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Once a Wolf

Author: Squall Leon Hea
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this is a story am trying to write , hope you like it , I guess

Once a Wolf



Do they pass for a reason? , Will they ever stop?

Will it ever End? , Will the cycle of life ever stop?

Walk the Days , Praise the Nights , and Howl at the Moon's Stray Lights , I wonder at times , why do I do such things? , many would ask , but then they would simply say that , that is what I am and that it is in my nature , they don't understand the magic in the moments of every day and night , it is weird how they talk about it so calmly , as me and my kind talk about it so fondly , we praise it and worship every moment , many don't under stand the meaning of it , but we do , we , whom dwell in the forests , deserts and sometimes dwell within your villages , and get chased away by your sticks and farming forks , we steal your chicken , kill your sheep , cows and sometimes even your horses , but we don't do it for fun , we do it for need , need for food , you have taken all that we had and now we shall do the same , we , we are the Wolves.

This is a story about one of our kind , whom roamed the world looking for answers for many questions , but found , many adventures and many friends , I will not ruin it on you now , for where is the fun , this story is for me to tell and for you to hear , hope you are ready , for it will be a chance of a life time.

Howl at the moon , calling for it's magic , many of us Wolves do , we need it's praise , to move on with our days , but one did wonder , why do howl? , we feel difference , we may have the power , but that's from the sleep at night , he wondered and wondered , but no answer to be found , and in the morning , he wondered again , but this time , for another reason , why do we run? , is something chasing us? , and if caught on to us , what will happen? , he wondered and wondered all over again.
The other Wolves thought he might crazy , but the elder , knew that there was no way , to ease this one's mind , he asked him over one night , hoping to be able to answer wonders , " come here my son , and tell me what bothers you " , the young hesitated to approach , for many of his friends laughed at him and called crazy , " don't fear my son , you have the right to wonder , I blame you not , you are still young , and in need of wisdom " , the young one approached and sat by the Elder , his ears down , and his tail shaking nervously , " what is your name young one? " the Elder asked , " My name is Leo , sir " the young one answered , the Elder smiled , and the smile wolf is rare sight , you can hardly tell , but if you want all you have to do , is see the ends , they stretch out back , then you shall see that it's smiling smiling , " Dear Young Leo " the Elder said " What bothers you and makes you wonder? " he asked , " Many , make me wonder " Leo said " Why do we howl at the moon? , why do we run in the day? " he asked , the Elder Smiled again , looking at the young wolf that wonders why does his kind do what they do , he has raised questions that have never been asked , the Elder looked into the young one's eyes and said " many magical in the world that have no answers , and some cannot be answered " he said gently " but if one must , one must find answers , for you my child , I have none , I never wondered , why do we howl , why do we run , I never thought about it " he said in a gentle voice , and a gentle smile , Young Leo , bowed his head down , he hoped for answers , but seems there were none.

He stood up , bowed to the Elder and asked for a permission to leave , the Elder gently nodded and the young wolf left , he walked around that night , trying to think of answers to his troubling questions , but found none , " What troubles you young Wolf? " he heard a voice ask him , it came from up in the tree , he looked up , and saw an Owl , " what is it that bothers a wolf so much? " the Owl asked , " I wonder about many things , I wonder about why the moon shines at night and the sun in the day , why do we howl at the moon and run in the day , why do we seem different , and why are we what we are " he said to the Owl , he knew Owls were wise creatures , so he hoped for an answer , the Owl looking at the young wolf in amazement , it flew and landed down on his back , " Young one , you seem to have a well brain , I myself wondered about many things , and hope to find an answer " the Owl said , " for that I am on a journey , a journey around the world looking for answers , being to many places , and meeting many creatures " , Leo looked at the Owl , it was an amazing Idea , he now wanted to be go on such a journey , he wanted badly to find answers , but he wondered if the Owl might take him , " Will you take me with you? " he said with excitement , he was excited , he wanted to see the world and wanted to know things that he didn't know, The Owl looked at him and gently nodded.

Chapter 2
The Journey

Leo was Excited , he would be going on a journey , he has never left the pack before , so he was a bit afraid of doing so , he went to his parents and to the Elder to ask them permission , at first his mother was against it , but after some time the father and the Elder managed to convince her that he was old enough to be on his own and take care of himself , she approved , Leo then left to tell the Owl , " Hey , everyone approved , so when do we leave? " he said excited , " Tomorrow at Dawn " the Owl said to Leo , the Owl wished to let him spend one last night before heading on their journey , Leo nodded and left the Owl , went back to spend one last night with his family , they howled through the night till sleep got them and headed to sleep , the next morning , Leo said farewell to his family and left with the Owl

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  Very nice piece of work, you did not mind holding back on your feelings, and in all it ended up being a very nice piece of work.
| Posted on 2009-07-17 00:00:00 | by Kykaru | [ Reply to This ]
  so much character in this piece. you are not holding back on what you feel. great piece.
| Posted on 2008-07-22 00:00:00 | by JoJoCrab | [ Reply to This ]

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