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polly's Choice

Author: wolfgurl830
ASL Info:    18/F/OH
Elite Ratio:    0.96 - 42 /38 /34
Words: 1060
Class/Type: Story /Serious
Total Views: 1049
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polly's Choice

Polly: Small girl dark haired and shy.
Lola: tall girl and strong and athletic.
Friend number one: One of Lola’s friends who helps pick on Polly
Friend number two: Another one of Lola’s friends
Lola’s Dad: A drunk who beats Lola and her mother. Tall, white.
Lola’s Mom: Is beaten by her husband. Loves her daughter. Dark haired. Of another race.
Takes place in present in Toledo, Ohio.

(Scene opens with a girl of small stature backed up against the wall she obviously frighten. In front of her are three girls bigger than her.)

Polly: Please leave me alone. I've never done anything to you. Please let me go.

Lola: Ha. Why would I do that? You’re my entertainment. Plus I’ve started boxing and need someone practice on.
(Polly eyes widen in horror and Lola’s friends laugh at her)

Polly: Please I’ll do anything just let me go.

Lola: Shut up! I didn’t tell you to speak. Fine I won’t practice on you if. You bow down to me and say I’m retarded and you’re a goddess and I will worship you. Then I want you walk down the street half naked to show how stupid and retarded you are.

Polly: (crying nods in agreement bows down to her) I’m retarded and you’re a goddess and I will worship you.

(Lola and her friends laugh harshly at her and spit on her)
Polly: Now get the h--- up and do what I said.
(Polly and her friends exit)
Lola: She’s so weak pitiful; But I feel so weak at home and need someone to know how I feel. Need someone to rule.
(Exits and Polly enters)
Polly: Why does she hate me so much? She messes with me everyday and makes me do horrible things. She makes me buy her food, and she hits me and once she threw poop at me from her dog when she made me walk it. Oh no here she comes.
Hi Lola.

Lola: Don’t call me Lola! You stupid b----. You’re not worth calling me my name. Now get me a snack.

Polly (in a small voice) what do you want?

Lola (Slaps her) don’t question me just do what I want.

(Polly exits. and another woman enters along with her a man grabbing her)
Lola’s Dad: LOLA!!! Get over here!
Lola: Yes dad. Why are guys here?
(Lola’s dad slaps her and pushes her on the ground. Her mother goes to her but is grabbed harshly by her husband.)
Lola’s dad: I told you not call me that. You don’t deserve to call me dad. Don’t even deserve to live.
(Lola glares at him still on the floor.)
Lola’s dad: Get up. You weak b----.
(Lola doesn’t and just lays there)
Lola’s mom: Honey just does what he says.
(Slowly Lola gets up)
Lola’s Dad: I got call from school saying you skipped class. Did you????
(Gives a small nod)
Lola’s dad: Answer me when I talk to you!
Lola: Yes.
Lola’s Dad: You’re just as pathetic as your mother.
(He pushes her mother roughly toward her and leaves)
Lola: Mom why don’t you just leave him.
(Her mom hangs her head in shame and exits)
Lola: But I already know the answer. If she tries he’ll beat her worse than before or if she tells he’ll kill her.
(Polly enters with a snack)
Polly: here’s your snack.
Lola: I didn’t ask for snack.
(Grabs and throws toward the audience then punches her in the face and she falls to the ground Lola then spits on her and kicks her on her side)
Lola: Did I ask you for a snack? Huh!? Get up!
(Polly begins to get up slowly but not fast enough for Lola grabs her hair she yelps in pain as Lola begins to tug on her hair.)

Lola: did I as you to bring me some food?
Polly: You did you told me too!
Lola: Are calling me a liar?
Polly: I’m so sorry.
Lola: Whatever.
Polly: I’m hurting inside. I just came to this school and she hates me. Who can I tell? Will she hurt me more if I tell? I can’t live like this anymore. I can’t LIVE ANYMORE!
(Grabs a sharp object and is about to plunge in her side but before she does Lola stumble in blood on her shirt and collapses next to her. Polly rushes toward and cradles her)
Lola: Polly…???
Polly: wha… what happened.
Lola: My dad… he…he
Polly: He stabbed you…Why?
Lola: I tried to stop him from hurting my mom... I made him too mad… he grabbed the knife…the knife…it hurts so much…
Polly: give me a reason why I shouldn’t just leave you here?
(Lola closes her eyes and continues to speak)
Lola: there isn’t one. I treated you so bad because my dad did. He beats me or my mom and depending on how his mood is and how long he’s been drinking depends on how he treats us.
Polly: but why me…
Lola: I don’t know I wanted to make someone else life miserable not just mine…
Polly: but it was sooo bad…
Lola: Can you please forgive me…please
(Polly grabs her cell-phone)
Polly: I …I just hold on…
Lola: (in whispers) I understand if you don’t. I was wrong. I shouldn’t be forgiven.
Polly: Lola just hold on… and yes I forgive you…
(She smiles and sighs she closes her eyes)
Lola: thank you Polly… that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.
Polly: Please just stay a little longer. I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you, just don’t leave me here.
(But it’s too late. Polly bends over Lola and cries and it fades to black)

Submitted on 2009-09-04 07:53:47     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  Wow. Thats really sad. This creates mixed feelings. You don't know who to feel sorry for. You don't know who has it worse. It's a very emotional play but I still like it. Can't wait for the next Scene. Keep it up, I wanna see how it ends.
| Posted on 2009-09-04 00:00:00 | by extrEMO | [ Reply to This ]

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