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naruto: reality bites back challenge 1.. tightrope

Author: truefruit06
ASL Info:    14/m/IN
Elite Ratio:    1.5 - 6 /22 /44
Words: 670
Class/Type: Story /Misc
Total Views: 711
Average Vote:    No vote yet.
Bytes: 4234


the first chapter in this ten chapter series

naruto: reality bites back challenge 1.. tightrope

In the mess hall
Naruto: i wounder what the first challenge will be
Ten Ten: we have to be ready for whatever they throw at us right?
Sasuke: come on its the first challenge... how hard could it be?
Me: you might regret saying that sasuke.. if you want to get to outr first challenge get in the plane.
they all pile in. as it starts to rise
Naruto: oh god oh god oh god someone hold me
he clins to gaara
Gaara: don't ever touch me. EVER.
Naruto: were so gonna die
Me: seems as though Naruto has a little fear of heights.
they all get dropped off
Me: welcome to our altitude of 2500 feet'
Me: perfect hieght for our first challenge. your challenge is to walk out on this tightrope and grab a flag and holding these parachutes on your backs. whichever team brings back the most flags is the winner. and our first combatents are... Ten ten and... kiba
they line up...
Me: GO.
ten ten runs and flips on the thin rope and comes back quickly
Naruto: ten ten how...
Ten ten: 5 years of gymnastics lessons never hurt.
Kiba: oh well time to take my plunge
he jumps
Me: next up is Sakura and Hinata. and Go!
Hianata walks slowly as does sakura
Sasuke: come on sakura you can beat this freak chick
Hianata: thats it!
she sprints on the wire and omes back
Me: another point for the fire team, next is Naruto and sasuke. aaand go.
Naruto crawls on the wire while sasuke walks Naruto: eh he god hates me
sasuke: you can't do this weakling
Gaara: come on Naruto get in the game
sasuke crosses the line
Sasuke: to late.. loser!
Naruto: I'm sorry guys...
Ten ten: don't worry Naruto well pull ourselfs back up from this.
Naruto: R-ronnie can i crawl back?
Me: sorry to far out let go
Naruto: (sigh) ok
he lets go
Me: time for our next competors... shikamaru and Ino and go
Shikamaru: come on princess can't walk a tightrope.
Ino: of corse i can i'm just slow smartass
Me: its neck and neck who will win it
Ino misplaces a step
Ino: (gasp)
she starts falling
Ino: im not ready to die yeeet!!!
Me: well were in a tie aren't we now its down to our last two competetors... Gaara and Nejia aand GO
Gaara: heh to easy
he sprints
Neji: he won't beat me!
he throws his weapons
Me: Disqualified for cheating
Gaara: oh daaaaamn youuu
he said falling
Me: neji take your leap the winners are the fire team
Fire team :Yay
Me: ill take you all down
on the ground Naruto steps into the shower and lets the cool water run down his back
Naruto: (hits wall) damnit If my team loses I'm gonna go home... and its only the first day!
he hears a plane land
he dresses and steps outside
Ten ten: naruto we did it!
she hugs him
Naruto: y-yea cool.... you can let go now
Ten ten: oh sorry
she blushes
Me: well fire team you are safe tonight as for the water team get your stuff you might be going home
that evening...
Me: well tonight you will cast your ballets and we will send one of you home
Everyone nods
Me: first vote... Neji
Neji looks shocked
Me: second vote... sasuke
Me: keep quite... third vote... Sasuke
Sasuke: (soflty) damn
Me: forth vote... neji...
Neji is sweating
Me: and the first person voted off is..................................
Sakura: would you get on with it!
Me: hey viewers love this drama... neji
Neji: what i am going home
Me: sorry thats what the vote says bye bye
Kiba: we have no use for cheaters sorry
Shikamru: your a weak point if you can't play fair to win.
Sasuke: later loser!
Neji leaves..
Me: well you sll are safe go home enjoy your week and be back soon..

Submitted on 2008-10-06 16:12:14     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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