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    dots Submission Name: The Swordsmandots

    Author: Cro
    Elite Ratio:    0.52 - 2/4/4
    Words: 14352
    Class/Type: Misc/Misc
    Total Views: 925
    Average Vote:    No vote yet.
    Bytes: 75095


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    dotsThe Swordsmandots

    The Swordsman


    The Dark Lord had escaped a crossed the great desert. The plains were rough and the sun was beating down against his neck. The village had no chance. No change in surviving. If they had just given him what he wanted. They wouldn't have been slaughtered. People were so stupid now a days. Always taking people and things for granted. That didn't matter to him. He had gone to that village for one reason and one reason only. To obtain the map that had been hidden in the village. Only if the villagers had not decided to fight. He would not have had to call them. It was a pity, really.

    The map was key for what he was looking for. His mortal body was getting weak. It was aging. He had lived thousands of years. He did this by jumping from one body to the next. When somebody was killed. He could jump into their body and make it live again. In a way, he was immortal. His bodies were never immortal. In fact, that had started to annoy him. He has seen empires fall. Watched King's and Queen's die off. It was time for him to take his place in the world. It was time for him to take his place among the gods.

    The Dark Lord would take his rightful spot as God. To do so. He need to become immortal. There was something he desired, no, needed. It was a legendary sword. This legendary sword had power beyond power. No mortal could wield it. Well, no, normal mortal could wield it. It wasn't like the legendary Excalibur. No, this weapon wasn't made by man. It was a blade forged by the god's themselves. For whoever wielded this blade. They would become a gold themselves. The sword was simply called : The Immortal Soul.


    There had been talk about the slaughter in a nearby village. It had no name. It really had no purpose. The only reason it had been constructed was to ward of people looking for The Demon's temple. Another thing. The temple had no name. There was the legend that there was a sword within this temple. No one was brave nor stupid enough to try and see if it was true. Bathum was 60 miles due east of where the unnamed village had gotten slain. Word spreads very quickly. Especially when your listening for news. Especially, when you were a warrior.

    A man was sitting by a grinding wheel inside of a wooden shed. The blade lay a crossed his lap. The grinding wheel had stopped. He was dressed In nothing but rags. What looked like armor was laid out behind of the grinding wheel on a table. He looked to be in deep thought and somewhat drifting off into a slumber. He had been wounded. There was wounds on his body, everywhere over his torso. The blood had dried up. He had just came back from battle. The battle was fierce, he barely came back alive.

    The fighting had been insane. If it had not been for his sword fighting techniques. He might have been dead. He was waiting for a fair maiden to come and care for him. That is how it was. He couldn't be seen like this. That is why he had made this shed his resting place. A very prideful warrior he was. He couldn't let anyone know that he was wounded. He was from the village of Bathum. He had stopped here on his way back to his village. He was bleeding too much for him to continue on.

    “Woman, hurry up.” The Warrior said to himself. Wasn't fully knocked out. He was still in a bit of pain. He grabbed his right shoulder. He needed to collect that bounty back in his town. So he could feed himself. Being injured like this wasn't good for him. Being injured period, that wasn't good. Pain was still shooting through out his body. It would stop for a few minutes and it would start right back up.

    “Damn it.” He said to himself. He was thinking back to the battle. He should have thought this out a little better. Damn him.

    Juliana, she was the current healer in the village of Florin. That is where the man had landed. She was walking back from her house and she had a bag full of things. Mostly medical supplies. She was used to the wounded warriors that come around these parts. They just come here because she was the only one that knew how to heal and patch up people. There were people like doctor's but none of them were as good as she was. She wasn't really trying to toot her own horn though. This was her life. What she was good at.

    Why did people fight so much? It was something she had always wondered. She shook her head. She continued on her way. She knew where this man would be. This man has seeked her services a few times. She knew when he would come. There was always a black crow that brought her the message of his arrival. She had nick named him “The Black Crow” She didn't know if he had a real name. She could hear the birds chirping and she passed a few people and she waved to them. She had a smile on her face. She continued to walk.

    She approached the shed where he had always been. She pushed the door open. Her eyes went wide when she saw him. His wounds looked to be worse. Worse than they have been in a long-time. What kind of trouble had he got into this time? She noticed the armor that was behind of him? It looked like it had been almost destroyed. Whatever this man had been fighting. It looked like it got the better of him. She approached him. When she got near him. She placed her hands on his shoulders. Such madness. For what? Pride? Messing up your body like this. It wasn't worth it.

    “Black Crow. What have you done to yourself now?” Juliana had asked.

    “Fix me up, woman. Like you always do.” He said, his voice was a bit shaky.

    Juliana didn't have a lot of time to fix up his wounds. His wounds were deep. They must have hurt him bad. She didn't know where he had been coming from. All she knew is that he was here. She used some of her healing magic to close up a few of the wounds that weren't that deep. She dug some of her supplies out of her bag and bandaged him up. The top of his torso was covered with bandages. She tried to heal up his shoulder a bit. She didn't think she was doing any help to that.

    Juliana wondered how he could survive like this. Was the money really that good? It was like he was someone that would kill for money. She wondered if he'd ever take a job against this village. She would hope he wouldn't. Truth be told. It was kind of nice to have him around. She never had a man she could patch up. Except for maybe her brother, Jules. That was because he was stupid and not some warrior. This man was a warrior. A warrior, yes he was. Her mind wandered. What kind of person was he when he wasn't out on the battlefield. Was he nice? Could he be a decent lover? She blushed lightly at that thought. She couldn't be thinking like that.

    She was almost done. She used more of her white magic to make most of the other wounds heal. She was also trying to make his muscles relax. He was really tense. She liked the feel of her hands on his body. That is something she shouldn't really be thinking about right now. The only thing that should be on her mind was healing him. She finished healing him. She didn't ask him for money. He always left something behind for her. Guessed he liked to do stuff like that. Who knows. He didn't really care. She just had herself to feed.

    “Woman, you do good work.” He had said, his dark blue eyes connected with her eyes.

    What could this woman be thinking about? He chuckled softly. It felt like she liked to touch him. He stood up, when he did the sword fell off of his lap and hit the floor. It made a thud when it hit the ground. He hated these rags. He turned his back to the woman and stripped off the rags he had on. He found a pair of clothe pants, a pair of black leather boots and a black silk shirt. He had put all the items on. He glanced over towards his armor. What he had been fighting. It was strong. It couldn't be something from this world. It knew too many magic spells to be from this world. It had a body of a man, the strength of a beast. It had the tail of a lizard. Some kind of experiment?

    He had somehow found a way to slay the beast he had been fighting. What happened to his shield? Oh yeah, that broke. It was made of the strongest metal that Bathum had to offer. He needed to find a way to fight better. Or find better metals to make weapons out of. He had noticed that the art of magic had been becoming more popular. Maybe he should seek out a mage. To teach him how to use magic. Might be the only way he would be able to come out of these battles in a better shape. The battlefield. Such a dangerous place.

    Things have been escalating a lot more quickly. What was happening in Tactum? There had been weird stories lately. About the coming of the end of the world. Could this really be the end? Or were just people talking like always. He couldn't really think in a situation like this. He needed to get back to Bathum. That is where he would collect his reward for killing that beast. Could there be more of them? Also there had ben talk of a slaying in another village. The whole village slaughtered for a map. The man didn't say why he needed the map.

    “I take it that's as close to a thank you that I'm going to get from you.” Juliana said as he looked over towards Black Crow. “Very well, Black Crow.” Juliana added and sighed.

    “Black Crow, why the hell do you call me that?” He asked as he looked over towards the woman.

    “You always send a Black Crow to me. “ Juliana said, she blinked slightly. “Is that not your name?” She asked.

    “No.” He said as he shook his head. “It's Cro.” He said, his eyes stayed on the woman. He was trying to study her and figure out. Why did she heal him? Was it because it was her job? Or was there another reason why she would do such a thing.

    Cro of Bathum. That was his title. He was a warrior. He looked to be about in his twenty's. He felt older. He bent over and picked up his sword and took it in his hand. He walked to where his armor was and took his sheath. He put his sheath on his back and than he put his sword in it. He was hungry. His stomach was rumbling. He wondered if this village had anything to eat in it. This was no time to think about food. He was thinking about food though. He needed to eat.

    “You wouldn't happen to have any food in that bag of yours, would you?” Cro asked as he looked over towards Juliana.

    “No.” Juliana said as she shook her head. “I could go bring you back some.” Juliana added, she smiled softly.

    “If you wish to. I'll be here.” Cro said, his eyes stayed on Juliana.
    “Okay.” Juliana said, she packed up her things and than disappeared out the door.

    Cain was the black smith in the village of Florin. He was an old and wise man. He had short hair, it was silver. His old age had caught up with him. When he was younger. He had been quite the warrior. He was sitting outside of his house. He was in a wooden chair, smoking an old pipe. He puffed on the pipe. The smoke circled around his head. He blew some of the old smoke out. He watched the people pass by his house. He waved to them. In his old age, he had became calmer. Calmer than his twin brother.

    The kids always liked to come and see Cain. They loved hearing about his stories. The glory of being one of the members of The Florin Army. When the army was still young. A warrior indeed. The children loved the tales. He never had any children or grand children of his own. He just loved to spin stories. He was the local story teller. Except for the people who worked at The Hall of Stories. It was what they called a library. The kids were the future. He knew that. That is why he adored them so much.

    The children would grow up and become adults. Some of them would walk different paths. One could walk the path of the hero. The other could walk the path of the demon. No one really wanted to walk the path of the demon. It happened sometimes. Questing for power and dominance. That is how one could walk the path of the demon. He had not always been on the path he was currently on. A few times in his life. His path strayed from good to bad. Things happen and sometimes it changes a person. It changes what is important to them. What the perception of good and bad is.

    There was something wrong with the world. There had been a lot more fighter than normal. There had to be something wrong. There had been a lot more traffic in the village of Florin. Florin was a quiet village. It usually didn't attract anyone from the outside world. Except for the rare traveler. Or someone coming and looking for Juliana to patch people up. Something was up. Was it time to form The Florin Army once again? The army has not been used in quite sometime. Was it time for the people in this village to make a stand again?

    There had to be a reason behind all of this. Could there be another threat? A threat that they didn't know about. Too much thinking would make one person go insane. The person that was doing the thinking. They would go insane. Maybe it was just some odd coincedence. Maybe it was because some of the old timers wanted to relive there glory days. There was something in the air. The stories spread like wildfires. About the man that had slaughtered a whole village. For a map. Killed everyone for a map. That map had to be pretty important. What secrets did it hold?
    There had been something bothering the young warrior. Where had all those things come from? Could they be from another world. They were not from this world. He knew that. They were beasts. That is all they were. It was that or they had been created by somebody or something? Cro sighed and shook his head. He shouldn't be over thinking stuff like this. All he should be worried about was getting back to his own village. He shouldn't be worrying about where those beasts had came from. He wondered where that woman had gone off to. She was supposed to be going to get food.

    He really wondered where she was. His stomach was growling. Could something had happened to her? He wasn't really the type to worry about people. It was just he was hungry and she was supposed to be going and getting food. He needed to get out of this shed. It was getting to be a bit musty and it was getting to him. He walked over to the door and pushed it open. It slowly swung open. His eyes had to adjust to the light. It had been dark in the shed. There was enough light so that woman could have seen what she was doing.

    He looked down. There was a stone path leading from the shed back to the town. Maybe he should follow it. He never really remembered how he gets here anyways. He looked down at the stone path. It had droplets of blood on them. Could that be from his own blood or had something happened? He needed to keep his guard up. He followed the stone path and it brought him into the main area of the village. There were a few wooden houses. He saw a butcher's shop and a blacksmith shop. He caught some of the locals looking at him. They probably have never seen someone like him before.

    Could it be that this place had been at peace for so long. That the people in the village had forgot what a warrior looked like? His stomach rumbled loudly. Where had that woman got off to? He sighed softly and started to walk around a little bit. It looked like your average village. He watched a few kids run passed him. It looked like they were playing. He smirked softly. He wished he could be that care-free again. In times like this, you couldn't be care-free. He wanted to know what those beasts were that he had faught.

    The world had become a dark and scary place. There was no more order in the world. Everything was just pure madness. There was chaos and anarchy. A lot of fighting. That didn't bother him at the least. He watched more kids race pass him. Such fools. They would learn the hardway someday. Now they were just helpless children. He continued to walk. A few of the townsfolk looked over towards him. They would look away once he looked at them.
    “Mister!” A kid said, tugging on his leggings. “Huh?” Cro asked, he looked down to see a young kid. “Is it true.. That you killed all those beast things?” The kid asked, his eyes wide and looking up at him.
    “Yeah.” Cro said, he nodded his head.
    “That is so cool!” The kid said cheerfully, he saluted Cro and ran off giggling and laughing.
    Kaiser had just gotten back to the village of Bathum. He had to go elsewhere for supplies. He had a bunch of the supplies in a sack. It was slung over his right shoulder. As he walked back into the village. He was greeted by everyone that was in the village. Bathum was bustling with activity today. He wondered where his son could be. Had he came back from the mission he was sent out on? Or was he somewhere resting? He didn't really know. He just needed to get back to his loving wife and there other child. That boy better not be in trouble. He chuckled to himself softly.

    Cro in trouble? Never. He had taught his son better than that. His wife did like to mother Cro a bit. Well it was more like baby him. Cro had always had a lone wolf attitude. So much like his father. It was uncanny. He just hoped his son was alright. He would stop worrying when his boy finally made it back to the village. He knew his son well. Cro was always pushing himself. To make himself stronger. Sometimes he wondered why Cro wanted such strength. Had something happened that he wasn't aware about? Or was this the path of the warrior?

    Kaiser kept on walking and waving to the other members of the village. He walked to his house. He pushed the door open. He walked into the house. There was the smell of a pig roasting. It was his favorite. His mouth watered when he walked into the house. He took the sack off of his back and walked over to the wooden table and put the sack down. He opened it up. There was some food inside and a new carving block. He kinda liked going out for supplies it got him out of the house. It let him see other people as well. He left the carving block on the table. He put the vegetables in a cold place so they wouldn't go bad.

    His wife had been cooking all day. The roast was almost done. She was taking a breather in the living-room. Sitting in one of the chairs and reading a book. She didn't really know what the title of the book was. All she knew is that the story was rather interesting. She didn't hear the door open and close. She was oblivious to the fact that her husband was home. She did hear something out in the kitchen. Could it be her husband? She put her book down on the table next to her chair and walked out into the kitchen.

    She smiled when she saw that Kaiser had returned. He had been gone for a few hours. She didn't like it when he had to go on long journeys. She loved his companionship and didn't really like being left alone with the kid. Sure, the kid slept for the most part. It was just too lonely for her. She knew how much Kaiser liked going out on this little quests for food and goods. It was probably his way of trying to relive his glory days. Men and there glory days. She chuckled to herself and walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.

    “Welcome back, honey. You didn't see our son, did you?” She asked Kaiser.
    “No.” Kaiser said, he shook his head. “That boy will come home when he's done.” Kaiser added, he smiled warmly at his lover.

    “So when's that pig done? I'm starving!” Kaiser said, he smiled and looked over to her.

    “Your always hungry.” She said, she rolled her eyes at him.

    She walked over to where the roast had been roasting inside of the fireplace. It was a pig with vegetables. She grabbed a few of the pot holders and pulled it out of where it was cooking. She set the hot roast down on the wooden counter-top. She went into the cupboard and got out a few plates. Kaiser had walked over to the table as she dished out the food. It smelled so good. It was probably going to taste awesome as well. Everybody seemed stressed now a days. There was barely any jobs anymore. People had to live off the land more. That didn't always work.

    Both of them sat down to eat after Mayumi had gotten done dishing out the food. Kaiser gobbled up his food rather quickly. That is what happens when you don't eat for a few hours. He was surprised that he had not lost as much energy as he did. It was very surprising. He needed to keep his strength up. He could hear the sweet snoring of the baby in the next room. The kitchen was right next to the kitchen. It was so sweet. The future was sleeping in the living room. A small smile formed over Kaiser's face.

    Kaiser got up and took his plate and put it in the sink. He poured some water over it to. To get some of the food that had been left behind off of it. He came from a long-line of warriors. He guessed that is the way Cro was going now. He couldn't be more prouder. A small smirk came over his face and he heard Mayumi coming up from behind of him.
    “You worried about him?” Mayumi asked, as she wrapped her arms around the back of Kaiser.
    “Kinda, but he will do fine.” Kaiser said, he smiled softly.

    Kaiser smiled and spun Mayumi around and planted a kiss on her lips. When he did that. The little girl in the living-room began to scream. She was hungry. Kaiser rolled his eyes as Mayumi kissed him back and vanished into the living-room. “Oh, Kasumi.” Kaiser said, he shook his head. He also walked into the living-room with Mayumi to tend the baby.

    Danzivar had a daunting task in front of him. Trying to stop Darlack from taking over the world. Why did these assholes think they'd get to take over the world? It was just an impossible feat. Especially for the people who thought they were going to get away with it. Guelder is where the mighty Danzivar was from. His friend, Ezekiel was that Cleric of the village. They had a king and a queen of the village. They gave out orders and such. They were the head honchos of the village. Danzivar was usually quiet. The silent type. He was known to kill without even thinking.
    Pushing himself up and beyond the call of battle. That was something normal to him. He was sitting down on a stump. It used to be a rather large cedar tree and he was cleaning his sword. It had been bloody. The blood had been fresh. The blade was clean now and he sheathed it back to his side. There was something in the air. Something that drove everybody crazy. It didn't drive him crazy. More people trying to attack his village. Were they looking for stuff? Or was it just the usual?
    Gueleder was usually a peaceful place. Not really been peaceful. There was something brewing in the air. Something that was going to change everything. The way they looked at things and the way they lived their loves were going to change. Might as well get used to it. Darlack was a big task that needed to be dealt with. That man didn't know when or how to quick. A ruthless fighter and killer when he needed to be. He was very powerful and fluent in both black and white magica. That made him dangerous. Darlack surrounded himself with powerful allies. Wouldn't be too surprised if he had someone working for him.
    There was no idea on how he could be stopped right now. The only thing was, he had to be stopped. Danzivar stared off into the distance. Leaving this village to go after a madman like this? Was it worth it? Would it be worth saving the whole world from someone like this? Danzivar usually didn't think like this. This would be the most dangerous mission he's ever been on. Saving the world was a big thing. Especially for someone like him. He knew what he had to do. Push himself to the limit. Both emotionally and physically. It was going to go down soon.
    Ezekiel had been out lately. Trying to find new techniques for him and the members of the village that he was from. That was the most important thing to him. He was dressed in a robe and he walked around with a rather large scepter. Within the scepter itself was magic. Magic he could cast. His magic was something that helped the village be protected. When ever there was an attack. Him or Danzivar was called to defend the village they were sort of the goto guys for the village. No one could beat them together. If they split up, maybe they could be beaten.
    When either of them had to fight. They had to keep this in mind. Both of them worked well together as a team. Enemies were going to figure that out and try to divide them as a team. It was something to keep an eye out for. Truth be told. Ezekiel and Danzivar would do the same thing. Try to split up a team that was well oiled and that could beat them. It was just the nature of the beast. They all wanted to survive. No body wanted to die. They had to preserve the life in their own village.
    The world had been in chaos for a long-time. There were barely any jobs and it was hurting everyone. Most people had to offer out there services as killers now a days. It seemed like that is the only way you could make ends meet now. It would be different if certain people weren't in power. Certain King's and Queen's of the villages hoarded all the money. Didn't let people earn it back. These corrupt assholes kept it all to themselves and the people of the villages were made to suffer.

    Darlack was miles away from Danzivar's village. Darlack was on the quest to find the sword of Immortality. A sword that would grant him the power to live forever. Why would one want such power? It was simple. So they could rule over the world until the end of time. Time never ended. People's lives dead. He wasn't going to let that happen. He was going to rule these lands for the rest of time. He was on a horse. In the middle of the desert. He took out the map that he had stolen from one of the villages.
    He took what he needed and moved on. Silly people in that village. If they had not tried to stop him, they would still be alive. There was talk of a power warrior in one of the villages nearby, Bathum was the name of the village. He would send one of his minions, Kradox, to Bathum to kill whatever warrior lived there. He couldn't have someone from another village ruining his plans. He would also send another minion, Kruta, to Florin. Make sure no one there could stand against him. Darlack put his finger on the map. He had a long ways to go to find this sword. The Temple was on the other side of the world.
    Kruta and Kradox were ready for there mission. They only needed the word from Darlack. All three of them traveled together. Darlack wasn't the only person that was attacking that village. It wasn't like Darlack could do something like this alone. He needed help. The man was thick headed and very strong. They just needed the word. They felt like they would get the word soon. They were very impatient and liked to cause mayhem and destruction. They should have been named Mayhem and Destruction. They were not brothers, just partners that traveled the world doing jobs for the highest bidder.


    Cro hated being stuck in Florin and he really wanted to get back to Bathum. He missed his mother's cooking. There wasn't anything happening in the city. He wondered where that woman had traveled off to. He was getting one of those feelings. The feeling he usually got when something big was just about to happen. Like many warriors he had not left the area without his sword. It was by his side. He thought he could hear something coming from another part of the town. What could it be? There was the smell of smoke. Had something been set on fire? He looked around. He couldn't see anything. Could there be a fire nearby? Out of instinct. He unsheathed his sword and took it in his hand.
    There had been rumors of Fire Welders that were from these parts. They were not exactly the most nicest people in the world. They were not nice as well. His father had told him the story of having to battle one. It was just a story his father made up, right? It had to be a story. He knew that such beings didn't really exist in this world. Just a story his father would tell him at bedtime. Or was it?
    His father was always pushing his own limits. He really wanted to be like his father. Kaiser, his father. He was a great warrior and raised a family. In hard-times like this it wasn't easy. Everybody was scrounging for money. That is why Cro did what he did. He wondered. Something passed by his head. It was hot. It was a fireball. Holy Shit! He looked up and than looked in the direction that the ball was heading in. It was on a collision course with a mother and her three kids.
    “Fuck!” Cro said, he ran as fast as he could. The fireball was getting closer to the woman. He dove infront of the fireball and than used his sword to bat it away. The fireball than hit the ground a few feet away from him and the woman. Who the hell did this person think they were? Why would someone be so evil to attack a place like this? There wasn't anything here that was worth anything.
    Who were they and what did they want? He stood ready for battle. He looked over towards the woman and the children that he had saved. He watched them run off. Along with the rest of the scared villagers. He looked up and two fireballs were coming his way. He moved to the right. One passed him by and hit a building made of stone. He saw the other fireball and he used his hand to send the fireball back towards the person that had threw it at him.
    The attacker was hidden. Cro couldn't see where the attacks were coming from. He saw a group of people coming towards him. They looked like a mix of hired thugs and bandits. They were all charging him. He did his best to ward off the attackers. Killing most of the attackers. What did they want with this village? He had heard rumors of powerful runes that were in the caves of Florin. Could that be it? Or were they after something else. Or maybe they were after him. That couldn't be it. He killed most of the attackers. Bodies kept on piling up around him. What did they want?
    The bodies had been mutilated. Covered in cuts and gouges. They had came from his sword. There was something else at hand. Where was that person that was attacking him earlier. Was this person going to show himself? Or were they just going to stay hidden? It was true – he would never want to have to fight himself. A brief smirk came over his face. Now to find that person that was hiding. He was walking around slowly. Trying to take everything in. His surroundings. He could feel someone nearby.
    He had this unsettling feeling – it was getting to him. This person had to be hiding either in one of the houses or ontop of one of them. He looked around. He couldn't really see the tops of the houses that well. He wasn't really paying much attention to his surroundings. That is when it happened. Something or someone attacked him. Ran up behind of him and picked him up and also threw him a few feet. That was when the barrage of fireballs came. Luckly, Cro had gotten out of dodge. He was unharmed. So this is how it was going to happen. That was fine with him.
    Who was this attacker? Cro pushed himself up off of the ground. He blinked for a moment when he saw who he was fighting. It didn't look like anything he has seen before. There was a man standing a few feet away from him. The man was wielding both a sword and a shield made out of fire. Could he have used some sort of spell to have such weaponry? It didn't matter. This asshole was going to get cut down! He had to think about how to attack this person. Couldn't just rush in and attack.
    “I don't care who you are. Just know I am going to cut you down!” Cro growled.
    “Cut me down?” The Man said, he chuckled softly. “Don't make me laugh. No one this side of Tactum has ever cut down Pyrallis!” He growled. Both of the fighter's eyes meet. There were sparks. Not good sparks. The kind of sparks you saw before someone or something got destroyed. This was going to be a fierce battle. Both of these warriors were not going to give an inche. It was time to see who was the better man. Who would walk out of this battle alive and who wouldn't be living again. Pyrallis intentions for being in Florin had not been made yet. Maybe it was just for a fight or something more.. Powerful.

    Two warriors were about to face off. The fate of Florin was in their hands. Pyrallis a man hellbent on destruction and opposing him was Cro. A blood thirsty warrior from Bathum. The scene was mad chaos. Everyone was trying to get out of there. It was understandable. No one wanted to be caught in the cross-fire. Both of them just stood there looking at each other. Waiting for one to make a move. It didn't look like either of them were budging much. Cro had his sword but no shield and Pyrallis had weapons made out of fire and could control fire itself.
    What could Pyrallis want with this city? Except the obvious. Just to destroy it. It really looked like that is what he wanted. To just show people that he was superior to them. Pyrallis looked like he was that kind of person. Or maybe there was something here that he was after. What could be here that would be worth something to Pyrallis? No one really knew. The person they should ask was Cain. He knew everything about the city. There would be nobody trying to provoke Pyrallis. Right now there was a stand off.
    It didn't look that good for the town of Florin. Even if Cro did find a way to defeat Florin. They might not have a village to come back to. There was a good chance that the town might get destroyed in this fight. When two warriors are fighting. They don't usually think about the town they are fighting in or if it gets destroyed or not. There was nothing going to get in the way of two warriors fighting. The wind blew and both warriors just stood there. Everyone went inside of their houses. They didn't want to get hurt.
    Both warriors had charged in after each other. Both of them exchanging blows on each other with their own weapons. Pyrallis kicked Cro in the stomach and it sent him flying back a few feet. Cro took his sword and stuck it in the ground. Digging into the dirt. It slowed him down. Cro huffed as he regained his footing. He charged in after Pyrallis and he swung his sword. It was meat with Pyrallis own sword. They smashed against one another and Cro growled. Neither of them were gonna be easy to take down. Both of them were going to give as much as they possibly could.
    Cro kicked Pyrallis as hard as he could. It did little. Due to Pyrallis fire armor. What kind of armor was that? It had to be magic or something like that. Cro growled once again. This was annoying him. Cro stepped back and than ran after Pyrallis with his sword and he than jumped in the air with his sword and aimed for Pyrallis's head. Cro's sword hit Pyrallis's head with a mighty thump sound. Pyrallis just looked up at Cro and grinned. It had no effect. Right at that moment Pyrallis let out a flury of fireballs and Cro did his best to dodge all he could. He knocked a few of them away with his sword.
    Cro knew he had to beat this man. He didn't really know if it was possible. Cro grunted. The spirit of a warrior was within him. He rushed in once again. They battled. There swords clashed. They made a loud crackling sound as they were pressed up against one another. Cro sneered at Pyrallis. This wasn't his home and he didn't care. He needed to bring this man down. It was the way of the warrior.
    The two warriors continued to fight. They fought all over the city. No one came out. They stayed inside of there homes. They didn't want to get into the middle of the action. Buildings were broken. Both of the warriors were being pushed to the limit. They continued to trade blows. Cro was beginning to look a bit beat up. The way of the warrior. Always fighting and never giving up. When did the thought of defeat enter a warrior's mind? It couldn't be when they started the fight. They couldn't doubt their own abilities and skills.
    “You can't even touch me, fool.” Pyrallis gloated.
    “Fights not over yet, Pyrallis!” Cro grunted.
    Neither of them were going to be the same when they left the battlefield. If they left the battlefield. Cro's ravenous black hair dropped down into the front of his face. His eyes had an intensity in it. A fire. A fire that had not been seen for such a long time. His eyes told the story. The icey stare of a warrior that had nothing and everything to lose. He couldn't let Pyrallis leave this place alive. If he did. What would happen. Report back to his superior that he couldn't finish the job. Or maybe he was doing this for another reason. It could just be some foolish random attack on a city. A disgruntled former member of the town. Maybe he was a former royal or elite. Maybe it was something on those lines. It didn't matter to him. The fighting had let up for a brief moment. Cro had began to breathe rather heavily. His body was covered with cuts and gashes all over his body. Now what was it that he could do? He needed to come up with a plan.
    The blood dripped from Cro's most recent wounds. He wiped the blood from his forehead. It had been trying to drip down into his eyes. He knew Pyrallis would use that to attack him. Attack somebody while your blinded. Not the most noble thing to do. It was the most effective thing to do though. A plan would be good. It seemed like whatever he did. He couldn't touch this man. Fire energy was hard to fight. Maybe if he controlled the water elements. He would be able to make a dent in Pyrallis. He needed to think of something fast!

    “What's wrong, warrior? You seemed so sure a moment ago.” Pyrallis said, he chuckled softly to himself as he looked over to Cro.
    “You have a weakness, I will find it and I will FINISH YOU!” Cro growled.

    The villager's didn't deserve this, it was probably going to be destroyed by these two warriors. They were on different sides, Cro wanted to protect the people in this village and all Pyrallis wanted to do was destroy the village. The two warriors were just standing there, a few curious members of the village had exited from their houses. That would probably be a bad move, things were going to get worse before they got better.
    The war would rage on between the two warriors, both of them thought they were right. They were fighting for their own villages and countries. Cro had finally got a strike in on Pyrallis, but it didn't seem to do much. Cro growled out of frustration, what did he have to do to put this motherfucker down? His ice cold blue eyes glared at Pyrallis. Where did Pyrallis come from? How did he know how to use such powers? He had to be someone that was good with magic or chi, it could be a mix of both. It was a technique that he had never seen before. Being a warrior, it was in his blood and it was something he would never lose. He wanted to be great like his father, Kaiser. Cutting down Pyrallis and saving this village was his only mission at the moment. He knew he'd have to push himself to his breaking limits, he smirked softly. That was fine with him.
    This man felt familiar to Cro and he didn't know why, could this person have fought with his father? That couldn't be it. It could just be an odd coiencdence, he didn't believe in coiencdences. They probably crossed paths before when Cro was younger, there was really no way to tell at this point. Pyrallis charged at Cro and Cro did the same thing. Their swords clashed. Both of them weren't giving up, they both glared and growled at one another and pushed each other back. There had been some brave souls peeking out from their houses to see what was happening. The fate of Florin was hanging in the balance. There was no body else on the battlefield, Cro was still alone, which was fine for him. He was used to being The Lone Wolf. There was a sound nearby, it sounded like someone was running to the battlefield. What kind of an insane person was going to come out and try to fight this thing? Well, he was trying to fight this thing. He was a trained warrior though.
    “You son of a bitch!” A young voiced roared, there was a light coming from the young man. The youngman launched an orb of energy towards Pyrallis. The young man huffed as he watched the orb of energy being absorbed by the enemy and it had no effect on the warrior.
    “You think you can come in here, and take our village from us!” The young man growled, he shook his head. “That ain't happening!” The young man added, his eyes were filled with anger and pride. He wasn't letting some madman take over the place he had lived in for his whole life!
    “Foolish child.” Pyrallis said, he simply raised his hand, a gust of wind than came and pushed the young man back a few feet. The young man smashed into the side of a building.
    “Asshole.” The young man said, he pushed himself up off of the ground. “You think that'll stop me. I'm sick of your kind! This ends today!! I'll be the one who cuts you down, the name's Dask. I'll be your undoing!” Dask said, he looked at Pyrallis with a smirk on his face.

    “Kid, get out of here. This is something for the grown up's to deal with.” Cro said as he looked over towards Dask, a slight smirk on his face. The kid reminded him of himself when he was younger. That could either be a good or a bad thing, he wasn't sure what it was at this moment.

    Cro charged in once again, he wanted this fucker dead. There was no way he was leaving this village without Pyrallis's head under his arm. He didn't know how he was going to do it, he was going to have this fucker's head on his wall. Cro glared at his enemy. It was true, this man could be considered Cro's enemy right now, he wasn't going to give up the fight.

    Both of them continued to clash, as they clashed spark's were emited from both of their blades crashing up against each other. Dask couldn't do anything but watch the two warrior's battle. The battlefield was a very dangerous place to be, Dask felt like he should be there. He wanted to put his life on the line for this town. He continud to watch Cro and Pyrallis's battle. It was an amazing sight to be seeing, neither of them were giving up an inche. It could rage on for days, he knew it wasn't going to be an easy fight, it was a fight that needed to happen.

    “Come on, cut that bastard down.” Dask said as he watched Cro. “If you can't do it, I'll have my turn.” He added and smiled.


    The mighty steed would bring her to the battlefield, she was determined to get there in time. She really hoped Cro wasn't in over his head, knowing her bestfriend he was. A slight smile came over her face as she adjusted her battle equipment. She had a sword strapped to her back, two daggers strapped to her side. A small shield was also strapped on her back, it was under the sword. The horse galloped through the forrest, they were leaving from Azmar and they would be in Florin very shortly. “Don't do anything stupid.” The woman said to herself, she kept her hands on the reigns. She slapped them down, the horse began to run faster through the woods.
    The thoughts of Cro getting hurt because of his ignorance, it made her shutter as she rode. They had been friends of most of their life and in that they had a close bond. Almost like an unearthly bond, they could almost feel and see what the other could feel and see. That is the only reason she knew he was fighting, it was an odd thing. It helped in battle sometimes, there had been a few times where she had to pretty much save his ass.
    She had wondered what had Cro so riled up that he was fighting. Could it be something to do with his father? Maybe an old enemy was threatning Cro's family or the town he was in. The horse continued to gallop through the forest, she had to push a few branches out of her face as the horse made it's way through. It didn't take her long to get to a small village that was filled with people. This village isn't where her friend was, it was just a nearby village that she could get supplies at. Not like she needed any today.
    The village was Estermount, it was a place where people grew food and breeded animals. It was very laid back, she had noticed that no one was around. It was usually busy, maybe it was because of what was happening in the other-towns. People might have been scared. People did get like that when there was an attack in another village, got scared that it might happen in their own village. It had always been like that, the fear. People thrived on it, she looked around and pulled the reins back on her horse so it would slow down.
    It was odd seeing the place as a ghost t, town, she continued to look around some more. She didn't really think anything odd about it. She slapped the reins down on the horse again and it started to move through out the village. She found a path that would lead them towards Florin, that is where Cro was. She was just getting an odd feeling from the village, maybe it was just her imagination. She took the path and it lead her out of the village, she still had a long ride in front of her. She slapped the reins down and the horse sprinted faster, she would be there soon though.


    Dask was watching both Cro and Pyrallis, it didn't seem like either of them was going to make a move. Dask let out a low grunt, he wanted a chance to fight. There was a big chance that he would get hurt, that was a chance he needed to take. Florin was his awesome, it had always been home. He knew Cro didn't live here and was just traveling through the city, he was just getting patched up. Why was he standing there, trying to defend this place? Dask was just an on looker right now. He watched both of them.
    Dask had the ability to channel energy, he could heal himself with spells that he had learned. They wouldn't last long, it took time to heal one's body and it wasn't instanious. Also if he used his energy attacks, they would drain him so badly. There really wasn't much he could do, he hated having to feel like this, so useless. Dask sighed as he watched. What was going to happen next? It was really hard to tell what was going to happen.
    The existence of Florin was hanging in the balance, the battle of good and evil was raging on. It did look like the fight was at a stalemate for now, neither of them were making a move. It would be hard to guess the outcome of this one, many on lookers around the battle field. The brave ones that had ventured out of their houses, they watched the two warrior's clash before they abruptly stopped. The villagers knew what was at steak, the pride that was on the line. Good didn't always prevail, sometimes evil won. Many of them were scared, it would be stupid not to be.
    Many of The Ex-Soliders of Florin looked on as well, they were thinking about the days they had defend Florin with their lives. It was bittersweet watching the young generation fight, something that they had once down with pride and valor. The soliders had become old, weak and worn. There was no way they could even carry their sword anymore, the armor had rusted up and now was useless to them. They still had their memories and could give advice to the young generation. It was still hard to watch and not be able to fight.
    They all had high hopes for the stranger that was standing up for them, they had no idea who he was or where he was from. Sometimes people are just in the right place at the exactly right time, it looked like this man was at the right place at the right time. The man looked tired, could he go own fighting or would he just give up? His pride probably wouldn't let him give up. He was a strong one, a very strong one. There is no doubt about that.
    Little did anyone know, Pyrallis had forces coming to Florin. For the simple purpose of turing it upside down, there was something here that The Master needed. A map of sorts, not any ordinary map but a map showing them the way to a legendary temple that may or may not exist. Inside of the temple was a sword, a sword that would grant it's weilder unimaginable power and immortality. It was a weapon that everyone wanted, to be the strongest and not have the fear of death lingering over their head. Many were looking for the sword. The stronger you were, the longer your survived.
    “So what are you really here for?” Cro growled, he was tired and in pain and this fight didn't seem like it was going anywhere.
    “It's simple, I want what anyone else wants : Power. There is a map in this town, a map that will show me the way to the legendary sword of Immortality, when I have it in my grasp. I will rule this world as a GOD!” Pyrallis said, he smirked as he looked at the man that was standing before him. They were both tired and neither of them were going to give an inche.


    “I feel something is not right.” Ezekiel said, he spoke with concern in his voice. He was a cleric and he turned to Danzivar, they were friends but at first they had been rivals. Always rivals in the beginning, neither of them knew they were going to end up being friends. It's funny how things work out in life, Ezekiel placed his hand under his chin. Both Ezekiel and Danzivar had been noticing what has been happing in the world, it seems like more people have been becoming hired guns for people. Either the money was good, or they just liked to fight. There was a whispering in the winds about a Sword of Imortality, in The Caverns of Desdain. Were these rumors true? It'd be fun to find out. Danzivar was always trying to push himself to the breaking point, he wanted to be the strongest in the village.
    Ones body might die, but the spirit never dies. The spirit will always live on, it will always find another body to go into and that body will be stronger, it will keep on fighting. This is something Danzivar believed in. Neither Ezekiel nor Danzivar had anyone to fight with for a long-time. Maybe they should take a trip to Desdain, find this sword and get stronger on their way to the sword.
    “This sword of Immortality.” Ezekiel began to speak, he turned to Danzivar.
    “I hear you old, friend. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could be terrible for Guelder and the whole world.” Danzivar said as he looked at Ezekiel.
    “We might need an army to find these sword.” Danzivar said.
    “No, we have enough skill and strength to find this sword and cut down anyone who steps in between us and the sword.” Ezekiel said as he turned to Danzivar.
    “When do we leave?” Danzivar asked.
    “Nightfall, no one will be around then.” Ezekiel said as he looked at Danzivar and the two walked off into the distance planning what they were gonna do.

    The training area was empty except for two women, one was an older woman. A Veteran warrior and the other woman was a bit younger and just learning the ropes of how to fight, the younger woman lunged at the older woman in an attack, she attempted to stab the older woman and the older woman just simply stepped out of the younger womans way.
    “Damn it, she's fast.” Vera said, she was the younger one. A warrior in training, the womans name was Gweniver, her mother. They both had dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes and looked almost identical. At a young age Vera wanted to be a warrior, she wanted to be the one to protect Guelder from the evil invaders it has experinced in the past. She felt like she was weak, sweat poured off of her brow and she pushed her dirty blonde hair out of her place. She looked over towards her mother.
    “Alright, thats enough for today.” Gweniver said, she walked out of the training area and Vera just stood there and leaned on her sword that she had sticking into the ground. Everyone in the village was so strong, a lot of warriors and healers and even a few mages lived in their village. She just wanted to be strong like everyone else and all she wanted to do was be able to protect those that were close to her, the ones that she loved. Her hard work would pay off one day, she would then show everyone how strong she was.
    The world was changing, it wasn't as care free as it used to be. The rumors about the immortal sword had been spreading like wildfires. Was it true or not? Many were going to venture off into the night to find out if it was true or not. The rumor had caught the eyes and ears of The Royals that resided in Guelder. Vathros, the prince of Gueleder had heard about the rumor, the legend and it intriged him to no end. A sword with a power like that should be his! It shouldn't fall into the hands of a mere paesant, that could only mean one thing, Vathros was going to hunt for the sword and cut down anyone who got in his way. He had also heard that a few other people from Guelder were gonna hunt for the sword. Interesting, maybe he could persuade them to join his fight, his crusade. That sword was going to be his! He didn't care what the other members of his family thought, he was going to do this and become the most powerful being in the world! He had a lot of plotting to do.

    For once Cro didn't know how to take this guy down, even for him. The guy was too powerful and he didn't want to look weak infront of the towns people of Florin. He knew he couldn't win the battle, he needed to continue to fight though. If there was a n opening, a weakness within Pyrallis he was going to find it. He didn't want to let the citizens of Florin down, he closed his eyes for a moment and sighed. He opened up his eyes and looked over at Pyrallis. If they had been on the same side, they would have made an awesome team. It just seemed like that wasn't going to happen right now. There was a fire inside of him that wasn't going to die. He wasn't the type of person that would let a city down like this, there had to be a weakpoint in this guy. There was always a weakpoint in someone, there just had to be a way to exploit it. He wouldn't stop until he found that weakpoint, the truth is that he was tired. The battle had been raging on forever, or so it seemed like forever. Everyone was scared, they didn't know what was going to happen next. Dask was still near the battlefield, he was eager to jump and try to help anyway he could. There wasn't anyway he could jump in right now without getting hurt, Dask had to keep his distance though. How could Pyrallis be so strong, what was his secret? Dask looked over to Pyrallis and then back over at Cro. Dask knew in his heart that Cro would win, that man had to win or Florin would be turned to dust! What was going to happen? No one really knew. Sworn to fight and die for their ideals, that is what warrior did it didn't matter how messy or dirty the the fight got. They always had their ideals. There was no light in sight, it was all darkness. What did Pyrallis truly want here? Could this all been averted, could something had been done to not have this dastardly man come here and try to destroy the village of Florin? Such dark times, would they ever stop? Maybe if Pyrallis had found what he was looking for he would leave or maybe the fight was just a mere distraction. Cro and Pyrallis started fighting again, neither of them said a word. Their swords clashed, as they did so sparks could be seen. Again, neither of them were giving up. Cro's body was littered with cuts, he was bleeding heavily and it looked like Pyrallis didn't have a single scratch on him. The enchanted armor was protecting Pyrallis from Cro. That was the only reason why Pyrallis wasn't injured, Cro needed to find a way to break that armor. When he would find a way to break the armor, then Pyrallis might be at a disadvantage, and that would be the opening that Cro would need.

    Prince Vathros had disappeared into his training chamber. It was a large metal room, it had suits of armor on one wall and various weapons on the other wall. Training dummies were set up all through out the chamber, the dummys were just steel suits of armor placed through out the room. He was The Prince of Guelder and his job as Prince, it was to stay strong and defend his people from invading forces. There were a few war lords that didn't like him, they would do anything to bring him down. He was arrogant and prideful, but he did have the skills to back it up.

    His father had molded him, the old man was very harsh. The title of “King” would be his one day and he would lead everyone in this town to victory and onward to claim the world as his. There were other towns to be conquered, the four points in the world need to be conquered as well. That isn't why he was here right now, the legend and rumor of the sword that would give you godly powers. That is why he was here, he needed to train some. He needed to trust his own skills, that he has honed since he was young. He walked over the wall that the swords were hung off of and he grabbed one, he held it firmly in his hand. It has been a while since he's had to hold a sword in his hand, it felt nice, very nice. The room was filled with dummies, there were here so he could practice on them. He ran towards one of the dummies and he stabbed it in the chest, and pulled it back out. He ran at another dummy and slashed it, the dummies torso was cut in half. He ran at a few more and slashed them in half as well. He did that to a few more of them, sweat beads began to form on Vathros's forehead. He huffed and dropped down to one knee, how could he be so out of shape? When he was younger, training like this was easier. He had not seen battle in some time, he needed to get back out onto the battlefield. His father would be so upset right now, seeing your youngest like this would surely make you mad. He was supposed to be the strongest warrior in the village, this wasn't right. He needed to do something, he needed to do it fast. He knew there had to be stronger people out in the world, that is what he needed to do. He needed to venture further out into the world and meet those stronger beings. That is where he would find his strength, he would find it out there. It wasn't here, it was deep down inside of him. He just needed to find a way to let it out. The young prince smirked slightly and he got up on both feet. He would leave soon, he would find that strength and become the strongest warrior in the world!


    Sara had spent most of the night riding, she had made it to Florin very quickly. The town was abandoned, there was no one in the streets and the houses didn't look like they had been used in days. It was an interesting situation, she could feel some energy nearby. Maybe it was somebody that she could talk to, maybe they knew what was happening in this land. She needed to know where Cro was and if he was okay. She shook her head, that man was going to be the death of her. She noticed a child running, the child ran over and stood next to her horse.

    “Are you here to help us?” The child asked, looking up towards the woman on the horse.
    “Help you with what, child?” Sara asked, looking down to the child.
    “Fighting, over there.” The Child said, he pointed down the road.
    “Who's fighting?” Sara asked The Child.
    “A Hero and a Badman.” The Child answered.
    “What did the hero look like?” Sara asked, she looked at the child. She wondered if this hero could be Cro.
    “A Big man, long black hair and he was holding a big sword!” The child explained.
    “Thank you.” Sara said, she smiled down at The Child and watched the child run off. That man had to be Cro.

    Sara continued down the road in the middle of Florin. The horse was walking slowly and she was taking in everything. She grabbed the reins of the horse and made the horse go faster. She could feel a terrible energy in the distance, could this be where the badman was? She was a bit frightened about what she was going to find. The horse ran fast down the road, as they got closer the energy got stronger. This had to be where the battle was taking place.

    “I hope you haven't got your stubborn ass killed yet, Cro.” Sara said, she continued to ride on her horse.

    A few moments later she had arrived at the battlefield. She looked over towards the two that were fighting, one looked like a demon and she looked over at the other guy. The other guy wasn't giving up an inche. That had to be Cro, she smirked a tad bit. She noticed a child standing behind of Cro, who was that and what was that child doing there? It didn't matter.

    “You'd better not die doing this.” Sara said, she looked over towards Cro. For once she hoped he didn't see her. She didn't want to be a distraction for Cro. She doubt that he could see her. The two fighters were fighting intensely.


    The two fighters had began to clash once more, the rest of the village looked on as they clashed with one another. The villagers were hoping that Cro could defeat this man. It wasn't looking too good for Cro, he was getting tired and weak. He wasn't going to be able to keep this up much longer. The blades of the two warrior's meet, they made sparks and pushed each other backwards a few feet. They both grunted. One was going to die, the other was going to stand tall in victory. Cro was the type that would never back down, he knew he was beaten and it was just a matter of time. He narrowed his eyes as he looked over at Pyrallis. The silence was deafing.

    Pyrallis knew his forces were almost done, he needed to wrap this fight up soon. This fight was just a mere distraction so no one would go after his forces. He smirked softly, it had been a very good plan. He didn't know that this hero was going to show up and try to challenge him. It was good that Cro had shown up, it gave him some playtime before he went back to his own land. He hasn't had to actually try in a fight for sometime. He was still as strong as he was before, it was a good thing. Being a weakling wasn't in his design.

    Cro had rushed in and attacked Pyrallis without warning. He got a few hits on Pyrallis. It didn't last long, Pyrallis raised his hand up and threw Cro back fifty feet and he crashed into one of those houses in the village. The house had came down ontop of Cro, he pushed the rubble off the top of him and threw it to one side. He searched for his sword and within a few moments he found it and grabbed it. He rushed towards Pyrallis once more and again he got a few hits in. They didn't do much to Pyrallis.

    Pyrallis slashed up the torso of Cro and he noticed that Cro had started to bleed pretty heavily. Pyrallis smirked at Cro and then with a simple wave of Pyrallis hand, he sent Cro flying through a few more houses. This time he wasn't so merciful. He sent a large stream of fire-based-energy after Cro and it hit the house and set it on fire. Cro was set on fire as well. Cro had found a way out of the house and found a way to put the fire on himself out. He didn't look good. He had been defeated by somebody.

    “It has been fun, Cro but I must depart.” Pyrallis said, he waved his hand as he noticed some of his forces coming out of the woods. They were caring a large wooden chest, a carriage with two horses came behind these men. The men loaded the chest onto the carriage and than got into the carriage as well. Pyrallis had disappeared with his men.

    “You son of a bitch!” Cro growled, he held his right arm. It was broken, it broke when he went through those last few houses.

    “Cro!” Sara yelled as she ran over to Cro.
    “What are you doing here?” Cro asked as he looked over to Sara.
    “I thought you were in trou--” Sara began to say.
    “I'm fine!” Cro said, he cut off Sara in mid-sentence.
    “You don't look fine.” Sara said, she approached Cro and touched his broken arm.
    “You look like shit.” Sara said, she looked over to Cro.
    “Yeah, thanks.” Cro said, he shook his head slightly.


    Ezekiel and Danzivar had set out on their grand adventure. They had enough food and supplies to last them a few days, it didn't take them that long to load up the houses and they mounted their respective horse and left Guelder. They didn't say goodbye to their loved ones, they just sorta snuck out of the town while everyone was asleep. It was going to be a difficuilt journey, they knew that they could handle the journey.
    “You ready old friend?” Ezekiel asked as he looked towards Danzivar.
    “Yup.” Danziar said, he nodded as he looked back to Ezekiel.

    They had been mortal enemies at one time. It was a long-time ago. They didn't know any better and they were both strong willed and headed and they thought one was better than the other. It did lead to a lot of epic battles between both of them. Memories that would never get away from either of them. The journey began with a single step, the legend of the immortal sword had been passed down from generation-to-generation. Most of them thought it was only a story. Ezekiel and Danzivar knew better and they didn't want that sword to fall into the wrong hands.

    They rode off into the distance and vanished from the town of Guelder. There were dark forces aligning against the world and the town of Guelder. There were still people to defend the town of Guelder, that is what the prince and his family did. They defended the town. The stars in the sky would guide Danzivar and Ezekiel to their destination. They both had a feeling where they had to go, they were relying on their gut and the sky to point them in the right direction.

    “Where do you think this sword is?” Danzivar asked Ezekiel.
    “Legend says it's hidden in a dark cave on the otherside of the world.” Ezekiel replied.
    “That's great.” Danzivar replied as he looked over to Ezekiel.
    “That is just the legend.” Ezekiel said, he looked around for a moment. He thought he had heard something and he looked over towards Danzivar. “I think it's closer, the legend could just be a way to throw people off of the true location of the sword.” Ezekiel added.

    They rode off into the night, the location of the sword might be unknown. It was going to take them sometime to reach the sword, there would be many battles ahead of them if they truly desired the sword. It would not be an easy task, it was very daunting. People might die and friendships would be tested. It was going to test their resolve.


    Pyrallis and his men had rode through the desert for most of the night. They came to an abanonded town, this is where the buyer said he would be. Whatever was in that box was very important to that man. They rode through the town until they got to a large stone building, it looked like a small castle. There were a few men surrounding the building. The men had swords on their hips, must be more hired guns for this guy. Pyrallis got off of his horse and approached one of the men.

    “We have retrieved the item, we need to see your boss.” Pyrallis said, he looked at the man he was talking to.
    “Very well.” The man said, he turned to the rest of his men and nodded and motioned to let Pyrallis and his men go in.

    Pyrallis walked back to the carriage and told the men inside of the carriage to grab the chest. They were going to deliver it to this man, they would be paid handsomly. That is what the agreement was. Pyrallis led his men into the stone building, there were two men behind of him carrying the chest. They went up three flight of stairs until they came to the man's chamber. The man was sitting a large chair with his hands folded on his lap. His face and body were hidden by a dark colored cloak. Pyrallis caught his gaze and he could see the man smirk.

    “Was it any trouble finding the item, Pyrallis?” The Man asked.
    “I ran into a little bit of trouble, it wasn't anything I couldn't take care of.” Pyrallis said, he looked at the man.

    Pyrallis didn't want to admit it but fighting Cro had done a number on him. He had still been the strongest in the fight, but he has never fought someone with such determination and drive. Willing to put his own life on the line for a bunch of people he didn't know. Who did something like that? He was lost in his thoughts. He looked up and saw The Man was walking towards him. He had never questioned what he had been set after

    The man approached the chest and opened it. There was a single sheet of paper sitting inside of the chest. The paper was a brownish-yellow color. It looked to be really old. The man grinned, he had been looking for this for his entire life. It was the map to where The Sword of Immortalis was being held. The sword was a legend and it was a fools crusade to go alone. He was impressed that they had found the map so easily. They must have known where to look. With the map in his hand he walked over to Pyrallis.

    “You've completed your quest, Pyrallis.” The Man said, he handed the piece of paper to Pyrallis. “You start another one at dawn.” The Man added.
    “Oh?” Pyrallis asked as he looked down at the piece of paper in his hand.
    “I want you to retrieve the sword of Immortalis for me. With this map, you should be able to get there in no time.” The Man said, he coughed a bit. “I'd do it myself, I'm too old for this journey.” He added.
    “Alright.” Pyrallis said, he nodded and turned around to look at his men. It looked like another journey had started.


    Sara had helped Cro to an empty house in the village and Dask followed behind of them. When she got him into the house she laid him down on a bed. He had been burned really bad and it would take him a few days to heal. If there was a healer in the village it would take less time. She didn't think that there was one in this place, she could go look though. She watched Cro wince in pain, her heart dropped. She hated seeing him like this, a stubborn male that is all he was.

    Cro winced, the pain shot through out his body. It felt like his body was on fire again. He groaned, he wanted to scream. He felt like he was going to scream, he held his eyes closed as long as he could. He opened them up and looked around the room. At least it wasn't the shed that Juliana usually brought him too. He looked to his left and he saw Sara. He swore he had seen her leave, maybe the pain was making him delusional. He needed to get back at that guy. He didn't like being beaten like this, he wouldn't be beaten again.

    Juliana had walked into the room with a towel and a bowl of crushed up herbs. She put the bowl of herbs on the table and ran some cold water over the towel. She grabbed the bowl of herbs and wet towel and walked over to where Cro was laying down. She sprinkled the herbs all over his body and placed the towel on his chest. The herbs would make Cro's wounds heal a little faster, he would still need bed rest though.

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