terrible screams that chilled me to the bone. Blood was running in rivers down my back, and there were shreds of my skin on the floor. The pain subsided the moment a hand touched my back. "Kitty. Wake up." I jerked up with a scream and flopped back heavily onto my wet pillow. I breathed heavily and quickly staring at the ceiling while someone stroked my hand gently. I rolled my head around and stared into Sara's sweating face, her eye's wide and frightened. "Kitty, are you ok? Are you awake now? Can you hear me?" She said with a shaky voice. I nodded, swallowing hard.
    "I'm sorry Sara. It was just a bad dream." My back burned and throbbed and i jerked up again reaching around to touch it.
    "No don't Kitty. Come with me. You need to come and have a shower. Do you want me to tell Mrs. Keating?" I looked at her in wonder.
    "Why? It was just a dream.
    "Come with me." Sara grabbed my hand and helped me stand up. I staggered and fell against her painfully. My legs refusing to hold most of the weight. Sara half dragged me, sobbing to the bathroom and looked the door behind us. I leant heavily on the sink, breathing heavily as my head swum sickenly. Sharp pains shot out from my back again and i tried to reach around it touch it but was stopped by Sara. "Wait. I'll show you why your back hurts.Ē I nodded and she carefully helped me to pull my shirt off. I looked at it, and felt myself pale. It was stained deep red from blood. I turned around and used the two mirrors in the bathroom to look at my back. I gasped, and my eye's widened in fear when i saw what i saw. My skin was shredded, and there was claw marks all over the back where i must have gauged at it, like in my dreams. I fell to my knees, sobbing in pain and tiredness. "Do you want to tell Mrs. Keating?" Sara said gently. I shook my head and bit my tongue to stop crying.
    "I just need to bandage it all up. I'll be fine after that." I said smiling painfully at her. Sara looked at me with a worried expression then nodded.
    "I'll shower you, then dress you ok?" I grinned and nodded painfully. She smiled back a tiny little smile. After i was showered and dressed we headed to get breakfast, me walking painfully. I could hear the telephone ringing in the teacher's room, it's constant ringing hurting my head. I reached behind me, but stopped when Sara touched my other hand. I grinned sheepishly and dropped my hand back down.
    "Kitty. You have a call. From a boy named Steve. He says that he has extremely important matter's to discuss with you." I stood up with a grimace and walked into the lounge room where i could talk in private.
    "Hello? Steve is that you?"
    "Yeah it is. I'm sorry about calling you so early, but... i need to know whether... you had a dream last night." I gasped and looked down thinking. I could tell that Steve was strained by his voice. I swallowed.
    "Yeah i did. I had had a dream like that when i was ten and my horn emerged. This was the same... but the pain was in my back." Steve withdrew his breath quickly.
    "Was that dream you had about two years ago... in winter? July even?"
    "Yeah. Did your horns emerge then as well?"
    "Nu-uh. Mine emerged when i was ten as well. But... i had a dream that my horns were growing, and tearing my head apart. Like they did when they emerged. Is that what you dreamt?"
    "Yeah... except mine did emerge. Did you dream about pains in your back last night?" There was silence for a couple of minutes.
    "Kitty, i need to talk to you face to face as soon as possible. Can you get out today? I... have to show you something."
    "I'm sure that i can... I have something to show you as well. Did your horn's grow that night?"
    "No, they stayed the same size... the skin around then split and began bleeding again. I think that... I think i understand something. Meet me at the park at the end of seventh street. You MUST come alone."
    "Um sure. Steve are you ok? You sound really different. Like your strained..." There was silence again. A long silence.
    "You'll see. Bye" Then he hung up. I listened to the dial tone and then sat there staring at the little liight that flashed on the phone. Then i stood up and walked back to the kitchen where Sara was waiting. She smiled at me.
    "What was that about? Are we meeting up with Steve somewhere?" She said. I looked up with dull eyes and shook my head.
    "I have to go alone. I promise i will tell you when ii get home. Can you cover for me please?" Sara looked at me for ages, then nodded. I smiled and turned back around and walked out the front door, trudging, chewing my lip anxiously.
    "How did he know when my dream was..." I whispered to myself.
    "Kitty!" I spun around slowly when i heard Steve's voice. I gasped at how he pale was, his black beanie and glasses glowing on his face. He ran up to me and wrapped me in a tight hug, thought being careful not to touch my back. I broke away from him after awhile.
    "Steve, why are you so pale?" He smiled and pulled his beanie and glasses off. I gasped at his eye's which now radiated with red.
    "You need to see this Kitty. Tell me you didn't get the same as me last night." Steve turned around and with trouble pulled his shirt off. Muscles rippled up his back, but i was more concerned with the two cuts that were running from the top of his shoulders down to his shoulder blades. all around the clean cuts were fingernail gauges, like on my back. I stared at the two deep cuts in shock.
    "What are they?" I asked Steve. He gritted his teeth, and i watched as his back shuddered and two white wings burst through the cuts in his skin. Feathers fell to the ground around him, and Steve turned around. The two white wings flexed upwards and looked at them in disgust.
    "They emerged last night, during my dream. I thought you go them too, because i heard you screaming as well, in my head." I jerked back with a gasp.
    "You mean, that screaming i heard last night was yours?" Steve nodded.
    "If you heard my screaming, then i am guessing that you got wings as well?" I shook my head and lifted that back of my shirt of and turned it to face him. The gauges wept, but there were no definite cuts. "I think i understand it now. When we said last night that we were the same... i think that we may be. I mean we feel each other's pain, hear each other in our dreams. I'm not sure how or why, but i think that's true. I remember hearing you screaming in your dream when your horn emerged. Did you hear me?" I shook my head.
    "No, i just heard memories running through my head. But i didn't know you back then." Steve shook his head.
    "I didn't know you either, but i still heard your voice... maybe... had you ever had that dream before?" I shook my head. "I had though... when my horns had first emerged. So maybe it had something to do with the fact that that was your first dream, and because it was my second one... then i herd you voice because you were the second one like me." Steve shook his head. "I understand this stuff... i just don't know why!" He yelled in anger. He wings flapped angrily as well, feathers fluttering to the ground. I reached forward and touched them gently. They were warm, and i could feel a pulse in the bottom of one.
    "How do they fit in your back? And how do you get them in and out?" I asked still stroking them. "I think they are beautiful."
    "I have no idea how they fit, but i just have to will them and they come out. Well so far anyway. As for going back in... i don't know, they retracted last night when i wanted them to. As for beautiful... would you like them sticking out of your back?" I smiled.
    "You can control them it seems though. So it shouldnít matter that much right? Does it hurt when they come in or out?" I asked. Steve strained and the wings glowed and disappeared. He smiled.
    "It didnít hurt as much as it did last night. I'll get them back out again to see if that hurts." Steve's face screwed up again, and the white light flashed as the wings emerged magnificently again. I smiled as they stretched up then fell back down into place. Steve laughed. "It hardly hurts at all! Maybe... my back was just really tender last night. But it hurt like hell... really badly. But today it doesn't at all." I smiled up at him, glad to see color in his face again, his eye's glowing happily. The wings fluttered slightly, and Steve studied them. "It feels so weird. I can control through my mind. See watch. I just thought left wind stretch." I watched as the left wing stretched out. I grinned.
    "Are you gonna fly on them at all?" Steve looked at me in shock.
    "I didn't even think of that." He stretched the wings and flapped them slowly, then faster. Dust swirled around as air caught underneath them and he was lifted into the air. Steve grinned and dropped back to the ground. "I think Iíll leave flying for awhile. I really don't wanna be seen" I nodded.
    "I think that i should go back now, otherwise Mrs. Keating with go totally spaz at me. Sorry." Steve smiled, then grimaced as his wing retracted.
    "It's ok, i at least got spend a little time with you, and now we understand just a little bit more about each other. Well what we dream anyway." I grinned, and grabbed his hand after he had finished putting his beanie and glasses on. We walked down the road quietly until we reached the orphanage.
    "Well this is my stop. I'll see you later... i guess." I said and turned around with a wave. Steve put a hand on my shoulder and turned me back around. I gasped. "what're-" he hugged me tightly.
    "Thank-you so much Kitty." I closed my eye's and returned his hug.
    "Thank-you as well Steve..." I murmured into his shoulder. We broke apart and grinned at each other. Steve leant down and pecked me on the cheek.
    "Have a good day." Then turned around and walked down the road. I smiled and ran into the orphanage.

    Two months passed and it was Christmas again. Steve and i went out together every week, sometimes just the two of us and sometimes with John, Matt, Sara, or sometimes his sister. I found out that Steve's "Friends" had ditched him about the second week that we had started hanging around. They had said they were too freaked out by his horns and eyes, and they couldn't handle it anymore. We all comforted Steve that week, and i think that he was glad, even though he brushed it all off. I was getting more and more depressed as i realized that it was Christmas and Sara would be leaving the week after. I spent as much time as possible with her including sleeping. We slept together every night, talking about everything until we were utterly dead from lack of sleep. Then we would spend all day together, hanging around with the boys. Sara got more and more nervous about saying her true feelings to John, but i kept her going. Then Christmas passed and it was time to say goodbye.

    It was a Monday morning. John, Matt, Steve, and I were standing out the front of the orphanage with Mrs. Keating. Sara stood facing us with tears running down her face in streams. I grinned at her through my own tears, then gave her thumbs up. She grinned and through her tears and ran into my arms.
    "I don't want to go Kitty! I just want to stay here... but i know i can't." I held her tightly sobbing myself, memories of the times we spent together running through my head. Back when we first met. She was the only one attempting to be friendly to me. Then... the betrayal which bought us closer... all the nights that we went out together... all the time and memories... of my first friend.
    "I love you Sara." I said as she broke away from me. "You opened my heart, and lowered my barriers. I have to thank you for everything." I said and wiped my eye's. "this shouldn't be a sad memory. This is be the best memory we have together. Our last memory, a happy one where we are together." I said with a wide smiled. Sara wiped her tears and grinned back.
    "Kitty, you crazy nut. But your right. Besides i don't wanna be snotty when i tell you-know-who!" She whispered. I laughed loudly and gave her one final hug.
    "Good luck, with all my heart. I really hope that you can be happy with your new family." She nodded and moved to Matt and Steve.
    "Hey good luck kiddo. I know we havenít really known each other that long, but hey your an awesome kid. Don't change ok? Be happy always k?" Steve said hugging her tightly, and punching her lightly on the arm. Sara turned to Matt and snuggled up to Steve watching their good-byes. The Sara turned to John. There was an awkward silence then.
    "Uh-" They both spoke at the same time, blush creeping up their faces. John swallowed.
    "Uh, it's gonna be really weird not having you around, Sara. I'll um miss you. I hope you can be happy." John said nervously. Sara smiled and nodded.
    "Um John... there is something i want to tell you." john shot a quick look to me, at the same time that Sara did. I grinned at both, and they turned back to each other.
    "Yeah i got something to say too..."
    "I love you-"
    "I love you-" They both exclaimed at the same time then blushed. It took them both about five seconds to realize what each other had said. Sara stared at John in shock, and he did the same.
    "What about Kitty?" Sara asked.
    "It used to be Kitty, then my love switched to you. I have like you for ages now. What about Matt?"
    "Same with me." They grinned at each other embarrassed.
    "Ah What the heck!" John said and opened his arms wide. Sara jumped into his arms and kissed him lovingly. I wooted loudly, Steve and Matt joining in, and after awhile even Mrs. Keating cheered. They broke apart, both blushing and looked at us. We all laughed, all together. Matt, John, Sara, Steve and me. We laughed and laughed. Then she went. Sara was gone from my life... but not from my mind or memory. My memory remembers the last time that i saw my first friend as a time of happiness and laughter, and of course love.

    January, February, march all came and went in a flash. I went back to school again, and had fun. For once in my live i had fun at school. Because i had three friends. One in grade twelve, and two in my grade. The school dress code allowed hats, so my horns were never found out in those three months. I had so many memories, my first three months of high school. Everyday was something different and everyday i had my three friends with me. I was happy, for once in my life i was truly happy and content with my life. Then everything shattered in July. My life was turned upside down. My happiness went up in a flame. A flame that burnt me, and the scars never healed. The wounds stayed open.

    It was a Tuesday afternoon. Cold and raining. Steve, Matt, John and i were sitting around in the orphanage lounge room watching the rain falling heavily. I sighed and Steve wrapped his arm around me. We had been going out for about two weeks now. Although there was a huge gap in a ages, a gap of four years, we couldn't deny our feelings for each other. It was Steveís comment that ruined my life. It was not expected to though. He didn't mean to ruin my life.
    "Hey, Kitty do you wanna come to my house? I mean we have known each other for ages, and i kinda want you to meet my parents. They are really curious to see if you really are like me. John and Matt whipped around at this comment.
    "But, what do you mean by 'like me'?" I looked at Steve, looked into his dark glasses to where i knew there was two glowing red eye's.
    "Do you think they should have a right to know by now?" I asked him. Matt and John looked at us both in confusion. Steve nodded. "Guys, we are really sorry about keeping you in the dark all this time, you two are the only ones who didn't know that truth about Steve." They both turned to Steve as he pulled his beanie and sunglasses off.
    "Yeah guys, that's right. Me and Kitty are the same. We both have horns, and we both have the red eyes... although mine of course are brighter and my horns are bigger, which we figured out was because i am a guy." Matt and John turned to me opened mouthed. I nodded.
    "And to think you wouldn't have gone anywhere near him if you hadn't gotten to know him. Strange hey." I winked, and they grinned sheepishly. I then sighed. "Yeah, i guess i'll meet your folks. It'll be good to get outta the orphanage anyway. Let's go." I said standing up. Steve grinned and took my hand. We waved bye to the other boys and ran to Steve's car getting soaked in hte process. Because he turned seventeen in February, Steve could now drive. We drove through the night quietly, until i broke the comfortable silence.
    "Hey, how are your wings lately? Have they been troubling you at all?" Steve shook his head.
    "No, not really. But they do have a tendency to pop out when i am really stressed or angry. So yeah... my parent nearly found out about them and a teacher at school got scared cause feathers were falling to the ground around me, cause I was holding them in. But apart from that, they are fine." I smiled and turned back to the front. We drove into Steve driveway and i took a deep breath. Steve looked at me tenderly. "Hey it's ok, you don't have to be nervous." I put on a forced grin and nodded climbing out of the car. We walked up to the front door, and Steve let us in. "Mum! Dad! Come here! I want you to meet someone!" Steve yelled and took me into the lounge room. I sat on the couch nervously, then gasped as his parents walked in. They stared at me, as i stared at them. I stood up, and dropped my head down slightly in shame.
    "Oh Kitty..." I looked up a little when i heard Steve's mum say my name.
    "I'm sorry. But i do not deserve to be in this house Steve. I'm sorry, but i have to go now. Good-bye Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs." I ran out of the room and outside in the pouring rain. I looked around and ran in a different direction to the orphanage. Memories shot through my head... i had done this before. Run away from people who cared about me because i was to stubborn to see the truth. I stopped and stood battling with my inner demons.
    "Kitty..." I spun around when i heard a voice from a long time ago. I was in a daze. I stared at the person in front of me, and felt tears from long ago well in my eyes. The person grabbed me in a tight hug, one which i didn't return. The person stepped back, the rain plastered their hair to their foreword. I glared up at the familiar face above me with spite and fear.
    "What are you doing here, Dad?"
    "Kitty, i can't believe that it's you. When you ran away that night... i have been searching for you for so long. Ever since your mother died, i have needed you. Oh Kitty." He grabbed me in a hug again. I just stood there staring into the distance.
    "What're saying! Your the one who ran away! Don't blame me!" I yelled and pushed him away.
    "Kitty! Are you ok?" I looked behind dad's hulking form and saw Steve running up to us. I looked at dad as he turned around and glared at him. Steve stopped in front of Dad and glared up at him. "Who are you sir? What business do you have with Kitty? If it is ill then i wish for you to leave or i will have to call the police." Dad laughed, a loud booming laugh. He clapped Steve heavily on the shoulder.
    "I'm sure that Kitty would have told you about me. After all, i am her only father." Steve jerked back in shock and looked around at me.
    "Kitty... is that true?" I fell to the muddy ground with tears running down my face.
    "Of course it is idiot. No your the one who should leave before i call the police." Dad picked me up in his arms and turned to his car. I reached out pathetically for Steve, but was thrown in the car. Dad climbed in the drivers seat and locked all the doors as Steve ran up to my door and rattled the door handle. I screamed, and Dad screeched away, Leaving Steve to run after the car. I watched him from the back window, as two white wings burst through his clothes, and he fell to the ground, his beanie and glasses falling off as well. His glowing red eye's faded as we drove further and further away. I turned back to my father.
    "Where are we going Dad?!? Let me out!" I screamed. Dad smiled.
    "Honey, it's ok. We are going back home of course." I slumped in the back and sighed. This was it. This was where i was going to live from now on. No more school, no more friends, no more Steve. Nothing but the desolate little house in the little forest by a desolate road. My old life. Dad drove into the hidden driveway, whistling.
    "It'll just be the two of us from now on Kitty. Just us two battling it out in the bush. Just like before, except your mother won't be there. But at least she is out of suffering of being sick all the time." I gasped. I stopped hearing the rain outside, i stopped hearing the engine running. My deluded father's words ran through my mind. "at least she won't suffer from being sick all the time...sick all the time... sick."
    "She wasn't sick! My mother committed suicide and you ran away leaving me alone in the world! Don't lie to me!" The cr screeched to a stop and i looked at my father. His back was heaving up and down. He unlocked his door and climbed out, and walked to my side of the car, and opened the door from outside. I cringed as he grabbed my arm and pulled from roughly out of the car. I glared angrily up at his dark face. "She killed herself! She didn't get sick!" I yelled. dad took a deep breath.
    "Kitty! Don't lie about crap like that! Your mother got a disease and died from that! How dare you say such absurd things about her!" He screamed and grabbed my arm and flung me into the ground. I looked up at my father as he shook angrily. "It's your fault! You made her get the disease! You did it! Your fault!" I shut my eye's and covered my ears as he yelled angrily. I shook, as i could still hear his voice. "Don't you look away from me! How dare you!" I dropped my arms down as he reached forward and grabbed my arm. He pulled me up, digging his nails in deep, causing blood to run from under his fingernails.
    "Stop it! It hurts!" I screamed holding onto his arm with my other arm. My father laughed crazily.
    "Now you will suffer the way that your mother suffered! I'll give you back the pain you gave your mother! Yeah, that's what'll do! It's only fitting! To return the favor." I opened my eye's and looked at my mad father. I looked at his eye's as they twitched around. I looked at the spit that had run down his chin. And i understood. "How dare you at me! How dare you! You killed your mother! How dare you look at me!" He threw me back onto the ground heavily. I screamed, as my wind left my body, leaving me winded. I looked up painfully.
    "No it wasn't my fault! I never did anything! It was your fault! You killed mum! You did!" My dad stared at me angrily. I understood. I remembered now, why she killed herself. It wasn't me, it wasn't never me, or my horns. I remembered that before every serious fight... mum would send me outside. Then after the fight she would hold me for ages, telling me that she loved me. That she loved me so much. She was afraid for my life. Afraid for my life and hers. Because of my father. My insane and out of control father. Not me. Not my horns. "She killed herself because of you! You did it dad and you know it!" I screamed and turned around, getting to run. My father didn't give me the chance. He grabbed my shoulder tightly, digging his nails in deeply again. He spun me around, and leant in close.
    "How dare you... you little snake. You spew out all this crap, then you won't stay. You try and run. I hate you." He wrapped his big hand around my throat and lifted me into the air. "I hope you rot in hell, for all the pain you caused me and your mother. The suffering you put us through. Your a freak, a mutant, a devil child. How could we have ever loved you. Monster. How could we? Tell me that?" He whispered, spitting all over my face. I struggled as he tightened his hold around my neck.
    "Stop it. Drop that girl right now!" A familiar voice called out. Another one from a dream. I scratched at my father's hand desperately trying to get air into my lungs. My father was glaring angrily at the person.
    "Who the hell are you! This has nothing to do with you! So just piss off and mind your own business!" My Dad yelled and squeezed tighter. I blanked out for a second then came around again.
    "Kitty are you ok!?" I strained when i heard my name and struggled to see the person behind my father's hulking form. In an instant i was dropped to the ground, landing on my elbow, feeling it snap and the whole of my arm splinter. I screamed in extreme pain, holding it and crying loudly. I looked up still crying and breathing heavily. The person who had come to save me had a baseball bat and was swinging it threateningly at my dad. I couldn't recognize him from my distance. My head began swimming and my stomach churned, causing me to bend over and throw up. I wiped my mouth shakily and began crawling towards the guy with the baseball bat. My world swirled and i fell onto my back. I looked up into the dark sky, not realizing until then that it had stopped raining. A patch of clear sky was growing, and from there i saw the black wings fly down, and the owner of the wings landed next to me. I rolled my head around to look at the face of the person, but was unable to see their face as it was in dark shadow, and my world was fading. The black wings enveloped me, and the person drew me up into his arms. I struggled to recognize the face, but was unable to. I wrapped my uninjured arm around their neck as the wings flapped and took us up into the sky. My eyes closed, and just before i lost consciousness i heard the strangers voice, saying four simple words.
    "Kitty, i love you."

    I awoke to a cold cloth being placed on my forehead. I blinked a couple of times to get my focus right. The first thing i saw were two black wings above my head, i rolled around to see the face of the mysterious stranger. I gasped as i saw Steve looking at me with a concerned expression, his white wings sitting in place behind him.
    "Oh god Kitty. Your awake." I saw him visibly relax and smiled.
    "Did your wings go black for awhile? I saw that they were almost as black as the sky, and they were huge. Did they grow?" I said smiling gently at him. "They were really beautiful." Steve frowned. "My wings have been their usual white the whole time. And no they havn't grown at all. Maybe you dreamed of the black wings. You have been asleep for three days. I have been really worried, cause we couldn't wake you up at all." I sighed.
    "I'm sorry, i seem to always create trouble for people. It's crazy. I seem to sleep so much." I said with a small laugh. Steve smiled.
    "You had a reason to sleep for days. You knocked one of your horns. I'm amaze that you weren't asleep for longer. I reached up and touched where the newly grown horn would be. I gasped as i fell a little cracked stub.
    "What? Where is my horn gone?" I yelled sitting up quickly. Steve smiled.
    "It hasn't grown back. Isn't it great? I was thinking of breaking mine off again. Maybe things have changed since i last broke mine off. Does it hurt or anything right now?" I shook my head and sighed.
    "Why hasn't it grown back? I don't get it." i said and closed my eye's again.
    "Oh Kitty, i love you." my eyeís jerked open as i remembered those four words that were uttered by the mysterious stranger. His face, cast in shadow's swan in my mind. I could see him in my minds eye as he flew down, and landed next to me. I cold remember the way he held me tightly in his arms when he carried me in the air. His black wings beating constantly. I knew that i had to meet him somewhere, sometime again. I had to know who he was. And why he loved me.

    Two months passed and it was my thirteenth birthday. I spent it with Steve, wondering around downtown, then spending the night together until Mrs. Keating told him to go home because it was too late. I still dreamt every night about the stranger in those two months, and it was a day after my birthday that i saw him again.

    I was wondering down the street with Matt late one afternoon. We were just walking and talking about nothing in particular. I had asked him to come for a walk because the orphanage was smothering me slightly. I wanted to spend as much time away from it as possible. I also wanted to search for the black wings. My dreams were getting more and more vivid and desperate, as though i had to find this man. I felt bad, as though i was cheating on Steve, but this was desperate, every night i would hear those four words uttered. I would see him flying down, then the black wings would envelope me, and i would be in his arms, flying. It was the same dream every night. Yet lately, the stranger would have tears running down his face. I so wanted to stop them, just to help him be happy again. I was bought back to the present by Matt knocking my arm gently. It was getting dark and we were in the dodgy part of town.
    "Hey what do you reckon that is? Just a shadow or what?" I looked where he was pointing, but couldn't see anything but darkness. Then i saw what Matt must have seen. Something big moved, and two red dot's glowed out from the darkness. "Oh crap what is it. Come on Kitty, let's get going now!" Matt said taking a few steps back, as the red eye's grew bigger. I stood there staring at the moving shadow, unable to take my eye's away from the glows. I gasped, recognizing what they were. Eye's. "Kitty! Come on!" Matt grabbed my arm and pulled me backwards. I gasped and stumbled over a ruptured piece of cement and fell to the ground. The shadow strained, and they glow went out as the being closed it's eye's. I crawled to my feet took a couple of steps forward until the eye's opened again.
    "Steve is that you?" Matt gasped and the eyes narrowed.
    "No, Iím not Steve. You wouldn't recognize me, even if you saw my face." The eye's looked down. "I would be a fleeting memory in your life." I gasped and took a couple of steps forward.
    "Who are you? Have i met you before?" I kept walking forward until i was standing about half a meter away. I still couldn't see his face, as much i strained. "You rescued me that night, that my dad had taken me away. How did you know that i was there? Only Steve knew that i was with my dad. That other man, he was familiar as well. Who are you?" I could hear Matt breathing heavily behind me.
    "What are you talking about Kitty? When did you see your father? Now that i think about it, where were you? Mrs. Keating never told us where you were for those three days." I looked at Matt with a small smile. "Let's go, really this....thing is really scary me." I heard the stranger growl angrily, and turned back to him.
    "A 'Thing' am i? Just like you Kitty. We both must be "things". We are the same after all." He leant forward and the only moonlight that was lighting up the night fell upon two horns that sat on the ides of the strangers bowed head. I gasped when i realized that they were different to both Steveís and mine. They were much bigger, and much more prominent. The strange bent back up and i could see a white flash of his teeth as he smiled. I could hear Matt walking closer to me, until he laid a hand on my shoulder.
    "It's really late, Mrs. Keating is going to kill us if we don't get home and we are about twenty minutes away anyway! Let's go!" I shook my head and took another step forward. The stranger tensed and flapped his wings once. A single black feather fluttered to my feet, and in that single instant that i looked the down, the strange took the chance to propel himself into the air i ran forward and looked into the dark night as he flew away.
    "Wait! Where will i fnd you again! I need to know who you are! Please let us meet again!" I yelled to him. The black wings stopped flapping as the strange turned around in the air and stared down at me with his glowing eyes. I could see his white teeth again as a smile lit up on his face.
    "You'll realize soon enough. Then you won't want to see me." Then wings enveloped his face, just as the bright moon came out from the storm clouds that were brewing. I blinked and he had already disappeared into the black darkness. I sighed, and turned to the stunned Matt
    "Let's go home, and Iíll explain it all ok?" He nodded dazedly and began walking back home.
    "two months ago, i went to meet Steveís parents. I realized that i was terribly cruel to them and so i ran out of the house. My dad found me, and i couldn't resist him, seeing as he was my father. Steve had followed me, so he was the only one that knew i was with my dad. Dad drove me to our old house, which i can't tell you the location of, attacked me, making me realize that he was the one that eventually killed my mother. So here i was desperate for help, and on my own when suddenly, a mysteriously familiar man with a baseball bat shows up. I break my arm when i was dropped from my dad's grip. Then when i was on the ground losing consciousness... that mysterious stranger appeared from the sky and took me up in his arms and flew me somewhere." I said not stopping for any noises that Matt made in the middle. "I didn't know where he took me, all i knew was that i awoke at Steve's house with my arm in a cast and a missing horn. Then i came back to the orphanage, and now it's two months later and i havenít forgotten that stranger from that night." I looked at Matt and smiled at the open-mouthed shock on his face. "Does that answer your questions?" Matt nodded and we walked the rest of the way in silence. I said a quick goodnight to him, pecking his cheek lightly. "I'm sorry to be such a nuisance." I said sincerely and walked into my room, shutting the door quietly behind me. i flopped onto my bed and sighed, closing my eye's in tiredness. I yawned and closed my eye's as my brain shut down.

    I woke up in that same hallway. I stood up in fear, already beginning to breath hard as i waited for the pain to appear. I touched my horn stub, then my back. The lone light flickered off above me and i was thrown into absolute darkness. I huddled onto the ground, and didn't feel shame to allow my tears to escape from my clenched eye's. I opened my eye's when i heard an echoing noise. I strained to understand the mumble.
    "Kitty..." I gasped when i realized that it was my name.
    "Who's there? Steve? Are in you in my thoughts again? I don't feel any pain. Are you hurt?" I yelled into the darkness. Silence rang out. Silence that was louder then speech. Then a light further down the hall flickered on. I stood up and started running towards it. Voices echoed around me.
    "Do you see how he runs towards that light?"
    "He won't find it."
    "That is such a shame, he was such a kind-hearted boy."
    "See how he reaches for the light? Poor child lives in nothing but darkness and despair." I stared around me as the light got closer. I saw a shadow of a young boy and stopped, walking towards it. He was a couple of years younger then me, and crying, rubbing his eye's with his fists. I crouched down and struggled to see his face. The boy looked up just as the light flickered off. I reached forward to touch the boy, but felt something soft, and warm. The flickered on above me, and i realized i was holding a pitch black wing. I looked at the boy's face smiled when i saw only shadow, shadow with rivers of white tears running down it. I watched as his body contorted and he grew a couple of years older. His eye's began to glow red and the two horns burst through his skull. I screamed, a shrill scream and grabbed my own horns as i felt the broken one grow upwards through my head. I dropped to the ground breathing heavily.
    "Look at those disgusting horns. They freak me out, that boy isn't normal. Those eye's light up his whole room at night." I looked up to the boy as he glared down at me with his eye's. The black wings stretched upwards and feathers floated to the ground around me. "Those disgusting wings that come out of his back are really scary. They seem to control his body, and then they leave a trail of feathers everywhere. How can you bear to have a song like that?" I felt tears come to my own eye's when the stranger looked away. More of his memories rang down the hall as people he knew spoke to him.
    "Disgusting monster."
    "I'm not sending my daughter to a school with him. Get him out of it, before the kids all have nightmares."
    "Eww gross! Are they horns? Freak!"
    "I love you, my son. Of course i do, i love both your forms. Don't forget that."
    "Big brother! Can you take me for a ride! I want to fly with you!"
    "Your mother is right, son. We love you of course. Both your forms...forms..." The memories faded and the boy turned to me. Half his face was in shadow and half wasn't. I stood up again and reached out for him, for some part of his body.
    "Who are you?" I said, my voice ringing in the deserted hall. "Why are you always on my mind? Why won't you tell me? Do i know you?" The boy smiled, his eye's lighting up.
    "Even if you knew who i was, what would you do?" He said. I looked down, dropping my hand as well.
    "I would make sure your not lonely, and i would make sure that you stop crying." I looked up again and took a couple steps forward until i was right in front of him. I reached out, and touched the side of his dark face. He pressed his face into my hand, then grabbed it with his own. "Please, tell me who you are." I took another step, then leant forward and laid my lips against soft ones. THe stranger's eye's widened nad his wings flashed brightly, then the light faded and i was lying in my bed, staring up at the ceiling. I sighed and sat up, my head swimming painfully. I reached up and touched my newly grown horn, then flipped my legs over the side of my bed, rubbing my face in tiredness. I yawned as i stood up and staggered tiredly to the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and saw my eye's widen as i saw my reflection. I was deathly pale, and again there was blood running down the sides of my face. My horns had grown and lengthened, though still rounded. My eye's had gone almost white, and although i could still see through them, it would appear to other people that i was blind. My hair had lengthened and was flowing around my face, and was flowing down my back in waves. I touched the side of my face in fear as i cold hardly recognize myself. I could feel panic setting in, and began to breath deeply calming myself down. I turned the shower on and stepped under it, allowing the hot water to calm me and wash away the blood and pain from my horns. I felt my back and was glad to feel that there were no cuts and the old gauges had faded to a couple of ghastly scars. I got out of the shower, dried myself and got dressed, then stared at my reflection for awhile, studying my eye's with fear.
    "Steve..." His name floated into my mind and i gasped. Of course i had to call him to se if something happened to him. I ran out of the bathroom ignoring anybody who was tyring to talk to me, running straight for the teachers room so i could use their phone. I didn't get that far. In the lounge room i saw something familiar. Two white wings were sticking out of Steve's back as he stood looking out of the window.
    "Steve." I gasped as i noticed that there was blood running down his back. I could hear whispers behind me, as the little kids from the orphanage stared at Steve's wings. He turned around and smiled painfully at me. I noticed that he didn't have his beanie or glasses on. I took a step forward staring at his pale face, the pain in his bright red eye's. He opened his arms wide and i dived into them.
    "Oh Kitty, what has happened to us? I don't know anymore. I heard you screaming again last night, but i was alone. I could hear people talking around me. Then my wings, they burst out without my consent. I have lost control of them." I sobbed quietly, until he pulled away from me. He looked into my white eye's with a concerned expression. "Your eye's. Can you see through them? Your hair is also so much longer, and your horn's have grown. Who were you talking to last night?" I closed my eye's, and took a deep breath.
    "Yeah, i can see through them as well as i could when they were blue. I don't know what's going on either. Everything was normal until last night. I was talking to a dark stranger. He was just like us. He had horns, red eye's and wings except now that i think about it." I bit my lip and studied Steve's horns and eye's. "His horns were much bigger then yours and his eye's glowed brighter. The most different thing was... He had black wings that were a lot bigger then yours. I think... i know him from somewhere. He said that i wouldn't recognize him even if he told me who he was. I don't know who he could be. A dream? I don't know if he is real or not." Steve looked away then wrapped his wings around my shaking body.
    "Is he the stranger that saved you? The one that i thought you dreamt up?" I nodded.
    "I need to know who he i. Every night i see him in my dreams. Ever since that night. And every night he calls for me, and every night he cries. I need to know him." I said quietly. Steve took a deep breath.
    "I'll help you Kitty. I don't know what is going with us and our bodies. It's as though, we're losing control of ourselves. Everything is happening so fast." I shook my head.
    "No it isn't. It's been three years. It has taken three years for this to happen." I took Steve's hand and look at him endearingly. He opened his wings and i turned around, straight into John adn Matt. They stared at me and Steve in utmost shock.
    "What-What the heck is going on around here. Steve you have wings! Kitty your eye's and hair and horns! What the hell is going on here!" John yelled grabbing my shoulder. I felt tears welling up in my eye's. "Kitty! You have to tell us what is going on! You can't hide stuff anymore. What are you doing to your body? Or rather what is your body doing to you!?" John said shaking me slightly. Steve stepped forward, his wings stretching out threatenly.
    "We have no idea what's been going on to our bodies, John. Do you think we are happy to have these mutations? Do you think i want these wings, horns and eye's? Do you think Kitty want her horn's and now her eye's. We havenít told you anything because we don't know anything." He said holding a hand up to his eye's. I saw Matt shaking gently.
    "Those, those wings are like that guy we saw last nights! He had wings and red eye's and horns. How many of you are there? What are you?" He said, his eye's wide and frightened. I closed my eye's and leant against Steve as i felt another presence in my mind.
    "You can't live there anymore Kitty. If you do they will hurt you. It has happened to me. You need to leave town right away. Before the research stations come in, and the scientist study your bodies. You will become a doll, a toy that they play with. You must escape. Go back to where you came from." The voice faded out of my mind and i opened my eye's quickly. Steve was holding me in his arms looking at me with fear.
    "Kitty are you ok? You just fainted, and your really pale." I smiled and shook my head.
    "We have to go Steve. Before..."
    "What is going on here children. Oh my god." Mrs. Keating had finally noticed the crowd of kids and had pushed her way to the front. She stared at Steve's wings, horns and eye's. The moved on to stare at my white eye's. "what-what is going on here. I am calling the police and the hospital. You kids need help, your bodies are mutating. Just wait here and Iíll get you help!" She ran out of the lounge grabbing a couple of the really small kids on the way. I reached up and touched Steve's tense face.
    "We have to go. You have to take us away from this place. We need to leave town. Please, can i fly with you?" I said, tears in my eye's. He smiled down at me.
    "Your right, we will have to stop by my place and tell my folks. We can live somewhere else, somewhere that we can live like this peacefully." He whispered wrapping his wings around us again. I smiled, then turned to John and Matt. Steve put me gently onto the ground. I ran up to John and dived into his arms, holding him tightly. I sobbed and i heard him make a strained noise.
    "I'm so sorry John. I can't stay with you anymore, as much i want to. I am just too different, and you know it." John nodded, and i stepped away from him, wiping away his tears. "Don't cry for me, i am happy." I turned to Matt and smiled. "Matt, don't be afraid of us. We are human with differences. You know what we are like on the inside, so don't be afraid of what's on the outside." I said walking up to him. Matt looked down, then grabbed me tightly.
    "Kitty, don't leave. I love you!" I smiled and held him tightly.
    "I know. You should have just told me earlier. I can't stay here. People won't see past our mutations like you did. We will become toys for scientists. They will poke and prod us, so we have to go." i broke away from him and smiled. "Be happy Matt." Then pecked him lightly on the cheek. I turned to Steve who was shaking hands with John. "Let's go Steve." I said. He smiled and i took his hand. He hoisted me up in his arms.
    "Hold on tight to my neck. I'll be a bit dodgy at first, cause i will be carrying extra weight." He murmured. I nodded and wrapped my arms around his strong neck and looked at John and Matt for the last time. They smiled as Steve's magnificent wing's spread to their full range, filling up almost all of the room, width wise. Mrs. Keating ran in just as Steve smashed through the lounge room window. I held of tightly as Steve dropped in the air a little, then grinned happily as we rose again. I looked up at Steve and smiled at the screwed up expression of concentration on his face, then snuggled into his chest. We flew down and landed heavily at his front door. He ran inside then fell to the ground letting out a scream of pain.
    "Steve! What's wrong!" I ran inside after him and crouched down next to him. He panted heavily, groaning every few seconds. I heard frantic footstep's as his parents ran to see what had screamed.
    "Oh no! Steve!" They ignored me for a second. We all crowded around Steve as blood began to spurt from the cut where his wings came out of his back.
    "Kitty, what's going on!?" Mrs. Jacobs acknowledged me quickly. I shook my head, sweat beading on my forehead. The presence entered my mind again. This time i stayed conscious though.
    "He is losing control of his wings. They will soon take control of his body. Be very careful." I looked back Steve and noticed that his wings were glowing brighter and brighter. We all watched in fear as they grew, then stretched upwards.
    "Steve! Please you must fight it!" I screamed. He looked at me with his red eye's, then screamed again in pain. I watched horrified and his horn grew and lengthened as well. He grabbed my arm.
    "You have...to...find that...other one." He said with difficulty, staring at me desperately through his tortured eye's. I nodded quickly and stood up.
    "You have to look after him. But be very careful of those wings. They are taking control of him. Just watch him, and keep him very calm. I'll be back soon." I yelled to Steve's parents. They nodded looking t me with confusion.
    "Will he be ok?" I looked at Steve who was shaking on the ground and bit my lip.
    "I don't know." I crouched in front of Steve again, and pushed a strand of hair out of his eye. "I love you Steve, and i'll come back to help you." I stood up and ran out the front door. Storm clouds had covered the sun, and the day was dark. I looked around quickly and began running. I thought hard about the black winged stranger, and he answered my call.
    "What? What has happened? Why are you not with the white wings? He needs you. Otherwise his control will be gone forever, and his wings control his every move. You don't want that!" The presence yelled in my mind. I gritted my teeth, then dropped to the ground breathing heavily from the strain of keeping him inside my head. I didn't know how to answer him, i was wading in the dark.
    "I need you! I need you to help me! Please some to me!" I screamed out aloud. There was complete silence all around me, and then the rain began falling. I sat on the ground sobbing, not being able to move from the pains in my heart and body. "Help me please..." I murmured. "Why do you love me? Who are you? How will i find that out if your not here to help me?" I said to the empty world. Shadows were creeping up the sides of my vision, as i started to black out. Then i saw them. The black wings flying down to help me. I reached out, and the stranger grabbed my hand, lifting me into the air. He swum me up into his arms and flew back to Steve's house. I stared at his shadowed face trying to pick out anything that i recognized. But there was nothing that i could see. He looked down, his face going into deeper shadow, his eye's staring into mine. Although his face was strong and tense looking, his eye's were soft and i couldn't look away from them. He looked down.
    "Is that the house? down there? I can see the light from his wings glowing out through the windows. It's only a matter of time." I nodded and we glided down and landed on the porch outside. I ran inside and was shocked to see Mr. Jacobs lying against the wall breathing heavily, a gash on the side of his face. I ran up to him, the stranger standing behind me with his arms crossed.
    'Where is Steve and your wife? They were here just a minute ago right?" Steve's dad shook his head.
    "Steve grabbed his mother and flew away with her somewhere. You just missed them. Please Kitty. Bring Steve back to us. I don't want to lose our son." I nodded and turned to the stranger.
    "We have to find them." Was al he said, and i nodded. I ran outside and the Stranger picked me up again. "It'll be faster if i fly with you. That way i will be able to spot him whether he is in the air or not." i nodded, and he crouched, flapping his wings frantically. He got a rhythm and we started circling the town in the cold rain.
    "Why do you know such much about our condition, and how do you speak to me in my mind?" I asked the stranger. He clenched his teeth and sighed.
    "I know a lot about the condition, because i was the first to get it. When i turned five, i had a single dream. A dream of a hall. I had the same dream for a week straight, and them something in the dream changed. Me. I grew horns, and my eye's glowed red. I woke up and realized it wasn't a dream, and i had turned into a monster. I told my parents, but by the time i had got to their room, both abnormalities had disappeared. i Couldn't understand it, and my parents thought i was making it up. My little sister had been born that year, and they had thought that i was jealous and was making up crazy storied to get attention. But i wasn't." He said still scanning the skies with is eyes. "I knew that i was different. I could feel changes in me, that weren't physical. My body got funny feelings during the night, my head and back. My parents decided to get me checked out, but they found nothing abnormal. I accidentally overheard their conversation after they had sent me outside. I heard that they thought i was going crazy. They were going to send me away. That's when it happened. My horns exploded out of my head, my eye's turned red and black wings split through my back. There was blood everywhere and i was blinded by pain. I don't remember much after that. I think i must have fainted, because i woke up in a scientist lab. This was when i was about ten. i was studied relentlessly by people who scared me. That's why i didn't want that to happen to you." I looked down and studied the ground also looking for a sight of the white wings. "My parents were afraid for me, so they came and took me away. That was when i was thirteen. I amazingly forgave them. My mutations retracted back into my body. It was a very long car trip home from the facility, and we spent that whole time talking about life, me and my father. I was told that i was missed so much, and that they could love both of my forms. See, unlike your condition, mine can retract completely, then come out without any warning. I didn't have control of my wings at first. Then after i met someone, i wanted to learn to control the wings because i wanted to be there for them, but i couldn't because my wings still controlled me, until something happened, not very long ago, that allowed me to control my wings. As for why i can get in your head... not even i know that. It had something to do with the horns." He looked down at me and smiled. "Do you understand a bit more about me now?" I nodded staring into his eye's, trying as hard as i could to figure out who it was. A flash of lightening lit up the sky, and his face was thrown into bright light. "Oh Kitty... You still don't recognize me?" I began breathing fast, as a crazy idea spun in my head. When he was thirteen, he met someone on a car trip home.
    "Oh Iím so glad your home! You don't know how much i have missed you!" A ladies voice echoed in my head. "Who is she?"
    "I don't care whether you have horns or not..." I stared at the strangers face as it fell back into shadow.
    "Kohta?" The stranger smiled a genuine smile. I couldn't believe it. I stared into his soft eye's, stared looking for the boy i had met three years ago.
    "Let her go. She is mine." Both of us looked up and saw Steve hovering above us, blood running down his face from his horns. His wide eye's were glowing, and he panting heavily. "You stole the only thing that is precious to me. Let her go!" He yelled spread his wings out as wide as they would go. I gasped and felt Kohta squeeze me tighter. The wings were huge at least double the size that they were before. Steve flew down on us, and Kohta dodged him with trouble.
    "Can't you do something!" I screamed as Steve kept flying at us angrily. Kohta was breathing heavily, sweat running down his face in rivers
    "I may have wings and horns, but i don't have magical powers or anything! They are just genetic mutations! I can't just zap him with powers or anything!" He screamed and wrapped his wings around us tightly as he dived towards the ground. just before we hit the ground he opened his wings up and glided along the ground. I screamed as a car turned a corner, i closed my eye's waiting for an impact, but felt the window blow my hair back. We were flying upwards again. I looked at Kohta's straining face, then realized that we were dropping slightly.
    "Kohta what's wrong?" I asked quickly, looking around for Steve.
    'I-I am too weak to hold you and fly fast enough to escape him. I am going to have to set you down. Promise me you'll be careful." I nodded and he glided down slowly and landed on his knee's, dropping me gently.
    "Kohta, i-"
    "You bastard!" Steve screamed and flew at us from the left, his huge wings stirring up dust as they powerfully flapped. Kohta grimaced and jumped into the air and shot away. Steve kept up with him, although Kohta was doing all kinds of dives. I heard sirens and saw a patrol of police cars shooting down the road towards me. I gritted my teeth and ran into a bush of bushes on the side of the road. I watched Steve and Kohta's beautiful yet terrifying dance in the sky as they struggled. The police cars stopped about ten meters away from me, and about twenty officer's got out of the cars and pulled their guns out. I heard a loud yell and turned back to the fight in the sky. I screamed when i saw Steve grab one of Kohta's wings and hold onto it. i ran out onto the street and looked up into the rain.
    "Steve! Stop it! Come back to me! Don't let the mutation control you! Remember me! Remember the time we spent together!" I screamed as loudly as i could. I watched as Steve laughed and torn Kohta's wing half off. I clenched my eye's shut as Kohta screamed hoarsely. I looked up again as i heard Steve laugh. I saw Kohta falling heavily to the ground. I watched as he slowed himself down using what was left of his wings. He crashed onto the ground. I ran to him frantically ignoring the calls of the police officers. I gasped when i reached him. His left wing was crumpled under him, and his right was almost completely torn off. He had blood running down a wound on the side of his head, and his wing was spurting blood everywhere. I dropped to my knee's next to him in shock. He opened his eye, and i stared into the familiar green of them. I watched as his horn sunk sickenly back into his head. He face cleared, until it was his usual face, the face that i had fallen in love with all those years ago. He reached up and touched my face.
    "I cried out for you, every night after seeing you that night downtown. It took you so long to answer. I thought that you had forgotten me. I know i said cruel words to you, but that was to protect you from my wings. Thatís why i had to push you away. I had no control of them then. But when i saw you get dragged away that night by your father, i couldn't stand letting you go again. I willed as hard as i could, and my wings came. I could control them. So i saved you. Then after that, you dreamt of me every night. I called for you but you couldn't hear me. I was too weak. Then that night that we met in the alleyway. You answered my call, but you didn't recognize that form. I knew you wouldn't but i couldn't tell you who i was until the right moment otherwise everything that i would have accomplished would have been a complete waste of time." He dropped his arm and i guessed from the fatigue and pain rushing through his body. I felt tears welling up in my eye's. Although he had wings and horns, he was still human, and human can take only a certain amount of pain. He had fallen from high up in the sky. He was dieing, and there was nothing i could to for him. "I did everything so that we would one day be together. I watched you everyday, watched your pain and suffering. I sent you that hat, but you thought it was from your father. I love you Kitty." I heard loud laughter as Steve landed behind me, his wing's glowing, lighting up the whole of the night. I turned to him, with tears pouring down my eye's.
    'Steve, come back to me. You know that that isn't funny. You know that it is sad. I know you love me, and you care for me. So unless you don't fight the wings, then...then" I reached up and grabbed my horns tightly. "I will pull them off, and then they will go straight into my heart. You said that i was yours, and that Kohta stole me? That wasn't true. I went to Kohta. I was the one who answered his calling." I looked down at Kohta, looking at his black wings, his now green eye's, that were fading slowly. "I answered his call because i love him. I have always loved him. Everyday since that day three years ago. Everyday i loved him without realizing it. I fell in love with his black wing form as well. Just as you fell in love with me Steve. We are the same aren't we? We both are doing this for love! I would gladly take my own life if it would bring you back. I would take my life if i realized that Kohta was gone from this world. Thirteen isn't a high age, and i must be crazy to be even thinking of death right now, but seeing Kohta like his is... made me think of what it would be like to be in constant pain. That's what i will be like when he is gone. I want to end that pain. I don't want it anymore, and i know you don't either! Steve! If it is love that made you like this, then love can change you back!" Steve stared at me, his wings dropping slightly. I walked up to him and kissed him deeply. He stared at me when i broke away from him. "i want you to be by my side as well. But i want the old Steve back." Steve fell to the ground and looked at his shaking hands. He reached up and took hold of his horns.
    "I'll come back to you Kitty, don't worry. I'll come back." Then he snapped them. I screamed as he fell to the ground heavily, blood running out from the stubs. I kneeled next to him, and ripped his shirt off and wrapped a strip of it around his bleeding stumps. I looked at him for awhile, then turned to Kohta. He sat up, leaning heavily against the wall behind him, his left wing stretching out, and right hanging uselessly. I stared at him with in my eye's until he pointed behind me. I turned around and watched until i saw that Steve's wings were glowing again. They stretched up and shrunk back into his back. I smiled as i watched the cuts close up and fade.
    "I thought you said that you didn't have powers even though you have wings." I said to Kohta. He smiled and shook his head.
    "I can't explain everything you know. I mean, your horns grew back fast once right? Then at one point one of them didn't grow back at all. So i guess maybe we all have some kinda power." I grinned.
    "That sounds kinda clichť, but i guess your right. How are your wings?" I asked looking at his torn one. He grimaced slightly.
    "Well, it's nothing tragic. It should heal really soon, My wings always heal fast. I am amazed that i survived that fall. I guess my wings must have slowed me right down, cause i only just hit the ground." He sound rubbing the cut on his hairline with a grin. I smiled at him as well.
    "Hey you two kids!" I heard a police officer call to us. I looked at Kohta quickly, and he smiled at me gently. He stood up shakily, and stumbled slightly. I jumped up and wrapped my arm around his waist to keep him stable.
    "Are you up to another flight?" I gasped and looked at his dejected wing.
    "But your wing?' I asked, then gasped as he stretched it out. The wing glowed with a black glow, and i watched as it joined together again.
    "I told you that i can control my wings, and that means i can heal them." I opened my mouth. "I don't know why. Like i said, we all have some kinda power." I grinned and grabbed his hand as he held it out. He pulled me into his arms. Just as the officers appeared around the corner Kohta had jumped into the air. The officers yelled angrily and we flew away. I held onto Kohta's neck tightly and sighed. I thought of Sara.
    "I wonder what she would say if she knew i was flying away in Kohta's arms." I mumbled to myself. Kohta looked down at me.
    "Oh nothing!" I said and blushed. Kohta smiled and we flew around for about ten minutes. The we went back to his house. I watched as he retracted his wings and walked through the front door, holding my hand tightly.
    "Mum, dad. Come here." I sat on his couch comfortably, and waited for his parents to come in. When they did, the first thing they did was smile.
    "Kitty. Thank god your safe. Kohta yelled something out about you being trouble. That's why he left so suddenly." I smiled and stood up and his mum grabbed me in a tight hug. This one i returned. I broke away from her and looked at Clay.
    "You helped to save me that night didn't you. You faced my dad." I said great fully. "You don't know how glad i am that you came for me." Clay took a step forward and also grabbed me in a hug. I returned this one as well, then turned to Kohta. He opened his arms wide and jumped into them and looked into his tired green eye's. A smiled stole across his face as leant down and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and returned his kiss. We broke apart and i looked into his eye's again.
    "I love you Kohta."

    It's been so many years since those three years passed. When i turned twenty, both Steve and Kohta passed away. It had something to do with the mutation. Something in their systems cut off when they reached a certain age. I expect my time to be soon as well, but for now i am just glad to be alive. After that night I began to live with Kohta and his family. I was happy, and so was everyone else. Steve had finally gained control of his body again. Matt and John both got adopted and Sara even came back for a visit. I even lost my horns, when i turned seventeen. They fell off one night, and my eye's went back to their usual blue. I am happy. Even though Kohta has passed away, i continued to live in his house, earning my keep at my job. I sometimes see a little boy wondering around downtown. A little boy with white horns. Then when i look again he is gone. I guess that in the next generation there will be other mutations, and if i see any then i will care for them, just as Kohta did for me.

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