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The Truthtivist

Author: Cure
ASL Info:    24/M/BakerCity, Or
Elite Ratio:    4.69 - 26 /23 /15
Words: 896
Class/Type: Prose /
Total Views: 1637
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Bytes: 5007


this is a glimpse of a 4 dimensional perspective on a 3 dimensional point of view. this only an attempt to articulate the truth i see in within Actuality-(the universal mental reality)

The Truthtivist



The Pessimist, the Optimist, and the Rationalist�

All feel content living that way and this I know to be true, for I can see more then all of you; only because I search for truth.

The Pessimist sees the glass half empty; the Optimist sees it half full. The Rationalist sees the glass is too big so instead he fills it halfway.

But where the rationalist sees the answer, I wish to know;

What is the reasoning within a man that causes a difference in perspective of whats in his hand?

The Rationalist simply knows what he wants, while the other two simply know what they do not. But the issue here is not how or what they see, but why they all can 't agree.

A Truthtivist does not need to see; for he already knows what they mean. And because of that I can see all of what the three of you need; and that is why we will always individually agree.

But there is one place where we will never agree, and that realm is universally.

This meaning that you will never see is the only difference standing between me and the three of you. And this I know to be true, for I am not the only one different from the three of you.

There exists an Activist who sees what I see because he knows what he knows is true, but our difference start when we all begin to see that he never agrees with anyone not even with me.

As passionate as one may be the Activist shall never know why you simple three can not see what we know. For he only knows that we are right and if you disagree he is willing to fight for what believes relentlessly, even to a point of arrogancy.

Here we all can see that he does not know you simple three can only see, or else you wouldn't be what you are. But the issue here is not what or how he sees you simple three, but why must he always disagree with all of you, even individually

A Truthtivist does not need to fight for his beliefs, for he has only philosophies and need only to live in virtue. And this I know to be true, for virtue is true opinion such a thing can�t be taught, to any of you.

It is here we find the final issue with the Activist. The activist believes �if you do not agree then you are agents me and those who can not see are beneath me and those who know but simply observe are a waste of energy entirely!

The Activist and Truthtivist can agree on many things, but a Truthtivist is a Passivist in the eyes of a head strong Activist.

The Passivist has now established his place in actuality.

�So submissive as to be only recognized through the means of others distaste�.

His submissive presence has always been and his knowledge always true. But this individual is so secluded he never speaks to any of you. Shameful of his abstractness and fearful of his effect he only shines when truly noticed, never receiving any respect.

But a Truthtivist and the Passivist agree in many places, the difference is that the Passivist won�t experience many other places

The Passivist, the Activist and the Truthtivist...

All feel discontent living that way and this I know to be true, for I am a Truthtivist and I see the relativity within all of us and that is the only difference between me and everyone of you�

The Passivist sees so much in so little its almost too much and the Activist sees almost nothing within everything its almost never enough. But the Truthtivist sees all the bounty from both perspectives and understands what they mean; his empathy grows boundlessly as his interpretation has no seams. He sees the resemblance in both sets of threes and speaks wisdom fully and acts patiently waiting for the others to see as well as he,

But the issue here isn't how or what I see; the issue is that you all think there's a difference between you and me just because we view things differently.

And this I know to be true, for I know none of you will ever understand a Truthtivist even though and, unfortunately, because; it is in our nature to be subjected to, feeling the same as All five of you do�

And this subjective meaning Ive just displayed for you is the answer to my question:
'It is only you that sees that you all are different than me, and that is how it needs to be. its the difference in relation that establishes our correlation within the harmony of the universal individuality of society.'


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  This is well-thought out. I enjoyed reading this lengthy piece, and it certainly made me think. In my head, this is more like lyrics to a rap song, like prose, not poetry per say, but good nonetheless. Keep it up.
| Posted on 2010-01-18 00:00:00 | by MzJae | [ Reply to This ]
  Your mind works in wonderous ways... I like your ideas... Keep it up and Im sure you'll go far with your writting... Oh and yes.. it is long, but meh...who gives, people should learn to read more.
~Beautifully Corrupt
| Posted on 2009-12-09 00:00:00 | by DearlyDeparted | [ Reply to This ]
  I want to someday be a Truthtivist. I think the idea is unique and should be embraced as another category for those unique inspirations in life, people like of the same breed as Ghandi. I think more on ES would have replied if the piece has been shorter, there a very, whats the word, "If less than four paragraphs, Ill click and find something else to comment to get my ratio up" kinda crowd. I very much liked it all. Theres a few minor spelling mistakes, youre usual then/than sort of thing. It was the descripton of the differences between optimist, pessimist, and rationalist and how they view the age-old filled cup question. Definetly a fav for me since youre so smart. - Ash
| Posted on 2009-12-09 00:00:00 | by SincerWritinAsh | [ Reply to This ]

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