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    dots Submission Name: Just For Pretenddots

    Author: EldaMarker
    Elite Ratio:    0.89 - 0/2/8
    Words: 4536
    Class/Type: Story/Comedy
    Total Views: 806
    Average Vote:    No vote yet.
    Bytes: 22176

       My story is about a girl who at frist feels she is somewhat alone in the world and then comes to find that she is mixed up in a whole new world to her. It is a comedy/ Romance. (THERE ARE NO VAMPIERS.) I would really appreciate writting addvice (good and not, just be gentle plz) Also any ideas on how to cuntinue! Im so writer-blocked!!!! Any help is awesome!! thnx!!!

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    dotsJust For Pretenddots


    This is me. Nothing to marvel at really. Black hair, hazel eyes , kinda short , average cloths , and hardly any boobs or butt. My name is Elda Cecelia Marker. Im in the classroom in the front of six rows in the left corner when I look over my shoulder to see him. I dont think he even knows Im alive. I guess that in some ways that its better that way. I watch as he brushs his hair from his eyes. I turn back to the front to see the teacher wiping his nose with his sleeve. I look up at the clock to my right by the door. Only five more minutes till summer. Five more minutes till I have to wait three more months to see you again. I look back again and see him lean back in his chair to talk to the girl behind him. Then he smiles and I feel butterflies , I wish that just once he would smile at me like that.
    The bell rings and the people skater. I get up slow knowing that there is nothing / no one waiting for me this summer , except for an agonizing two months with my dad in Wisconsin. I was leaving this afternoon. He would be waiting at my house when I got home ready to go back on the twelve hour ride to the middle of nowhere. My mom , best friend Hailey , and I had said our good byes that morning. I walked out of the class room and out to the bus having already cleaned out my locker the previous day. I sat down and watched as groups of friends said good byes and made plans for summer. And with the rev of the engine the school slowly faded from my view.
    The bus pulled away in a poof of smoke and when I emerged from the cloud I felt my dads strong embrace lifting me of the ground for a moment. " Holy cow! This cant be my little Elda! " He held me out in front of him to get a better look. " Dad. " He sighed and released me from his bear hug grip and started toward the truck with a huge grin on his face. I could see that my bags were already in the back through the window. I climbed in to the passenger seat and put my seat belt on , eager to get this over with.

    Chapter 1
    It was a long wordless drive filled with awkward pauses where singing and laughter had been on past trips. At the house I helped bring all my crap in and then sat out side in the hot, humid Wisconsin air. I wanted to just sit and listen to the unfamiliar surroundings I would be faced with for the next two months. My dad had gone to sleep after a long day of driving.
    I looked into the woods across the road at something glistening dimly. I got up out of the lawn chair to investigate. As I drew closer the light shown brighter. And then I saw him. There was a boy about the same age as me sleeping against a tree with a book in his lap. He was warring jeans , a plain black T-shirt , and a silver chain necklace. He had black hair and was very hansom. I sat next to him and looked at his face closely trying to decide weather to wake him or not. “ Hello? Are you asleep? ” I poked his side trying to wake him , instead he reached for my for-arm and leaned on my shoulder like a pillow, this is definitely not what I intended. I was afraid to move , now that I thought about it, I didnt even know who this guy was! I attempted to free my arm from his grip , nope. He grunted and nuzzled my shoulder. I felt the blood rushing to my face. All I could think about was what I was going to say when he came too , how would I explain myself to this sleeping stranger clutching my arm ? He shifted and laid his head now on to my lap still holding my arm. This was so embarrassing! Never in my life have I even really talked to a boy and now one was literally in my lap. His breathing suddenly became slower and more evenly paced. “ You make a good pillow. ” He released my arm and continued to lay there. “ What ? ” I said completely dumb-founded. I couldn’t believe his nerve. “ You herd me.” I was tempted to beet to him death with the nearest rock. “ What the hell is youre problem ? ” ( Emphasis on the Hell. ) I asked in the nicest tone of voice I could fester. “ Right now its that my pillow is talking, so please , shut up. ” Do they have the death penalty here? “ Well then let me up so I can leave you to youre self , with no pillow at all! ” … He was sleeping… “ Really ? ” I tried to get up but he was pinning me down. Ugh! After about an hour of panicking , grumbling , and worrying I fell asleep.
    I woke up and to find that I was lying next to him with his arms around me , his body was pressed up against mine. It took me about thirty seconds to understand the situation. I didnt want to move because I knew Id wake him. This was just great… I stayed there with him until I heard my dad leave for work. I tried to sit up if only to stretch my legs but he held me down with a death grip I swore felt un-human. “ Just wait , theres a car coming , do you really want them to see you coming out of the bushes with a boy ? What kind of impression do you think that would make ? ” Well I didnt hear anything , but then sure enough there came a police car driving slowly passed. “ I need you to help me. ” He said in a plane, flat voice , as if it were a demand and not a request. And being me , I just had to ask… “ What for ? ” “ I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend. If I cant prove that Im not able to commit to something or someone then I have to go back boarding school in Scotland till Im eight-teen. ” He said in the same demanding tone, and I my god! This guy had the expression range of a rock! Smile ? Frown ? Twitch ? Something? Nothing… without giving me time to reply he took my hand and we started walking down the road towards town. “ Ummm? I never said yes? ” “ Well you hesitated, blushed , bit your lip , and stood there like an idiot, so chances are you were going to say yes anyways , unless thats how you always act , in which case I highly recommend professional help. ” He said not even stopping to look back at me. Jerk. “ Plus my demented mother doesnt know you so she wont be in any position to judge even though she probably will. You might want to fix youre hair by the way, it looks like a birds nest. ” I quickly scrambled to fix it with my free hand. We turned the corner to see a huge house at the very end of a long dirt road. On each side of this road were small bushes shaped like eggs. I had never been to this part of town. Casablanca and moon flowers were placed along the bushes as if to bring them to life. It was beautiful. “ Hey I already told my mother I had a girl so act kinda clingy with me, and if she starts to snap at you , snap back or be eaten alive. ” I nodded to show that I understood. He opened the front door with a loud creek reveling the inside.
    “ Mother! Im home! ” His voice carried down a large hall with a rounded sealing like it was trying to get away. As I probably should have been. He yanked me to the side and whispered in my ear. “ Hold on to my arm and do not let go. If I kiss you, you kiss back. When I sit , you sit, ext. , do you get it? ” “ Yes. ” A door slammed open to the left of us on the far wall , a petite woman in a lavish dress came storming out , her heals clacking echoed making her somehow appear scarier than she already did. Her long dirty blond hair flowed gracefully behind her going only just below her butt. I hadnt thought someone so beautiful could ever be so terrifying. “ Alexander Ren Kagesaki , how dare you leave this house so late at night with out my consent! ” Her voice was like water , beautiful but ferocious , filling every inch of me , seeming to drown me with her voice. “ Mother calm yourself before you strain yourself , we have a guest. ” She stopped not two feet from us and examined me, her eyes slowly taking in all the good and all the flaws I had to offer. “ This is her then? ” Alex nodded his head once. “ Well then, I have seen better but least shes clothed somewhat p roperly if those are for lounging. Not today but on another we will have to hire someone to make sure she is presentable though. ” That bitch! This war was on! I looked her twice over , calculating where best to strike. “ I couldnt help but notice you’re beautiful dress, ” She smiled and looked down to admire herself. “ I think I saw the very same dress at good will last week. ” I said smugly , Alex snickered under his breath ; she shot me a look that could turn mother Teresa into an ax murderer. “ Why I… well she surely has a mouth on her doesnt she? Alex you may show her around but do not let me ketch you near my study , I have a lot of work to be handled and I don’t need an y more… pesky nonsense to worry me , is that understood? ” “ Yes mam. ” He said. “ Good. ” She turned and somewhat slithered away back into her hell hole and slammed the doors behind her. “ Well that went over way better than I expected. ” Better?... how could it have been worse? “ Well it seems to me that clearly , we are done here so I guess Ill be leaving now. ” I said attempting to quickly make a hasty escape. He grabbed me from behind around my waist and held me there. “ Im afraid it’s not that simple , you see my mother will be having us checked on periodically by her bothersome employees. So youre stuck with me all summer. And to start , Ill show you around the grounds as my mother instructed. ” … What?... I was utterly and completely wordless. All summer? Here? With him? And that beastly woman!?! I felt woozy. Was this some weird prank show? I scanned the area for hidden cameras. None. “ Elda is it? ” … How the heck did he know my name? Not once on this crazy rollercoaster had I even muttered my name. Could he read my mind?! No that’s stupid... But still. “ On the tag of youre shirt , it says Elda Marker , that is youre name correct? ” Oh thank god. “ Yes. Thats my name. ” “ It’s a nice name. ” He said spinning me so that I faced him, his face not an inch from mine. He leaned in so that his lips just barley touched mine , my eyes were wide and my cheeks were burning. Then just when I thought he was going to kiss me , he bent down and lifted me over one shoulder. “ What are you doing!? ” He started to carry me down the huge hallway. “ Hush. Just enjoy the ride. ” He said to my butt.
    We entered another abnormally large room , filled with books and some very fluffy looking white chairs , it was beautiful. ( I love fluffy chairs!! ) The floor was black marble with large matching marble beams from the floor to the high curved sealing. He made a quick right and out another door which led out side into a Garden of Eden. There was a small pond with huge coy fish swimming every which way. Looming over the coy-filled pond was a ginormus willow tree. Flowers that seemed to be glowing were every where. Unexpectedly , he dropped me , I hint the ground with a thud. “ Umm… OWCH!?!? ” He laughed and sat down next to me in the tall lush green grass. “ I’m sorry, did that hurt? Let me kiss it better for you. ” He said with hypnotizing eyes like he was trying to put a glamour on me. He grabbed my left hand and lifted it to his face and kissed it , then bit my ring finger softly. My face went hot again. “ W-What are you doing?!?! ” I said pulling my hand away. I turned away , unable to face him at the moment. “ Im simply playing the part , what pray tell are you doing? ” He said. I turned around wanting to crush him with a perfect come-back , only to find myself being kissed. He gently touched his hand to my face. He had cold fingers but his lips were worm. I pulled back shocked beyond recognition. I tried to speak but no words escaped my lips. I sat there with my mouth agape and wide eyes for what had to have been at least a minute. “ I see well need to practice that. ” He said in somewhat of a sigh. “ Practice what exactly? ” I said regaining my composure. “ Showing affection , you act as if you’ve never had a boyfriend in youre entire life. Its actually kind of cute , but it just simply wont do… You have had a boyfriend before? Havent you? ” I had to look down not wanting to see the expression on his face. “ No. ” I said in what was barley even a whisper. Here it comes , I thought , the snicker or laugh that would brand me a loser. “ Well that explains a lot. No worries though, it just makes the game a little bit interesting. ” I could tell that by interesting he meant fun for him. ( oh joy… )
    After showing me the majority of (what I refer to as) The Castle, he walked me home leaving me home to think about my crazy , amazing , crappy , wonderfully complicated day. I ran to my room and pulled out my laptop immediately. I logged on to ME&U.com and texted Hailey telling her to get on. She got logged in and I dialed her up so that we could see each other. “ OK floofy , whats going on? ” She asked in her usual mellow tone. “ Sempai ( Sempai : a Japanese term showing respect towards others ) , you are never going to believe what happened to me! I found this guy sleeping in the woods across the street and when I tried to wake him up he latched on to me to morning! And then - “ She put her hand up on the screen to stop my incoherent babble. “ Wait. Was this boy hot or something that came straight from under my brothers bed? ” “ No sempai , he was gorgeous! But when he woke up he dragged me to his castle and introduced me to his mother! AKA : The devil. And he lives in some kinda mansion and hes pervy and now Im his girlfriend and… and… sempai what do I do? ” I said I an overly dramatic tone. “ Well floofy, you certainly have gotten your self into a mess havent you? * Sigh * Do you have a picture? ” “ Yea one sec. ” I pulled out my phone and held it up to the webcam so she could see. She was quite for a moment. “ …Does he have a brother? ” “ NO! Sempai! Youre impossible! ” She laughed “ I was only kidding. Well floofy , you said he brought you to his inner sanctum and introduced you to The Sith Lord correct? ” “ Yea. ” “ Well then don’t hesitate to travel behind enemy lines , Sempai is here for you , I will help you through this. ” “ Thank you Sempai. ” “ Any time sept nap time floofy. ” My dad knocked on the door and announced dinner time. “ Well floofy , text me in the morning, good night. ” She said as she smiled and disconnected. After feeding my “ Dinner ” to the trash can ( It was moving I swear. Food should not move , ever. Note that my father should never cook, unless youre trying to kill someone. ) and snatching a pop-tart from the pantry , I showered , ate , and jumped into bed almost instantly falling asleep.
    “ BBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Was the sound that I awoke to… I rolled off the edge of my bed and on to the wooden floor. “ What the *****?!?! ” I screamed. “ Wake up , Im taking you are coming over for breakfast. ” Alex said as he threw the fog horn over his shoulder as if it no longer amused him. “ What? … What are you doing in my house? What time is it? Whe - ” He put his hand over my mouth. “ Shut up stupid girl. You talk too much. ” He said pulling me out of bed. If I wasnt still half asleep I would have killed him. He led me out the door to a black limo. “ Cant I at least get dressed? ” “ You can do that on the way. ” My dads car was gone meaning he was at work , also meaning it was at least 7 : 0 0. “ Where are we going? ” “ I told you , my place, stupid girl. ” Hands latched on to me and pulled me in as soon as the limo door opened. When the door closed strange women where practically ripping off my P.Js. and measuring every inch of me and we started moving as another door shut. Fabric was being flung and tossed around along with needles and thread ; I could feel someone putting shoes on my feet but couldnt see past the largest women sowing a light purple fabric around my waist. Two other women where pulling and combing my poor hair. The limo came to a stop and all the women came to an abrupt halt along with it. The large women sat me up and said in a manly tone : “ Perfecto! ” and pushed me out the door. I looked down at my self to see that I was warring a beautiful dress. “ Wow. ” Coming out of the front passenger seat was Alex. “ Well then , you look much better now don’t you? ” I had no words. We walked in to the house and down into the dinning room where we were to sit at the furthest end of the table. “ Ah , look who finally decided to show up. ” It was the she-devil , sitting right at the head of the table. “ For the record , I did not decide to come here, I was abducted. ” I said making the situation known . “ Well dont you feel special then? ” She said in an overly sarcastic tone. We were seated and food was brought to us like we were in some kind of five star restaurant. It was weird. It was so silent while we ate it gave me goose pimples. When we finished , the she devil stood and walked over to a man in a tux and said something to him that I couldnt hear. He nodded and walked over to Alex. “ Yong sir , youre mother would like you to bring you’re lady friend to the east quarters for fitting when you are finished here. So that we may find some more suitable clothing for her. ” Alex nodded. “ Thank you, we will come in a moment. Im not quite done here just yet. ” The man half bowed and walked away. “ What did he mean more suitable cloths? That’s just a little rude if you ask me. I swear , rich people are so snooty. ” I said wanting to be included in the moment. “ Youll see , and after we get you set up with some nice cloths Im think well go out for some ice cream in town. I love the King Cone ice cream place they have there. ” He said with the most human emotion Id seen him show since I met him. Clearly he loved ice cream.
    We went and I ended up being sent through what seemed like an assembly line in which I was fitted for cloths. Some of the outfits were awesome, others I turned down faster than I normally would have , and ( Of coarse any thing pink was out of the question , since pink is the worst color in creation. ) I just wanted to get out of there. I hated trying on cloths. And I hated when people tried to pick my cloths for me even more. I felt kind of like a movie star. I got a bunch of new jewelry too. I really thought we would be in that room forever. When we were finally done I ended up having a whole new wardrobe which was kinda nice.
    We went into King Cone and chose our ice cream , Id been here before , being as it was not a fancy place. It was a nice change of venue. I had huckleberry , as always , being it was my favorite. He had mint with chocolate chips mixed in , which is also pretty good. “ So just wondering but why did you pick me to be your girlfriend? I mean really , you must have girls on you constantly, being that youre loaded , ( not to mention sexy as ***** ) which also makes me wonder why the heck you were sleeping in the woods across from my house. Was the good life just not doin it for ya? ” I felt kina cocky. Tee hee. “ Well to answer youre first question , its because you seemed interesting, seeing as you came up to a sleeping stranger and had the gull to try and wake me , its funny how you panic when I get so close to you also. And as to why I was sleeping there is none of you’re concern. ” I licked my ice cream , frustrated with his answer. I closed my eyes for a half a second and licked my ice cream again. Alex looked up at me and smiled , leaning in towards me and kissed/licked the corner of my mouth. I turned red. “ Why? ” Was all I need to say. “ You had ice cream there. I got it for you , dont worry. ” He said smirking. I melted into my seat. Hes too good for his own good. I felt like fleeing , but I couldnt help wanting him to try something like that again , not that I would ever tell him that. I liked the way he was secretly. The only person who knew I liked stuff like that was Hailey Sempai. But then again I had to keep in mind that this was all just for pretend. It kind of made me sad to think that it wasnt real. I sighed. I hadnt noticed that while my head was in the clouds he had came and sat next to me. “ Did you know you make weird faces when your daydreaming? What are you thinking about? Im curious now. ” He asked as he put his arm around me. “ Nothing. ” I said quickly. “You’re a bad liar. ” He said pulling me closer to him. “ Its nothing , dont worry about it. ” I said looking down into my lap. He took my face in his hand and made me look at him. “ Tell me. ” My heart was pounding a mile a minute. He put his forehead so it touched mine. I shook my head as to say no. He brushed his cheek across mine so his mouth was next to my ear. “ Tell me. Or Ill just have to kiss you again. ” I truthfully did want him to , but because I didnt want him to know that , I told him the first thing that came to mind which was stupid. “ My friend Hailey thinks we make a cute couple. She wanted me to send a picture of us together to her. ” He laughed and took my phone out of my pocket. He held it out pressing the camera button and kissed me right on the lips while he took the picture. I melted. He chuckled and held me. “ Youre so shy ; its just too much fun to tease you. ” He handed the phone back to me and I put it in my pocket not even looking at the picture , I would do that later.
    We finished our ice cream and walked to the park down by the river. It was nice and quite. The water running made I soothing sound along with the birds. I wanted to just sit there and listen to the sounds. I sat on the swing. * Sigh * “ I wish it were always this quite. ” I said not thinking. “ Why? ” “ I love just sitting and listening to the world. It reminds me of when I was little , wehen life wasnt . ” “ I see. ”

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