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Dear Sarah

Author: Joybell
ASL Info:    22/F/MO
Elite Ratio:    3.17 - 101 /94 /56
Words: 1103
Class/Type: Misc /Misc
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Dear Sarah

He likes and needs things with an intense passion. A movie, an Xbox game, a song, a friend, a girl, if he wants something it consumes him. He thinks about it all the time and would give almost anything to have it, be with it, and get more of it. Yet as it is with all things once you have something after a while you stop wanting it.
So love him Sarah, love him while you have him. I'm sure you have some doubts about if he will hurt you and if this will work out. Let me help you: He will hurt you. This won't work out. Now go from there. Love him anyway. Live anyway. Laugh when he makes that Jerry Lewis face, even if you are fighting and you just want him to be serious. Hold his hand. Tight. Even when it gets sweaty. Make sure you always say "I love you" at the end of every phone conversation. Make sure you mean it. He can always tell.
Go laser tagging with him. Beat him. Don't rub it in too much. He hates losing. Never bug him about what he does on his phone, he is texting other girls, calling a few too. Don't worry; he has your picture as his background. At least for now. When you hug him, smell him in deep. When you let go look him in the eyes and smile. Kiss him. and again.
For no reason and for every reason. Don't hold back, if he gets around to asking what’s wrong he actually wants to know. Wear the necklace he gives you every day, even if you think it might get broken. Wear the ring, even if it's a little too big. Wear the perfume, even just to work. Don't dry the flowers and put them in a box. Leave them on your dresser and let them stay until the last petal falls off. Never ask him if he loves you. Just kiss his earlobe. He likes that.
Wrap your arm around his waist when you walk with him. Let him have his guy time.
Take your girl time. Go roller-skating with him.
Don't be embarrassed if he wants to rub your feet. Yes, even if they are rough and dirty at the moment. Let him lick your belly button even if it makes you laugh. When you fall asleep next to him hold on to the Chinese symbol he always wears. Laugh at his little brothers and always hug his sisters before you leave his house. Talk with his father and hang out with his mom. Play Halo with him.
Walk to the park by his house with him. Make him race you to the pond. If it's frozen, you can dance. Don't listen when he says he doesn't want to. Make him sing to you. When he finally gets the nerve and just hums as you slow dance, realize that is his heart.
Always leave him long voicemails.
Wear skirts and dresses as much as you can.
Try and act like a lady for him sometimes. Thank him. For everything that he does. Don't complain about his lack of interest in you.
Now comes the time when he has found someone else, someone new, he is consumed again. Not with you this time.
He meant all those things he said. At the time. Don't cry Sarah, please don't cry. You will be just fine. Your heart will heal, your life will move on and you will find someone else who this time won't make you ask if he is in the relationship all the way, in fact, with this man, you won't even have to pose the question.
Right now though, right now, just make sure you always make eye contact.
Spend every moment you can with him.
If he lets you drive his car, don't go crazy around that turn by his house. Listen to him when he says go slow. Listen to him when he says he loves you. Always encourage him. Tell him how proud you are of him. Don't let him drink too much Pepsi. Remind him to get more wood for the wood box, call his boss, and to get the keys out of the ignition before he goes to bed. Randomly buy him some ding dongs. He used to be on a baseball team called the hornets and his favorite number is 22. That was on his jersey. Call him that sometimes. He has an obsession with cracking other people’s knuckles in their toes.
He likes Coldplay. He wants to hold you tight when you go to concerts with him. Let him.
Play with his hair and give him back massages.
Don't mess with his fingernails though, it annoys him. Kiss his thumb sometimes, I'm not sure if he likes that, but I always did and he grew used to it.
Now he is gone and you are left wondering why you just did all of the above and how you will ever love another man. That is ok. This next time let the man love you. Yet, enjoy what it feels like, to give your heart and soul to someone and, at least for a little while, have theirs in return.
Now go, he is going to bed and wants you to call him and talk to him until he gets sleepy. You don't want to miss that. Tell him you believe in him. Oh, and eventually tell him you love it when he licks your belly button. He knows anyways.
I'm not going to tell you all the things he won't do, or all the times he won't be there, or all the things he won't say, or all the hurt you will feel. Would you listen anyway? :)
Drink life, straight, No chaser.
When it's over, you will have learned more about yourself and relationships then you ever knew, more then you ever wanted actually. You will be able to listen to the radio again and not cry, the places will stop exploding with memories and your mutual friends will chose sides and life will return to normal.
Thanks Sarah.
Oh, one more thing, every now and then could you just stroke his hair and tickle his ears? Also please take him on a star date. Just tell him, he'll know what you mean. Go to McDonalds afterwards. Buy his big mac; he will have forgotten his wallet.
For me please.
Don't be afraid. It's worth it, just to feel that way. For even one day.

Submitted on 2008-01-18 22:02:17     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  As stated already, this is simply amazing.
If there is anything to be corrected or fixed in this, its excused simply because spelling/grammatical errors or errors of any kind are lost in the way that this makes you feel, the way that this makes me feel.
It is endearing, deeply touching, inspiring and loving. A combination that's rare to find. an incredibly piece of writing. I commend you on this.
| Posted on 2008-01-21 00:00:00 | by jaramae | [ Reply to This ]
  I thought this was amazing.
| Posted on 2008-01-19 00:00:00 | by EEKS | [ Reply to This ]

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