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4:13 Am

Author: becca113
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Words: 240
Class/Type: Misc /Misc
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4:13 Am

Take charge of your life
Let yourself sleep , your mouth dry and your car alarm heart beating damn near out of your chest
Let the worry wash over you like the white caps of the sea

I guess I just want someone to text me when I’m stressed saying Hey beautiful. Hope you have an amazing day. Or Hey lady, hope you’re showing them whose boss

I guess I just want someone who thinks that being too sweet is boring and still smiles, even laughs when I’m too honest.

I guess I just want someone who looks good in a button up shirt and his pajamas

I guess I just want someone who doesn’t flinch when I rest my head on his shoulder and doesn’t proclaim that he hopes I know this doesn’t mean anything.

I wish I could wake you up when I wasn’t able to sleep and tell you about the dream I had
Or about how I wish you would just tell me that you missed me … even if it’s only been a few days.

I wish I could tell you that you don’t have to solve your problems all at once
That everyone’s life seems like you are two steps behind when you wake up at 4:13 in the morning


Submitted on 2014-04-23 10:17:38     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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