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Naruto: reality bites back challenge 2 cayacking

Author: truefruit06
ASL Info:    14/m/IN
Elite Ratio:    1.5 - 6 /22 /44
Words: 603
Class/Type: Misc /Misc
Total Views: 1275
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Bytes: 3737


chapter 2 check out whos goin home you'll be surprised

Naruto: reality bites back challenge 2 cayacking

Me: last time on reality bites back..
we took a trip on to a very tall cliff and did some tightrope walking and in the end it was neji who walked away loseing.. find out who will leave today on Reality Bites Back

At Camp
Naruto: (sigh) (thoughts) Naruto you dodged a bullet on that one... you've got to step it up if you want to win...
Ten ten: hey Naruto!
Naruto: AHH! oh hey ten ten..
Ten ten: so what are you doing
Naruto: thinking
Ten ten: well to think you need brain power and for brain power you need food lets go eat
Naruto: ok
in the mess hall
Ino: (sigh) this food is so gross how can anyone eat it!
Shikamaru: to much for ya miss priss
Ino: shut up! you know this stuff is nasty to.
Shikamaru: buck up were out in the wild (growls at her)
Ino: just leave me alone...
they sit
Me: well hello everybody
Everyone: hey
Me: well i see your all tired... i have just the remedie...a kayak trip!
Naruto: oh i love kayacking!
Me: yea but can you do it while your lifes on the line... like going down a raging waterfall thats about 700 ft in the air
Sasuke: this is to fun
Sakura: What the heck Ronnie! this is rediculous.
Me: oh well pile into the boat
they all arrive at the site
Me: choose your kayak
everyone grabs one
Ino: this will be fun
Shikamaru: priss has an extreame side huh
Ino: drop dead.
Me: the challenge today is an extream trick kayacking challenge
Naruto: SWEET
Me: thats the spirt. now our first combatents are... Sasuke and Hinata!
Hinata: oh dear
Sasuke: bring it on freak chick
Me: go!
they paddle and as they start to fall hinata spins on her head and lands, sasukedoes some spins
Naruto: heh sakura your boyfriend is a total loser at this.
Sakura: he is not my boyfriend!
Me: hinata score 8
Hinata: 8 wow
Me: sasuke ehhh 6
Sasuke: damn i lost to a freak chick...
Me: next is Ino and shikamaru
Shikamaru: my against the princess
Ino: ugh
Me: go
they fall
Ino: ahhhh
she does an ariel trick without even knowing it
shikamru does 2 flips
they land
Me: its a tie with 2 10s
Ino: I did it
Me: this makes the water team behind by 2 points... can they pull of a win
next is kiba and Gaara
Kiba falls quickly
Kiba: SH**
he hits with his head under water
Me: Gaara 8 Kiba with your awsome head down trick 10
Kiba: now its a tie
Me: next is Ten ten and sakura
Ten ten and sakura tie with the same trick
Me: since their is an odd number... Kiba will be going with naruto.
they fall
Naruto misplaces his foot
Naruto: nooo
they land
Me: Naruto... 9 Kiba... 10
Naruto:no i made us lose by one point..
he gets out
Naruto: i'm never gonna get the hang of it...
He walks up
Naruto: im sorry guys i should go home..
Ten ten: hey it was by a point and you didn't
Naruto: no no i failed
Me: well the water team wins in the water
fire team better pack up you've got till tonight to
that evening
Me: now its time to cast our ballets
first vote.. Naruto
Naruto: crap..
Me: second vote... hinata
Me: third vote.. hinata
Me: forth vote... Gaara
Fifth vote... Hinata
Hinata: ok thanks for keeping me here
Me: now we have even teams... lets keep it going

Submitted on 2008-10-06 16:59:19     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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