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Piotr ( III ) - Recovery

Author: Kio
ASL Info:    1?/male/Ireland
Elite Ratio:    3.04 - 8 /27 /25
Words: 492
Class/Type: Story /Serious
Total Views: 1043
Average Vote:    No vote yet.
Bytes: 2758


Piotr is a young, polish orphan in a research institute near German occupied Warsaw during World War II. The institute is also home to several dozen orphans which they use to test products created for racial differentiation and racial changing. Unbeknownst to the normal citizens, it is also used to test biological weapons and genetic modification. Piotr will soon be changed into something much worse than he could ever have imagined.

Piotr ( III ) - Recovery

A small, amber cat appeared on the window ledge staring at Piotr and purring almost silently as its dark blue eyes seemingly pierced Piotr’s skull. The cat gave Piotr a sleek smile seconds before pouncing onto his bed and curling up in his lap. “Hello Misses Thompson, have you been rooting around in the German’s bins again? I can smell it.” Piotr said in Polish, as if scolding a small child after doing something wrong. “There must be millions of mice around this building. Especially near the Orphan’s sector. You can’t be a cat if you can’t catch a mouse. I’m sure they’re part of your diet as well. I mean a cat how doesn’t eat mice isn’t a cat. Besides I’m sure the Germans eat so much nasty food to make their personalities so mean.” Piotr said childishly, trailing from the point ever so slightly.

Mrs. Thompson replied by nuzzling one of Piotr’s hands. The small boy picked up on the obvious message that was relayed to him, scratching near the base of her ear and under her chin after that. He also scratched the top of her breast in combination with the other spots. Piotr only took quick glances at his arms. They were covered in gauze. At spots on the gauze there were red specks where the blood had started to seep through the bandage.

Mrs. Thompson was originally an English woman in Piotr’s neighbourhood before the soldiers had arrived. The female cat, that had become Piotr’s only friend in this little hole of hell, reminded him of how Mrs. Thompson looked and acted when she was out at the shops in Warsaw or out with friends. She had always been seeking affection and attention, always wanting to be told she looked nice and that her old clothes still looked new. She was a nice person but a vain one at that.

The amber fur covered creature on Piotr’s lap purred with pleasure beneath his hand but quickly scuttled under the bed as the main nurse of the complex strolled into the ward. She held herself proudly and emitted a sort of dominant aura which clearly showed that she was in charge even if it was just of the nurses. She was a leader by nature and even an idiot would pick up on that. Her name was Miss Gelb and she hurriedly checked Piotr’s charts before inspecting his bandages. She gave him a reassuring yet nervous smile. She was German by birth and Piotr was Polish. Recently the soldiers and the other nurses had become concerned about her attention to Piotr. He had been accepting the dogs over the research for the last couple of months. She wasn’t doing it out of kindness and Piotr knew that. She was just doing what was best for the patient. She cared about her work, even if she didn’t care much for the patient him or herself.

Submitted on 2009-08-22 14:28:53     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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