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The Battle Between Good and Evil

Author: PhantomRose
ASL Info:    19/F/Illinois
Elite Ratio:    2.47 - 43 /58 /35
Words: 1107
Class/Type: Poetry /Passion
Total Views: 1599
Average Vote:    4.6667
Bytes: 6874


I've been writing this forever and I thought I'd never get it on here!! I'm so glad I finally finished it!!!! ^_^

The Battle Between Good and Evil

He soars across the pitch black night
with wings as black as coal
He's on a mission for Satan himself
to collect an innocent virgin soul

This is the soul he's been searching for
since the beginning of man
A virgin girl with hay colored hair
and skin so smooth and tan

Her eyes are big and trusting
blue as a midsummer day
She has no idea he's coming
coming to take her away

All at once he reaches her
and grabs her by the arm
He spinns her around to face him
and finds himself unable to do her harm

All of a sudden he's so filled with love
he cannot bring her pain
Instead he takes her in his arms
and thinks himself insane

He knows the devil will kill him
but he doesn't really care
So he brings his lipps down to hers
and runs his fingers through her hair

He sees it in her eyes
that she also feels the same
So he lays her down and strokes her skin
and forgets all of his shame

He lays her down
and inside her he plants his fertile seed
It was then that the devil smiled
for he had done his deed

He knew the man would love the girl
and she would love him back
So the divil devised a plan
as evil as his soul is black

The man had no idea that
when the devil claimed his soul
He was the idiot man
that would help him reach his goal

The sperm that the man planted in the girl
was unfortunately not his own
This was the devil's child
and he would surely make it known

The woman sensed the evil
as the child grew
She knew it like she knew the sky
or the morning dew

Before the child can reach eight months
she takes a skewer to her womb
She rips the child out of her
and seals both of their dooms

As her life is fading
She prays the child is dead
And as she hears the devil scream
it's laughter that goes through her head

Now the devil cannot win
with his heir dead on her floor
She almost had time to feel some peace
until the man burst through her door

He sees his love is dying
and he rushes to her side
He vows that he will avenge her
since thier love has been denied

She whispers that she loves him
as she draws her final breath
And his heart breaks into pieces
with the realization of her death

He kissed her perfect forehead
and said, "Goodbye my little dove."
And he says a silent prayer
as he lays a sheet across his love

"Admit my dove into your kingdom
of eternal light
And never let her witness
the evils of the night.

Keep her pure and happy
give her jokes to make her laugh
and tell her that inside me
our love will always last."

He finishes up this prayer
as he's soaring through the skies
And he takes his dive straight to hell
with hatred in his eyes

He bursts into the chamber of
the devil and his crew
He pulls his sword out of it's sheath
and slices his way through

He slaughters every minion
till he's in the devil's face
And he's hit with a horrid stench
that burns his eyes like mace

The devil takes this opportunity
and slams the man against the door
The man has barely enough time to react
before he's thrown onto the floor

The devil is on him in a flash
before the man can move
And the devil begins to kick him
and stomp him with his hooves

The man begins to realize
that he will never win
He knows the devil will kill him
and burn him for this sin

Though before death can claim him
the devil stops the beating
The man opens up his eyes
to see the devil bleeding

A glowing sword protrudes
from the devil's chest
The man just stares in awe
as the devil's blood dripps on his vest

The devil falls before the man
as he's struggling to his feet
and he glances up just in time
to see a face so sweet

The glowing figure that killed the devil
was none other than his love
The beautiful girl with hay-colored hair
that he called his dove

With tears in his eyes he goes to her
and falls to his bloody knees
In quick sobbing breaths he beggs
her, "Come back to me please"

She pulls him to his feet
and whispers something in his ear
The man bursts into laughter
and whipes away his tears

He grabbed her hand and kissed her knuckles
then smiled and took two steps back
He raised his head and spread his wings;
those wings so big and black

He closed his eyes and held his breath
as she came and stood before him
She placed her hands on his chest
and her glow began to dim

As she stood there with her hands on his chest
the man's feet began to glow
And though his eyes remained closed
the emotions on his face began to show

The glow spread from his feet on up
and finished with his wings
Those wings spread wide and he was surrounded
by a glowing ring

The glow around himflared
and his feet left the ground
The girl rose up to meet him
and glowing, they spun 'round

The man abruptly gasped
and threw his head far back
And when the glowing dimmed a bit
no more were those wings black

He spread his wings and noticed
those wings were now pure white
and whereas he has followed darkness
now he followed light

With his love in his arms they flew from hell
and into a bright new day
And now that they were free
he had one thing left to say

"You saved me, my dove, and brought me
from darkness into light
and now that I am with you
the world feels so right.

What can I do to thank you
and show how much I care?"
She smiled brightly and whispered,
"Just hold me close and love me, and then this life we'll share."

Submitted on 2010-01-21 16:52:05     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  A beautiful dream, of love, of forgiveness and redemption. Very well done, But this was a dream, there is a real path to the light, that is towards JESUS THE CHRIST.
| Posted on 2011-04-24 00:00:00 | by DUSTYTU | [ Reply to This ]

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