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chap: 6

Author: Xiallia
ASL Info:    17-F-Missing Osaka[IL]
Elite Ratio:    1.49 - 3 /23 /32
Words: 1260
Class/Type: Story /Gothic
Total Views: 1480
Average Vote:    5.0000
Bytes: 8006


chap: 6

Chapter 6: Unexpected Help

Well here I am. Laying in bed..Poisoned good. It's been 4 days...
The only people that visited me was my Brother. Dj....he left me homework and a bigass teddy bear.

Ere...He's my rock...all i need to say...hehe

Saika laid there in her bed. She looked around her dark room. Erebus was off somewhere paroling around since everyone was gone again. Saika sat up in her room alone.
She stood and walked to her window.
"The red and full again..." she said softly as she peeked out the window.
Alucard landed on on her window sill. "Hello Princess!" he said sitting on her sill.
Saika jumped a bit when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere. "Wh-what are you doing here?" she asked stepping back a bit. Alucard grinned at her and held up a Vial of Green liquid.

"What is that?" Saika asked sitting on her bed. Alucard slipped through her window and walked towards her. "The antidote..." He said.

"Are you serious? Give it to me!!" She jumped up and tried to grab it from him, but he just held it away from her and grinned. "What are you going to give me for it?" He said.
"I...don't know..." she sat back down on her bed as Alucard stepped closer.

"Maybe I want....a bit of this...." he licked her neck slowly.
Saika winced and pushed him away a bit. ""
"Oh? How about..a kiss?" He leaned towards Saika's lips and gave a gentle smile which showed his fangs. Saika blushed a bright red and turned her head away. "No...i just--" Alucard suddenly touched her chin and lifted her head up. "You're so cute....i can't resist." His lips softly met hers for a gentle kiss. Saika felt his fangs slightly against her lips and blushed more. He's such a nice kisser....She thought as she felt him move away.

"Here Princess...." he said as he handed her the Vial. "You'll be better with that in 2 days...fully cured...See you at school..." and with that he jumped out of her window and went home.
Saika sat there clenching the vial in her hands near her chest. "Alucard...." she said softly. One of her hands slowly reached up to her lips. "He kissed me..." she said as her fingers softly caressed her lips.


Two Days later...

Saika was fully cured as Alucard said. She didn't know why he saved her but she was grateful.

She Walked down the Dirt road with Erebus by her side. The only sound was the sound of people talking on their way to school and the footsteps of them walking. Saika held her head down and Erebus walked with his hands in his pockets.

Alucard walked by himself, and was enjoying the freedom. He walked pass Saika and Erebus, as he did he lightly punched Saika's arm and walked ahead. Erebus gave a glare and Saika just rubbed her arm "Pretty weird guy huh?" she said as Erebus shook his head.

They soon arrived at the school gates.

Saika sat in Science class and the Teacher was letting everyone pick their own partners. Oddly enough all the girls ran up to Alucard wanting to be his partner. Alucard shook his head and walked over to Saika who was sitting alone at a table near the window.
"Mind if i sit here?" He said as he started to sit down across from her.
"No need to ask when you're already doing it..." She teased with a smile.
He smiled back a bit.

All the girls faces were over-run with jealously as they turned away to find new partners.

Alucard smiled looking at Saika as she looked out the window. I'm glad she's ok... he thought.
Saika looked at Alucard of the corner of her eye. "Yes?" she asked as Alucard shook his head and started writing on the paper they were handed out earlier.
Saika grabbed her pen from her pocket and wrote her name on the paper next to Alucard's. He stared at her beautiful handwriting. "you....write nice...." He said shyly.
"Thanks" she said as she looked up to the board.

A bit later they were mixing chemicals. Saika was reading the instructions as Alucard was pouring the chemicals. They got into a small argument over which chemical should be poured but in the end Saika won.

At lunch Saika sat at her usual place with Erebus at the table. She was reading a book about old spells. She sighed as she took a bite out of her pizza. Erebus looked around the lunchroom, as he did he saw Alucard walking over toward them. He tapped Saika as Saika looked up.
"Hello there...." she said tilting her head a bit.
"Why are you here?" Erebus said.
"Well sorry for trying to make friends..." Alucard said as he walked away going to the roof to eat.

Saika glared at Erebus. "What did I do?" He asked.
"Just stay here...I'll be back..." Saika said as she stood up and walked to the roof.

When she arrived there she saw Alucard sitting with his head hung low. She sighed and started walking towards him.
"Hello...." He said as Saika arrived at his side.
"Are you ok?" she asked sitting next to him.
"I'm okay as i'll ever be..." He then leaned his head on her shoulder. "Do people Hate me?"
Saika widened her eyes in surprise. "People hate you? I thought they loved you..."
"They're scared of me...heh..." He let out a sigh. "You don't seem to hate...or be scared of me..."
Saika smiled as she looked at the sky. "Why should I be scared of you? Why would I Hate you?"
She then looked down to Alucard. "What did you do to me to make me feel that way about you hmm?"
"I don't know....oh and..Sorry about...couple days ago...when i kissed you...i know you didn't like it..." he said as he sat up straight.
Saika shook her head. "Maybe we that again?" she giggled with a blush.
"What did you say?" he asked looking to her.
"Oh nothing...Forget it...." She started to hug her knee's. Alucard scooted closer to her.
"What would you say if a Vampire fell in love with you...."
Saika looked up at Alucard with a blush. "It would depend on the vampire...If it was you...then.." she trailed off as she buried her face in her knee's.
Alucard felt a blush come over him as well. "If it was me...and I fell in love with a human and it was you...I would.." He trailed off also. They left a silence in the air as the wind blew.

"So.." they both started. They looked at each other and smiled.
"Vampires are Weird...." Saika said.
"Humans are weird..." Alucard said as he suddenly hugged her.
"Don't let go...." she snuggled in his arms more as he held her a bit tighter not letting go.
I think...i might be in love with her... He closed his eyes.

The bell rang for class to begin, lunch was over.
They both looked at the clock on the wall and sighed.
Alucard let Saika go and stood walking to his next class. Saika did the same.

I don't know what's going on here...Alucard's acting weird as hell, So is Ere. My brain hurts...
And why am i so comfortable around Al more than anyone else. *sigh* love is confusing as hell.

Submitted on 2009-09-25 22:40:39     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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