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Architects of the World - II

Author: Kio
ASL Info:    1?/male/Ireland
Elite Ratio:    3.04 - 8 /27 /25
Words: 786
Class/Type: Story /Misc
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Architects of the World - II

Rosy lips, bright blue eyes and a head of long black hair that flowed back to the middle of her back. Her relatively thin, but still full, figure trotted down the main street of the little village she lived in. She was wearing a long coat, a sweater and some pants. She didn’t care much about what she wore but she did spend a little while with her make-up in the morning. There was really no need since this village was so small you could go days without seeing someone who really gave a shit. She gave a slight smile as she walked with her hands fumbling around in her pockets for her keys. The major fault of her coat was that the pockets were way below waist height and their deepness irked her.

Angel, named so by her mother and her father in a mutual agreement, glanced at the small building that would be her new office. She was to set up a small architecture business. She was willing to draw up plans and design anything that would be offered. She would settle for a small garden, heck she’d settle for a patch of grass that needed some flowers. Just as long as it would get her enough money to live on. She pushed through the door and was immediately enveloped in darkness. This shouldn’t be the case since the door had glass and simple logic dictated that light should be streaming through.

Turning her head to where she had come in, Angel recoiled in horror, as there was nothing but blackness. She felt for the door but it was as if it had never been, as if it had never existed. She sighed loudly, holding back the tears of fear and anger and confusion. She took a step into the completely blinding black which was suddenly halted as a bright light came on overhead, fighting back the dark.

“Jessica? Is that you?” Angel said nervously, her voice getting just a bit more confident as she said Jessica. This was probably just another one of Jessica’s jokes. It was amazing what she could do in only a few minutes. The darkness seemed to be compacting and getting so much blacker. That, of course, was just a figment of her imagination. The dark was always the same and it had gotten neither darker nor lighter. Angel’s face changed again, not that it was noticeable in this abyss, to that of fear. Jessica wasn’t scheduled for today, in fact Jessica had been let go yesterday when Angel had announced that the office wouldn’t be in the city. Jessica just wasn’t going to be able to make in on time without driving a couple of hours. And moving would cost more than she was being paid so it was a logical decision.

Angel shot around, pivoting on one foot. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. She sighed loudly, trying to calm her nerves and keep herself from crying. If this was a joke, it was a cruel and sadistic joke that could only be considered a joke in the way that the Boston Massacre could be called a joke. She held her sides tightly, trying to keep herself together. She was using a physical action to reinforce her mental actions.

She inhaled a deep breath, exhaling again slowly. She extended her arms in from of her and tentatively stepped forward. An ominous blue light started glowing, illuminating and revealing where she was. The sky blue light source originated from a blue globe. Around it were three walls, while the fourth stood behind Angel with a door in the centre. In this room the walls were plain and the only thing that could be distinguished was the floating sphere and a small wooden chair situated in front of it.

Angel stepped forward again, retracting her arms to her sides, and sitting in the chair which creaked insultingly under her weight. What else could she do in this place but explore and discover. Pushing down on a - now - mixture of brown, green and blue globe, she gazed in amazement as a screen sprang from nowhere and hovered a foot or so from her face. The screen was occupied by a satellite view of a vast white expanse of what she assumed was snow. The screen went fuzzy for a minute, the static obscuring all images, which subsided and revealed a ‘plan’ view of the room she was occupying. She leaned in closer and her nose accidentally pushed down on the screen. It zoomed in. And, to say the least, she was surprised to see herself leaning in to the screen.

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