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sound like a plea to anyone?

Author: explosions
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uh, i wrote this at around 2:30 am in my bed, hmm. a little didactic.
written 6.9.07.

sound like a plea to anyone?

there is so much loss and tragedy in the world.
so much death, so much killing, so much war.
guns, machetes. death.
by slaughter, or by simple old age.
cancer, or crippling of the spirit.

so much cruelty.

denial of freedom of the mind, of choice of the body.
state-sponsored subjugation.
economic injustices; nepotism
unjust imposition of values, self-judged superior.
melting - of cultural tolerance (shaky from the start, anyway), of icecaps.

so much unfairness.
(and that not even a taste)

we can weep
and drown ourselves in a salty deluge.
it's only natural, and
no one's to blame.

we can pretend nothing's wrong
we can slip on those comfortable, rose-tinted glasses,
spray some lilac-scented perfume,
play that white noise machine.
we can cheerily say, "everything's all right."
- optimism's just as much of a cowardly shield as some say cynicism is -

we can keep on living,
concerned with only ourselves,
letting the newspapers pile up;
not under a mask of happiness,
but within a bubble of ignorance,
looking inward.

we could just not give a

we could stand up, look at each other,
live by gandhi's words.
we could cease this unabated erosion of principles.
we could rebuild the monuments of Integrity and Truth.
we could cultivate a new appreciation for Diversity.
we could help those seeking help and leave alone those not.
we could stop being complacent with bread and circuses.
we should.

we could abandon
the idealism we form and cling onto in our youth.
or we could objectively accept that
everything cannot be perfect. there will never be no bad.
but, as we grow older, with more experiences and knowledge
strengthening our voices,
disallow our idealism to be completely shattered by reality
and use it as a driving force.
we could lash out at others and punish them for being
what we think are the reason for the world's faults.
or we could could foster ties of genuine community to bring about understanding.
we could lament and bemoan government's apparent lack of ethics.
or we could realize that the greatest resource at our disposal is
human strength, and we can start utilizing it at any time:

Big Brother may be watching us.

but we can say, we're watching you too.
and we're making sure you do your job correctly.

Submitted on 2007-07-12 20:40:12     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  i'm gonna steer away from any of the demands asking to be met:
"think feedback more than compliments."

for starters i would like to say,
i found this piece extremely refreshing.
and one part hit him so close, the force of the blow knocked me over.

"or we could realize that the greatest resource at our disposal is
human strength, and we can start utilizing it at any time"

you're absolutely f*cking right, we have the fuel it's just most people choose not to ignite it.
it's all potential energy wasted.

so hoorah to this piece, i really liked it.

so- get kinetic!
| Posted on 2007-10-05 00:00:00 | by audrey belle | [ Reply to This ]
  Very strong and provoking.

You've spoken out the words of anger, thoughts, and point of view. I wouldn't say they were all true, for in every angle, there're different aspects.

We are living in a world full of possibilities impossibilities. In a way of saying, everything is perfect, but at the same time, it shows out the way that wasn't meant for the human eyes.

We may have the freedom to speak, to think, and to act; somehow, we are bound by the laws and norms of society.

Optimism maybe sick in your eyes; while to some it is better think of the good rather than bad, when on either sides, you'll have the 50-50 chance on whatever the result you wanted to achieve.

This world is a balance world. When there's light, then there's dark. When there's good, then there'll be bad.

Through negativism, we'd be able to search for the right, and vice versa. We do not just live in one side of the realm. To let ourselves live in good, center, and focus, search for your balance before one decided to judge.

Nicely written, thoughtful, and honest.

Have a great day!

| Posted on 2007-08-05 00:00:00 | by VivaLaVina | [ Reply to This ]
  moralistic piece... oddly, the high morale that you've put into this piece - in me - ends up rejected because of its seeming obviousness.

but despite this, this is very talented preaching. Your ability to blend images and ideas together prevents the piece from falling apart (as it might have) and in places really does turn into poetry. and guess what? I enjoyed reading this.

I guess an artist needs to address such issues from time to time. it's unavoidable - to summon to the banners and cry yourself hoarse, hoping it will help. I liked this also because you believe it will.
| Posted on 2007-07-14 00:00:00 | by expiring_touch | [ Reply to This ]
  didactic indeed.

- optimism's just as much of a cowardly shield as some say cynicism is -

i have to say this was the highlight of the piece for me. it is true people hide behind optimism all too much... optimism mixed with too much idealism is a bad combination... it takes ones feet off of the ground and keeps them bouyant on clouds that deny/defy reality.

but i like this piece.
the way you start out with pretty little niceitys but kinda find the other end of the pendulum so quickly... the idea that we could make this world a better place... that we could forget the idealistic ideas of our youth or we could embrace them and use them to forge our future though realising that over time those ideals change as the world changes around us...

you speak of perfection...
the other day i was talking to this guy who love studying the bible and all the words and what they meant in their original language and all. he spoke of the word perfect and said that in the biblical context that perfect doesnt mean being without blemish like we interpret it to mean but rather to become mature. and i think with this idea in mind it puts a new slant on "nobody's perfect"...

but i think maturity is what is called for if we are going to see any change in the state of the world today. maturity to be able to see different veiw points and ways of doing things...

anyways... yes... this is a very thought provoking piece. i could prolly ramble on for quite a while but i think i shall stop.
well done.
| Posted on 2007-07-13 00:00:00 | by Someones Epiphany | [ Reply to This ]

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