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    dots Submission Name: Sister's Lovedots

    Author: Cro
    Elite Ratio:    0.52 - 2/4/4
    Words: 5248
    Class/Type: Personal Quotes/Misc
    Total Views: 1167
    Average Vote:    No vote yet.
    Bytes: 29874

       An old fan fiction i wrote.. anime, dbz!

    Make the font bigger!! Double Spacing Back to recent posts.

    dotsSister's Lovedots

    Kuro stood there and there was black markings under both of his eyes. It looked like he had put some eye-liner on but that wasn't the case. He had an evil smile on his face, his hair was spiked up and yellow, his eyebrows were yellow as well. It was his Super Saiyan form. The veins in his neck and the ones on his shoulder. They were buldging out. They looked like they were about to pop.

    His yellow aura was mixed with red sparks. The evil power that lived within him. It felt pretty good. There was someone standing infront of him. He didn't care for them to be standing there. He flattened out his palm and let a blast of energy dispurse from his palm. The person was blown up. Black smoke came from the body and than soon disappeared into the other-world. There was a small hole in front of Kuro. Were the body once stood.

    "Big brother, what they hell are you doing?!" A Young girl with brown hair screamed. She ran towards the possesed Saiyan and clung to him. "Ayame!" Another female voice said, she ran after the young girl.

    "Fool.." Kuro said, his voice rather emotionless. He than just smacked the girl off of him and than turned his back to her. Like he didn't know her. He didn't want to know her he didn't need anyone in his life. No one was going to stop him and no one was going to get in his way. Not Vegeta, Not Kakarotto. He was going to have his revenge.

    The woman with brown hair knelt down next to the girl who had been knocked out. She looked at the girl, she could see the hurt on her face and the pain. It was like she had been betrayed by the person she loved the most. The woman looked over towards the man. The dark power he was giving off. It was horrible. It was like no one could approach him.

    "M..OM..." The Girl whimpered. Her body hurt, was that really her brother? She knew Cro had always been an angry boy but never anything like this. Her dark eyes gazed over at The Saiyan. That couldn't be Cro! He would never do anything like this! He may have been angry as a child but she knew that her brother always loved her and wanted to protect her.

    "Big.. Brother.. You've improved.." Ayame said, her voice trembled a bit. She was still hurt. She tried to move, she did a little bit. She stood up and looked to the back of The Possesed Saiyan. She could tell by his ki that it indeed was her brother. But why, why this dark power? She wanted to ask her brother that. She knew she wouldn't get a direct answer from him. Ayame than tried to approach her brother. She got a few inches close to him and than his aura of energy pushed her back. "Heh.. Big brother." Ayame added, she looked at his back.

    "Snap out of this, Kuro!!" Mayumi yelled, she used his birth name. The name she gave him on Vegeta-sei. She had heard that he was going by the human spelling for Kuro. Her eyes looked at the back of her son's back. She knew it wouldn't do any good. Her son has always been thick-headed just like her late-husband. She put her hands up infront of her face. Her son's power was awful. How could he get like this? How could he be so evil?

    "Sister... Mother.. Heh.. Your nothing to me anymore." Kuro said, his voice was filled with evilness. He didn't care about these two anymore. He couldn't find it in himself to kill them though. Some attatchment to his family, he had that. He'd find a way to kill it. He needed to find a way to kill it. An evil smirk formed on his face. He was going to find The Dragonballs and bring back Freiza so he could finally have his revenge. With what he said, he than disappeared into thin air. Using a technique like instant transmission to get out of the area.

    "So you've become a Super Saiyan. Your a warrior just like your father..." Mayumi said. She looked up towards the sky, she wondered why he had become like this. She didn't have any answers. Maybe this planet could give her some answers. It wasn't like her home planet was coming back anytime soon. She sighed, she had come to Earth to see her son. She found him as an evil being.

    "Yeah, but his old man was so naive!" Vegeta said as he grunted. He had walked up beside of Mayumi. Like they were old friends, he had his arms crossed over his chest as he looked at Mayumi.

    "Don't you talk about my late husband like that, Vegeta!" Mayumi said, she turned around and looked at The Prince. She got up in his face. She noticed that Prince Vegeta was smirking. She knew that he did that just to get a rise out of her.

    "Just like your boy, Mayumi. I say something about someone he cares about. He gets in my face." Vegeta said, a smirk on his face. He knew Kuro had more of his mother in him than he had his father. It was an odd combonation. Kakarotto was like that too. Whoever his mother was, he knew Kakarotto had more of her in him than Bardock.

    "What are you doing here, Vegeta?" Mayumi asked as she looked at Vegeta.

    "I came here to stop your son." Vegeta answered.

    "You won't hurt big bro!" Ayame cried from she was sitting, she was sitting with her legs folded under her. Her brown eyes looked up at both her mother and Prince Vegeta.

    "Little girl, your brother. He's not the nice caring person he was once before.. He's a ruthless killer now." Vegeta said, he looked over towards the girl. She looked exactly like Mayumi. He deduced that it was her daughter.

    "No!" Ayame cried, she pounded the ground with both of her fists and she than began to cry. She couldn't believe it. Her brother, evil. She didn't want to believe it and she than continued to beat on the ground.

    "Nothing we can do right now. We can just hope he doesn't take anyone's life." Vegeta said, he looked up at the sky. He could sense Kuro nearby, not near enough to be where they were. He wasn't far off from them. He just hoped he didn't strike anyone. They needed time. Time to regroup and think of a strategy and he looked at Ayame pounding the ground. A smirk was on his face. "Let's just move for now. We'll go back to Capsule Corp." Vegeta said, he lifted off the ground and flew off and a part of him knew they'd follow him.

    Ayame and Mayumi lifted off of the ground. They flew from this vast wasteland of rocks and stones. They wondered what Vegeta had in store for them. Both of them just wanted Kuro back to the way he was. They flew into West-City they were amazed by all the dome-shapped houses. They followed Vegeta to a large complex. This must be Capsule Corp. The place that Vegeta had mentioned. Ayame and Mayumi touched down in the fron yard. On the blush green grass. They watched a few hover-cars go by.

    There were cries coming from inside of Capsule Corp. A woman or girl was crying. It was a girl. The daughter of Vegeta and Bulma had locked herself inside of her room. She had her face in her hands, tears were streaming out of both of her eyes. The girl had tealish green hair. She was dressed in a pair of jeans and a white button up shirt. "How could he do this to me?!" Bura asked herself, she cried into her hands. It was like her whole world was over. When she saw him with that M stamped on his forehead.

    "Honey, open up." Bulma said as she banged on the door.

    "Go away, Mom!" Bura yelled from in between sobs.

    "Honey, it's not your fault." Bulma said, she jiggled the door knob. The door was still locked. It looked like there wasn't anything she could do. She hoped that Vegeta would be home soon enough. Maybe he could talk some sense into there daughter.

    "Bura, open this door up!!" Vegeta said, he pounded on the door hard. It jiggled the frame.

    "You!" Bura said, she opened the door and wiped away her tears. She didn't look sad anymore. She looked more pissed. She scowled just like her father did. Anger in her eyes. "You and all your Saiyan pride shit, father. Look what's happened.. The guy I love has an M stamped on his forehead and he's out killing people!!" Bura added as she looked at her father. It looked like she really hated him. She turned her back to her father with a single 'hmph!' and than slammed the door in his face.

    "She's definately your daughter, honey." Bulma said, a small smirk on her face.

    "Hmph!" Vegeta said, he than started to walk away from Bulma. He had his back to her. He smirked softly. "Oh yeah.. I found some of Kuro's family. There outside." Vegeta added, he than walked down the hallway and than entered the living-room. There was a door into the living-room that's where people could come in. Bulma was walking behind of Vegeta, she was walking a little slower than Vegeta. She entered the living-room and saw Vegeta sitting down on the couch.

    "You'd better not be joking." Bulma said as she put her hands on her hips and looked at him.

    "Nope." Vegeta said as he motioned towards the window.

    "Oh?" Bulma asked as she walked over towards the window. She saw two women. One looked to be about her age, and another one that looked to be about the age of Bura. What was this? Kuro's family wasn't really dead? What did that mean? Than why was Kuro evil now. Why did he have so much hatred inside of him?

    Bura sniffled as she sat on the edge of her bed. She picked up a pillow and threw it at the picture of her and Cro. It tipped over and fell on the ground. The picture frame shattered into a million peices. There was many shards of glass on the floor. She didn't care right now. That stupid arrogant pride driven Saiyan! Damn it, he was just like her father. She didn't see how she could love someone like that. It was just insane to love someone like that. She shook her head.

    She lifted her head and looked out the window. She saw two women on the front-lawn. One looked about her age, the other looked to be about her mother's age. She noticed something else. They looked alot like Cro, could those two be related? Maybe they were! Maybe they could help her get her boyfriend back. She stood on her bed, than stood on her desk and than jumped out her dome shapped window. She landed on her head outside. Thank god it was plush grass or she would have hurt herself. She looked at both of the women. She than ran over to them.

    "Hey, who are you?" Bura asked as she looked at the girl who looked to be about her age.

    "Ayame Bukar.." Ayame answered as she looked at the teal haired girl. "You?" Ayame asked.

    "Bura Beji--uhh.. Briefs." Bura said, she put her hands behind of her head and than just smiled. This was something that she had learned from Kakarotto. It always eased up tense situations. She tried to smile but she really couldn't smile right now. It was like a fake smile.

    "Big Brother..." Ayame said, she looked down at the ground and had her hands clutched into fist. She was mad, she was sad. She didn't want her big brother to hurt anymore people. How could anyone stop him? Ayame was a weakling and couldn't do much. She wanted to help her brother. Seeing him like that. It broke her heart into various peices. She couldn't help it. She felt hurt, betrayed. How could he do this?

    Bura rubbed her belly, she hasn't been feeling like herself. Like something was wrong with her. She knocked off the feeling. She was 18 and an adult but not out of high school yet. She noticed that Ayame's hands were balled up into fists. Did Cro hurt her too? That girl had the same last name as Cro. She deduced that this girl was Cro's little sister. She than looked to the older woman. That must mean the older woman was Cro's mother. It was interesting.

    She just wished she had meet members of his family on better circumstances. She eyed both Ayame and Mayumi. What were they doing here? Were they gonna try to get Cro back too? It would be nice to have him back. She knew he was too far gone to listen to reason. She looked up towards the sky. She just wished that he would come back. She didn't care what he was. She just wanted her man back. It was a crummy feeling, missing someone like him. She couldn't help it though.

    Vegeta stood in the doorway and watched his daughter converse with what re-mained of Kuro's family. He wondered if Kuro knew they were alive if he would have taken the path he had taken. He blamed himself too. If he hadn't filled the kids head with thoughts of power and revenge. Maybe Kuro wouldn't have choosen this place. Majin Kuro, he couldn't fathom the idea of that. Kuro didn't seem like the person that could get taken over easily. Vegeta shook his head slightly.

    Vegeta was thinking about the first time him and Kuro had faught. He saw alot of potential in Kuro. He didn't regret anything that he had taught that boy. He regretted the path that Kuro had choosen. It was a path no one should choose. Saiyans were a proud race. Vegeta thought he could have stopped this. It looked like he couldn't. There has to be a way to stop Kuro, he just had to find it.

    Bulma watched Vegeta from the kitchen. She was doing the dishes and she knew Vegeta cared about Cro. It was just one of those things he could never show to anyone. Bulma knew it. Cro and Vegeta had been really close. Especially when they were training. A small smirk came over Bulma's lips. Not so close when Vegeta found out Cro and Bura were dating. She almost let out a small laugh.

    Bulma's face got real serious for a moment. She had noticed how much alike Cro and Vegeta were. Same with her and Bura. She hoped that Bura wouldn't have to go through the same shit that. Her and Vegeta had to go through. Cro running off like this and acting all evil. It all had to stop. She knew how much Cro meant to Bura. She was surprised that Bura hadn't went off and searched for him herself.

    "We will get your big brother back, don't worry." Mayumi said, she rested her hand on Ayame's shoulder. She was just saying that so her daughter wouldn't worry and so she would stop crying. She didn't know what was going to happen but she hoped they would find a way. She knew her son couldn't stay like this forever. What if he did something to hurt this planet? She couldn't forgive herself if she let him do something like that.

    She looked over towards the doorway to Capsule Corp. She saw Vegeta standing in the doorway. A small smirk appeared on her face. She's known Vegeta since he was 6 years old. She diverted her eyes away from Vegeta and than looked back at her daughter. She smiled. She knew somehow that everything was going to be alright. It was going to be alright, it had to be.

    Vegeta stood in the doorway with his arms crossed over his chest. He saw Mayumi look at him. A small smirk appeared on his lips. He than looked up towards the sky. He wouldn't admit it to anyone. He missed his home planet Vegeta-sei. Ironicly that's where he had first meet Cro and his family. They weren't friends right off. It was the opposite. He had despised the weakling Cro had been.

    How people could change. It was amazing how much that boy has changed. In appearance, personality and fighting skill. He had been proud of Cro slightly. No one improved as fast as Cro did. He saw so much potential in that boy and he reached that potential somewhat. He felt responsible for what had happened to Cro. Vegeta continued to stare at the sky, he was sorta day-dreaming. He was snapped back to reality and than looked over towards Bura, Ayame and Mayumi.

    "Come on.." Vegeta said, he walked towards the group of woman. He walked a few feet towards them. He than motioned them to come inside. The group of women followed Vegeta inside. Vegeta lead them inside, Bura was right behind of her father. Bura had a slight smile on her face. She shoved her hands into her pockets. She walked into The Capsule Corp building with Ayame and Mayumi.

    "There are a few spare bedrooms down there." Bulma said, pointing down the hallway. She smiled at the two new comers. She noticed how pretty these two women were. They didn't really look like Saiya-jins, well she didn't think so. She had a towel drapped around her neck. It was her dish towel and she was wiping her hands. It wasn't like Vegeta was going to offer to do any dishes for her. That man was so selfish!

    Bulma put her hands on her hips as she looked at Ayame and Mayumi. There Cro had turned evil. How could he do such a thing? She wanted to beat him over the head with a frying pan! That wouldn't be of any use right now. They didn't know where he was or if he was ever going to come back. She had noticed that Bura had been acting a little weird lately. She had been touching her stomach a lot. She thought nothing of it. She must just be hungry. That's it.

    "Thank You." Mayumi said, she smiled warmly at the blue haired lady. She looked at Bura and than back at Bulma. She noticed that those two must be mother and daughter. It was almost like looking into a mirror, except for the face. She noticed that in the face the girl looked alot like Vegeta. She wondered if Bura had the same fighting spirit that Vegeta had in his youth.

    Mayumi walked down the hallway and left Ayame out with all the other-people. She found one of the empty rooms and walked into it. She than flopped down onto the bed. She looked up towards the ceiling as she layed down on it. She was thinking about her son. How could he do this? Wasn't he pure-hearted anymore? All she could picture was her small, soft, cute cuddleable boy. She knew he wasn't like that anymore. She closed her eyes and sighed.

    Ayame had slipped away from the crowd. She wanted to go explore there temporary home. Ayame had followed her mother down the hallway. She didn't know which room her mother had went into. She had reached the end of the hallway and she than saw an empty room. The door was opened and than she decided to walk into the room. When she walked into the room her eyes went wide. It was her brother's old room. She looked around and it looked like she was going to cry.

    She continued to look around the room. She looked over at the bed and she than sat down. She saw pictures of her brother and Bura. They were dating? Wow, she couldn't believe it. That her brother could ever find love and for the fact that he had found it on Earth. It must have been hard for him. Living in the same house with Prince Vegeta. She chuckled to herself. She looked at the pictures and than her fingers over her brother's face on the picture.

    Trunks, Bura's 8 year old brother was outside. He was training for The Tenkaichi Budokai. He was very excited to be competing this year. He hoped that he got to fight his father this year. He wanted to show his father how strong he had become. He could go Super Saiyan. Trunks smirked as he trained outside. He was training right under the window of Cro's bedroom. He stopped for a moment. He wondered where That Baka was. Cro had promised to train with him!

    Trunks smirk faded slightly. He looked down at the ground. He knew that Cro always broke his promises. It was because he wanted to hang out with his stupid older sister, Bura. Those two kissed alot. He than got thought. With all the kissing Cro and Bura did. That probably meant that his sister and Cro were gonna get married. Marriage meant one thing : CAKE! He hoped they got married so he could have some cake. Lots of Cake. He wouldn't give any to that Baka Goten!

    Bura had gotten bored and she herself wandered down the hallway. She saw Mayumi in one of the rooms. She walked down towards her room, it was one door down from Cro's room. She saw the door to Cro's room was open and she walked over to it. She than grabbed the door handle and was about to close it. She than saw Ayame sitting on the edge of Cro's bed. It looked like Ayame was hugging a picture of her brother. Bura stared at Ayame for a moment and than walked into the room.

    She walked over to the bed and than sat down next to Ayame. She than put her hand on Ayame's shouldedr. She was trying to comfort the girl. She knew how hard it was to loose someone like Cro. Bura knew she was going to get her Cro back. She was the daughter of Vegeta Bejita and Bulma Briefs after all! She wasn't amazingly strong but she could hold her own. Bura smiled and rubbed Ayame's shoulder.

    "He'll be back.. He's just sorta messed up now." Bura said as she smiled and rubbed Ayame's shoulder.

    "Y..You loved my brother?" Ayame asked, tears forming in her eyes.

    "I love your brother." Bura said, she looked at Ayame.

    "But he's gone now." Ayame said, she looked down at the picture in her arms. She sniffled slightly.

    "Don't worry. Our parents will figure something out." Bura said, she got up and smiled at Ayame. She could tell that Ayame was heartbroken. If she got her hands on that stupid boyfriend of hers. She'd make him pay dearly!

    "Thanks." Ayame said, a small smile formed on her lips. She needed to believe this. Her brother would be okay. He had to be. She knew she couldn't fight him. She was too weak. She couldn't even control her Oozaru form or turn Super Saiya-jin.

    Ayame than layed on the bed, she had the picture of her brother and Bura cletched to her chest tightly. She never wanted to let go of this picture. Because it was a picture of her brother. She felt like she would never see him again. She couldn't let the others see that. Especially her mother she didn't want her mother to see that she was weak. She didn't want anyone else to see that she was weak. She couldn't help it though. She sighed softly as she layed there.

    It was like she was in a different time and place. She just gazed up towards the ceiling. She closed her eyes, she was tired. She slowly drifted off into a sleep. Even though she was asleep. She could still feel Bura in the room and the comfyness of the bed. She didn't want to think anymore. She didn't want to think about her brother being evil. Or about there homeplanet that they didn't have anymore. She mummbled in her sleep and than rolled towards the world. The picture of her brother and Bura pressed up against her chest.

    Bura than stood up slowly. She didn't want to wake up Ayame. She noticed how peaceful Ayame looked when she slept. She was going to try and get the picture from Ayame. She advised against it and she didn't want to wake the girl up. She than walked over to the door and walked through it. She than closed the door behind of her softly. Again, she didn't want to wake Ayame Up.

    She walked over to her own room. It was right by Cro's old room. So they could hear each other when they got up. A small smirk formed on her lips as she entered her own room. She remembered what it was like to hear Cro get up at 4 in the morning to go train. She knew how much training meant to Cro. She knew how he wanted to get stronger. At times she thought it was crazy that he did this. She kept on telling herself that it was so he could protect her. She shook her head and than walked over to her bed. Than layed down on it and than stared at the ceiling. She than sighed.

    The daylight slowly started to disappear from the sky. It was swiftly replaced by blackness. There were a few stars out in the night sky. They looked like specs or dirt. There weren't very many, it was getting colder out and the wind was blowing. Tree branchs scrapped up against the side of Capsule Corp and the side of the windows. scratching like that might scare a little kid or wake up someone in the house. After a few minutes the wind died down and it began to warm up slightly.

    There was a small comotion coming from the back yard. It sounded like someone was fighting. It didn't sound like they were fighting someone. It just sounded like fighting. The sounds of feet and hands hitting the air. They didn't hit anything. It was like someone was practicing, but who could be practicing at an hour like this. There was deffinately someone outside and it sounded like they were tired and out of breathe. The wind blew slighty. There was a silouette outside and it looked feminie.

    Ayame had been outside for about 2 hours. She decided it was time to get strong and stop complaining about being weak. She wanted to get strong like her brother. Yet, she wouldn't seek easy power like her brother did. She was just standing there and sweating very badly. She wiped her brow with the back of her right hand. She than stood there for a few more minutes. She than began kicking and punching the air. She was determined, oh so determined.

    Ayame felt the moonlight shine down on her. She controlled herself enough not to go Oozaru. She couldn't here. Not in the backyard of Capsule Corp. She continued to punch and kick the air. She was going to get stronger if it killed her. She wanted to become a Super Saiyan. That was the only way she was going to get her brother back. That was the most important thing to her. Getting Cro back. Not the evil Cro but the loving Cro she grew up with.

    "What the hell--" Vegeta asked himself. He than pulled the covers off of him and than sat on his edge of the bed. He slipped on a pair of blue shorts and a white shirt. He had heard something coming from the backyard. He slipped out of his and Bulma's room and than walked down the hallway. He walked through the living room and than walked into the kitchen. He walked over to the sliding door and looked out it. Nothing was there.

    He opened the sliding door and than jumped down to the ground. He looked around the backyard. Saw nothing and shrugged his shoulders. He was about to go outside. He than saw moonlight and someone training. It was a woman or a girl. He walked towards the female body. Was it Shiitake? Nah, it wasn't his older sister. His eyes went wide slightly when he saw who it was. He smirked slightly. It was Ayame, she was training.

    Ayame than sensed someoe else. She than turned around and than saw who it was. It was Vegeta. She turned red slightly, it was because someone caught her training. She hoped that she hadn't woke him up. She had heard stories earlier that day from Bulma. On how grumpy Vegeta could be when someone woke him up from his sleep. Why was he out here snooping? Could he have heard her.

    Ayame stared at Vegeta for a second or two. She than walked towards The Saiyan Prince. She saw that he was smirking. Was he happy to see her doing something like this? She's never done anything like this. This was her first-time training in a while. She hasn't trained since she was a kid. She know stood infront of Vegeta and just looked at him.

    "I didn't wake you did I?" Ayame asked, she put her hand behind of her neck and rubbed it nervously.

    "No." Vegeta said, he lied obviously and he looked at Ayame. "Why are you out here?" Vegeta asked.

    "Isn't obvious. I'm training." Ayame said, she smirked slightly.

    "I see." Vegeta said as he looked at Ayame.

    "Yeah, I want to get strong to stop and save my brother." Ayame said, she looked at the ground. Than back up at Vegeta.

    "Good luck." Vegeta said, he than turned his back towards Vegeta and than started to walk away. He was walking towards the sliding glass door. So he could get back in the house.

    "Vegeta!" Ayame yelled.

    "Hm?" Vegeta asked as he looked back at Ayame.

    "I'll need your help.. I can't do this alone." Ayame said, she stared at Vegeta's back. She pushed her fingers into each other nervously. She hoped that he would say yes.

    "I'll help." Vegeta said, he smirked and opened the sliding glass door. He was going to put that girl through hell with training. He climbed back into the house. He than walked through the kitchen and the living-room and walked back down the hallway. He walked into his room and than climbed back into bed with Bulma. He than slowly fell asleep and waited for the new day to come.

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