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Author: Shadowstar13
Elite Ratio:    4.73 - 191 /191 /129
Words: 363
Class/Type: Poetry /Dark
Total Views: 2031
Average Vote:    4.7500
Bytes: 2372


This is why you don't go to therapy, children.

Yes, I know the rhyming is erratic, but I mean it to be an expression of insanity's hold on the mind. Or perhaps of frayed nerves, not quite so serious as insanity.

Comments welcome... and appreciated...


I am she of a thousand masks
An angel, a demon, a cloak and clown
My heart is hidden in an iron cask
And I am the monster dragging you down

The feral shrieks of primordial rage
Echo in my hollowed eyes
The beasts leap from their common cage
Of fragile restraint, and paint the skies

There's the crazed-eyed Demon Child
Teeth of a wolf, face red, hair wild
Beside her flies the Blank-Faced Ghost
Robotic, and the Demon's host

There's the beloved twins, the Shrink's Pets
One smiling, one frowning, both faking fine
Think she'll see through it? Don't place your bets
One face divided down the line

Above in the storm flies The Witch
Morbidly inclined, a perfect fit
Registering every twitch
To cast her spell, confuse your wit

And look, below stalks Street Face
Laughing, hard-eyed and iron-rimmed
Joking lewdly, crudely she'll trace
A mocking tear before her lights are dimmed

And when I feel like I'm dead
(Now you see it, not you don't)
I think I'll just unscrew my head
(See what hits you? No, you won't)

There was a time I couldn't see
These masks that lie in front of me
There was a time I didn't know
Just how far my hope could go
And now's the time they want to learn
Just how long that I can burn

I don't want to keep on changing
To the faces on my wall
I don't want to keep on changing
Must demons rise and angels fall?

...Or was there? God, I can't recall
The byegone days of revels past
Like a bloodstained, sweet-tongued siren's song
I know now they were too pure to last

I don't want to keep on turning
To these faces before me
I don't want to keep on yearning
For those casks to set me free

When are the masks off, when are they on?
I can't remember my own face
Do I have one anymore
Or have the ghouls taken its place?

What is there left to disguise?

Am I just a mask on my own wall?

Submitted on 2009-02-04 14:27:52     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  I love this piece. I can understand fully the feeling of the masks, One part angel, one dark demon. One sweet and loving, one morbid and creepy. I understand all of them. I have wondered myself if anyone else feels these things, and I guess now I know. I love the flow and dark pull, like a waterfall of craven insanity wrapping around and around the mind until you have no beginning or end, just the simplicity and complexity of just being.

Lady Rose
| Posted on 2009-03-30 00:00:00 | by Texan_Poet | [ Reply to This ]
  I am profoundly blown away.

Joachim recommended I read this (thank you!) and I love it. It's so dark and fluid and somehow I get exactly what's here.

Get out of my head lol

Wonderful piece or work. Truly wonderful. Please keep writing, you have a gift for creating beautiful things.
| Posted on 2009-03-29 00:00:00 | by Celeste J. Bell | [ Reply to This ]
  I am she of a thousand masks
An angel, a demon, a cloak and clown
My heart is hidden in an iron cask
And I am the monster dragging you down

Well, as I said, I will return on this one. And still find it difficult to share. My thoughts would not fit in, my mind won’t try and I do comprehend not in words but in ethereal realities that cannot be put into words – Yet!
Masks we are and masks we stay. Everyday old me. Sometimes the darkness in me portrays the essence of the Dark Side – not actually Evil because that is a mask I do not posses. Sin is a mask predominantly part of everyone. There is also the other side as you so effortlessly describe in “Mask”. Love hate pride self esteem self image Scrooge Delilah Samson Hercules Diva and also the God Side we as hu-mans all posses but very cleverly hide behind a mask. We are not God as The New Age and other philosophies would like it to be, and can never became such, we do have His qualities and share His Spirit and those are not masks. Should one be able to in reality become part of those Qualities and that is not difficult at all – all he other masks remain in obscurity. One can still wear them and that becomes a deliberate choice I do not prefer. A smile is a mask for sorrow. Sorrow is a mask for happyness.
I may rambler on and on but I find this is it! Blessed Be! Joachim

| Posted on 2009-03-05 00:00:00 | by Joachim | [ Reply to This ]
  I appreciate this writing. Will dig deeper and return. Regards joachim.
| Posted on 2009-02-05 00:00:00 | by Joachim | [ Reply to This ]

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