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    dots Submission Name: Blood for Lovedots

    Author: MelindaHoutz1
    Elite Ratio:    1.25 - 1/5/7
    Words: 4617
    Class/Type: Story/Vampire
    Total Views: 739
    Average Vote:    No vote yet.
    Bytes: 22482

       This is a story about a normal girl that falls in love with a vampire. She then becomes a vampire, and they have trouble times and fun times.
    Hope u like it. Tell me what u think of it. Thanks

    Make the font bigger!! Double Spacing Back to recent posts.

    dotsBlood for Lovedots

    There I was running away from a pack or werewolves. This all started a week ago on June 18, 1812; I had broken off an engagement with Elliot. I didn’t love him; I was in love with another man. Now as I run away, I run into the building where I first meet Joseph, my one true love. As I walk in, the werewolves stop and the leader comes forward. The leader forms human and what I saw next shocked me. It was Elliot; he came forward and said to me “This is not over that bloodsucker can’t keep you away from the outside world forever we will get you Elizabeth.” My heart was racing, I had no idea what he meant by ‘bloodsucker’ Joseph came out of a dark coroner and said to the pack “Leave here now or you will pay the price.” The wolves looked at me and they left the alley. I looked at Joseph and noticed that his eyes were darker than usual. He pulled me closer to him and he slide a ring over my left ring finger and whispered in my ear “Elizabeth, be mine forever. We were made to be together. I love you, marry me?” I stood there frozen for a minute; I didn’t know what to say, so I looked at him and said “Yes, Yes, I love you too.” He hugged me close to him and he kissed my neck. I didn’t realize it until it was too late. He bitt down on my neck and he was draining me of my blood, he had me drink from him. I soon became a VAMPIRE.
    If you had asked me a week ago if I believed in werewolves and vampires; I would have told you NO-WAY. But now my life is about to change, in more ways than one.
    When I woke up, I had a big surprise; I could see very clearly even though it was night out. I could hear things that were a mile away. When I looked in the mirror my hair was the same black, my eyes were dark with a red ring around the pupil, and I had fangs when I smiled. I heard a knock on the door and when I walked I was at the door in a second. I had a lot of speed. I opened the door and saw Joseph he looked at me and in a second he had his arms around me. He held me close to him and then whispered to me “Welcome to your new life, and new home.” I looked at the new room that we appeared in; he looked at me and whispered in my ear “This is our room, but it will be yours until we are married.” I looked at him and kissed him we stood there kissing. Then I broke away from the kiss and we left the room and we went to a feeding room and we fed on blood. When I was done the red-ring around mu pupil was gone, my eyes were just dark. Joseph came over to me and kissed me on my lips, then my neck and him arms were around me. I looked at him and he looked back at me, then I whispered to him “Was that you I felt calling me when I was running away from the pack of wolves?” he looked at me confused. He then let go of me and disappeared and so I followed him. He looked sad he didn’t like it when I brought up that time he left me unprotected. I walked over to him and sat in his lap. He then put his arms around my waist. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. He meet my eyes and he said “Elizabeth, my love. That was not me calling out to you. We are not the only vampires here in France.” We sat in silence for what seemed like forever and then I said to him “Joseph, what other creatures are out there besides Vampires and werewolves?” He looked at me and knew that I was going to ask that. He summand all the other creatures out in the room next to us and he looked back at me and said “Let us go and meet our guests. You may want to change into that black dress.” I did what he asked and came back. We went into the other room and meet the other creatures.
    When I realized that Joseph had done all this just for me, I was very happy. There were Gods, Goddesses’, witches, warlocks, demons, vampires (many of the vampires, gods and Goddesses’ were in their animal form, but I could still hear them.) Only a few took their human form. There was this one black dog that keep staring at me. I finally walked over and soon found out that he was one of the vampire Elders, and he was making sure that Joseph had keep his promise, and to see how I was doing as a new born vampire. He said that his name was Angel. I got to meet a lot of vampires that told me some stories about Joseph. The best thing was that Joseph stayed by my side at all times. Joseph looked down at me and said “That women over there her name is Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. That is your mother.” As he told me this I was shocked and whispered to him, “But my father said that my mother had died while giving birth.” As I said this, Artemis walked over to us with a smile on her face, as if she had heard the whole conversation. I bowed to her and she shook her head and said “Rise child. You were told that I had died because I somewhat did. You are destined to do great things, and I came here so that I could grant Joseph my permission to marry you, my daughter. This is a very special day as well. Tonight everyone here is a witnesses to that and that my daughter is no longer to be called Elizabeth. She is now and forever to be called Athena. Athena means Goddess of Wisdom.” As Artemis touched my shoulder, the black dress I was wearing transformed into a beautiful black lace top, a beautiful black floor length skirt, and black riding boots, I felt cold metal in my right boot and I looked down and noticed that there was a blade hidden inside of it. The middle of my belly showing, I looked just like my mother. Joseph took my hand and kissed it, then kissed my lips. He then looked around and he then saw the problem, the werewolves came to crash the party. Every vampire was in a stance ready for a fight, but the head werewolf (Elliot) came forward shifting human and he growled as he spoke “Elizabeth, how could you become one of those bloodsuckers.” Every vampire looked at him and was mumbling something like “How could you come to a party MUTT.” I stepped forward and took out the blade in my right boot and held it close to me and Elliot was very shocked to see me as I said “My name is no longer Elizabeth. It is Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. Now leave mutts or we will kill you.” They looked at me and then they left. The party continued. Everyone that I had met was so nice. My mother had gotten me a present; it was a black cloak, black sword holder, and a black sword. I was very grateful for all the gifts. When everyone had left my mother came forward and said to me “My daughter and my son. It has given me great honor, to see that you have been awakened.” I looked at her and smiled. I then looked at Joseph and then my engagement ring. Joseph looked at me with wide eyes and then leaned forward and kissed me and I kissed him back. After all our guest’s had left, Joseph came up behind me and hugged me as he whispered in my ear “You look very sexy in that outfit.” I smiled and we went to our bedroom and I looked at the time, it was 7 O’clock in the morning and I yawned. He got into bed and he shut the curtains that were on the bed frame. I got changed into a black silk gown and crawled into bed with him. He pulled me close to him and he kissed my forehead, then my neck. He looked at me and held me tight as we fell asleep.
    When I woke up it was 8O’clock at night and Joseph and I were still curled up close together. He opened his eyes and kissed me and said “Good, morning beautiful.” We laid in bed all day and had the servants bring us the “Food” we needed, and we talked. He looked at me, as I got up and showered, when I came back into the room Joseph came over to me and whispered in my ear “Today is the day. Satin (the devil) will be here at midnight for us to exchange our vows. Your dress is in the other room. He kissed me and left. I went into the other room and saw the blood red dress. It is eleven O’clock, I have one hour left. The women servants came into the room and started helping me undress. The women helped me put the dress on, that’s when I noticed that it was very low-cut in a V it had black gems around the V-neck. It had a slit that came to about my knee on both sides and the slits had black gems running up them. I watched as the women started to put my hair up but I protested and they left my hair down. One woman put a red-diamond necklace around my neck. I look to a young girl and I say to her “What is your name child?” She looks at me shocked at the fact that I am talking to her. She clears her throat and say’s in a shaky voice “My name is Crystal.” I had the urge to ask her another question “How old are you?” She looks confused but answers “I am 10 years old ma’am.” I have s strange feeling to ask her an UN-NATURAL question, but I ask it anyways “I would like to offer you the ability to become my daughter. Do you accept?” Her green eyes light up as I ask this question and she stumbles and bows and whispers a reply “Yes, I accept your offer.” I touch her shoulder and her servants clothing transforms into a beautiful black dress (It looks exactly the same as mine except it has red gems instead of black). My mother Artemis walks in and says “Daughter and Grand-daughter are you ready. It’s time.” We smile up at her and head out. I can’t stop the weird feeling I got when she came in and said “Grand-daughter.” How did she find out so quickly?
    Joseph is standing with a young boy that I have never seen before, standing next to him. We walk up to him and he takes my hand and Crystal stands by me. Satin asks us for our vow’s, Joseph starts and speaks “Forever, my love will last. For we meet by mistake, and we fell in love. I will love you forever” I go to say my vow’s when I hear growling in the corner and I put up a spell and it turns out to be Angel, a vampire Elder. I pull off the spell and I go on to say my vow’s “My love. I you found me and told me you were going to kill me, but you changed your mind. We fell in love. I will love you forever.” We went on to the I do’s and Crystal handed me the wedding band (It looked like bones were melted together.) I placed it on his ring finger. Joseph then slides the wedding band onto my finger and it locked into place with the engagement ring. All the creatures that were at my party are at our wedding.
    As we head to the reception as Husband and Wife. As people gather, I hear Angel growling at me and I walk over to him. He growls and then bows to me and he whispers to me “I see congratulations are needed. I see you have taken on a daughter that is very nice. Just to let you know Crystal is, well once was my daughter treat her well. I left my gift on the table. I must go, but thank you for having me.” He bows again to me and I hug him, and then go back to Joseph and he re-takes my hand and kisses my lips. Joseph and I go to our table and sit down. Crystal sits beside me and the boy sits beside Joseph, I lean over to Joseph and whisper “Who’s the boy?” Joseph looks at me then say’s “I will tell you and the rest of our guest’s. Just as you and your young Girl.” He then stands and clears his throat, everyone goes quiet and he says “Today is the best day of my life. I have married my soul mate. I would also like to say that due to tradition we are to take the youngest boy and girl of our servants and ask them to take a position as our children, and then when they are old enough they will become a vampire. This young man sitting next to me is Christopher. He was my youngest servant, he is 11 years old, and he is our son. Now to my lovely wife.” I look at him and I stand and I clear my throat and say “Thank you and welcome everyone. Today is a great day. This young lady sitting next to me is my youngest servant, she is 10 years old and she is now my daughter. This is Crystal our daughter.” I sat back down and we ate dinner.
    After the reception we all went to our rooms and went to bed. When I work up, next to Joseph and I was thirsty. So I went down to the feeding room and then came up checked on the kids and then went back to bed. When I awoke again Joseph was staring at me with eyes of worry, he then said “My love. Is everything okay?” I looked at him confused and then said “Yes, I am fine.” We just lay there and he then leaned in and gave me a kiss. I smiled and he pulled me closer to him and we went back to sleep.
    When we awoke again, I felt this weird connection to my daughter and Joseph noticed me acting weird. As we were getting dressed Joseph said to me “My love. What is going on? Something is not right with you.” I looked at him and smiled and said “It’s just something that Angel said to me last night.” Joseph looked at me confused, but he didn’t ask me anything else. I was not sure if he could read my mind or what, but the look he was giving me made me hiss and show my fangs. Joseph shook his head and laughed at me and said “Dearest, I was listening to our children snoring.” He laughed again.
    My husband looked at me and I disappeared and he followed me into where Angel’s present sits on the table. I looked at Joseph and say to him “Crystal was Angel’s daughter.” As I say this I start to cry and Joseph hugs me and holds me close to him. I then open the gift from Angel and it contains two silk robes with our names on them. “What are these for?” He looks at them and then I pull out a note that says ‘Athena & Joseph, it would make us very happy if you would join us this weekend on our boat. We would be honored if you would think about joining the elders. Please think hard about it. With love Angel.’ As we put them on I think about it, and then I say to Joseph, “Do you think we should go on the boat? It could be our honeymoon.” I smile at him and he smiles back. He says to me I think we should go for it.”
    As the night went on we started packing our cloths (If you could call what I was packing clothes.) As we start to leave we say good bye to our kids and tell them to behave.
    When we get to the dock, it is so beautiful out. The sun is shining and the clouds are somewhat out (Even though vampires don’t like the sun, we can still be out in the sun.) I gasp at the sight of the huge Ocean liner. Joseph looks at me and say’s “Dear those are for vamps to feed off. I told Angel ahead of time that we will not be feeding from the source.” As we walk up the plank to come aboard the ship the man that greets us takes Joseph’s hand and then he takes my hand and kisses the top of it and says “You are destined to do great things.” He then release’s my hand. I hurry to Joseph’s side and I ask him “What was that about?” He looks at me and smiles and laughs. We arrive at our room and we walk in. As I shut the door Joseph says to me “That guy is a vampire and he can tell your future by holding your hand.” I smile at him and I walk over to the bed and I sit by Joseph, he then pulls me on his lap and we start to kiss a lot and he takes off my shirt and I then take off his shirt. He says to me “Dear, it is almost time for bed.” I smile at him and we go back to kissing.
    I awoke at 9:30 at night. I got into the shower and then got dressed in my Tank, my boots and my skirt. I left Joseph a not ‘Went out to feed, see you soon.’ I grabbed my Elder robe and left. I went straight to the feeding room. As I was wanting, I saw a man that was dressed exactly like I was, but I recognized him. He felt me staring at him and he turned to look at me. He looked so familiar and then he spoke to me, “Hello Athena. How are you?” I then knew who it was, It was Angel my elder friend, he came over to me and we hugged. I then said to him “Angel, I am good and yourself?” That was why I couldn’t place him; he is always a dog when I see him. HE looked at the robe and he said “I am good. I see you have accepted my offer.” I nodded and then my name was called to feed.
    When I returned to my room Joseph was still in bed, it made me laugh a bit, my laughter woke him up. I looked at him and he looked at me and then I said “Good Morning. You will never guess who I ran into in the feeding room” He looked at me and said “You look sexy, and let me guess Angel.” I looked at him and rolled my eyes. I went to his die of the bed and undressed and got into bed laying on top of him and said “Yea, but you really shouldn’t spy on me like that.” I Leaned in and kissed his lips. Then a knock at the door, I put on my silk robe (Not my elder robe) and went to the door with an angry expression and said “Yes, May I help you?” It was Angel and he looked in and said “Sorry to disturb, but you two need to get dressed now and meet me at the dining room.” I snarled at him and shut the door and locked it. I went back to bed and curled up next to Joseph. Angel keep trying to open the door and break it down, I yelled at him “If you keep trying to break that door down I am going to come out there shred you to pieces and burn them!” He finally stopped but yelled “Fine, but be at the elder meet in 20minutes.” I looked at Joseph who looked startled. I then lost every train of thought of what I was doing, so I said to Joseph “Let’s get dressed, because Angel is right outside our door.” Joseph kissed me and whispered something in my ear and I smiled at him and said “okay, but let’s wait until later.” As Joseph was in the shower I started getting dressed in my black boots and black dress and my elder robe. I tied my hair back and put up the hood. Joseph came out dressed and we left for the Elder Meeting.
    At the elder meeting Joseph and I sat next to each other. I wondered what this meeting is about and then I smelt it blood, human blood. I look around and saw that Angel was standing over a girl and she was naked and she hand cuts on her body. I looked at Joseph and he looked at me. I could see that he craved it, I told him through our bond ‘What is this?’ He looked at me and shook his head as if he was saying I don’t have a clue. Angel looked right at me and his eyes were darker than usual and Shivers ran down my spine. I grabbed Joseph’s hand and said “We have to go NOW!” We got up and left. Joseph knew what I was thinking because when we got out of there we dropped the robes off at Angels door with a note that read ‘Angel, we are NO longer a part of the elders. Good bye.’ The next thing we did shocked even me.
    Joseph and I are now at our house. The children are in bed Crystal just turned 11. Tomorrow I plan on taking her shopping to get a new dress and a diamond necklace, with our family crest on it. Our crest means Night Hunter.

    When I return to the house I go to my room to put the items away. To my surprise Joseph is still in bed. I get undressed and climb into bed and he pulls me closer to him and we kiss and he gets on top of me and we then have sex. After words we just lay there intertwined and we fall asleep.
    When I awoke we were lying in bed and I heard a knock on the door. I got up, put my robe on and opened the door and it was crystal. I saw that she had been crying and her dressed was ripped. I grabbed her and a snarl left my throat. I held her close to me and said to her “What happened? Who did this to you?” She just looked at me and said “Angel, he tried to have sex with me. Christopher heard me screaming and he came to help me and he tried to kill him but Angel ran off.” I looked at her shocked and I awoke Joseph and he snarled so loud that the house shook. Then crystal added “Mom, what did you do to that necklace you gave me, because until he ripped it off me he couldn’t touch me.” Later I told joseph about how I am learning how to cast spells. I went to see Christopher and he looked VERY upset. He said to me “Mother, I am sorry. I should have killed him.” I hugged him and said to him “It’s not your fault. We should have protected you more.” I went back to bed and Joseph was lying in bed and said to me “I think it is time we change them.” I shook my head as to agree with him.
    The next day we told the children of our plans and Crystal was the first one to speak, “Mother, Father. I think there is something you should know about me.” Her eyes changed to a dark red and her fangs showed. I looked at Joseph and said to her “When did this happen?” Crystal looked at Christopher then to me and spoke in a soft voice “When Angel tried to rape me, he changed me.” I didn’t know what to say so Joseph said to them “Go to bed we will discuss this further in the morning.” I looked at Joseph and he looked back at me, I went back to bed and Fell asleep. I awoke to the sudden scream of my son and I knew that the change was happening. I wanted in bed for Joseph to return to me, when he did he came to my side of the bed and he sat in a chair and whispered to me “That’s why she was screaming and why her dress was ripped.” Later that night I awoke and went to see our children (Yes they slept in the same room, but had different beds.) When I got to the door I smelt SMOKE, and when I opened the door I saw it Christopher and Crystal’s bodies burned to ash. I screamed out and Joseph came running to me, but when he saw the scene he knew who had done it. I ran out of there and blew the ashes with the wind’s help. I put protection spells. When I went back to our room, Joseph was sitting on the bed holding the necklace that I had gotten for crystal. I crawled into bed and curled up and tried to sleep, but sleep never came. Joseph said to me “It was the Elder group that killed them.” We then fell asleep. When I awoke Joseph was holding me really tight to him, I kissed his lips and I started to cry as I thought about what had happened. The next night when I was in bed, Joseph was in the kitchen making dinner and I heard a gun shoot and ran down to see my husband die a slow and painful death.
    Three weeks later: I am living in a small town in Alaska. I live among my kind. I am living in a small cabin with my best friend Julie (She is also a vampire). After that night I moved here. A lot of vampires here have the same story, was invited to join the elders found out that they were bad and then left before they could get hurt. Every now and then a new family of vampires moves here and they tell me their story. I still morn my husband and children. I have been told by other vamps that when we (Vampires) are around werewolves, vampires that see the future cannot see us. I have decided that I will hunt down and kill the Elder members. I will save Angel for last. They won’t even see me coming because I have a pack of werewolves on my side.
    The End for now.

    Submitted on 2012-04-26 13:22:19     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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