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My vampire chronicle.

Author: KarloZ
ASL Info:    21/male/california
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Alright. this is the first thing i put up here and its not a poem or short story <<which i usually specialize on>> It is just a small tale made up from character descriptions. I came up with it as i created my characters. pretty soon i had this so, enjoy.

P.s. i wasnt in all my senses when i wrote it so dont expect much.

My vampire chronicle.

Diedrich is believed to be the oldest vampire alive, and his story is the longest so get ready. before humans ever walked the earth there were many Empires, one of the strongest ones was the vampire Nation, which was led by King Rio, a rightful and honorable man. The vampire nation had long been in war with the Ice Nymph Empire. Diedrich was an honorable and noble man, once believed to be the strongest of all vampire Knights, and once the king's right hand. but some years into the war he became blindly bedazzled by a treacherous ice nymph who had in her plans to take over the vampire nation <these were not the goals of the ice nymph empire> this ice nymph persuaded Diedrich to murder the king and all who opposed her, he was forced by her to take over the Vampire Nation and in a matter of weeks almost eradicated the whole ice nymph population but he was stopped when he tried to murder his brother Elliot, in his arms, his dieing brother (who was married and had a son with an ice nymph) told him the truth about the woman he loved. Elliot survived but has kept his life hidden from the world and believes his son dead. his wife died that day leaving a son orphan, Hielo. Maddened by guilt, Diedrich murdered his love, whom he had married. After this he learned of his late wife's pregnancy, he then became insane out of guilt, anger, and anguish. He has ruled the Vampires ever since. some say he is still being manipulated by someone, others that he just plain became evil out of jealousy of his brother's happiness, and some believe he is still insane, either way he rules with an evil hand and is believed to be one of big tyrants of the world, even after the birth of humans.

Andrei’s real name was Rio. He was the first and best king of the Vampires until his right hand Diedrich overthrew him and attempted to kill him <<as far a Diedrich knows, Rio’s dead>>. He lost his memory and wondered the earth alone until a family adopted him and gave him his new name. not real cool story but short and sweet.

Elliot is very warm but not moochy, he is a people person yet finds it easy to desert people, he never gets attached. He is very sly and has experience as a pickpocket. He is also Diedrich's brother and is believed dead by him. He also believes his son Hielo to have been killed the day Diedrich tried to kill him and killed his wife, an Ice Nymph. Elliot that day cut any bonds with the vampires led by Diedrich and left, now walking everywhere not really having a goal, not even revenge.

Hielo was born of the love of a vampire (Elliot) and an ice nymph. He grew with both of his parent alone in exile because his parents were kicked out of both kingdoms for their taboo love. As a result he never developed social skills. he is hard working and skillful in both water and ice magic and weapons. he is emotionally unable to develop bonds with people , the only people he had bonds with were his parents until they were murdered by Diedrich out of jealousy( he never found out his dad didn’t die) Hielo was spared and was taken to live with Diedrich because of his rarity. He was raised and cared for by Diedrich. Shortly after arriving at the palace he was initiated in the vampire military to become a knight (soldier). There he met Rethram and developed his only friendship. However he soon ran away after telling Rethram about what Diedrich had done to his parents and has lived on his own on the road ever since.

Rethram was born into the old Vmapire nation and joined its militia, making himself one of the best warriors it ever counted with, there he met Hielo and was his only friend for years, after knowing Hielo's past and then after his running away, Rethram confronted Diedrich about his friend's parent's murders, he was ordered to be murdered by Diedrich but this proved a hard task. Rethram then ran away decided to find Hielo. <in the picture Rethram is the one in the black and behind him is Hielo when he lived with Diedrich and belonged to the militia.>

Edno is one of countless bastard sons of Diedrich, (the only thing that makes him special is the ruthless attitude that has caused him great attention from his father, though not an ounce of love or pride. He was born from a prostitute and, just like Diedrich's other bastard children, he was never given any love or care, instead, he was given power and a high military title in the old Vampire militia. he has always been jealous of Drunhm for being a legitimate son, Drunhm in turn despises his father and deserted everything given from him. Disgusted by Drunhm’s lack of appreciation towards his father, He eventually found out about Drunhm’s love and bit her eventually causing her to kill herself.

Drunhm is a calculating person, he was once in love with Luccia who appears in his arms but she was bitten by Edno, his half brother, she killed herself two days later because her humanity forbade her from murdering humans to survive. Drunhm has stayed away from love ever since, and eventually deserted the Vampire Nation, as he left the Nation he met and befriended Kharloz (no he’s not who I’d like to be, its just that it was the first character I made so I gave him my own name) A runaway from the Nation too. They traveled together for a while but eventually separated. Drunhm now also travels constantly on his own.

((almost done))

was born in a very prestigious vampire family. The family was not vampire by birth, they bite each member of the family when they reach age 25 by custom, this rite has earned them a place in Vampire society and are allowed to live within the vampire nation. After being bitten, Kharloz refused to take a stand against humans. His rebelious attitude made him the black sheep of the family. he was eventually disowned and later deserted the family. He is a very quiet person and finds it extremely hard to express his feelings, when he does speak his voice makes him seem uncaring and detached which completely contradicts his personality. He met Drunhm when they ran away at the same time and stayed together for a while and so befriending him, but they separated after a couple years of traveling because their ideals separated them. Kharloz believed humans shouldn’t be together but shouldn’t be thought as less than Vampires, when Drunhm believed Humans and vampires should live together in each other’s homes. And that Vampires should protect human life and find a way to lengthen their lifespan.

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  Well, my favorite character is either Kharloz or Hielo. You have a knack for names, I must say. I love unique names. Really draws me to a character. At least, initially. Something has to be there to keep me intersted. Hielo and Kharloz have that something. Different somethings. Their characters seem complete. I'd like to watch them change throughout a story. See them grow. Get to know them better. Kharloz.. I like the softness of him. The roughly smooth texture I would picture for his aura. Rebellious 'tudes. Always fascinating.

But...I really feel drawn to Hielo. The hurt? The anguish? Any good character has a story. A background. Whether it's reader or author created. And, oh, the words "taboo love". That's the kind of thing that makes most any reader go "ooooh." xD I'm delighted with this character. Delighted.

This story sounds like it would be interesting if ever pieced together. Lots of things going on. Lots of strong characters.

I think I've read this before, actually. I just never commented. Actually, I've probably read most of your stuff before that's on here, so...yeah.

Anyways, interesting. You set it up nicely. Connected everyone. /nods/

Nice. <3
| Posted on 2010-03-15 00:00:00 | by SweetAndOhSoME | [ Reply to This ]
  Wow, you should write a story with me.
| Posted on 2008-11-09 00:00:00 | by girly101 | [ Reply to This ]

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