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naruto reality bites back 9 final episode

Author: truefruit06
ASL Info:    14/m/IN
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Words: 849
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find out the winner tonight!

naruto reality bites back 9 final episode

Me: last time on Reality Bites Back.. the 3 remaining campers competed in a creation contest, and as always sakura tried to make herself the top dog by promising gaara a spot in the final 2 and, true and loyal gaara is, sided with his friend and promised to take her down, and everybody was on the chopping block and the shock was gaara got sent home in a sudden twist! courtesy of sakura. find out our winner of 1 million dollars tonight on Reality Bites Back.

(personal interview Naruto)
Naruto: it'll be great to win i still can't believe i made it this far. lets go for the gold!
(personal interview Sakura)
Sakura: taking down this loser will be the easiest thing so far and i will win!
(in the mess hall)
Me: welcome my 2 finalists! naruto and sakura. now say hello to your old campers
the other 8 enter
Ten ten: naruto!
Naruto: ten ten!
they hug and kiss
Me: seemes like these 2 are happy to be reunited
Naruto... naruto... NARUTO BREAK DUDE!
he leaves her
Me: ok your challenge is to enjoy a day of relaxation while the other campers vote. at our personal spa on the island
Sakuras head: hallelujah hallelujah
Sakura: a sp-spa!
Naruto: cool i'm getting a massage for my aching back
Ten ten: bye my love i'll see you in the winners circle tonight
they leave
Me: ok while those 2 enjoy lifes best pleasures you eight will decide your vote converse on who'd you'd like to win then vote when decide it tonight have a good day
(personal interview Hinata)
Hinata: in the short time i was here naruto and ten ten treated me so nicely naruto all the way.
(personal interview sasuke)
Sasuke: that girl seriously makes me mad.. and thats what i dig about her sakura man
(personal interview shikamaru)
Shikamaru: that bitch voted me off its time for revenge naruto your my support.
(personal interview Neji)
Neji: sakura is totally my hot savier Sakura
(at the spa)
Sakura: you know naruto, this place may have sucked big time this whole time but man when they want to treat you nice they sure know how to do it..
Naruto: you said it sakura. (moans)
this feels amazing another choclate malt ball please
a girl feeds him
Naruto: this is the life
(at camp)
(personal interview Gaara)
Gaara: that basterd traitor! he voted me off after i acted nice to him! sakura may be a pain in the ass but i gotta go for her
(personall interview Ten ten)
Ten ten: my boyfriend i'm obviously going to vote for
(personal interview Kiba)
Kiba: sakura was a bitch naruto you rock the kayak i go for you.
(personal interview Ino)
Ino: i think naruto and sakura are good contenders and none of them did anything to me. i'm really undecided.
(back at the spa)
Me: how are you guys enjoying it
Both: i love you ronnie!
Me: well get your spa day done its almost time
Sakura: well i fell wounderfull i'm gonna go soak in the hot tub and i'm done
Naruto: so joining you sister!
they walk away
Me: well looks like those 2 struck up a friendship
(back at camp)
everybody sits around waiting for those 2
Me: they will be here soon everyone just kepp deciding.
after 10 minutes they arrive
Ten ten: you 2 look fantastic
Sakura: man, i feel fantastic.
Me: we'll now decide your fate but until were ready enjoy sitting in these big soft chairs
Me: ok Ten ten go vote
Naruto: thats my vote
Me: sasuke your up
Sakura: thats my vote
after the first seven
ino was left
Me: ino the deciding vote
Ino: i-i-i-i can't decide
Me: sorry got to choose
Ino goes back there
and comes back
Me: ok ill count up the votes
he brings the container
Me: ok ready
they nod
Me: ok first vote.Naruto.
second vote... naruto.
third vote sakura
forth vote sakura
fifth vote. sakura
sixth vote.. naruto.
seventh vote naruto
now if this vote says sakura i will decide the final vote..
eighth vote............................................................................................ naruto
Naruto wins
Naruto: oh my god!!!!
everyone cheers and jumps around
he hugs me
Me: hey man go hug your woman
he hugs ten ten
Me: hey who wants to see the footage of the votes
(on camera)
Me: first vote went to naruto. then naruto then for three votes was sakura
then the rest were naruto
Naruto: sakura you played a great game
she looks away angry.... then she looks and smiles at him
Naruto: oh she really can smile.
they hug
Me: ok picture to the first season of reality bites back.
everbody say 'naruto'
Everyone: NARUTO!
Me: well how would you like to know what happened to everyone, like couples.
naruto and ten ten took the money at 18 got a degree and now is a filthy rich tycoon. what about sakura, she married sasuke and are very happy. for everybody else you'll have to contact me

Submitted on 2008-11-19 17:10:17     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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