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All's Fair in Love and War

Author: MilitaryGirl
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Words: 1122
Class/Type: Poetry /Venting
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All's Fair in Love and War

When I met you the first day of school,
You seemed so different, so unique, so cool.

Then, we started to talk and hang out,
I liked you a lot, there was no doubt.

Soon, you came to be my really good friend,
I never wanted our friendship to end.

We quickly became inseparable,
An act that would prove irrevocable.

Innocent flirts became serious,
You constantly made me delirious.

Our first date went by so quick,
Like when you get a shot and feel a tiny pin prick.

But, It left a larger impact,
I wasn't sure how I should react.

Walking in the graveyard with you that night,
Felt so good, it seemed so right.

I realized right then and there,
"He will be mine! I do declare!"

I already knew how I wanted it to be,
I wanted you to stay forever with me.

Apparently, you had a different plan,
You threw me away like a worn cardigan.

I didn't want to let you go,
I was convinced our love could still grow.

But you still left, it didn't matter,
My world fell with a sickening clatter.

My life was empty, no hopes or dreams,
Just wishing that maybe you'd come back to me.

Then one day, alas, I heard you call my name,
I thought we could rekindle that old flame.

You said you loved me and that you were sorry,
That you wouldn't leave again and not to worry.

For a while, I actually believed you,
I guess I had no choice but to.

Soon, everything tumbled back back down,
This time so quietly, it didn't make a sound.

You broke my heart, way beyond repair,
My life was full of hatred, sorrow and despair.

When I walked by you, I pretended not to care.
But it took everything I had not to stare.

You were my night in shining armor, what happened?
How could a love so real and true be blackened?

I still hoped and prayed you'd think it through,
And go back to being the man I once knew.

The days drug on, the nights were long,
But you still sang that same old song.

One eventful day, I ran up and hugged you,
It may have been unwanted, but what harm could it do?

Later that day, I got a text from a friend,
Saying you cared and you wanted me again.

My heart skipped a beat and I quickly talked to you,
I knew we had a lot of things we had to talk through.

You said you loved me and you would always care,
Running down my face was a wet, sticky tear.

I didn't know if you were lying or being true,
But it didn't really matter, since I was in love with you.

I opened my heart and quickly forgave,
Eager to move on and turn the page.

Things were great, I had my man back,
Until I found out something that hit me like a hard smack.

She said you were leaving, with no time to waste,
I knew I had to talk to you post haste.

You said it was true, you had to follow your dreams.
You just wanted to get away from me, was how it seemed.

The Air Force, you said. It gave you the chance,
To toughen you up and firm your stance.

We had no time, only two weeks to go,
I hoped to God those two weeks would be slow.

Instead, the weeks came and past,
They flew right by, you were gone so fast.

I was at school when you had to leave,
You left a message for me to receive.

It said you loved me and to never forget,
Just reading the message made me upset.

I had to leave class to get calmed down,
It finally sunk in that you had actually left town.

I felt a wound appear in my chest,
I knew my demise would be it's quest.

You were on my mind every night and day,
The overwhelming pain would not go away.

I tried everything, even medication,
But nothing could distract me from your final dictation.

So I began to write you, a letter a day,
It wouldn't be bottled up, I felt better that way.

It didn't last for long, because I never sent them,
I just kept them and read them until it caused total mayhem.

It had been almost two months and I was tired of life,
So I wrote you one last time before I picked up the knife.

But This time, it was completely different,
I typed up a text and actually sent it.

After it was done, I felt total regret.
But I loved you so much and didn't want you to forget.

With my last goodbye said and done,
I put down the knife and picked up a gun.

With shaky hands, I raised it to my head,
I knew things could only get better once I was dead.

I whispered, "I love you", as I started to squeeze,
When my phone rang out loud, as if to say "Freeze!".

I quickly loosened my grasp and put down the gun,
Only to stare in shock at what I had almost done.

I picked up my phone and read your words,
Then, stared at the wall, where I almost splattered my innards.

You said you loved me and you always would,
I wondered how a guy like you could.

I was too depressed to even go on,
I thought you would find someone else to bestow your love upon.

But, it was amazing how you saved my life,
Restored my hope and rid me of strife.

I know you love me, and I'll always remember,
That even if you're gone, we'll always have an ember.

That glows deep inside us to keep us alive,
Making sure we have the strength to survive.

You were my first true love, possibly my last.
You won't be another shadow of my horrid past.

You took a broken girl and turned her life around.
You made sure her smile never faded into a frown.

For all this and more, I thank and admire you,
Maybe one day, you'll see my love really was true.

Submitted on 2011-08-12 00:31:48     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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