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Darrin's story

Author: thelastman
Elite Ratio:    3.58 - 6 /5 /8
Words: 815
Class/Type: Story /Gothic
Total Views: 2448
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Bytes: 4569


Darrin's story

A sharp feeling of pain, course through Darrin’s body, as he fell down to the ground. It felt like, his body was being ripped apart. Just then, a huge scream usher from his lips, as he grabbed his red hair. Withering in agony, he began to scream to the sky. "Get out of my head! Why are you showing me this. WHY!" He snarled. The scene that was playing in his mind was this: A man, stood his face blazing with rage. He bore the robe of the reaper. He had a small blade, and people where around him. "Fool! They snarled, as they lunge at them. He put up a good fight, but atlas, he was murder.
Darrin stood up, tears slowly gushing out of his eyes, as he looked out across the land. "My brothers" He spoke, his voice slowly trailing off into despair. With a haunting look on his face, he proceeds to wonder towards the ally, where his fallen brother was butcher. This, was a treachery, that he was face to deal with. As he wonder around town, wanting to find the girl, the reapers appear before him. No, they where new ones. Softly, one spoke. "Brother Darrin, where are you going?" Darrin, didn't answer, as if possess, he began walk towards the girl. A small heart beat was pulsing in his ears. "DARRIN!" Snarl the other one. Slowly, Darren turn around, fire blazing in his hands. "Die." He spoke softly, suddenly, the reapers disburse, returning back from whence the came.
Darrin, turn, and began walking towards The little girl, who stare looking at her father. Slowly, he spoke behind her, "Its... you." He spoke, his eyes filling with agony. He turn and looked at the pile of dismember limbs, a look of agony playing on his face. He looked away, as tears began flowing endlessly down his face. The pain, was to great, slowly, he began crying. Nah, just kidding. He stood, cold-hearted looking at the pile. Slowly, he moved towards the girl, and kneel beside her. "My race, is this corrupted?" He spoke, his voice, pained. "Why?" He spoke, looking at the dismember corpse. Blood slowly sliding off the walls. Slowly, Darrin pulled out a sythes, and began craving a circle around the body. Slowly, flames appear in the cracks, as his sythes glowed amber. Then, it rose over the corpse, and he began chanting an in ancient langue. After he was done, the body came together. For a split second, it looked like he was acutely alive, intil he was dissolve into A white fire, and disappear. Slowly turning towards the girl, he spoke to her, in a sorrowful vice. "Sorry, that must have been hard to watch.: He spoke, as he looked away.
A thousand miles away
A man, wearing an ebony black robe, peer into the darkness. Blackness was every where. His face, was suddenly light up by a thousand candle lights. He had a black skull face, and long black bones. His face, was ancient ad decayed. In the candle light, A long black table, caked with dust, lay with five reapers on each side. The man, looked at each demon, and pointed with a boney finger, at a picture. The picture, was of a reaper. He had a long wooden sythes, and emerald green robe. He looked, pain. BOOM Fire engulf picture, slowly, it faded into ashes. All the reapers, turn, amused as the picture burned to ashes. A small grin playing on there hollow faces. The Reaper, who had blown the picture up, now sat down, and spoke. "Brother Darrin has betrayed us, just like Terry." He spoke. His voice, was old, and creaky. He looked around, and spook in a rasping voice, "he shall be killed!" The other Reapers looked, with amusement. At the thought. All of a sudden, the candles flicker, and blew out. Gray smoke filled the room, as the reapers disappear, in search of Darrin.
back to the ally.
A small gasp left Darrin lips, as the voice echo through his mind. His eyes widen, as he looked at the girl, a look of despair flowing through his mind. He looked darkly at the girl, and bow his head in shame. "I was sentence to death." He spoke, as he turn around, and looked coldly up at the sky. What a sick twist of fate. The brotherhood, that he had always love, and cherish, was now going to kill him. Slowly looking at the girl, he bowed his head, and looked at the girl. "From now on, I shall protect you with my life." He spoke, as he got down on his knee. A green sythes, appear by his side, as he looked softly at the girl. A new hope filled his mind, Again, he was giving a chance to live. That.. Was why.... he was... happy

Submitted on 2010-03-18 14:17:58     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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