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Breathe the world

Author: Ceedra47
Elite Ratio:    0.48 - 2 /5 /48
Words: 236
Class/Type: Poetry /Misc
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Breathe the world

On a worn down rock, she sits to think;
As she holds her cluttered thoughts up high,
And the color began to dissolve and sink,
As she caught a golden star in her eye.

Standing, she walks out into the unknown;
Until she comes across two faded roads,
One was walked upon, worn to the bone;
The other was newly paved -- ready to erode.

She held her breath as she closed her eyes,
Holding herself weightless to the skyline:
A warm hue to the dampness of the sunrise --
She lined the horizon with a curved design.

The clouds exploded her thoughts to rain,
As she took off her walking shoes and ran,
Choosing the road etched down with pain,
She came across an old bearded man.

Black rivers streamed gently down her face,
As she stopped and looked him in the eye,
Her teen heart picked up speed, began to race;
When he shuttered awake to sing a lullaby:

"One road held promise, one road held strife;
One road was long and winding, one was straight;
My dear child, you have chosen the one of life;
You are walking the path that defines your fate."

He stopped dead in his tracks, looked ahead;
As she stumbled toward a silver plaque,
"Breathe the world," she muttered in her head;
As she ran forward, there was no going back.

Submitted on 2007-09-26 07:03:01     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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