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Naruto Reality bites back challenge 3 cooking

Author: truefruit06
ASL Info:    14/m/IN
Elite Ratio:    1.5 - 6 /22 /44
Words: 954
Class/Type: Misc /Misc
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chapter three who goes home now... won't shock you

Naruto Reality bites back challenge 3 cooking

Me: last time on reality bites back.. the 2 teams went EXTREAM KAYACKING and all ended up soaking wet. for the fire team Naruto was pretty confident they would win again... ah but alas in the end they lost shocker... but what surprised everyone was when hinata got sent home even though she won her challenge... now its time for a very romantic episode of Reality Bites Back

Ten ten and Ino sit at a table
Ino:... so i gotta ask you?
Ten ten: what Ino
Ino: do you like naruto?
she smirkes really big
Ten ten: (flush) n-no i don't.
Ino: you so do!
Ten ten: well you like Shikamaru!
Ino: i do not like Him, more to the point i can't stand him now i'm hungry lets go eat.
(personal interviews just added them)
Ino: anyone who says i can actually stand that freakazoid is nuts who even can stand him
(ten ten)
Ten ten: i hope its not to obvious i like Naruto.. hes not gonna see this right?
In the mess hall
Naruto: whoo i can't believe our second week is already here
Sasuke: don't get cocky loser you could all lose and one of us water team members could win it all.
Sakura: your so concited
Sasuke: got a twist in your panties baby let me fix that
Sakura punches him
Sakura: you leacher!
Me: whoa calm it down in here
Sasuke: i like um feisty
Sakura flips him off
Me: well its time for our next challenge...
Naruto: let me guess, racing, connon ejections, mass explosives
Me: wrong today you'll be... cooking an elobrite meal for me to judge...
Naruto: thats simple
Me: rules simple... cook a 2 corse meal to go with your theme. no teams can have the same theme and no sabotging the recipies. got it?
Everyone: Got it!
Naruto: i know how to make country fried steak how about an awsome country meal
Gaara: i can make poatatos and carrots
Naruto: awsome well make the entree
Ten ten: i can make an awsome apple pie
Ino: i know how to make whipped cream
ten ten: teams lets go.
water team
Sasuke: umm i know how to make... spegetti sauce thats delicious
Sakura: curse the day that i know how to boil pasta
Shikamaru: i can make custard roll crusts
Kiba: ill do custard!
Sasuke: go
they start cooking
fire team
Naruto: will someone pass me the following spices, chili powder, oregeno, and garlic cloves
Ten ten: got it
she flips and lands with the spices
Naruto: how is that not cool!
he starts flavoring
Ino: ten ten hows the pie coming
Ten ten: got the filling and i'm pouring it in now for the top crust and its ready to pop in
water team
Sasuke: ok for garlic, parsly, and chyme
he seasons
Kiba: mmmm can i taste.
Sasuke: ehh sure tell me how it tastes
he spoon feeds him some
Sasuke: well!..
Kiba: delisioso
Sakura: KIBA get back to your dish.
Kiba: what is up your ass today
Sakura: i don't want to lose!
Shikamaru: grow up both of you and get back to work.
fire team
Naruto: it is done..
everyone: mmmm
Ten ten: naruto that smells amazing!
Ino: yes it does
Gaara licks his lips but says nothing he pulls out his carrots and mashed potatos
Gaara: time for the gravy
Ten ten: oh the pie
she pulls it out
Ten ten: perfect
she cuts a slice for me and ino adds her topping
Water team
Sakura: pasta is done
Sasuke pours the sause on
Sasuke: nice hot and steamy
Shikamaru starts squirting the custard
Kiba: nice work
Shikamarul: i made enough for you as long as you sneak it
every one tries one
Everyone: mmmm
Sakura: it was good thanks shikamaru
(personal interview Naruto)
Naruto: i don't think we'll do to bad it smells great but then you gotta think... the water team probobly wants to keep their winning streak... but i think we can take them down this time.
(personal interview Shikamaru)
Shikamaru: i could tell by the smells in their kitchen that the fire team had a good meal coming our way i just hope we can take them down again i'd love to see that blode weakling naruto out of here this games for the big kids
Back to the game
Naruto: Ronnie your delicious meal will be out soon enough.
Kiba: so will ours
he lights candles
Me: show me the entrees!
the steak and the spegetti is brought out
Me: hmm they both smell wounderfull i'll try the steak first..
i eat. naruto crosses his fingers..
Me: (southern accent) whee doggies that be a goood steak i give you a nine.
i try the spegetti
sasuke crosses his fingers
Me: Mer ci perfection 9
Sakura: yes
Me: now for dessert
the pie and the rolls are brought out
Me: this apple pie looks great
i taste
Me: thats yummy! 9. that means that the water team needs to get a perfect score to win
i taste it.. and hit the floor
Me: (garbled) what did you put it that roll
Kiba: my recipie, cinnimon, yogurt, and vanilla
Me: I'M ALLERGIC TO VANNILA (gasp) i fall to the floor and start vomiting
Kiba: oh FU**
paramedics come in
Me: water team...(gasp) loses
that evening
Me: ok i'm back to get rid of one of you. first vote Sakura. second vote. Kiba. third vote kiba... forth vote Kiba.
Kiba: thats fine i hate this place anyway. he runs off
Me: well get some sleep we got a lot more challenging challenges coming up next week bye

Submitted on 2008-10-06 18:03:43     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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