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Dirtly Little Secrets (The Beginning)Pt1

Author: DearlyDeparted
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Words: 604
Class/Type: Story /Gothic
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This is just my beginning for the story I'm starting. I'd just like to see what people this thus far. I know it leaves you hanging, but thats my point. I want to know if its worth going on about and if anyone is interested enough to want to read more.

Dirtly Little Secrets (The Beginning)Pt1

Dirty Little Secrets

( The massive room was dimly lit with colored lights that pulsed along with the beat of the
ear pounding music. Bodies covered the floor clad in leather, latex, and barely nothing ensembles.
Women with busts and mid-drifts out for all to gander at. Men shirtless or close to. Sweat dripping over skin and blood pumping just as quickly as the rhythm of the music. In an instant the entire room went silent, and the lighting cut off. As quickly as the light went off, over head UV lighting shot through the abandoned warehouse. Though the patrons did not groan in distaste at the sudden change in the atmosphere. The crowd up roared in a fit of hollers and screams. A defining gong sounded through out the room, and the people fell quiet. A circle formed in the center, as everyone's attention was captivated by a woman sontering down from the stage.)
Mistress V dawned only a fishnet bodysuit and red ruby heels that would have the wicked witch of the west jealous with envy. The contrast of the black netting over her alabaster skin was remarkable. Her hair fell in a mass of a stary night black curls, tight yet large ringlets cascading down between her shoulder blades. With eyes masked in a sheer black veil, only leaving plump, voluptuous lips stained in the color of crimson exposed. She moved with an animalistic grace, hips swaying ever so slightly, back rigid with toned shoulders moving fluidly as she stalked into the center of the clearing. No one noticed anybody leaving a metal folding chair, but she grabbed the back and spun the chair around gracefully, crossed her leg over the bottom and sat down..all in one motion.
She genitally lifted the bottom of her veil and pulled it back her face and over her hair, held it out and left it glide to the floor. Opening her eyes, revealing them to the crowd, an evilish grin spread over her mouth. Gasps filled the area from all the people. This was the first time Mistress V exposed her eyes to anyone in the eleven years that she ran Dirty Little Secrets.
Dirty Little Secrets was a night club for anyone that wished to come. It wasn't like most, with a large man at the front door holding a clip board turning away almost everyone and a massive line circling around the building. No, this club had no one standing outside turning others down to enter. This club had no lines or velvet rope. There was only the steel door with a small opening at face level. Only a password was needed and it changed every night. The words to the next opening were always revealed the same night you were there. Though this wasn't just an ordinary excepting night club, this night life meeting spot was for all the kinksters. Masters, Slaves, Fetish types, Transvestites, the all around BDSM crowd. The club was run by none other that the infamous Mistress V, a woman well known for her secrecy and her physical influence on anyone that came in contact with her. Men and women alike wanted her. The straightest women and the queerest men would gladly turn for a night with Mistress V.
The entire room stood in shock and awe. Whispers began to shake through the room, "Her eyes!," "Those have to be contacts," " So that's her dirty little secret." She held her head high, closed her eyes and re-opened them, finally able to look at all those people clearly.

Submitted on 2010-09-21 13:39:43     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  Here's what I think...It would be better if you do go on with this.Add a couple more characters maybe, thicken the plot.I get a Red Light District with a twist of suspense revolving around Mistress V, who is the main character obviously.I say give it a shot and include improvement.The second paragraph I like going right into the third.Explaining the atmosphere of a night scene that could be close to the underworld of violence,corruption,sex,drugs,money and whatever else.That's the type of story this could be if continue to give it longevity.I'd like to see how it turns out if you decide to go on.Cya DD.

| Posted on 2010-10-02 00:00:00 | by Rex Gold | [ Reply to This ]

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