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Naruto Reality bites back 5. water skiing

Author: truefruit06
ASL Info:    14/m/IN
Elite Ratio:    1.5 - 6 /22 /44
Words: 656
Class/Type: Story /Love
Total Views: 663
Average Vote:    No vote yet.
Bytes: 4124


chapter 5 don't wanna miss

Naruto Reality bites back 5. water skiing

Me: last time on Reality Bites Back... the 2 teams competed in a ultimate digustoff.. and it tuned into the biggest retch fest ive ever seen! well lets see what the campers have in store this week on Reality Bites Back.

(personal Interview with Gaara)
Gaara: great now Ino is gone to... crap. now what am i to do if we lose another challenge.. i might go home. Damn.. but if i win my part of the challenge i'll get a chance since ill have immunity... yea thats what ill do I WILL WIN
(personal Interview Shikamaru)
Shikamaru: i can't stand these 2s constant fighting sometime i wish i could go home but i will concor and win that money.
In the Mess hall
Me: hello my remaining 6 contestants. its good to see you.
Sasuke: really cause its not nice to see you.
(ohhs and whoots come from everyone)
Me: well this week you might like me more. i'm taking us all to the beach!
Everyone: yea whooo hoo
Me:... for an extream water skiing challenge!
Sakura: Damn!
they arrive at the beach
Naruto: umm hey ten ten... you wanna meet up later you know... to talk.
ten ten: sure.
Me: now you all know i like to take challenges with some prize so if yout team wins you get this beach and the boat to it all to your selfs!
Naruto: yeaaaa
Me: but the trick on this water skiing trip is i've rigged the water with traps like... explosives, lifts, and wave machenes.. the rules. this challenge will base on pure strength and whoever falls first loses and if you cheat your out.
now lets get you out there. naruto and sasuke your up
Naruto: been waiting for this rematch.
they get in their bathing suits
Sasuke: hey you. um ten ten watch your boyfriend fall to me
Ten ten: (flush) hes not my boyfriend
Naruto: i'm not her boyfriend
they ride
Naruto: beat this sasuckes
he does a jump
Sasuke: oh... sh**
a wave is coming at them naruto jumps yet sasuke falls
Sasuke: Ahhh
Me: fire team score one. next is sakura and Ten ten.
they get on
they ride
Me: their both pretty steady. we should fix that. explosives go!!
boom boom
Ten ten: bring it on! i can take this priss any day
Sakura: what you say to me Bitch!
boom they're both in the air
Me: who will hit first.
they look at them
Me: the loser is... ten ten
Ten ten: damnit
Naruto: don't worry if Gaara beats shikmaru we'll be ok.
Me: like naruto said Gaara Shikamaru your up!
they ride Gaara is a decent rider. shikamaru is wobbly. Shikamaru: whoo whoa whoa. not giving up.
he wobbles.
Sasuke: comeon don't be a loser Shikamaru!
Sakura: shut up you're one to talk you lost!
he falls
Me: fire team wins it all!!!
Fire team: Yay!!!
Me: water team pack it up its time for elimination!
before that evening..
Sakura and Shikamaru sit outside their cabin.
Shikamaru: sakura i have a proposition for you.
Sakura: what is that
Shikamaru: we get rid of sasuke. and eliminate everyone but ourselfs and we share the prize.
Sakura: you have a devious mind... i like it!
that evening...
Me: well (sniff) smell it evil in the air.
well lets count these votes.. first vote Sakura.
Sakura looks at shikamaru
Shikamaru: wait I'm a man of my word
Me: second vote... sasuke
third vote... Sasuke!
Sasuke: you know what fine i don't need this place see ya losers!
on the beach
Naruto: so there thats what i feel about you
Ten ten: i guess i like you to...
Naruto: so maybe we should be together.
she moves in and kisses him
Me: will the camps be ready for the merge... find out!

Submitted on 2008-10-08 16:14:43     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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