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The Unknown Mission <Tis crappy.>

Author: Midorininja
ASL Info:    16/secret/Michigan
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Words: 1501
Class/Type: Fanfic /Misc
Total Views: 930
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The Unknown Mission <Tis crappy.>

Sitting in the dirt, Muyami Midori starred blankly at the scratched up wooden target. After practicing for eight hours, she needed a Ramen Refuel. She stood up weakly and began walking towards the opening of the trees. Midori could just smell the ramen. It was calling her name with a scent. She floated to the small ramen shop, Ichiraku’s, just outside of the trees. Walking in, she took a huge whiff of the air. The chef greeted her with a smile as she sat down on a tall stool.
“How’ve you been, Teuchi?” She smiled to the chef. Looking to her left, she noticed a boy her age eating her favorite kind of ramen.
“Been good. You’re usual?” Teuchi said while moving towards the stove. “You know what? You and this boy here, are what is keeping this place alive. Thanks.”
“Yes please. Who could pass up a good opportunity to have excellent ramen.” She got up on her knees and watched Teuchi make her ramen.
“Ramen, ramen, ramen.” She whispered while Teuchi brought her the bowl. She whipped her head to the left while hearing a chuckle of some sort. The boy kept his head down and ate his ramen.
Midori pulled her chop sticks out of her waist length green hair and began to eat. Her hair fell pin straight. She began to realize what the boy next to her looked like. He had an orange and blue jacket on, a leaf headband. His blue eyes caught Midori’s attention. He looked so intent while eating his ramen. His hair was also strange, it was yellow and spiky. She wanted to poke it. Midori’s emerald eyes glistened as she glanced at him. She saw that he was liking his bowl. She laughed and pushed her bowl away from her to let Teuchi know she was done. The boy looked at her and grunted.
“Hi.” She smiled and bowed a little.
“Hey.” He sounded a bit embarrassed while wiping his face with his sleeve.
“I’m Midori.” She smiled and paid Teuchi for hers ramen.
“Naruto. ” He replied while buying his own.
She smiled at Naruto and thanked Teuchi as she walked out. She had to get back to her training. Walking back into the trees, she knew she had a distant follower. Just out of instinct, she could tell.
She walked right up to the target and took three kunai out. She walked twenty steps back and spun around and faced the target. She closed her eyes and threw a kunai, then the next two. The sound of them hitting the wood gave her chills. She opened her eyes slowly to see that all of them had hit directly in the center. She smiled with her progress. Midori finally got to the point where she wanted to try to locate all breathing things that surrounded her. Sitting on the ground, She gently placed her hands on the soft soil. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and relaxed. A rabbit, a snake and …huh! Naruto. She thought to herself.
“Come play, Naruto!” Midori yelled in his direction. Naruto jumped out of a near by tree and approached Midori.
“Training tires me.“ She sighed talking to herself. She walked over to a tree and leans on it.
“WHY?! It helps you get stronger and sometimes unbeatable.” He said defensively.
“I’ve been practicing for almost nine hours, not counting my Ramen Refuels.” Midori sat down, her green hair spread over her shoulders. She sighed and closed her eyes. Naruto’s face heated up, but he looked towards the trees over his shoulder.
“We have another visitor.” Midori whispered as she stood up.
“Naruto! Iruka sensei has called for us.” A strange boy walked towards them.
“Now? I don’t want to go now!” He yelled and the boy stood there with an annoyed look on his face. He looked nothing like Naruto, so there was a chance they weren’t related.
“Who might our visitor be?” Midori whispered to Naruto.
“Neji.” Naruto glared at Neji, who just rolled his eyes and walked away. Midori was watched as he walked away.
“You might want to go see Iruka sensei. He has recently been gathering the recruits for a team for a special mission.” She looked back into her memory.
“How do you know?” Naruto cocked his head to the side.
“Secret.” She put her pointer finger to her lips. “A BIG secret.”
“Now you have to tell me.” He begged.
“What do I get out of it?” Midori tied her hair back.
“Hmmm.” She thought for a long few seconds. “Ok.” She held her hand out and Naruto shook it.
“I snuck into Iruka sensei’s locked files.” She smiled.
“How? They were locked.” Naruto asked.
“I can never tell.” she smiled cleverly.
“Well, fine. I’m going to see Iruka now.” He said walking into the opening of the trees hoping that she would tell him.
“I was sent for also, but I was training. Since I happen to be done, I’ll go with you.” She walked close behind him. Midori then rested her head on his back and sighed.
“Wh-what are you doing?” He sounded uncomfortable.
“I’m tired.” She sighed and threw her arms over Naruto’s shoulder. He sighed and walked down Iruka’s street. His house was only half way down the street. Walking up to his door, Midori stood up and walked on her own. Naruto knocked on the door.
The door swung open.
“Midori, Naruto, welcome.” Iruka smiled while moving out of the way so they could walk in.
He shut the door once they were in.
“Midori, I believe you already know what this is about.” He looked disappointed.
“He knows also.” She smiled.
“How many are going?” Naruto asked.
“Three. Neji, Midori, and yourself.” Iruka replied waiting for more questions.
“What’s the mission?” Midori asked next.
“A very difficult and dangerous one.” He looked at his file.
Naruto and Midori both grinned.
“Let’s do it!” They yelled.
“ You leave tomorrow in the morning, to the Sand Village” Iruka walked to the door and opened it. “Neji will wake you up in the morning.” They walked out.
“I get to be in an important mission!” Naruto jumped happily.
“I need to get some rest. See you tomorrow.” She turned and ran slowly off down the street. Excitement was the only thing keeping her awake.
“Me too.” He turned and walked the other way.
The next morning Neji was at Naruto’s house. Naruto opened the door as Neji went to knock on it.
“About time.” Naruto said with he ran out.
They both headed towards Midori’s house. Naruto and Neji both walked up the stone path to her door. Neji and Naruto both began to knock on her door several times. Naruto began to yell and pound on the door. Neji stepped back. Midori walked up behind them eating instant ramen.
“Whatcha doin?” She asked while taking another bite.
“Trying to wake Midori up.” Naruto replied, not looking back.
Neji walked up to Midori and sighed, leaving Naruto banging on the door. She smiled at Neji.
“Naruto!” Midori yelled after a few seconds.
Naruto spun around. “Hey! How long have you been out here?!” He freaked out.
“Since you got here.” Midori saw Iruka walking down the street and pointed him out.
“Hey. It turns out the Hokage canceled the mission. Instead you will have the rest of today to train. Got it?” Iruka informed them.
“Got it!” They all yelled and watched Iruka walk away.
“I’ll take my free ramen now.” Midori smiled and ran down the street to the ramen shop.
“All of them now?” He asked.
“Hey. Do not bug me, not even if you are dying.” Neji walked away.
“Yeah, all of them.” Midori redirected her attention to Naruto.
“Well, ok.” He walked into the ramen shop with Midori. He ordered five bowls of ramen. Three for Midori and two for himself. They ate silently. The only thing you could hear was the slurping of the noodles. Soon after finishing everything, they walked out and walked into the woods where Midori trained earlier. They walked into an open area and sat next to each other against a tree. Midori moved close to Naruto and put her head on his shoulder. She sighed and whispered, “Thanks.” She fell asleep soon after. He nervously adjusted his arm and moved it over her shoulders. Seeing her, there on him, he blushed and sighed, knowing he wanted to kissed her on the forehead, but didn‘t. Naruto began to drift off, listening to the soothing sound of Midori’s breathing. They sat there together, peaceful and alive, not know what was to come of their futures.

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