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Studies of the Human Mind

Author: Kio
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This isn't a rant. It's fact to me.

And sorry if it seems sexist or offensive.

Studies of the Human Mind

The female mind is a complex and intricate array of nerves and pulsing thoughts and emotions. Each little action is relayed through a motor nerve from the spinal cord to the according motor muscle and each sense is monitored through little sensory nerves connected to the brain. Women also feel emotions as a result of chemical reactions within the brain to make their bodies or person feel elated or depressed, joyous or melancholic or it can even make them seem invincible.

The way the female mind works is a puzzle to most people. By most people, I mean men. Apparently the female mind and body is so simple to the female race that a single-celled organism could figure it out, that an ape stumbles upon it daily. Or even that lion’s have discovered it so long ago that they get to mate 35-60 times a day. But let me tell you something. The females of the world…they secretly don’t understand each other’s minds. They put on a great façade but if they really understood each other, they would realise that they’re all doing the same thing. Surviving.

I was once told that the female body was ‘more intricate and emotional’ than the males and could not be comprehended by any man’s mind. I now understand this to be a lie. They torment, they have to go through several hormonal changes, they fuss, they complain, they think, they analyse, they destroy and toy, they tease and annoy and, most importantly, they mate. Oh but they don’t mate with just any male, even if the world were ending. They have to be picky and choose a man who ‘understands’. And right there is where the whole female gender becomes hypocritical.

Was I not told that I could never comprehend the female anatomy or mind? Yes I was. And am I now expected to become ‘understanding’? Yes I am. My exact question to a girl I once asked out was “So you’re expecting me to understand you while still not understanding you?” And her answer was: “Exactly.* Pffft, the female race seems quite flawed in that respect. I still respect women but the second any single one of them says that I should understand them emotionally or whether I should understand them both physically, emotionally and in all other ways that some being or evolution has constructed them, I will just ignore them and carry on with my life.

The male mind:

We go through many rigorous processes. Messages pulse trough our nerves, chemicals unload in our brain, blood rushes around our body with energy and oxygen and all those vital little white blood cells that help us mend ourselves. And all of these things to generate one word that repeats itself over and over and over in our heads until that single word is engraved into our very soul with it’s endless chanting. And that one word is: Women.

Submitted on 2009-08-15 15:59:05     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  Everyone wants to be loved. Women and men complete one another when embracing their roles rather than trying to understand or fix the other. The world itself is flawed. Men and women alike are reacting to the generations before them that all still search typically unsuccessfully and to their demise for someone to love. The problem is this, neither man or woman has found the ability to love their own self in a degree that they are more concerned with how to be of service or how to exercise their distinctive attributes of their individual sex. Women are meant to be cherished, their vulnerability and softness serves as enticement to males, as they are in best character when they are strong, protective, useful. Women tend to get out of this delicacy when she fears that being herself is not enough, and unfortunately rather than working on overcoming this fear she asks the man to define her worth. Likewise if a man doesn't feel pursued it desired by his mate, complimented for his strengths and abilities, he blames the woman. Confident in their roles men and women create a much simpler and more enjoyable dynamic. They can stop demanding the other define what they are suppose to be and just enjoy being what they are.most naturally.
| Posted on 2015-11-06 00:00:00 | by lori_tab | [ Reply to This ]

You do have a point in some parts of what you are saying.

My opinion, though, is that not many women think men will ever understand them. I don't think women understand each other, like you said. I don't even understand myself, heh.

I don't really mind if boys/men understand why I do certain things, or why I feel the need to arrive early for everything, or why I can't understand the reason my tear ducts water when I see something romantic, etc etc.

In my opinion... I don't think the human mind should be all that looked into. Everyone is different, even if the difference is subtle.

The section on mating, though... Yes, women are picky. Men are picky, too, aren't they? It's just the way human society is nowadays...

Eh, I rambled. :x Sorry! >.<'

| Posted on 2009-08-17 00:00:00 | by nekochan765 | [ Reply to This ]
You're not supposed to understand. You're supposed to SHUT UP AND DEAL WITH THE HYPOCRIZY, BITCH! D:<

Love you! ^.^
| Posted on 2009-08-15 00:00:00 | by XxSkyelerxX | [ Reply to This ]

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