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Chaos is Sometimes Good

Author: RebelAngel
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Words: 809
Class/Type: Story /Fuck it all
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A girl trabbed to take care of her family without a father and a mother who doesn't seem to care comes home a realizes that her brother have been taken. What can she do, besides take them back?

Chaos is Sometimes Good

Spencer raised her head and sighed softly. The cool wind felt good against her skin. Her gelding, Bear, pressed his snout against her shoulder and she laughed slightly.
"You want to go, boy?" she whispered and petted his velvety nose. He snorted and she smiled. "Then some one," she chuckled and mounted his broad back. She kicked his sides and they began to walk.

You know what?" Spencer asked Bear. Bear shook his head and snorted. "I really don't want to go home," she muttered miserably. Bear nickered. "Do you understand me?" she asked in surprise. Bear shook his head and whinnied. She watched him with interest for a minute before shaking it off. Her log cabin loomed up in front of her.
"Spencer!" a voiced cried.
"I'm here!" she replied and saw her mother's figure racing towards her.
"Have you seen Johnathon or Nathan?" her mother asked franticly.
"No, why? Have they gone missing?" Spencer was immidiately scared and angry.
"They weren't here when I went to call them in for dinner!" the woman wailed and collapsed to her knees.
"You should have been watching them instead of finding someone to fix you needs!" Spencer snarled and kicked Bear's sides. The huge horse reared up and landed at a dead out gallop.

Spencer pushed Bear harder until she felt that he was about to break. She let him ease up and she started to scream. "Nathan! Johnathon! Where are you? Where the hell are you?" Tears began to stream down her face. She slipped off of Bear, fell really, and began beating at the ground. She could not lose those two.
"Spencer?" a timid voice called.
"Nathan!" Spencer cried and hugged the small boy in her arms.
"They took Johnathon. They left me behind and they took him!" Nathan sobbed into Spencer's hair.
"What?" she asked sat back on her heels. "Run home."
"I want to stay with you!"
"Now!" she ordered and leaped onto Bear's back. The stallion startled and did a little dance. "Go, Nathan, go!" She kicked Bear hard and the stallion lurched forward.

"Johnathon!" Spencer sobbed over and over. Her voice was raw and it was painful to talk. But she wou;d find her younger brother if it killed her.
She looked down and saw wagon tracks. Nobody with a wagon was crazy enough to travel this path. It was too rugged and steep. Then she saw the hat. Johnathon never took it off. She forced Bear into a run and began screaming again.

She saw the caravan before they saw her. Then she focused on Johnathon. Her saw her, but quickly looked away. He was smart. It annoyed her sometimes, but this was one time she would cherish it.
She scaled a tree and pulled the bow off her arm. She wanted to start a riot. An arrow would do this very well. She pulled arm wrist back and zoned in on Johnathon's captor for the moment. He was holding tight to her little brother. Spencer let out an animal like growl and released.
The arrow hit it's mark and imbedded deep into the man's chest. Her dropped like a rock and just as she has planned, everybody broke into Chaos.
She slipped down the tree and waved Johnathon over. He ran towards her without making a sound. She threw him over her horse and mounted Bear behind him.
"Yaw!" she cried and kicked the stallion's sides. Bear lurched forward and raced down the steep path. Spencer led the huge horse carefully and hoped that they ould make it home safely.

"Stop!" a familiar voice cried. Spencer looked back and saw flaming red hair, hair that matched her own.
"Daddy?" she whispered.
"Spencer, give me back Johnathon. You guys are safe with yor mother bringing those strange men into the house every night. Please just come with me," the man pleaded.
Spencer was tempted, but she remembered the bruises he had left on her and her family. She slipped off of Bear and helped Johnathon down too. She gave Bear's rear and sharp smack and knew he would get home safely.
"Good girl, good girl," her father spoke quietly and walked slowly towards them.
Johnathon! Hang onto me!" Spencer yelled and leaped off the trail. She and Johnathon had done this many times before and had never been hurt. But their ather didn't know that.

Spencer clung to her younger brother, waiting for that splash that would tell them they had made it. But it hadn't come yet. Spencer looked down and the water hit her. Johnathon was ripped away from her and she screamed, water filling her mouth. She surfaced and screamed again. But Johnathon was nowhere in sight.

Sometimes Chaos was a good thing. But more than likely, was a terrible mistake.

Submitted on 2012-03-20 09:20:13     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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