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Lestat Character Sheet.

Author: The Unknown
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Lestat Character Sheet.

So I decided to join an rp and be Lestat, take a look at what I wrote. IT TOOK ME ALL DAY!

Name: Lestat De LionCourt
Age: born on November 7, 1760
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Secret code: Forsaken (I was told to put such)


Height: 6 feet
Weight: Probably about 160-170
Hair Color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Appearance: Lestat stands at 6 feet on the dot with blue eyes and shoulder length, blond, curly hair. Much like any other vampire, Lestat has smooth, flawless white skin that is dead cold. However, once feed it gains color and warmth. For being his height he is somewhat lean, but also has some muscle to frame his body quite well.

Personality: Well if you really want to know.
-Fashion: Deeply involved with it, and will stop in the middle of something to visit a shop or simply change because the outfit doesn't seem to match.
-Performing: Much like Armand, Lestat loves to perform, not only because it manages to boost his already well ego, but because it is also a fond memory of hs mortal life.
-Books: Once immortal Lestat became tied into books, consuming any one he could get his hands on, in which he still tends to do. Sometimes, it goes as far as locking all of the doors and windows for the night and reading.
-Language: He speaks English more or less now, but he still carries his French accent and a few of the charming words.
-Love: Lestat holds no one rope, he loves both male and female.
-Gifts: Though not a side many see, Lestat does tend to shower the ones he loves with gifts, trying to win their hearts.
-The side most don't see: In general he does care for others, even if he hates them. Usually he feeds off of people who do wrong in the world, keeping the innocent ones to live, though in desperate situations he does break it. Along with that he deeply cares for the ones he loves and cares for, and if it ever meant keeping the Theatre in his own house, he would probably do it.
-Attitude: Throughout his rather not so nice history, Lestat tends to be selfish and pissy/grumpy a lot of the time, something everyone knows.

Special Abilities:
-Strength: After drinking blood from many different ancient vampires, Lestat gains more then the normal strength that allow him more powers.
-Ability to fly
-Slightly tougher body, making a stab or bullet not as bad.
-The ability to stand sunlight.
-Rapid Healing

History: Lestat was born on November 7, 1760, as the seventh son in France. However, only two out of his six brothers managed to live till adult hood. His father, whose wealth had managed to die, sat in the castle being blind and playing chess. His mother however was the only person who was able to read. Being the youngest Lestat was teased by his older brothers who would go out and hunt the wolves for the villagers. One Christmas Lestat was given a small pack of dogs, in which he uses and begins to hunt wolves as well. While hunting one winter Lestat is ambushed, and in the event, he comes out slightly hurt, but with no dogs, though managing to kill the pack of wolves. Coming home, Lestat lays in his bed in depression. Letting the feeling eventually close and fade away, Lestat recieves another set of dogs, however this time he becomes more interested in other things. Wanting to learn how to read and write Lestat takes interest, only to be pulled back into his home by his brothers and fathers who tease him and tell him it is a waist of time.

Given a coat and boots that were lined with the pelts of the dead wolves, Nicolas wishes to speak to Lestat, who in turn blows him off. Learning later that Nicki is a rebel much like himself, Lestat seeks out Nicki at his fathers tavern. After talking for some time the two become inseparable, and one night after becoming drunk the two walk to The Witches Place and after, lay with each other. Not long after the two of them ran away to Paris where they took into a Theatre where Lestat began acting and Nicki played the violin. While being an actor in Paris Lestat was kidnapped and forcefully made into a vampire by Magnus. After being given the basics by his maker, he watch Magnus burn in flames, killing himself from being 'caught'. Being now what he thought a vile creature Lestat hid himself from Nicki and his beloved Theatre. Trying his best though he watches over his lover and sends him nice expensive gifts, and even buying him a new apartment. Despite this, Nicki feels alone and sinks into depression. Shortly after Nicki was taken by Armand and his coven who feed from him and manage to break his mind. Lestat, knowing full well that Armand has Nicki, goes into Les Innocents and manages to take him back.

Returning home with Nicki by his side Lestat is begged to making Nicki into a vampire, and after awhile, he does. After being transformed Nicki becomes mentally ill and slips away from Lestat. However while during such insanity Lestat's mother Gabrielle comes into town, dieing. Pained to see his mother like such, Lestat makes her into a vampire, turning her into a beautiful young woman. With his now well mother with him, Lestat set out to find Nicki. Being that he couldn't read his lovers mind, his mother could, and only told him that he was thinking of the funeral pyre under Les Innocents. With that in mind Lestat returns to the Theatre to find Nicki sitting alone. Handing him the violin he plays dark music, which horrified Lestat, and scared him. While playing Armand and his coven appear and begin to dance, Nicki who then joins the demands the Theatre from Lestat and begins to insult him.

Deeply caring for Nicki, Lestat hands over the Theatre to Nicki and his now group called the Theatre Des Vampires, and leaves Paris with his mother. Unhappy with his like Nicki burns himself, leaving Lestat with his lovers violin and in tears during some of the nights to follow. After breaking away from his mother Lestat traveled into New Orleans in 1791. In October of that year Lestat came across a mourning mortal man, who stuck his eye. Seeping into the others mind he began to find this man, Louis a more interesting man. Then one night, after asking the other if he wanted to become immortal, Lestat made Louis into a child of the night. After living with Louis, Lestat and Louis decide to take in an orphan with the name of Claudia. Making into her a vampire Lestat spoiled her and showered her with gifts, along with trying to teach her the 'proper' ways of being a vampire. Having a great hate for him, Claudia ignores him and solely loves Louis. After about 66 years Claudia decides to try and kill her father by giving him two dead boys that had been poisoned, adding insult to injury she slit his throat and then stabbed him. With the help of his beloved Louis, Lestat is dumped into a swamp where he lives off of animals. Shortly after Lestat returns with a young boy and tries to assault the Claudia, though it quickly turns to Louis as he puts himself of the girl.

In fear for Claudia's life Louis burns the French Quarter with Lestat in it. Managing to escape by a hair Lestat regains himself and heads into Europe where he meets up with Louis and Claudia at the Theatre Des Vampires. Under his orders Claudia is burned and Louis is held captive. Armand, betraying Lestat fled with Louis, only to cause a small amount of pain towards the prince. Settling down years later in a small run down house, Lestat slowly dropped into a very weak state. Year later he was given a visit by Armand which brought Lestat out of his thoughtful depression. As Armand continued to pay him visits every once in awhile, Louis finally found Lestat in the turn of the 19th century. Happy to see his fledgling, Lestat was only given a cold shoulder. A regaining his old appearance and with holding it Lestat went underground and put himself into a sleep. Almost 60 years later Lestat is awakened by a band who had been playing their rock music. Emerging from his resting ground Lestat took to the bad, and in which handed him Louis' book. After reading such Lestat went to write his own history before moving on to become a rather large rock star.

Moving to preform a concert with his band Lestat is reunited with Louis who fills him in about the problems happening with the vampire world and the hate that is lurking behind him. Leaving Louis to depart, the next day Lestat went on to preform his concert. However, it was stopped as the Akasha kidnapped him and took him against his will as a consort and traveled around the world with him, speaking to females to rise up against the men that have done them wrong. After Akasha got word of the group of vampires that weren't agreeing with her ways, she took Lestat and want to the confront them. Upon entering Maharet's home she tells of how she is going to kill 90% of the worlds men and create a world where women will worship her and that if the group refuses they will be killed. The group refuses and before anything happens Mekare enters and kills Akasha, leaving Lestat of his own free will. Later Lestat takes Louis to see David, in which after the leave together and eventually go their separate ways. Awhile after Queen of the Damned Lestat became depressed and began to somewhat repent his vampiric nature. He began to only drink killers though he did break it every one in awhile and fed off of someone he thought didn't deserve to die.

Suffering from nightmares about Claudia, Lestat began to visit his only mortal friends, David. Though Lestat offered him the Dark Gift, David refused it many times. Feeling lonely with no word from Armand, Louis or even Marius, Lestat ventured into the Gobi desert where he tried to kill himself. Failing at that Lestat returned back to Davids, only to lay naked on his fur rug as he healed. Once healed Lestat is approached by a man by the name of Raglan James who tells him he can cure the blond's depression, and then hints that he can switch bodies. While talking to Lestat one day he purposes that they switch bodies for a day. After agreeing to it James takes off with his body and Lestat is forced to remember what it was like to be a human, and try and get his body back. Being back in a human body, Lestat picks up pneumonia. Gretchen, a nun that took Lestat into her own home cared for him and saved him from death. After bedding with her, she returns to a compound in South Africa and he searches for his body. Seeking help from other vampires he is turned down. Marius who was extremely mad at him (and showed it clearly) couldn't believe he left someone run off with his body. Then, Louis told him that he should be happy that he has another chance at being human and denies Lestat's request of having Louis making him a vampire.

With no one left, Lestat turned to David who managed to dig around and find out that James was, once upon a time, within the orden and was a very gifted physic. However he ended up going to prison for stealing, and when he ended up in a mental institution he tricked a mated into switching bodies. However, with Jame's lack of cover up's, Lestat and David were able to track Jame's down easily and boarded the Queen Elizabeth 2. On the ship Lestat is able to catch his body and return to it once more with the help of David. Settling down Lestat went to sleep for the day, seeing as how it was normal for him to now do such and when he woke David nor James were there. Once back on land Lestat finds David in Florida, and is surprised that he now wants to be a vampire. While drinking Davids blood Lestat finds out that it is in fact James, and out of rage attacks him and smashes his skull in. Lestat returned to New Orleans where he began to fix up the French Quarter him and Louis use to own. However, he then decided to turn David into a vampire against his will. Returning back to New Orleans Lestat came to find that Louis and David met up, and both wanted nothing to do with him. Realizing that he was once again alone, he wanders off.

While feeding one night, Lestat kills a man by the name of Rodger. Being approached by his ghost Lestat is asked to watch over his daughter named Dora. However, at the same time he is being stalked by a power he cannot tell, and it begins to make him paraniod. Eventually, Lestat meets the Devil, who calls himself "Memnoch." He takes Lestat on a whirlwind tour of Heaven, Hell and the main epochs in the evolution of the universe. The tour offers a retelling of the entirety of Biblical history from the devil's point of view, in an effort, by Memnoch, to convince Lestat to join him in a noble quest. In his journey, Memnoch claims he is not evil, but merely working for God by ushering lost souls into Heaven. Lestat is left in confusion, unable to decide whether or not to cast his lot with the Devil. After the tour, Lestat believes himself to have had a major revelation. Among other things, he believes that he has seen Christ's crucifixion and that he has received Saint Veronica's Veil. He has also lost an eye in Hell. He tells his story to Armand, David Talbot and Dora, who have joined him in New York. Dora and Armand are deeply affected upon seeing the veil. Dora takes it and reveals it to the world and Armand goes into the sun and immolates himself in order to convince people that a miracle has occurred. At the end of the novel, Lestat and David go to New Orleans. There, Maharet returns Lestat's eye to him, along with a note from Memnoch. This note reveals that Memnoch may have been manipulating Lestat to serve his own agenda. Lestat then loses control of himself and Maharet is forced to chain him in the basement of the St. Elizabeth's convent, which is owned by the vampires, so that he will not hurt himself or others. When he is at last released, Lestat enters a prolonged coma on the floor of St. Elizabeth's.

Later, Lestat is woken out of his state and released, from there, the story continues.
The small light of the moon shone through his window and hit down into a room, only to light a small portion of it and give a very light outline of a coffin. Obviously if any mortal were to look into the window, they would become interested and decided to find out what was in it. However, Lestat had more common sense then most could give him, and their would be no one peeking into his window that he didn't know considering the room was set back in a small house away from any busy streets or shops. Lifting a pale hand Lestat gently pushed open the black lid and gently laid it back till it stopped on its own hinges. He hadn't slept at all minus maybe a half of a hour here or there. The night was still younger, indeed it was, but he wouldn't be going out today at all, not after loosing the one he loved for. Depression slowly ran over the other as the thoughts ran into his mind. It wouldn't have been so hard on him, if it wouldn't had been for it being is fault. After all, he was the one who made Nicki into what he was, and because he was a vampire he had gone mad and killed himself. The more he thought upon it, the harder it became to control his emotions and as many people knew, that wasn't something that he allowed to show.

Giving a deep, heavy sigh Lestat stood up and stepped out of his coffin, not wanting to deal with the new night that welcomed him. He stood in black pants and a white poets shirt that had the front wide open. His blond hair tied back with a royal blue ribbon that matched the vest and jacket on the floor close by. Generally speaking, if Lestat was any where near others he would have cared more about his appearance and would have made sure to deal with his clothes properly. However, considering that not only had he just lost his lover, but he also had no one near him, he could have cared less at this moment in time. Smacking the lid to the coffin down it hit with a thud, possibly leaving a scratch or two. With feet only covered by socks, Lestat very gently waked out of the room and into the what would be called 'living room'.

There, in front of Lestat's eyes sat a small box which contained Nicki's violin. The sight itself almost had him in tears, but he with held it and continued on, approaching it. To him, it was a test of his own emotions, to see if he could get over this. In times like these he hated being a vampire, and by every step he took closer, he could smell his loved one stronger and stronger. Standing in front of it he lifted the lid, and gently traced two fingers along the surface. However, Lestat quickly realized that it was a bad idea as old childhood memories quickly swarmed into his mind. Puling his hand back the blond slumped down to the floor, giving a deep sigh as a small tear ran down his face, staining the pale face. This, was going to be something hard to over come..

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