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    dots Submission Name: Soul Eater Fanfiction {Nobody's Perfect}dots

    Author: OneSoul
    Elite Ratio:    1.62 - 0/0/1
    Words: 5853
    Class/Type: Fanfic/Misc
    Total Views: 3868
    Average Vote:    No vote yet.
    Bytes: 30858

       A Death the Kid fanfic, will go back and forth between people's P.O.V's

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    dotsSoul Eater Fanfiction {Nobody's Perfect}dots

    Chapter 1: More Secrets?
    Kid’s P.O.V

    There was always a nagging thought in my mind, persisting to irritate me day after day. I didn’t tell anyone though; I didn’t expect them to understand. They’d make fun of me, they always did. I acted like I didn’t care, but it was only an act. Truth is….it hurt.

    I slowly walk down the long dark colored hallway, my gaze locked on a large door at the end of it. I observe the faint light shining around the edges of the door a moment. Then I grab the handle in my hand and turn it before pushing the door open.

    That one thought had gotten to me so much I’d been having nightmares about it. It was always the same vivid dream, a hooded figure which I could not make out but knew as a female was running away. I could hear a baby crying loudly, but the sound seemed distant and drawn out. I could also sense the danger lurking in the shadows and the panicked feeling from the woman. The sky was a dark midnight blue speckled with stars and storm clouds, the lightning crackling through them on the edge of my vision. The woman would trip, and a bundle would go flying from her arms and land on the ground a few feet away. I somehow knew that woman was the baby’s mother; I wasn’t sure how I knew though. I hear a scream from the woman and her loud sobs, and I see her on her knees with her hands clasped in a begging position. The baby’s wails are drawn out by the thick rain now pouring down around me. I wanted to move closer, but I seemed to be frozen to the spot. And it was terrifying. The woman screams again for mercy as a large dark shape blocks out my vision and a pain rips through my body. A pain of great loss, and of sheer desperation. I wake up in a cold sweat; my heart rate increased and panic surging through my body at an alarming level.

    I close the door behind me as I look around at the fake blue sky and the drifting puffy white clouds. My frown remains plastered on my face. I walk down the path leading further into the Death Room and up the steps onto a raised stone platform. I walk over and stand in front of a large mirror with golden edges. The glass shimmers before a black shadowy figure steps through. Lord Death.

    “Well heya Kiddo!” He exclaims with a wave of his too large hand. I don’t even smirk at his childish accent. My father’s skull shaped mask somehow seems to twist into a more serious and slightly worried expression. “What is it that’s bothering you?” He asks, immediately knowing something was wrong. He was a pretty kind dad; he cared about me a lot.

    “I have a question for you, father.” I state simply. He tilts his head slightly and nods. “Well?” He asks me. My gaze hardens into a more serious and slightly irritated expression. “Who, and where, is my mother.”

    Chapter 2: Figuring Things Out

    “What?” Lord Death asks, clearly surprised. “You heard me.” I say irritably. “Your mother loves you very much.” My dad replies. “That wasn’t the question.” I say, my voice nearly a hiss. I was surprised by my tone of anger.

    Lord Death lets out a long sigh. I wait, my yellow eyes trained calmly on him. “Kid….” He begins to dodge the question again. “TELL ME!!!!” I yell at him, lashing my arms out behind me. My father flinches, eyes widened in surprise.

    “You know exactly what I am asking father! I am sick of your indirect answers! Give it to me straight!” I snap at him. I was shocked by my disobedience and defiance, only fueling the power behind my voice further.

    My father nods slowly. “Alright…I will tell you.” He says slowly, clearly unhappy. I sigh in relief, relaxing. “But you may not like what I say.” He adds calmly. I nod in understanding. “I’ll handle it.” I murmur. I’m prepared for whatever he has to say. I think to myself.

    My father draws in a long and sharp breath. “You were born in October as you already know, I’m not sure of the exact date.” He starts. “I thought you said I was born on the 8th?” I say in puzzlement. “I made it up, I knew you’d like that date.” He says, waving a hand to silence me from interrupting. “It was almost a whole two months later I found out about your birth. Your mother had never wanted me to know about you. I learned of my small infant son, and I went to find you.”

    I finally found you and your mother, who took you from your home and ran away from me and my Death Scythes.” He says, pausing a moment to think. The woman and the baby from my dream, that must be my mother and I.

    “I quickly caught up to you both, and I sent my Death Scythe’s in first. This was nearly 16 whole years ago.” My father states. “Go on.” I urge him, intrigued by the story. “Your mother tried to keep us away, but she couldn’t. She tried to give herself up for your safety. But I had never planned to harm you, either of you. She called me a liar and tried one last time to run. She couldn’t, she’d been surrounded.”

    “She realized she’d been surrounded and set you down on the wet muddy ground, all of us had been soaked by the rain. She vanished as a lightning bolt struck nearby, temporarily blinding us. I took you home, to this place. I hadn’t yet been bound to Death City; once I had you I bound myself to this place to protect you and to seal away the now dead Kishin Asura.” He says calmly. I wait for him to say more but he remains silent. “Who was she? My mother?” I ask him quickly.

    Lord Death takes a very drawn out and deep breath. I wait silently, eyes narrowed as I know he’s about to speak.

    “Your mother and I were never supposed to have you, you’re only here because I was tricked into being with her for a short period of time. Kid, your mother is the Witch Lupa.”
    Chapter 3: A Witch Reaper?

    “Kid are you okay?” I hear Liz’s worried voice and break out of my little trance. It was the day after my talk with my father, and I was sitting at lunch with all of my friends. I admit I hadn’t really talked to them at all; I’d just been sitting here thinking.

    “Yea Kid, you’ve been awfully quiet.” Maka adds, turning her gaze away from Soul to me. I fake a very weak and pathetic smile and nod. “Yea, everything’s fine.” I lie. “No it’s not. Tell us what’s bugging you okay?” Soul says from across the table. “It’s probably because he’s not as big a star as me!” Black*Star laughs. “Shut up Black*Star! I’m not in the mood for your insults!” I snap, quickly wishing I’d kept my mouth shut as my rage takes over momentarily.

    Everyone at the table turns their heads to stare at me wide-eyed and some gaping. “Kid, you’re lying to us. Please say what’s wrong.” Ally, my girlfriend, asks softly. A tired sigh escapes me, possibly from my lack of sleep the night before. I was being a jerk to my friends even though this wasn’t their fault, I had to stay calm. Think symmetry. Damn! It wasn’t working. “I had a talk with my dad yesterday.” I say quietly.

    “Oh? What about?” Maka asks. “My mother.” I reply coldly. Everyone goes silent, until Black*Star opens his big mouth. “Kid has a mom?” He asks in total surprise and shock. Maka closes her eyes, a very irritated look on her face. She smacks Black*Star on the head with a random book.

    “How’d that go?” Tsubaki asks softly. Patty laughs loudly while pointing at the whimpering Black*Star. “Not well.” I reply in a hushed tone. The others all lean forward for info, besides Black*Star and Patty who are rolling around on the floor fighting. “Turns out my dad pretty much stole me away from her.” I say then chuckle slightly. “Hell, I wasn’t even supposed to be born at all.” I scowl, folding my arms and looking away in anger.

    Liz, Maka, Ally, Soul, and Tsubaki all watch me worriedly. Black*Star and Patty scream and try to beat each other up while rolling around on the ground….still.

    “I’m sorry Kid.” Maka says softly. “Why? None of it’s your fault.” I say with a harsh tone. “Still.” Liz adds on. Soul and Tsubaki remain silent. “That isn’t even the worst part.” I mutter, reaching up with a single hand and brushing some bangs out of my face. I knew it was asymmetrical but at the moment I couldn’t bring myself to give a damn.

    “Well?” Ally asks expectantly. I focus my gaze on Patty and Black*Star to avoid meeting anyone’s gaze. “My mother, her name’s Lupa.” I say, my voice louder with the hurt and anger backing it up.

    “So?” Soul asks, tipping his chair back and setting his feet on the table. Maka curiously leans forward even more, her pigtails slipping forward around her face. Tsubaki and Liz run over to separate Black*Star and Patty, getting tired of the fighting. Ally keeps her gaze concentrated on me, I can tell even with my back turned to her.

    I take a shuddery breath, sensing the surprise from the others at the hint of weakness. “Lupa is a witch.”
    Chapter 4: Meeting Someone New

    I hear the sound of the loud shocked gasps. I also hear the sound of Soul’s chair falling backward and landing with a thud, his loud curse following. “Wha-What?!” Ally exclaims, jerking back in her seat away from me.”What the hell Kid?! Stop lying!” Black*Star shouts, now being pulled away from Patty by Tsubaki. Patty is being drug away by Liz while kicking her feet and laughing, tearing up.

    I stand suddenly, my chair falling over from the sudden jolt. “I’m going home.” I say calmly before turning and walking out, leaving the others behind to gape and most likely tease me behind my back. It was expected of them, Soul and Black*Star at least. They could sink so low. I suppose that’s a part of human nature.

    I walk down a paved stone alley; the large brick walls around me making me feel closed in. I walk in the opposite direction of my house, hands shoved in my pockets. I knew someone would most likely go to my place to check up on me. And right now I only wanted to be alone to think.

    I listen calmly to the sound of my footsteps on the pavement, a hollow ringing sound. I stop a moment, narrowing my eyes. The footsteps continue behind me. I turn around and watch as a scruffy gray dog walks up to me, fur matted and dirty. I smile slightly at the thought of being worried. I crouch down and extend a hand to the dog as it approaches me. I stand up and back away in alarm as the dog glows and changes shape, growing into a tall person. I widen my eyes as I stare at the hooded figure. The woman from my dreams! Lupa!

    I step back further as she pulls down the hood, revealing a young woman’s face. She had short silver hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Her soft red lips twist into a faint smile. “Death the Kid. That is your name now right?” She asks in a soft and sweet voice.

    I nod slowly, eyes showing distrust. This woman may be my mother but she was still a witch. And I’m still a Reaper, all the way through. And that meant I was a witch’s sworn enemy, right? I wasn’t sure after all this, I was so confused.

    The woman’s grin becomes larger and she tears up. “My baby boy!” She cries, rushing forward and embracing me. My first instinct is to leap away and attack, but Patty and Liz weren’t here as my weapons. I hug Lupa back tightly, closing my eyes. “Mother….” I murmur, letting down my guard.

    I feel her hands gripping my shirt tightly on my back. Then her right hand moves up and strokes my black hair. I feel her thumb rub over my head right where one of the white lines should be. Those blasted asymmetrical lines. “Oh Kid….how I missed you.” She sobs. I smile, wrapping my arms further around her and resting my head on her shoulder. Damn did I feel short.

    I feel her hand softly touch my cheek, sending a warm feeling through my body. She may be a witch, but she was my mother. And she cared about me, unlike Crona’s mother Medusa. My mother cared a lot, and I really enjoyed the motherly love. I’d never had someone as a motherly figure before…… (No Spirit doesn’t count!)

    Her cold hand runs down my cheek to the side of my neck. I hug her a bit tighter, wanting as much time with her as I could have. Then I feel a quick and sharp pain on my shoulder next to my neck.

    I shove her away quickly, eyes widened in shock. Lupa releases her soul protect momentarily, I’m assuming to let Lord Death know she was here. I feel the overwhelming presence of her witch soul. My eyes flicker shut and next thing I know I’m on the cold ground, a sharp pain in the side of my head where I fell.

    I lay there, my eyes closed. The sounds around me begin to fade into the background, a cold sleepy feeling taking over my body. My last thought is, mother…..why?

    Chapter 5: Missing Link
    Soul’s P.O.V

    I was listening, well, acknowledging Maka and Ally talking worriedly about Kid. I blink as both Black*Star and Maka tense up. I look around to see every other Miester in the cafeteria go tense and panicked looking. “Maka, what is it?” I ask my partner. “There’s a witch’s soul, inside the city.” Maka replies shakily. “Then let’s check it out, we still need a witch’s soul remember?” I say, standing and looking at the others. Minus Patty and Liz who went to Kid’s place to check on him.

    Tsubaki turns into a weapon and Black*Star grabs her. Ally stands and we all run out of the cafeteria. We race down the academy steps and Maka takes the lead. I glow a red/pink color and I transform into a weapon, a long scythe. I hear Maka gasp and pause, standing there.

    “Maka move it!” I shout at her. No response. “Maka what is it?!” I ask loudly. “Kid, his soul is near the witch’s. They’re only feet away from each other.” Maka says softly. “Then let’s go help him!” I snap. Maka nods and runs that way, Ally and Black*Star following her.

    Maka, Black*Star, and Ally run to the scene, while I wait impatiently and mentally curse at Kid for getting involved in this and running into a witch.

    Maka suddenly skids to a halt, again. “Now what?” I snap, my reflection appearing in the scythe’s blade. “Their souls…..they’re gone….” Maka stammers, eyes wide. “Both of them?” I ask in surprise. Maka nods. “I thought soul protect only worked on witch’s.” I say.

    “If what Kid said was true….about his mother….then he’d be half witch. Or in his case, warlock.” Maka says, hand clasped tightly around my scythe’s handle. “So, he’s gone?” I ask, eyes widening in realization. Maka sinks to her knees and drops me, eyes watering. Black*Star and Ally widen their eyes, staring at Maka.

    Chapter 6: With A Witch?
    Kid’s P.O.V

    I sit in a dark room, unsure what’s going on. My mind was still fuzzy and I couldn’t think quite straight. All I knew was it was dark, and I was terrified. I can’t help wishing Ally were here next to me, just for a small sense of comfort on my part. But I was grateful that she was safe. She didn’t deserve to be locked in a room too.

    As my mind clears, so does my vision. I look around the room, eyes narrowed angrily. There was nothing here besides me, the room was empty. I turn to look at the large door with light filtering around it.

    I push myself to my feet unsteadily. I walk over to the door, shaking a bit. I reach out and grab the doorknob before turning it and pulling open the door. I gasp and shield my eyes with an arm as light floods in.

    I walk into the hallway a moment later. I look around and head to the right. I walk down the hallway, looking around. The walls are a bright white color ad lights line the ceiling. “It’s perfectly symmetrical…..” I murmur, eyes shining as I look at the beauty of it all.

    An item catches my eye and I turn, staring at a painting on the wall, still walking slowly. The picture was of a young woman, clearly Lupa, and a tall young man with long black hair and yellow eyes each of a slightly different shade. “Just like mine……” I murmur to myself. I continue to stare and jump as I walk into a door.”Damn.”

    I open the door and walk in. “Kid! You’re awake!” Lupa jumps up from a white couch in the center of the room and runs over, hugging me. I shove her away in irritation. “Where am I?!” I yell. “Why did you do this?!”

    “You’re home, sweetheart. And I had to do what I did to get you here, I knew you’d never come willingly after the lies your father told you.” Lupa says softly. I narrow my eyes. “Lies? What lies?”

    “Your father, he’s pretended to love you and care about you. In reality he despises you and uses you. He hates you because of what you are, a half-breed.” Lupa hisses. “N-no, you’re wrong!” I protest. “See for yourself.” Lupa gestures over to a glass table. I walk over to it and look down at it.

    The table’s top changes, a picture forming on the glass surface. “What you’re seeing, Kid, is from 15 years ago.” Lupa tells me. I stare at the picture of Lord Death and Spirit standing on the platform in the Death Room. “How’d you?” I start. “I had a spy in the academy, nothing you need to worry about.” Lupa says before pointing to the table.

    I turn my gaze back to the glass table, eyes intent on the image. The images begin moving and I watch as my father and Spirit walk across the platform away from the glass mirror on the edge. I hear their voices as a distant sort of echo, it was almost like static was edging it.

    “Lord Death, the teachers here at the academy are worried about your son being here. Considering his heritage from a witch, he may be a threat.” Spirit states. Lord Death turns around and looks at his Death Scythe. “I know. For now nothing will be said to my son about his heritage, or about anything to do with Lupa. When he’s older I’ll use him to kill the Kishin for me. If that doesn’t kill him first, I’ll finish him myself discreetly.” My father replies. Spirit nods and walks off then the images vanish.

    I stare wide-eyed, eyes watering. “W-why?” I manage to choke out, my voice cracking. Lupa strokes my hair softly and holds me close. “If you can handle it, I’d like to show you what your friends and that pathetic girlfriend of yours think about you.” She murmurs into my ear. I nod, wiping the tears away quickly. “Alright….I want to see.”

    I look back at the table and the glass shimmers again. I see my friends walking down the hallway of the DWMA. “This is what’s happening now.” Lupa says, standing behind me with her hands on my shoulders.

    “Where do you think Kid might be?” I hear Maka ask. “Who cares? He’s out of our lives.” Soul replies calmly, hands shoved into his jacket pockets. “Good, I hated him always trying to hang out with us.” Ally says irritably. “He was a horrible Miester.” Liz says and patty nods quickly in agreement, giggling. “Good riddance.” Black*Star says loudly.

    The images and sounds fade and I stand there in tears. How could they do this? I thought I was their friend! I turn as I start crying and bury my face in my mother’s shirt. I was so confused and hurt; everything had all been a lie for so long. Everyone I ever cared about hated me.

    Lupa smirks out of my view and strokes my hair comfortingly. “Shh….it’s okay now….mother’s here.”
    Chapter 7: Finding A Friend
    Ally’s P.O.V

    I walk beside Maka as we walk down the sidewalk outside of the DWMA. My eyes were red and puffy from crying. I couldn’t believe Kid wasn’t here with me, that he couldn’t comfort me. He had to be scared, though knowing him he wouldn’t show it.

    The others were back at the DWMA trying to join search parties. Lord Death had temporarily closed down the school so he could send every available teacher out on a search mission to find Kid. The one time I’d seen Lord Death since yesterday afternoon when the witch was here he’d been very sad and sounded much softer and yet angrier.

    Lord Death had even sent Death Scythe out to search. I rub my eyes and look over at Maka. She’d offered to go on a walk with me to talk. I accepted of course so I could clear my mind. Soul had promised to get us on a search team if possible.

    “I know you’re worried about Kid.” Maka says softly. “We all are. But if we don’t find him soon he’ll find his own way to escape.” She adds. “I know. But this is a witch!” I exclaim worriedly. “And he’s a grim reaper. He fought a Kishin with us; he’s the most powerful out of us so far. He’ll be fine, Ally!” Maka says encouragingly. I nod and turn as I hear a motorbike approaching behind us. Soul skids the bike to the side and stops it.

    I raise an eyebrow. “They found the witch’s location, let’s go.” Soul says quickly and urgently. Maka and I jump onto his bike, which barely held the three of us. Soul presses his foot down onto the gas pedal and the bike lurches forward down the road.

    Soul drives us out of Death City and drives towards a hill in the distance. I count every second it takes to get to where we’re going. Soul slides the bike to a stop and jumps off quickly, racing over to a group of DWMA agents hiding behind a rock. I look at the white, and I have to say symmetrical, building in front of us. I feel a hand on my arm and Maka pulls me over to the others.

    “You three are only here to get Kid out, do not engage the witch. She’s cunning; Lord Death himself admitted her slyness.” Spirit says, whispering to us so we don’t get found out. Stein looks over at us and nods in agreement. “Ready Spirit?” Stein asks. “You know I am.” Spirit replies, morphing into a black scythe that Stein grabs and points to the building. Several teams of Miester and Weapon race forward.

    I watch as the adult team’s storm in through the door. Then Soul, Maka, and I race after them a few minutes later. I’m coming Kid, hang on!
    Chapter 8: A Tough Decision
    Kid’s P.O.V

    I hear the door burst open out in the main hall from where I’m lying on the couch. I sit up and look around in alarm, my bangs falling in front of my face. I narrow my eyes, standing up completely. I look around the beautifully symmetrical room, trying to figure out what that noise was.

    “Kid! Get in the back room NOW!” I hear Lupa scream. My eyes widen in shock as I hear a gun fire in the other room. It must be the DWMA. Did they want me dead that badly they’d chase me down?! I bolt out of the room and down a hallway, stopping a moment to fix an asymmetrically aligned picture before bursting into a room. I close the door and look around for my mother. She wasn’t there.

    I race back out of the room and down the hallway, grabbing a doorknob and throwing it open. I see my mother with her hands raised in the air, surrounded by DWMA agents. I recognize Spirit walking towards my mother and I think of those images. How Spirit had told my father I needed to die. I look around and see a single gun on the floor, dropped by a reckless agent. Oh but I’d be asymmetrical!

    No time to think about that now, I could cry and throw a fit about it later. After Lupa was safe from these murderers. I dive forward and snatch the gun as someone yells and points me out. I raise the gun as I slide across the floor and fire straight at Spirit.

    I widen my eyes at the blood that splashes from Spirit’s newly inflicted wound. I stand, dropping the gun. I-it felt wrong……somehow.

    “Good job Kid. You were so easy to manipulate my son.” Lupa laughs evilly. She vanishes in a cloud of grayish smoke. I look down as a sharp object presses against my skin on my stomach, Soul’s scythe form. “How could you?!” Maka screams and I can easily imagine the tears sparkling in her eyes. I always thought she hated Spirit, maybe she doesn’t. Whatever.

    I had been tricked. And I ended up hurting someone. I look back up at Spirit, my expression completely calm. I watch as Stein crouches besides Spirit, taking off his lab coat and setting it on the wounded Death Scythe. A pit seems to sit at the bottom of my stomach.

    I gasp as Soul’s blade presses deeper into my skin, cutting the cloth of my outfit and piercing into my skin. Blood trickles down my waist and polls slowly on the edge of the blade. “Maka stop it!” I hear Ally’s scream. It sounded so distant…….so desperate. I don’t respond, my mind trying to work out the jumble of questions I have. Also I was freaking out by the fact I used an asymmetrical weapon, and now my torn clothes were asymmetrical as well. I widen my eyes suddenly, the room spinning around me. I stumble back away from Soul’s blade and fall over, crashing onto the floor. I close my eyes and struggle a moment to breath.

    “Kid? Kid! Kid?!?!” I hear Ally’s faint screams, distant and yet loud at the same time. I lose touch as my senses dull and I fall unconscious slowly.
    Chapter 9
    Kid’s P.O.V

    My eyes flicker open momentarily before closing again. I open my eyes again quickly, staring up at the blue sky of the Death Room.

    I narrow my eyes in confusion and sit up. “I heard what you did.” I hear my father’s voice and turn around, staring at my father who’s on the edge of the platform. “She told me you were going to kill me, and then she backed it up with images. But, it was all fake….” I say softly, my voice cracking with shame and humiliation.

    “Lupa can’t be trusted.” Lord Death says. I nod, standing weakly. I look down as a small prick of pain whips through my stomach. I stare a moment at the white bandage wrapped around me. I look up as my father moves towards me. I look up at him, eyes shining with tears. I open my mouth to speak and instead I burst into tears, running forward to hug my dad. I feel his arms around me as I cry on him.

    “Well, this is mushy isn’t it?” I hear Spirit’s voice from somewhere behind me. I turn around bleary eyed and look at him, noticing a white bandage wrapped around his shoulder and some of his chest. “Spirit I-.” I begin. “Its fine, you thought you were doing the right thing. You had a tough position there. Come on into the hallway, you have some eagerly awaiting visitors.” Spirit cuts me off, raising a hand.

    I look back at my dad before walking past Spirit and out into the hallway. I close the Death Room door behind me, yelping as I’m pulled into a hug from behind. “I was so worried about you!” Ally cries, sobbing into my shirt. I look down and apparently now just realize I’m in a red t-shirt and jeans. At least my father made sure they were symmetrical.

    Maka walks up as Ally backs away. She touches to fingers to the bandage on me. “Kid I-.” She manages before I cut her off. “No, it’s fine.” I say. I truly couldn’t remember what happened after my mother vanished, so I wasn’t quite sure how I got the wound. But from the sound of Maka’s voice she had something to do with it.

    I look at her as she turns and walks away to the others. I catch movement from the corner of my eye and turn as Liz and Patty grab me in a tight hug. A jolt runs through my body. “Can’t……breathe.” I manage to gasp. Liz let’s go and drags Patty away. “Welcome back Kid!” Patty laughs as she’s pulled away down the hall.

    Black*Star and Tsubaki walk up. Black*Star grins cheekily. “If you’d left, how would I train to surpass God?” He asks. Tsubaki giggles lightly. “Thanks…..I suppose.” I say, smiling slightly. They turn and walk down the hall, along with everyone but Soul.

    Soul walks up to me, hands in his pockets. “What you went through……it had to be tough. I have to admit though, I’m glad you’re back Kid.” He says with a cocky smirk. “You can be pretty cool.” He holds out a hand and I grab it in mine.

    And with that, we walk off down the hall. I knew whatever I faced; my friends would always have my back.

    And I’d Always Have Theirs.


    Lupa sits in the room of a large building, people milling around her.

    “Lady Lupa, we found it.” A man with curly brown hair and green eyes says, looking up at the witch.

    “Good. How long until I can use it?” Lupa asks, her blue eyes sparking with great interest.

    “About 3 days until we can use the salvaged black blood to revive it.” The man replies, staring up at Lupa.

    “Very good. Death and his foolish DWMA barely handled the one Medusa awoke. They’ll never defeat this one.” Lupa laughs, her voice full of blood lust.

    “And my son….he’ll have to pay for his father’s arrogant choice. Death the Kid will be brought to me.” Lupa orders in a strict tone.

    “Yes, M’lady.” The man says, turning to walk away.

    “Wait Daniel.” Lupa says, her voice like chains pulling the man back to his previous spot. Daniel turns back around.

    “Scratch that idea. Have the weapon kill him. And make sure his foolish father and his pathetic friends witness his SWIFT death, so that they know that they doomed him to die.” Lupa says softly, her voice like razor blades.

    “I want him dead; he can’t be allowed to become an even stronger Reaper. But he is still my son; I do not want him to suffer a painful death.” Lupa murmurs, reaching up with a pale hand and swiping a small tear away quickly.

    “Yes, M’lady.” Daniel says before swiftly turning and walking away.

    Lupa thinks of that young baby boy she used to hold in her arms and sing to. She imagines the curious and obedient teenager she’d taken care of for a short amount of time. She angrily shoves the sweet mushy thoughts.

    Kid is showing much power in his future. If he is raised to his full potential by Death, he may be an even stronger Reaper than his father is. That cannot happen……my son must die. At the hands of this new Kishin!

    Submitted on 2013-03-01 18:39:54     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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    9. How could it be improved?
    10. What would you have done differently?
    11. What was your interpretation of it?
    12. Does it feel original?


    Be kind, take a few minutes to review the hard work of others <3
    It means a lot to them, as it does to you.




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