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the final star

Author: KatieRox
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this story is entirely mine. It is one of my made up stories that I love to share with the world. This story is about a young teen named Jason Fighting against an alien that was in a giant hole that was on a shooting star.

the final star

as the last shooting star fell out of the deep dark sky Jason started to walk home with only the light coming from the stars that hung from the sky. Jason had been watching the stars to see how many shooting ones would come down to earth. He saw 5 but one he did not see. This star was the biggest star in the entire universe. And as Jason walked into his street he saw a purple glowing light coming from the street beside his. He didnt want to miss the sight of a purple alien or a giant space ship- OR A STAR!! He thought for a moment. He was deciding wether it was safe to go look at it or if it was not. After about 5 minutes he started to think of ice cream-- OOP I mean he decided it was safe to go look as long as he kept his distance from it. The dirt munched beneath his feet as he walked by the houses in his street until finally he got to the next street and saw an amazing sight. Huge purple veins stuck out of a massive star shaped item. Its glow was shining onto Jason as people started to gather around this giant star. Loud comments started rising in the backround and Jasons parents rushed over to the star not noticing Jason gaping right in front of it. Jason walked around it until he found a massive hole that nobody could miss. Purple ooze dripped form the ceiling and he could hear a small groaning noise comeing from inside the star. Taking his shoes off, he started to scramble through it until he found the groaning noise. It was a small creature sort of like the alien off of American dad. only its veins stuck out and it had sharp pointy teeth and well it was the alien off american dad wearing a costume. He nicely said "Hello" to the strange creature in a croaky voice.The alien replied with a short moan then he said "Hello earthling I have come to find stan and oh call me roger....." "ummm? How can you speak english?". "oh i ummm DIE". Roger shot stinging stardust onto Jason thinking it was going to kill him. Jason fought back with his bare hands trying to punch away the gun so he could grab it and use the last bit of dust to shoot away the armor he was wearing. Jason missed because roger had moved his gun. Jason was bleeding badly from when roger dodged and made him hit the cold rocky star but still he tried to get the gun until he finally got it. Bot roger and Jason were tired and weak but Jason had to shoot his armor then smash him into the purple goop to save his, and everybody elses life. He shot the last puff of dust out and it didnt dowhat he had expected. Instead of melting just the armor it melted Roger along with the armor. Jason didnt notice it wasnt armor until he saw roger melting on to the floor shouting "That isnt armor its-its paint!!!!!!! HELP!!!". All Jason could think about was the blood that was dripping out of his arm, leg and I think even his head. He scrambled out into the open and everyone started typing 111 onto their phones. Ambulances pulled up and so did cops. They asked what ha happened and why he was so badly hurt. Jason told them to turn around. The cops stared at the star and then rogers arm came crawling out of the hole that he had melted in. Jason told the cops to shoot he arm with only parts of the star. As the cops did as they were told Rogers body started oozing out of the hole as well. People screamed as the ooze started to form The crazy little alien again. The cops shot and shot the star peices at him until finally riger started to fall blue blood falling everywhere. Babies and chidren screamed while holding their parents tightly and covering their eyes. After roger had finally given up Jason told the cops the whole story- well atleast most of it until he started to fall asleep in the ambulance. His parents had come with him to the hospital to get him healthy and to find out why he skin had a shiny purple thing in one of his wounds. Jason told the that it was a part of the star. Scientists came to see the last bit of star-- yes the last. The rest of the star randomly flew back int the sky until it found its spot once again. well back to the scientists well they carefully pulled out the chip of star to find a bit of the oozy goop soaking into jasons body. He started to glow very brightly until he was floating in the air. It seems that every last drop of the stars goop had soaked right into him giving him the power to fly. That expalins how the star flew back into its place. Jason never died- well sort of. He did die but he didnt die in the peoples hearts that knew the crazy tale of Jason and the shooting star

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