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Souls of Vanguard-Blaze of Valor-Chapter 1

Author: Squall Leon Hea
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Words: 1449
Class/Type: Story /Legend
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hope you like it and please dont be afraid to give feedback because that is what I am looking for

Souls of Vanguard-Blaze of Valor-Chapter 1

" Soul Soldiers "

“Another covert mission?” my partner and all-time best friend Sky asked, I sighed and looked at him “yes, seems like we do good at couple of missions like this and all of a sudden everybody wants us to go on them” I explained and placed my gun holster in my locker and grabbed 2 pieces of gum from the top shelf, “ Heads up! “ I called to Sky and tossed a piece to him, “ Thanks “ he said as he caught the piece and popped it in his mouth, “ I can see us getting the mission isn’t bothering you one bit “ Sky said and laughed.

Allow me to introduce myself and my friend here, My name is Leon, Sergeant Leon, 20 years old, signed up to the military around 2 years ago, promoted to Sergeant after the 3rd mission, the silly joker over there with the glasses and the blue hair and eyes is my childhood friend and trusty partner Sky, we have been together since the beginning, born even in the same hospital, his family own a dojo and he is a decedent of many generations of Samurai and martial art masters, and I have been living and training with them since I was 3 years old, since my parents passed away when I was young and I have been living there ever since, am not as skilled as Sky at using the sword, but I still beat him at hand to hand combat.

We have been getting covert missions ever since we started, our first mission was to go and blowup, however this time, I am going alone…

“ however, I am going alone this time. “ I said and laid back on my bunk, Sky startled and looked at me, knowing how wild I get on missions, “ you are going…alone? “ he asked, lifting one eyebrow up in suspicion, I simply nodded in agreement, “ and who would allow that? “ he asked again, “ the order came from General Waite himself “ I explained then looked at him with a silly grin on my face, he looked at me confused “ why are you grinning like that?” , I continued grinning it was an achievement for me that the order came from General Waite I couldn't have believed it, wanting me to go into the enemy facility alone, “ don’t you understand? , it’s from the General himself, it seems I am finally acknowledged as a valuable asset to the army “ I explained to him, he throw the gun wrapper at my face “ don’t be full of yourself “, just then the Captain appeared at the door and we stood up and saluted “ get ready Sergeant!, you are leaving in 5! “, “ Sir Yes Sir “ I complied and started getting ready, getting my holster from my locker and grabbed my helmet and goggles and headed to the armory to grab my gear, my M4A1 Carbine with forward grip, mini night vision sight, sound suppresser kit and Carbine Visible laser. I grabbed my weapon and headed out


While undercover awaiting a sign from our inside informant, I managed to get news of a special delivery, the site was a factory in a mountain hidden from sight because of the weather and geographic structure of the mountain, they manufactured a variety of household items but that was only the cover, the real deal was that it was used as a military storage and a temporary base on several occasions, upon my arrival I managed to get a certain area to hide my weapons and gear for I knew I would need them once things start getting hot on this cold freezing mountain.

“ Wolf of Fire “ I heard it being called behind in a low voice almost as a whisper, I stood in my place as I was walking to the residential area in the factory since the workers can’t really leave the facility, I waited a bit, frozen in the my place “ Hawk of the Sky? “ I said unsure, then turned around and saw Sky standing there smiling “ hey bro “ he said, I looked at him surprised “ what the?!, what are you doing here? “ I asked “ just decided to tag along and check on you “ he replied I sighed “ does Captain know that? “, he grinned “ nope, no one knows, I just got here after asking a favor of one of the guys in the Heli Division, we landed on the DZ this morning and been looking for you ever since “, I sighed and was unable to decide, punch him in the face or hug him, this idiot just pisses me off at times, but you got to love him, “ come with me, let’s talk “ I said heading to the room I was given in the residential area.

“ Welcome “ I said as we walked in through the door, he sat on the bed and I grabbed the chair by the desk and sat down facing him, “ you met the informant yet? “ he asked, “ no, couldn’t find him “ I replied, he smiled “ I did, but he left, he said a special shipment is arriving today, supposedly a dangerous artifact recovered not long ago, but been transferred from base to base, doesn’t stay long in one place, tonight it will be here, and that is the only time we can get it, what do you say? “ he said, I smiled “ nice work bro “ I said “ and as you usual you don’t waste anytime, very well, let’s move tonight, you got your weapons? “ I asked, just as I asked a huge grin grew on his face “ I found your stash and stashed it with them” I laughed and I saw this determination look in his eyes, I loved that look because it gets me pumped up as well.


We got our weapons and equipment and geared up and took into the dark, finding the warehouse area, he walked along the walkway carefully, the room where all the important things are stored is heavily guarded, it looked as if the room was hung in midair with only one walkway, two heavily equipped guards stood on both sides, he took position concealed from them and aimed down sight of our weapons, “ I will take the one on the left and you the one on the right, on the count of three “ I said, “ ok “ he replied, “ one “ I said, we aimed carefully, “ two “ we took a deep breath, “ three “ and you can hear two shots that sounded like gently whistles only heard by us, and the two guards where down, two head shots, he approached the door and checked it carefully and searched the guards, one had a cardkey, I opened the door and looked at Sky, he nodded and stood by the door to keep watch, as I walked in, I looked around but it was dark I got a small flashlight out of my pocket and searched and found the box, I opened it to see two crystals each in a different shape, a red one shaped like a wolf claw and a blue one that looked like a wing, as I approached them a loud alarm was sounded and the door shut tight behind me, trapping me in and Sky out, I could hear the sound of Sky knocking hard on the door and then heard some gun shots, I called back to Sky but I don’t think he heard me, then as if time went slow I saw something at the corner, it was a red blinking light but soon turned to a raging fire growing bigger and bigger and with a huge force I was pushed back, the whole room blew up, it was a bomb.

My lungs were in pain and smoke was making it worse, visions come and go as I have a hard time keeping my eyes open, a strong ringing sound deafening my ears, flames all around me my helmet by my side, my goggles are nowhere to be found my weapon out of my reach, something pulling me away from the site, before I lost my consciousness last thing I saw was a blinding light then the sign of a creature with a body of fire…

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