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    dots Submission Name: Nightwaydots

    Author: Elizabeth5
    Elite Ratio:    1.62 - 0/0/1
    Words: 3083
    Class/Type: Story/Vampire
    Total Views: 594
    Average Vote:    No vote yet.
    Bytes: 15792

       Main character Elizabeth has a relationship with her Gym teacher. A dangerous and mysterious guy comes into her life. Later in the story she kills her family then the mysterious guy(vampire) kills her.

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    Night Way
    Chapter One

    I walked through the halls of Night Way Academy grumpy as hell, dodging flailing bodies and paper balls and conversations about the latest gossip on my way to the principal’s office.
    It was an ordinary day today so I expected the same silent treatment I’d get from my best friends for not spending after school with them. Instead I’d sit with the principal in a dusty room at school for two hours for something I totally didn’t do!
    I sat in the old hand me down chair in the corner of the puke colored room pissed off, about to blow steam through my ears. Just as I was about to my principal Mr. Green announced that we were aloud to leave because our detention will be continued till next time one of us decides to do something against Night Way’s rules.
    I stomped out of the room down the empty halls and out of the school’s doors to the parking lot and let out a sigh of relief. I walked over to my fluorescent pink BMW. I hoped in and flipped my Necro CD in the radio and cranked my music loud. My music is different but just because I’m a goody two shoes with platinum blonde hair doesn’t mean I can’t listen to some interesting old school rap.
    I didn’t know what to do with myself. I couldn’t go home and face my mom and her bitching about me messing up again and having to get detention. No matter how many times I explain myself she never comes close to believing me ever.
    I decided to get some Tim Horton’s and head to the beach before the sun goes down.
    It was a peaceful place to be. I could clear my mind with one inhale of that fresh salty air I love best.
    I walked down the beach a bit and kicked off my sandals. I dug my toes in the soft sand and lay back to look at the blue sky with the fading sunset. The crash of each individual tiny wave was so peaceful I almost fell asleep.
    As soon as the sun went down I looked up to the black sky and wished on the very first and brightest star I could see in the blackness.
    ‘Star light star bright for star I see to night I wish I may I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight!’ Wishing for something you want more than anything and having it come true is next to impossible. But I kept wishing for my wishes to come true too. I find there might be a better chance at getting what I want if I wish for my wish to come true, so I wish every second day about my original wish. It’s sometimes complicated to keep track but I have a huge poster calendar in my room with days the size of my head so I can write a lot down. But when the time comes to rip down the old month and present the new it takes a lot of effort considering it’s a lot of paper, it covers half my wall and my walls are HUGE trust me on that.
    I decided to grab my sandals and head home because I can’t run from my family forever. They need to know the answers, though I know they really don’t care.
    I sat in my car for a second smelling my watermelon air freshener before I started my car to head home, and when I do finally head home I take my time.
    Driving by all the blue, pink and yellow houses in my neighbor hood brings back so many memories of me growing up its ridiculous. I loved being young because nothing you did or said you had to worry about because you were young and you didn’t know any better but now that I’m 17 I need to take ‘responsibility for my actions’ but that’s not fair because IT WAS THE TEACHERS FAULT. I only did the part of liking it and feeling good, nothing else.
    I drove up my all to familiar hill to my driveway put my BMW in park, grabbed my school bag from the passenger seat and slammed my car door. I walked up my stone sidewalk and halfway up the steps to find my mother and father waiting there on the bench beside the front door looking pissed as hell.
    I walked the rest of the way up the stairs to them and leaned to one foot while jutting the other out so I was in a ‘I don’t care what you say’ stance.
    My mother and father glared at me for god knows how long. It felt like ages before my mother screamed, ‘ WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ELIZABETH MARSHALL!’
    I said that all to familiar line as a comeback, ‘Truth be told mom I really honestly don’t know what I was thinking. Must be the drugs.’ I smiled and walked forward towards the door but my father grabbed me by the elbow and yanked me backwards I almost fell on my ass. I yanked my elbow back and I gave him a shove that sent him flying a few feet backwards.
    My mother said in shock from my behavior, ‘why did you do that to him? He did nothing wrong!’
    I said ‘ because he has no right to yank me by my elbow anywhere. Now I’m going inside this conversations over.’ I stalked past them up the stairs to my room. I slammed my bedroom door hard enough to make the windows rattle and the house vibrate for a few seconds.
    I dumped my school bag on the floor and took my jacket off and threw it in my closet. I looked at the clock. It's 11:24pm. I kicked off my sandals while I clicked on my radio and turned it on full blast. I locked my bedroom door and lay on my bed and started thinking.
    I don’t know how long I lay there but I must have fallen sleep I woke up and looked at my clock it now said 2am. My radio was way to loud now so I sat up and groaned while I stretched. I leaned over towards the radio and turned it down.
    I got out my homework and did a little bit but it never catches my interest. So I shoved my books off my bed they fell to the floor with a thud. I got up and unlocked my door and walked out into the hall witch was pitch black.
    ‘Mom? Dad? Are you awake?’
    No answer so I checked their room. Nope. Not there. I raced down the stairs and checked in the living room. Nope. Not there. I checked every other room in the house. Nope. Not there either.
    I went to my room and lay down again and listened for my mother and father to get home but I looked over at the clock it now said 4:36am and they’re still not home.
    I was getting freaked now because they never ever left home this late. They should have been sleeping despite my music.
    I ran upstairs and grabbed my keys from my coat pocket and ran back down the stairs out the door and slamming it on my way. I try unlocking my door but I was shaking so bad I kept missing the keyhole and scraping my pink paint I just got angry with that. After five tries I got my key in the hole and turned it left. I yanked my door open and slammed it closed. I put my key in the ignition and twisted right but nothing happened except a grinding noise.
    “ What is going on? ” I said out loud in amazement and annoyance. My car is my baby my pride I don’t let anything happen to it but tonight everything wrong has been happening. I wondered where my parents had gone too and if they did this to my car.
    I jog back to the house up the stone walk and the stairs through the door and not bothering to close it I head straight to the phone. I dialed my mother’s number so much I don’t even think about pressing the buttons until my fingers have already done it and the phones at my ear and I’m listening. It rings and rings and rings and she’s not picking up. It goes to the voice mail. I leave a message.
    “ Mother where are you? Your not at home! I’m sorry for pushing father and yelling at you both but you wouldn’t listen to me other wise. Please come home or call me back I’m worried about you. Why aren’t you in bed sleeping? Why doesn’t my car work?” It was the end of the message the machine said ‘ Thank you for your call.’
    I was to restless to try and sleep so I sat on the front porch until the sun came up then I walked inside a bit sleepy and called one of my best friends.
    She answered on the first ring, I had awakened her from her slumber. I smiled. “ What do you want Elizabeth, cant you see I'm trying to sleep?”
    “Well Ashley if you don’t mind I’d like to inform you MY PARENTS ARE MISSING! And my car broke down so don’t be a bitch to me now thanks, get your prissy but out of bed and help me.”
    “ Ugh your lucky I like you other wise id tell you to stick your fat head up a donkeys ass. Ill be at your house in 25 minutes, first let me wake up and get dressed.”
    “ Kay hurry though. Thanks again Ash.” I hung up the phone and walked to my kitchen to look out the window and waited.

    Chapter Two

    Ashley and I raced everywhere looking for my parents and calling the neighbors to find out where they are but no signs turned up of them ever going anywhere. I even checked their recent banking history earlier and it shows nothing has been taken or added in 2 days.
    Just as I rounded a corner street Ashley screamed from behind me I looked back but couldn’t find the strength to stop my legs from running until I ran straight into something hard that knocked me on my ass. Again. That’s twice in one day. I picked myself up off the ground and looked straight into the eyes of a boy not much older than me. He had dark eyes that seemed to boar into my soul like be could read every thought and what I was thinking and what my intentions were. Like he could control me. He had muscles that every man could die for. He stood looking at me straight and lean. I gave him an odd look, yet couldn’t pry my eyes from him to look for Ashley now to see if she was okay. Her scream scared the crap out of me for all of two seconds but this stranger seemed to take that away and fill me with passion and hate.
    “Why hello Elizabeth.” He said
    “How do you know my name?” I stammered
    “Oh well I think everyone in town knows your name. You’ve been a bad girl haven’t you Elizabeth.”
    “What the fuck are you talking about. Leave me alone. Get out of my way. Ashley! Where are you?” I called Ashley but she disappeared to.
    “If you don’t mind id like you to just stop and listen to me for a minute”
    “And why would I do that Mr. who ever you are”
    “Because I can tell you where your parents are that’s why, so turn around and look at me before I force you to.”
    I slowly turned towards him and gave him a grave look. He had no right to control me. But he did have my parents or at least knows where they are. So I better listen and hold back my snobby comments towards this absolutely stunningly gorgeous stranger. That’s odd though because how does he know me and especially my parents when I’ve never met him in my existence.
    “You’ve been doing a very bad thing with someone at school I think we both know you need to change that. I’m here to set you straight. You may hate me or you may love me. Whichever way you choose to go doesn’t matter to me because ill always be here in the end for you.” He said sternly but it was the hottest and most soothing voice I have heard in awhile.
    He stepped forward and locked eyes with me. I couldn’t seem to find the courage to look away. He was all of a sudden bigger, stronger and scarier than before I first laid eyes on him. His eyes drew me forward.
    On the back of my mind something was screaming at me that this was dangerous and that I should go find Ashley but another sense told me that I needed this.
    While looking at him I stepped forward at the exact moment he did and we were suddenly chest to breast holding our breaths.
    He moved in silently and stealthy and planted a hesitant kiss on my lips. Then the kiss deepened, and my arms went up around his shoulders. I felt, more than heard, him moan and as he kissed me long and hard it was like he flipped a switch somewhere deep inside me, and hot, sweet, electric desire flashed through me. It was crazy and amazing, and more than anyone else’s kisses had ever made me feel.
    I loved the way my body fitted his, hard against soft, I held myself pressed against him all the while forgetting about my parents and Ashley. When the kiss broke off we were both breathing hard, we stared at each other for a long time. As my sense started to return to me I realized that I was totally smushed against him and that id been standing there in the middle of the street making out like a slut. I pulled myself out of his arms. He grabbed for me but I pulled myself away from his reach.
    “Okay that was weird. Tell me where my parents are. Now.” I demanded to get an answer from him.
    He gave a long laugh, “ They were picked up by a friend and taken to their friends house right after the fight it was scheduled for weeks. Your parents never told you because they wanted to spend some time alone. They forgot to leave you a note because they were to preoccupied with your music and the screaming your little tight mouth did all night that they never thought to give you a note telling you of their absence. Now I'm here to shut you up and take you back home. Ashley’s fine, lets go get her.”
    I stared at him for a long moment. “Asshole I don’t know who you think you are coming here and thinking your boss and telling me off about how small my mouth is – though I'm glad you don’t think its big – and insulting me and thinking its FUNNY of all things then man you need a reality check. You can’t control me fuck head.” I turned on my heel and went in search for Ashley. I started to think that I over reacted about my parents if this random asshole is right about knowing where my parents are. I made myself promise myself that I’d never ever jump to conclusions again.
    I ran back as far as my yard and saw her sprawled out on my lawn clutching her ankle. I ran up to her and asked, “ Are you okay?”
    “I’m not okay! I think I just literally broke my ankle on your fucking lawn!” Ashley whined.
    “ Where’s your car Ashley? “ I turned around to face the random guy and asked, “ Do YOU have a car? By the way what’s your name?”
    “My names Erik. My cars just down the street. Ashley try and get up, Elizabeth can you grab her arm and support her? I’m going to get my car I’ll be back in a minute.” As Erik sauntered off like a happy puppy I helped Ashley up and started walking her to the curb where I think the car would show up. I know it’s not smart to head off with a complete stranger but I just kissed him! And he’s completely gorgeous. I have a dangerous vibe from him but I also have a tinny flutter in my tummy for the guy. So I guess its okay. What ever happens, happens and that’s all there is to it. It’s not like it would matter if I were missing right? My parents hate me already for sleeping with my Gym teacher.

    Chapter Three

    What Ashley doesn’t know won’t hurt her right? My biggest secret that I’ve kept for the last 5 decades has never came through my lips. I have been thinking about Elizabeth and waiting for her to be old enough to at least understand life before I took a chance to know her. If I change her that’s the end of her ageing, she will be frozen the way she looks until a stake is lodged through her dead heart. If I give her a child I can pass down my genes. I don’t want to be lost forever do I? I think I’m the only one left on the earth. The only living immortal vampire.
    So much is going on in my head that I didn’t realize I was still outside Elizabeth’s house until a light flickered on and she stormed out with angry claw fingers coming at my face. It was so dark for her eyes it took awhile to adjust. I moved every time she swiped at me that I’m pretty sure she was getting pissed off and annoyed at my sudden and fast movements.

    Submitted on 2010-07-15 06:23:13     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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