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** Hobo Rewrite

Author: sandman
Elite Ratio:    3.22 - 1644 /1440 /613
Words: 1317
Class/Type: Poetry /Passion
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** Hobo Rewrite

My old friend of years
called me before passing,
the other day
A person that I longed for
and new our time would come.

In his last words, to his dying breathe
A sacred passage he bestow with me.

As I walk to the valley of death, with him
My shadow of life reappears
Our Sacred cross has left me
A virtue to be stolen

in his mystique
the tall grass weaves, in the gentle breeze
I will bless you with this passage
Wear it well
Unleash my crosses
Of yesterday

The essence of the glass
Remains in the fires of the kiln
Indigo glasses shade my vision
In this dark passage
I will rise again!

Awaken me
In a vibrant storm
Yesterday was cold and Grey
Tell me I never was
A moment of once upon a time
I held you close
Our secrets stay within
A walk through
The valley of the damned
No arms to caress you
When you fall
Look beyond the tree
As you walk towards the sunset
Forever you will see
What waits for you upon?
The forest of the field
To where it opens of the tall grass
A playground of people
Walking to and from each other
Silent voices live inside the grass
That lay beyond the meadow

Spirits walk from you and me
As we pass day to day
A spirit the life of a broken soul
That time has left
Wandering to correct his crosses

Darkness falls
On the air of the night
Cruel breeze surrenders your sight
Frozen in the glass, you look through
As you see my shape
Shifting in the sand
Skimming stones across the pond
Holding hands and me chasing you
Across the water to the river bed
Where we lay
In our field of dreams
The smell of springtime
Is where and when
We found our swing of dreams
Reaching for the sky
Pick a star make a wish
Maybe you will maybe you might
Have the wish you wish tonight
Looking through the eye
Of the looking glass
Is where you will find your rainbow?

Beauty lies
In the eye of its beholder
To forever see beauty is poetry?
Poetry sees forever
Beauty lies
Beyond the eyes
Of its beholder!

I walk through this valley
When a young man
Revisits his roots
The smell of bourbon on his old face
He was badly beaten & slightly broken
A hobo sleeps under a tree

A route to school my kid sister and me
Hearing our mother
Boy dont go through that valley
Hobo Joe
Is the death of little kids?
Go away you old whore
As we ran from our house
To where the valley opens to the forest

The smell of the forest, as we enter
Took our Mothers words in fright
The sun never rises
Where the forest meets our school crossing

Today like any other
We got lost in the rustle of the leaves
Our curiosity remembers
Pitter patter
Our feet kept moving
Walk faster as my kid sister yells

Too many thoughts go racing
In our young mind
Curiosity questions our simple young mind
Stepping in out of the daylight
Seeing the footprints of the hobos left behind

Our mouths fell open
Oh sis! I hear him breathing
The smell of bourbon
Is behind us
Hobo Joe has found us
Face to face on our way to school

Frightened by his face
We jumped and screamed
Little did we no
Old Joe was a dying man

His hands were shaky
His voice
His voice I can’t erase it
Nursery rhymes of old
Sang, from Joe’s yesterdays

Pleading with us to stay
The day in his company
Deep in the valley we wander
Where the hobos gather
Trading stories
Telling lies as their times remember
True love and once upon a time
Sitting on his bar stool
Joe’s sweet memories
Bring a smile to our face
As we wait his return

Together we sat my kid sister and me.
In their return
Tell us more about this and that
Tell us why they did that
Oh my goodness
There goes Joe we shall follow

No stars shine in the sky of the forest
Time forever stands still
As night falls, upon the forest
In the magic of the forest

Joe fades away
Into a raggedy man
The streets looking for food and shelter
His castaway life
Has brought him here
Neither balance nor pleasures
The autumn day howls through as
A summer’s day passes
Leaves scatter at the curb side of his dwelling

A lonely soul
Finds himself sleeping
At the curb side with his memories
Under a streetlight at
Memories Lane

The cold night air
Shatters his barriers
A cruel winter breeze
Shakes him to his cradle of life
Of once upon a time.
Have fallen on his frozen skin
Forming shelter from the pain
Frostbite is his insect
Feeding of his cold frame
Nursery rhymes from his frozen lips
Are written in the snow

Bundled by the campfire
My kid sister and me
No worries of school no care of home
We are worlds away
As Joe starts to play
Come sit with me by the curb side
My adolescent ones
I tell you a tale to fancy
Your frown
Once as a boy just like you
Place to place I did travel
Lost and lonely no place to call home
Penny for your thoughts
To help you unravel
All those ties and binds
All caught up in you

Sit in with us as I
Introduce you to my special friend
Silver Hair is his name
Found him at the curb side
Down here at Memories lane
Torn and tattered
All dressed in blue
Fine little fellow
He turned out to be
Always keeps me smiling on my way
Silver Hair shakes
And Silver Hair shines
Travelling from place to place
Castaways from the circus
Along their way

Nestled by the campfire
My kid sister and me
Our school day has passed
As Silver Hair starts to sing
Welcome! To the circus
Tambourine men play me a lullaby
I’m not too sure how it goes
Sing me a song from your memory
I’ll tell you a tale of a younger man

A banjo plays the hobo sings
Hiding his face behind a makeup mask
The smile of a clown raggedy and torn
Hand me down shoes

Too many shades of blue to mention
Not my intention
Sometimes life happens that way
Tell me no lie
Forget that I lay beside you
Back then
Once a fool
You lost your way
So here we are, once again another trip
Down Memories Lane

Remember I
Joined the circus a runaway
Painted smile hides my frown
I hear you laughing at my clown!
Tambourine man
Lay me down in your harmony
As I wander through the ages
Of my darkest journey

Derelict daze, welcome to the maze
Of my circus
Fat lady sings yesterday’s blues
Guess my weight you could win
A buck or two
Monkey sing, monkey shine
A crack! From his whip, the monkey whines
Silver hair shutters, and Silver Hair stutters
Tambourine in hand
Please Mister; can you spare me a dime?
So I can call my mother
Who left me in this dark place?

Run to the thunder of the roller coaster
Where we will hide our sorrows
Under the bridge where we can dance
Behind our masks we’ll find our tomorrows
I wander to and from these hills
To a valley far and near
The shadow of death will walk with us here
For me I know I will find a better tomorrow!

Submitted on 2011-07-12 14:13:42     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  PS: Synthetically conjugational conjecture juxtapositional adjunctly . Obstreperously abstruse vituperatively vociferous , atrociously impetuous impudence impromptu innuendo junctural . Nonceness nuance !
| Posted on 2011-07-14 00:00:00 | by monad | [ Reply to This ]
  Retrospectively retroactive preterite renditions , estranged ensemble orchestration . Down here at the bizarre bazaar we all believe in the blasphemous farcical fugues . Serendipity servant serenades and mystic symbiosis up spiritual sky , lightning bow hat pick , execrational eventuation evocative , amalgamated anathema android and carousel ceaselessly ceremony chaos character charisma . Haberdashery hauberk harangue propinquity habitation harbinger . Aura roan rainbow mare , nimbus nimiety nihilism . Maieutic fallow feral , teleportation telecommunication , existentially translucent opulence opacity . Corrupt costume counselor chameleon charlatan chaperone entourage , dexterous gargoyle disguise gimmick camouflage , scenario synopsis siren skeptic . Pandemically phatic futurity fatidic raucously riotous .

Seriously dude this was awesome . It really , crusty old man , brought out the hobo Joe in me . I hardly knew what to say . A definite fave. .

| Posted on 2011-07-14 00:00:00 | by monad | [ Reply to This ]

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