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With each falling droplet (WEFD)

Author: Kio
ASL Info:    1?/male/Ireland
Elite Ratio:    3.04 - 8 /27 /25
Words: 1005
Class/Type: Story /Depressed
Total Views: 1804
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Bytes: 5317


1000 words of this...xD I wanted to make it a pretty even number so when I stopped typing and saw my word counter was exactly on 1000 I figured I'd leave it so sorry for the ending.

As you may have noticed I picked 'Bash it!' and I expect to be rearranging my story telling style by the end of this.

With each falling droplet (WEFD)

Matt sat against the wall of a shop about 10 minutes from his house. It was raining and the falling droplets made little puddles in the various cracks on the floor around the petrol pumps and when the crack overflowed its excess flows into the next one. It was a recurring cycle until eventually all cracks would fill or it would wash over into the road where the dreaded drains lay, waiting for the unsuspecting water. Along with the sight of acidic water came the sound of the little ‘pitter patter’ noise it made as it hit against the concrete ground, the concrete walls of the shop and the hood of Matt’s wafer thin over-jacket which was brought along in case he had gotten caught in the rain but the little 15 year old wasn’t expecting this.
Matt took a swig from the glass bottle of milk he had bought. The plastic bag of items he had been requested to get lay beside him on the hard ground next to his bike which was the whole reason why he didn’t feel like so good. The back wheel was twisted and contorted out of shape. There was no way in hell that thing would even get him a minute up the road to his house. It was a ten-minute cycle, a twenty-minute walk or a three-minute car ride. He sighed and stared down at the bottle of milk before taking another long drink of it before taking it away from his lips again. The thin waterproof hood and his hoodie hood almost completely masked his face from the outside world.
Matt didn’t really feel like being at home with a mother that asked him to do everything without a thank you or even a simple greeting as he entered the room. She had obviously gotten his memo when he was born. Ever since he was five and his fathered started working five am ‘till midnight he was the one that had to take care of his mother’s annoying needs. Sometimes they were outrageous and he would most likely have to cycle or walk three to four hours just for some stupid thing that she would complain about when he brought it back. At least she wasn’t abusive to him in the fact that she hit him or threw stuff at him. It was all just words. His phone rang and he extracted it from his pocket. A picture of a pig and her special ringtone played. “On Monday she's a bitch on Tuesday she's a bitch and Wednesdays and Saturdays she's a bitch then on Sunday just to be different, she's a super king kong mega mega biatch...” He let it ring out before putting his phone on silent. It was his mom; he didn’t care at this moment. He was sitting next to a broken bike and a bag full of junk food and chocolate for his mother in the pouring rain in the middle of summer.
Matt let out a growl as he flung the bottle of milk to the ground and watched it shatter into a million pieces. He knew who had gotten to hi bike. It was those damned Baker Twins. Ever since he had started secondary school they had had it out for him for some odd reason. It was just so annoying and unfair. A pair of tears ran down his cheeks, one from each of his eyes. “Matt? Matt Redding?” A voice called from above him.
Matt looked up to see a girl about his age but maybe a foot shorter. Matt had been an early sprouter and had noticed that almost immediately. “Matt?” She repeated his name again. “It’s me Rose.” She said with a smile and offered him a hand. He took it politely, secretly hoping she would think his tears were only droplets in the rain but his hopes were dashed as she noticed them and her face changed for a brief second before masking it with a smile again. She also noticed the bike and it’s mangled wheel. It was chained to one of the pipes of the shop and that was probably why it wasn’t stolen. “Would you like a ride up to your house? I’m sure you’d only get soaked on the way.” She said in a sympathetic tone. He wasn’t one for pity but when a free, dry ride is offered you don’t reject without some though.
Matt sighed quietly to himself, not that a louder one would have been heard in the constant barrage of rain anyway. He tried to smile but found that he couldn’t no matter how hard he tried. Her smile seemed to make up for both of them. Rose hooked her arm around his and held it in place with the other as she dragged him over to her car, after swiftly picking up his bag for him. “Thank you.” He said almost as if he were apologising. “Don’t mention it; you’re just up the hill aren’t you?” She said, that odd and maybe too happy smile enveloping her features. They were in the same class during the school year.
Seconds later Matt was in the backseat of a small, dark green Alpha Romeo sitting with seat away from Rose Johnson. He stared out the window at the passing houses and the rain. She was staring at him and he knew it because each time he looked over she was just there, gazing at him as if she could see his soul. After 30 seconds of eye contact he had given up and gone back to the window. He didn’t care much about her. He didn’t make any friends because of his mother. She was a fulltime job and sometimes he even missed school because of it. He thought of how she would react to finding out she had to replace his bike which meant she would have to leave the house to get more money. She wasn’t going to like that.

Submitted on 2009-07-12 20:44:35     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  What?! Thats it?! I WANT MORE!! Keep writing it! YOur storys are such torchure to me. They are so wonderfuly great, and yet, as I am sucked into them completely they end. FINIsH IT! Before this torture becomes unbarable!
| Posted on 2009-07-24 00:00:00 | by grimmreaper | [ Reply to This ]

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