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Three Tears Prologue

Author: Dark Divinity
ASL Info:    20 Male Michigan
Elite Ratio:    3.89 - 23 /20 /8
Words: 1276
Class/Type: Story /Misc
Total Views: 1475
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Im starting a story. I accept all help in the editting department, but I hope you like what i have so far. Thank you.

Three Tears Prologue

This story begins in 2055. Earth finally started to see past its inhumanity. We united as one. There were no countries, not fractions, no nothing. Just all of us living life the best we can. This new United Nations was called Sol Yuna, meaning the Sun United. It was this new community that was raised and started by a new religious group, calling themselves the Golden Flock.
For a hundred years, life was peaceful. There were a few terrorist groups though from old earth. These groups sought out to destroy what they called, The New Devil. They felt repressed as if the United States took over and conquered the entire earth. One of the greatest and most wanted terrorist groups was that of Somchiame. Their motto was to follow the shadows and make our blood rain. This brought fear to the Empire of Sol Yuna.
With our greatest fears starting to be realized, a group of scientists created a division making giant robots for combat, called Terras. The Terra project was widely known for years and was under production on top of that. This group of military mechs was used for defense only, to protect ourselves against the Terrorists.
Years after, a group rose up calling themselves Vree Cerra. They proclaimed to want to protect the earth and make it better. They believed that protecting the earth through religion was not the best idea, if only maybe we were to rule and protect on a basis for humanity and not religion, maybe these terrorist groups would calm down.
At the time, President Walrin proclaimed Vree Cerra to be a terrorist group, for years they fought thought politics. Scientists from both Vree Cerra and Sol Yuna worked together to make space stations. These would be resting places for the engineers and other scientists who were working on Mars, to make it habitable for all of us to live on.
In the year 3154, President Duncan proclaimed Vree Cerra as a high priority terrorist group. Vree Cerra afraid of what was going to happen, escaped earth and launched for Mars, only 1/3 of the planet was now able to host human life. Unknowing, Somchiame followed them and was hiding on their ships. Now, there was a small place hidden in the Middle East, along some islands along Japan where a group of Vree Cerra rule. Also, a few space stations and the remaining land on Mars now belonged to Vree Cerra.
Now there were two different empires, Vree Cerra and Sol Yuna. This brought on a war like none other. New Terras were made to withstand fights in space. And over 100 space stations existed that stretched over the galaxy. Stations A belonged to Sol Yuna, stations C belonged to Vree Cerra and stations S belonged to a natural party. Though, in these many years, many groups have risen up, and decided to fight for different causes. Though the biggest parties in this war were the two empires fighting for their beliefs. To say who was wrong was heard, but they each believed they were right.
There was a problem later on that the earth began to be over populated. So the majority of the earth moved to the stations, leaving enough to fix the earth and rebuild it to its original glory. Same for Vree Cerra, there wasn’t enough room on mars and some had to move to the stations. Each empire raced to fix their homes on their planets, hope to find a way to fix what each of their issues and damages were.
The war between these two empires has affected a lot of people, but we’re going to focus on 6 young adults. Virgil Freelan grew up on Station A- 86. At the age of 6, his parents sent him to earth. They left him with a family who would teach him the right things. They kept in touch with him, sending a telecom message to him every morning and night so he grew up knowing who his family was. He grew up in the place called Kings Hill. He was always exited and thrilled to live life and go for what he dreamed. He hoped someday, that the war would end, and his family could move back to earth with him.
Aiden Folker was raised on Station S-42, but at the age of 4 was sent to earth to be raised in a more stable environment. He met Virgil on grade school, seeing him on the ground being kicked. Aiden jumped the boys and protected him as they grew up. Aiden seemed a little cold hearted and emotionless, but was very open about his opinions with Virgil, seeing him as a brother. Aiden use to watch the sky, having better then 20/20 vision, what we would see as shooting stars, he would see as the Terras. He said someday he would change the world.
Gunner Demekei was an already residence of Kings Hill. He met both Virgil and Aiden. He was younger than them, but had the drive as big as the rest. He was a joker, but was always loyal. At 8 years old, the class when on a field trip into space, to get onto a space station. Upon land, there was a breach into the hall, and it started to suck out the air. Gunner was the last out, for he was helping get everyone else off. At the last second, his heart collapsed. While on the stations, they were able to save him, replacing his heart with an artificial mechanical heart, but it was as good as ever.
Emerald Demekei was the older brother to Gunner; she was very protective of him. He was the oldest of the kids, only by 2 years though. He was insanely smart and always had dates. She was called the jewel of the school. After the accident on the station, she was even more worried and protective of him than ever. She always saw Virgil as a brother, since Gunner and Virgil were best friends; she always seemed to be there with them. Emerald was very straight forward and serious, but caring and motherly like.
Rika Valentine was a little bit shy when she came to school. She came from Station C-97, but listed as a transfer from Station A-81. He became best friends with Emerald and followed her around. Rika was seen as one of the cutest girls in school, but was too shy to go out with anyone. She met Virgil and got every close to him, almost clingy close as if they were brother and sister. She had Emerald tutor her in a lot of things, but found interest in almost everything she did.
Suna Renda’e, she was a residence of Sol Yuna, but in true came from Vree Cerra Islands on the East. She said she was Sol Yuna and people took her and as their own. She was a very giddy and cheeky girl. Always happy and ready to go anywhere as long as it was fun. She met Aiden and was very fascinated of him. She followed him around and admired him for everything she did. She did love him; found him to be quite admirable.
They all grew up together, now attending Kings Hill University. Virgil now 20, Aiden 19, Gunner 18, Emerald 22, Rika 18 and Suna 19 years of age. They were all in studies to become something more and something great to help Sol Suna. That’s all they were taught as kids, Sol Suna was the way and the only way to succeed in life. Until now, when everything changed.

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