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Author: monad
ASL Info:    64/M/California
Elite Ratio:    8 - 1092 /410 /117
Words: 1334
Class/Type: Rant /Mirror or Mask
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whew that was a mouthful but it's done


Is there a natural virility to the fertilities of the inductions of space time’s continuums? Is this a microcosmic phenomenon or more dependent on the depths of pervasion of its macrocosmic relativities. Perhaps there is a unifying field theory we are not yet aware of which explains how it paradoxically is a little bit of both. Regardless, given the fact that there probably was no beginning to the universe then quite literally an eternity has already passed. So why then, given our understanding of the physics of physical interaction, is not all in a state of complete entropy?

This afore mentioned fecundity must exist. Further in it’s quite likely the cause of physical existence as we know it. I have a theory: This creationism occurs at such an imperceptible rate that positive eons of quadrillions of ages must pass in order for the cosmos to replenish its stockpile of physical matter (possibly matter without atomic structure as we know it) so that a new cycle of infinite big bangs in infinite space can occur. Ushering in a new 500 billion to trillion year cycle of physical existence as we know it. Further again, perhaps the implosion’s contraction’s revisions are the cause of the atomic structure of matter we experience during this new physical cycle.

The thought of such quantum leaps to me for the intensities of physical matters existence and catalytic capabilities.

Granted your not going to find these speculations touted as fact in a Wikipedia excerpt. The answers are in fact unknown. I’m merely being hypothetically thoughtful with what I’ve learned of possibilities prospectus. Given these truths allow me to hypothesize further.

It seems to me that the evolution of the organic morphologies of biological ontogeny were created by a conceptually reflective derivative (or perhaps antiderivative on the interpolations of integration) of functional physical mechanics. That perhaps the creative force behind their inception (similar to the afore mentioned natural inductions of space time’s continuums) was the physical realism of and or the residual harmonic vibrations of kinetic supremacy.

Consider, the planet we’re on is revolving at approximately 60,000 miles per hour relative to the sun, the solar system we inhabit is revolving at approximately 500,000 miles per hour around the center of our galaxy. Our galaxy is traveling at approximately 1,332,000 miles per hour through space with our local group of galaxies and revolving at approximately 216,000 miles per hour around the center of mass of this group of galaxies. All this to give you some conception of the kinetic actualities of our planet’s trajectory’s extant as a projectile. We have an almost incredible amount of potential or kinetic energy that is generated by our physical velocity through space. Although we don’t seem to be aware of the impending preponderances of this realism as tellurian denizens it is nonetheless fact to our intellectual relativities.

Once again perhaps the actuality of and or the residual harmonic vibrations of the actuality of this phenomenon are the impetus behind the evolution of the organic morphologies of biological ontogeny. We don’t know for certain how the first amino acids were formed. Much less how these acids in the primordial soup made the quantum leap to living existence as biological organisms. Once again I hypothesize it was a conceptually reflective derivative (or antiderivative) of the creationism behind functional physical mechanics. e.g. the natural inductions of space time's continuum and the quantum leaps created by the implosion’s contraction’s revisions of our big bang.

By now you may be wondering why I have extrapolated these hypothetical scenarios about the physical creationism of our universe and the perceived similarly analogous state of organic and biological origins, so I’ll tell you. I hoped it might make the dissertation I’m about to make on the fecundities of the corporeally preternatural and perhaps metaphysical inclinations of our sentient race easier to comprehend.

With the advent of biological organisms the diversity of physical existence has apparently exceeded its physical complexity. Understanding has evolved. Relatively extraneous interpolations of adhesively practical extremity succeed in a hierarchy of functionally integral forms. Being a firm believer in evolution this phenomenon makes me wonder: Is the impetus behind the genetic anomalies that influence the seemingly positive nature of natural selection’s progression a pervasion from the social contiguities of a species? Perhaps a random occurrence with no discernable precedent? Or, more likely even, the equivocal nature of the superior essence of the ontological state of the beings involved?

Though many believe that it is truly a random occurrence I have a tendency to want to believe otherwise. That just as there is a natural fecundity to the induction of space time’s continuum there is a positively oriented inclination integral to evolutional progression. A sort of élan vital on the orthogenisis overtures. Granted it is somewhat dependant on the phenological nature of environment but improvements occur which have little to do with the ability to cope with the weather.

So is there such a thing as élan vital as it relates to ethology’s entelechy? Is there any benefit for humanoid demagoguery in pursuing zoomorphic zoolotry as a social contiguity? Can we actually make accession to transcendentally existential ascension?

The obvious answer would appear to be yes, at least in partiality. Maybe we’re incapable (at present) of assimilating incorporeity ideology’s non-corporeal states and existing as godlike disembodied spirits (who perhaps have not lost their proclivity for corporeally preternatural being) but social relativities are an evolving state. Truly the better we treat each other the better off all will be. Now I’m not talking about being a bunch of fawning sycophants or schmaltzy schlep-it-ness schmucks, more like the swanky saunter obsequious diligence could indentured servant sail lend to all. Not given because it’s mandated but because it’s the essence of social contiguity’s evolution. Granted the individual must remain sacrosanct. Our metaphysical prowess is at best hypothetical. Actual magic is not a tool in our kit-bag though I aspire to such everyday as I attempt to be teleportation real with my telepathy to the demons I appear to be confronted with. I site clairaudience clairvoyance on the vicinity victuals of vigilante villain, the propinquity habitations of harbinger’s harangued, the proximity parameters of perimeter’s peripherals, why I’ll even throw in the objectified manifest’s diminutive minutia iotas of self inductive interstitial extrapolation, and if that doesn't get it I'll talk about the embark embargo extraditions and the extraversion embezzling euthanasia extortions. The thought of such spatiotemporal telemetry tactician. Protractive analyses of dimensional delineation on the terrestrial equestrian. Tellurian terrene!!

The obvious realisms of all of this are that we are indeed capable of making these quantum leaps armed practical magic. I say lets fecundity get down to it. Exserted protuberances of erotica erectile errantry, the vibrant volition of verve. I’ve had enough of vapid flatulence and insidiously sinister archaic. Mankind’s inability to supersede his developing anachronism may well be the cause of his demise!!! We’ll become theosophy’s theophany incarnate, the ecstatic euphorias of corporeally preternatural's enigma entity on the identity crisis.

Submitted on 2014-11-03 03:51:52     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  6033! Apparently this one captures a lot of imaginations which have recommended it to their friends or perhaps to those they wish to torment for a few minutes taking this all in.

Love it!

| Posted on 2015-04-15 00:00:00 | by Blue Monk | [ Reply to This ]
  4707! Which upside down is LOLH if one takes a little license with how the 4 is drawn.
| Posted on 2015-02-24 00:00:00 | by Blue Monk | [ Reply to This ]
  Ha Ha! "Glitch" I like that... In the gooey theme of things I bet you are starting to feel like the old whore of hits, at least for this site. Congratulations however it happens.

| Posted on 2014-12-31 00:00:00 | by Blue Monk | [ Reply to This ]
  I'm keeping up with your view counts... Shazam! and yet so few comments. But really, how many people would be comfortable merely commenting upon, much less criticizing such a monumental crafting as this represents?

I personally am undaunted in such respect having previously dipped myself through several of your earlier works, perhaps suggesting a parallel to the baby Achilles. ;) Either that or I am already quite mad (from time to time) but apparently my regular medication served up with powerful Blue Grass State spirits aged in charred oak barrels for a minimum of three years seems to inure me from any felt confusion.

Merry Christmas!


| Posted on 2014-12-22 00:00:00 | by Blue Monk | [ Reply to This ]
  Some might find this somewhat gooey. ;)

| Posted on 2014-12-21 00:00:00 | by Blue Monk | [ Reply to This ]
  I'd have to guess that there is a porno site with the same name and the pervs get to this page by accident. ;)
| Posted on 2014-12-15 00:00:00 | by Blue Monk | [ Reply to This ]
  Total Views: 1445! That's some fan base you have there.

| Posted on 2014-12-14 00:00:00 | by Blue Monk | [ Reply to This ]
  Was thinking the other day that we are just an "egg" in development for something much larger. Maybe my shell is a little cracked? ;)
| Posted on 2014-12-14 00:00:00 | by Blue Monk | [ Reply to This ]
  I am left without words. Just wanted to let you know I read it.

It seems that there is a parallel in your writing as you make your final point. I like the elaboration of thought as you make a statement you clarify. It helped me personally not to misunderstand some of these lines. As an audience I appreciate that.

Your ideas are exciting and refreshing.
| Posted on 2014-12-14 00:00:00 | by lori_tab | [ Reply to This ]
  Quick work! I have to agree with most of what you've written here. I'm sure there are some implications of quantum mechanics yet to be realized across the board, size wise since we do consist of the so many tiny bits so affected, regardless. Is the whole any more or less than the sum of its parts?

The question could be "where are my better halves, really" while the answer could be "scattered throughout the universe(s)". The word "magic" would seem to describe the how and why of that endless stream of true reality we have yet to understand but continuing evolution pretty much dictates that any entities (including our better halves) ahead of us in such regard could well command as much or more "magic" as we certainly would to some poor slob out of mankind's past.

I like the way you think, and not just because I like to agree.
| Posted on 2014-12-14 00:00:00 | by Blue Monk | [ Reply to This ]
  By all means continue and prompt me as you post progress. If anyone can mesh this stuff out it is you although it is quite likely you will find it much like yourself looking in the mirror or better yet, a set of infinity mirrors. The trick is to blend in and sneak through yourself. Sleep well my friend(s). When in doubt, write a poem!

| Posted on 2014-12-12 00:00:00 | by Blue Monk | [ Reply to This ]
  In a nutshell, yes. There is give and take throughout, we are projections of the vast prevailing vacuum entergies and so we also project the product that is each of us. The relationship of the cosmic movements of mass and vacuum energy you pointed out defines "time", or the passage thereof as we perceive it. There is a phase relationship throughout which defines various degrees of order.

At some point humans should evolve to better perceive this as it slips in from time to time. Unfortunately it is often deemed chaos and madness but so much for excuses. Anything is possible... really!

Love the write, thanks.

| Posted on 2014-12-10 00:00:00 | by Blue Monk | [ Reply to This ]
  Good point. I have to look up some words. :-) Otherwise what I was able to grasp from this was summed up in these lines

Regardless, given the fact that there probably was no beginning to the universe then quite literally an eternity has already passed

I really enjoyed reading this piece.
Thanks for sharing.
| Posted on 2014-12-07 00:00:00 | by lori_tab | [ Reply to This ]

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