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Heavenly Begotten Children II

Author: Ceyx
Elite Ratio:    5.69 - 111 /107 /81
Words: 815
Class/Type: Poetry /Religious
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So, this is part two.
I think the last line pretty-much says it all...

There will be a part three; regarding The Children of The Sun...

Heavenly Begotten Children II

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live..." (Exodus, XXII, 18)

~Let The Devil sleep~

"I would burn them all!"
              -the clergy precludes in unison, without doubt; they denounce you with all authority
              -the clergy precludes in unison, so devout; they denounce you with absolute majority
Let the devious inquisitions reign down from the flickering embers of the previous sorcerers...
Burn, heavenly begotten children: Burn in Germany, burn in Italy, burn in France!
Burn in Sweden!
            -in Switzerland!
-Under the watchful eyes of The Father; burn, cinder and escape upon the midnight breeze...

It falls to your hands
   -In the skepticism of your superstition and the consequences that await you
Religion is terrorism.
   -Forcible colors of the misery of men painted on the power of evil spirits...


Four winds held in vain
Now let the pyre entertain
Public opinion prohibits the faintest expression of adverse opinions;
Witness the terror of a miracle!
      -like the rest



And she shall crush you, strike first- strike in His name
She shall burn you, spark first- igniting her shame
We must purify this aberration-
Follow the manuals, pull the hammer back
Malleus Maleficarum tells us how to attack:
("All witchcraft comes from carnal lust, which is in women insatiable.")

The words of Christianity resemble that of insanity
-This is an intervention for your humanity.
      The theology of numbers and the diseased imagination
-Synonymous for 'Divine Inspiration'
Oh, tortures await the worthy!!!
      -But take solace in the fact that these acts come with the deepest feeling of abhorrence for the acts themselves...
Search for the sign of the witch as the long-pins are thrust in deep!
      Ah! -A Witch can never confess while she can drink!
                                                            Let her insides dry out...

Nine days and nine nights; on no sleep
-Without rest,
            no closing of the eyes
-Nothing to ingest
These are the incentives to confession!
-These are the tools for a heretics concession
Maddened by the misery
-Rid the dregs of her wretched life!
Thumbscrews and Witches' Bridles
Break the legs and apply the torches,
                                                mighty servant of God;
Apply the heat of His word to her exposed and untreated bone-
                                                            broken each of fourteen days...
-Call out the name of SATAN on your pulpit!
   -Call it out and convict!
You are righteous.
                  -And they shall sink, writhing in agony, amid the flames
In HIS name-

   for YOUR amusement...

Burnt to death by the same decree that comes from those who believed a virgin could become pregnant by eating lilies...

Your diagnosis grows thinner, weaker, everyday
   -Look how Satan's Sorcery is a money-maker!
   -Look how the Catholic Church is a profit-taker!
                        -The property of the (wrongly) condemned is confiscated;
Divided among informers and prosecutors alike
   Witch-finder, Witch-finder; Find me a Witch!!!
      Casting maleficence in twilight's pitch!

                                                -Any friendless woman will do!

Glow! Burn her alive, as the truth leaves her tongue
Swing! Watch her neck break as she twitches while hung
Let her be silenced, gagged;
   -by the ashes of her own body
   --by the knot of the noose
Burn, baby, BURN; in the Christian-inferno!!!

-For one born Abda'lhareth

In Christianity, upon death- all lost souls are doomed for all of eternity...
-It is the cruelest faith on Earth.

'Te Deum Laudamus'

The words of your God:
      "Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God; and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation."

The words of the "heathen" Buddha:
      "Never shall I seek nor receive private individual salvation, never enter into the final peace alone; But forever and everywhere will I live and strive for the universal redemption of every creature throughout all worlds."

It's: "He that believeth not shall be damned!"
"Never shall I leave this world of sin and sorrow and struggle until all are delivered!"

-Who wrote the Christian Creed but those who are of the same mental caliber that tortured, hung and burned the "heretics and witches"...

Submitted on 2008-05-25 20:01:32     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  im sorry i never got to this piece sooner.
ive been brainfried and now im crooker than a dog but i just worked out how to make my laptop reach my bed so now im unstoppable lol

i find it interesting the way i am attracted to this series you have created here.
interesting because iam very actively involved within my local church and therefore i think i should be hating you for the way you condemn what i believe and yet, for a lot of the piece, i am in complete agreeance with you.

i went to bible college for a year. just did a brief over view of everything really. i took church history and there were a few times i just got up and walked out of that class coz i was so angry and confused. the church has done so many corrupt things in the past and there were days i didnt want to be associated with christianity at all.

yes... lets drown women who are suspected of being witches... if they are witches they wont die anyways [but what of the innocent women killed for incorrect suspicion??]

i am not familiar at this point with the biblical refernce you use at the start of this piece from exodus and will have to check it out in context before saying anything about that part though...

again i found myself drawn in by the different fonts of this piece which seemed like different voices or asides to the reader... little extra pieces of information... little different ways of looking at the situation...

yes... the church has done some very corrupt things throughout the ages... im sure her actions have broken gods heart more than once...
| Posted on 2008-05-27 00:00:00 | by Someones Epiphany | [ Reply to This ]

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