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Chapter 2 ;]

Author: Xiallia
ASL Info:    17-F-Missing Osaka[IL]
Elite Ratio:    1.49 - 3 /23 /32
Words: 1063
Class/Type: Story /Love
Total Views: 906
Average Vote:    5.0000
Bytes: 6602


Chapter 2 ;]

Chapter 2: Enemies Become Friends

Welcome to the horror of my school. Dreaded P.E

Today is....

"DODGEBALL!!!!!!" the P.E teacher yelled as all of the students groaned except Alucard.
"Today is Vampires v. Humans...whose gonna win folks?"

The Human students took their positions as did the vampires.

Erebus was sitting on the sidelines laughing secretly.

As the whistle blew, the vampires with their lightening speed ran at the balls and started plucking of humans one by one instantly.
Saika got the chance getting some balls. She threw them at some unexpecting vampires. They gave her a cold stare as Saika just stuck her tounge out at them.

Alucard saw the chance and took it he used his speed to run up near the line and hurl a ball at Saika. Saika saw it and barely missed it as she ducked and moved to the side. They both stopped and looked at each other with a glare. Saika smiled and so did he.

"This is going to be fun...." they both said.
His fiancee saw this "Connection" and quickly stepped over the line the threw all the balls she could at Saika. Saika dodged them all as she was chased around the floor. The Coach blew the whistle and called Qui, Alucard's Fiancee over. The game continued on.

An awful 10 minutes passed. All the humans except Saika sitting on the bench bruised. Vampires just frustraited that they got out by mere Humans.

Alucard with 7 balls on his side and Saika with only 3.
He gave a smirk and rolled over 2 just to make it fair. The Vampire side groaned, but with one look from Alucard they shut up.

The Coach allowed magic since it was only two people left. One Vampire, One Human...

Saika coated the balls with ice and smiled, as Alucard set his balls on fire. They both lifted them into the air and with one hand motion the balls flew!

Saika skillfully dodging each ball as was Alucard. When finally she messed up. She slipped and fell right on her ass. A Flaming ball flew right towards her but as it nearly hit her it stopped.

Erebus looked puzzled as one of Saika's balls hit Alucard smack in the face knocking him into the wall. Everybody, Even the Coach looked in awe.

Erebus sighed and stood up going out to the Girls Locker room, Standing outside the door he waited on Saika. But what he didn't know Saika planned on meeting Alucard.

Later after school Saika was sitting on the roof of the school, her feet hanging over the edge of the building. Alucard slowly walked up behind her, His face covered by his hat and his hands in his pockets.

"What do you want...that annoying bitch will come looking for me if i'm away to long...." he said his voice cold.

The wind started to blow as the Sun Dissapearred into the horizon. Saika brushed her hair away from her face. "What the hell was that at Gym today...." she asked as she stood up on the edge of the roof. "You had could've won..." she looked down.

Alucard said nothing. "It wasn't worth it..." he said quietly. "You fell...I Don't fight dirty..."

The wind blew harder..Saika covered her face. She nearly fell off the roof.

Erebus walked out of the school and looked up. He nearly was about to jump right up in the air to save her but her saw a hand grab her.

Saika looked at Alucard in suprised as he pulled her into his arms. "You're so clumsy..." he said as he set her up-right and started to walk off. Saika sighed as she pushed pass him and down to where Erebus was.

Alucard just fixed his hat with a smirk and walked to were his fiancee was.

Erebus met up with Saika. She got a looonnnggg lecture

"But Ere-kun! He's not as bad as everyone says..." Saika said as she flopped on her bed.
"I know Saika but he IS a vampire..and we are in a war....Think about it" he said thinking logically.
"But Ere!!" she yelled.
"But nothing..." he said sternly. "I will not hear anymore of this...Don't trust him at all...this is war...we have no time for love between races! It's....just not possible now...and besides you are to be married to a nice human prince..." he said.

Saika just buried her face in her pillow and cried. Erebus walked over to her rubbed her back. "I'm sorry....." he said sadly to her. "but we just can't..." He held her tight in his arms..even though Saika resisted he held are tight as she calmed down and cried in his arms.

"Let it out my love..." he whispered softly.

Meanwhile...Alucard was getting yelled out...AGAIN...

Alucard sat there in his room, on his chair, while Qui just walked around in circles. "Why didn't you finish that human bitch off! Burn her face off! You had the chance! But you let her beat you!"

Alucard took off his hat and set it on the table beside him. "Unlike you...I have honor..I don't take pride in beating my enemies unfairly..she was putting up a good fight and--"

Before he could finish Qui just suddenly smacked him out of nowhere. "Don't give me that Bullshit! you love her! don't you?" she yelled.
Alucard just looked at her out of the corner of her eye and then stood. "Look here you snotty bitch! Just because you hate humans does NOT give you the right as to say who i should and shouldn't're not in the throne are just a mere pawn in this game just like Saika, that human...I don't need to hate humans....I was cared for by one at one point and time..." He walked to the window. "Get out of my sight....i don't need you...or anyone..." he said.

Qui stood there speechless...then ran off crying to her room.

He gazed out over his kingdom. "Stupid Bitch....." he said. "I Need a Queen.....but not someone like her....full of hate...doesn't even trust me and says she loves me..." he gave a smirk as he closed his curtains.

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