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A New World

Author: Jessica Lynn
ASL Info:    22/f/mn
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Words: 1030
Class/Type: Random Thoughts /Misc
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I've had an idea for a new world for a while. It is based on primitive society but also with knowledge and technology of modern times. I hope you enjoy the vision it gives.

A New World

The houses were filled with those who lacked shelter. There were no more homeless people, though there were a few empty houses. We had stopped processing food. It was killing us and making it was killing our planet. Where it had once cost extra for healthy food, the healthy natural food was all we had now. It grew in gardens all over the place. Parking lots were ripped apart to plant fruit trees and bushes, all of which were native to the land they grew on. Life was better for us, though many still died. There wasn’t enough food for the billions we had amassed, but with every death the world got easier to manage. Birth control was handed out free, and it was produced not for profit, but because our population needed it. Humans had become a virus, and we had to come up with a cure for ourselves. We stopped making cars and burning fossil fuels. Instead of creating more automobiles we fixed up the old ones. We designed adaptors so the older cars didn’t need gasoline and had better gas mileage. Natural energy became the only method of energy. We didn’t rely so much on that either. Wood fires were burning in town squares and in homes. It wasn’t like we didn’t have anything to burn. With globalization there had been excess. Companies had created things in order for them to break, so people who had been taught to replace instead of repair would spend more on the junk they didn’t need, only for the replacement to break as well. The monetary system fell just as it was meant to. It was a long time in coming. Diplomatic slavery had become so ingrained in people’s lives that when money became paper people didn’t know what to do. Some wanted to keep working, because they had been taught that the worth of a person was based on how hard they worked, how much time they gave up, how much they sweated. The younger generations were happy about it. They rejoiced in the streets at the freedom that should have been natural to them. The world didn’t stop because the dollar fell either. Engineers kept engineering to design ways to make the world cleaner and more educated. Technology was created for efficiency instead of entertainment. School establishments were shut down, and suddenly the whole world was the place for education. Children had a billion teachers all around them to ask questions about everything in the world, and became educated on things that interested them. They remembered what they learned because they cared, and since people weren’t wasting their time working 9 to 5 to make someone else money, they spent their time learning about the world. Technological advances skyrocketed at an amazing rate. It wasn’t long before aircrafts were mass produced, made from parts of things already in existence, and powered by clean energy. Religion was respected, but the natural order of things was the way of life. People stopped living in fear of strangers because communities were shrinking. Villages began raising the children again, and when someone felt lost, alone, or bullied, they had hundreds of others to stand behind them and help them make it through. Animals were hunted so there was just enough to eat. Sometimes there wasn’t enough meat to go around, but there was usually enough vegetables to suffice the hungry. Obesity and it’s diseases took a dive. Processed food was out of the diet and people were getting the nutrients they needed, as well as the exercise they required. Everyone wanted a piece of the new world. There was still hatred among the races and countries. Most made it a point to refrain from passing it on to the children. Instead they were taught that everyone is different, but we are all human and all sharing the world. Citizen ship went from countries to the planet. Americans, Chinese, Russians, and French became Earthlings. Some went as far as citizens of the milky way and children of the cosmos. We became united in our struggle. That took so many years. We weren’t able to completely clean up after ourselves. The oceans remained polluted and our air wasn’t very clean. Mother Earth took care of those things for us. More trees grew, and we weren’t chopping them down. Oxygen was recycled until the smog subsided. At night the lights were shut off in most towns, to allow people to view the night sky properly. The omni-theater above our heads was given proper appreciation. The roads became paths as time went on. They were littered with overgrown concrete, but it was still beautiful in it’s own way. Holographic images took the place of animals in zoos. The animals were given back to their homes, but children were still able to learn about them and understand their majesty. Those that prospered the most were the tribes that had never submitted to globalization. They continued to hunt and practice their own way of life and the rest of us left them alone to preserve what was left of our tribal ancestry. The world is not perfect, but it is better. It is cleaner, freer, more educated, and compassionate. Death and hatred still find their way in, but we accept them as part of life, as part of nature. Before the Change some people lived the high life and could look down at the rest from their pedestal, and though they stubbornly resisted, the rest simply carried on to make the world a better place, whether the high rollers liked it or not.
Weapons were kept in case of emergency. Our technology was advancing and the weapons industry was moving along as it always had, but we didn’t use them against each other as much as we had. As we prepare to move out into space we make sure we are prepared for the worst, though not many people want to leave as they did before. Our world is not perfect, but it’s getting better. Perhaps one day we will have a decent understanding of ourselves and why we were the way we had been.

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