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The Art of Seduction

Author: Iriss
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The Art of Seduction

Rayne hadn’t seen her Daddy in several days and she was feeling every second of it. Her body ached as she thought about how his hands felt as he would run them along her body, up her back and across her shoulders ending with his hand in her natural hair gripping it and giving it a tug. “I love your hair” he would often tell her. She loved that he loved it.
As she lay in bed, she closed her eyes and thought about the first time he took her into sub space. She was riding the hell out of his dick and he could feel each time she was about to cum and he would order her to stop moving in mid-stroke and she would obey his command. It was intense as hell and she almost slipped up a few times but she was able to keep from cumming at his command. The way she was positioned while riding his dick gave him the maximum penetration so that with each thrust he was hitting her G-spot. After she didn’t know how long, she finally got up on wobbly legs and could do nothing but plop back down on the couch and lay her head in his lap. She was so far gone but she felt completely relaxed and very much sated. It lasted a full day and a half. She missed that feeling and longed to feel it again. When her Daddy took charge and ordered her around like that, it turned her on even more. She trusted him not to ever hurt her. He had promised her that and she believed him, completely.
Rayne snapped back from her thoughts and decided that she had to do something to try and ease her built up frustrations. Daddy had given her an assignment to learn how to step out of her comfort zone and seduce him. She was mad at first when he said it because she felt like he made it seem as if she didn’t know what she was doing. Then she got nervous because it was different than what she was used to and she would eventually have to step outside of her comfort zone and do something different which she was not prepared to do just yet, but she didn’t have a choice. She had been given an assignment and she was compelled to complete it, no matter what.
She had decided that she would start by not seeing him so that he would miss her but it seemed as though she was the one suffering and missing him. She talked to him briefly every night and began sending him an erotic story that she had written especially for him but was feeding it to him a paragraph at a time but it seemed as if even that as taking forever; maybe she didn’t know what she was doing.
She decided that she wanted to see her Daddy if only briefly. She started formulating a plan. What she came up with was sexy and a bit seductive but way out of her comfort zone. She jumped into the shower and took her time. The shower was steaming hot, just the way she liked it. She washed her natural locks and slowly washed every inch of her short, thick and curvy frame, paying special attention to her pussy. After rinsing herself off she added conditioner to her hair and combed it through. Letting that sit, she turned off the water and lathered up her legs with shaving cream and shaved her already nearly hairless legs to make sure they were smooth like silk. Then she shaved her under arms. Not sexy but still needed to be done. She then got back into the shower to rinse off. After rinsing her legs and under arms, she lathered up her pussy. She wanted to make sure that it was as smooth as a baby’s ass. After she finished shaving her pussy she rinsed her hair and then stepped out into the steamed bathroom.
Slowly drying herself off, Rayne thought about what she could do to get the party started to entice her Daddy. She decided to dress up in her sexiest lingerie and take pictures and text them to him. This was definitely out of her element because she hated taking pictures. The dressing up she didn’t mind but it was memorializing it in pictures that she didn’t like. She went to her closet and picked out her red and black bustier, then picked a thong from her dresser and found a pair of fishnet stockings that she had gotten but never used. She put lotion on and then dressed. She found a sexy pair of black heels that matched her outfit and put them on.
She started off by taking a picture of her leg up in the air with the fishnet stockings and heel then sent it to him. She waited for his response. She could hear his voice in her head as she read the text that said “oooh.” She gently chuckled to herself. Maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as she thought it was, so she took two more pictures. She took another one of her titties almost falling out of the bustier and another of her pussy up close and sent the two of them. She really didn’t expect an immediate answer from him because he was at work.
A few hours later she sent him another text asking him if he was hungry. Of course she hadn’t had time to cook but she instead picked him up something to eat.
At this point she was hoping that she would be able to follow through with what she had been planning. She hates being away from her Daddy too long because she needs to be near him all the time. It had been four very long days and three very long nights since the last time she had seen her Daddy and it felt like forever to her. She missed him sitting at her feet. Even though he would be sitting on the floor at her feet, it was she who actually worshiped him. He often times indulged her childlike tendencies and would let her play in his hair. His hair was beautiful. If he loved her hair, she loved his even more. It was long and curly as hell. He didn’t like it combed but she could brush it as long as she didn’t tug on it. One time he washed it and blew it out and his hair was straight and midway down his back. I guess being mixed, Black and Asian, you are going to have beautiful hair no matter what you do to it. That was the first time she had ever seen his hair like that and then he sat down on the floor and asked her if she wanted to brush it. She was so excited she couldn’t help but ask “really?!” He laughed and said “yes, really.”
She had decided to show up at his door in nothing but a trench coat, a Dallas football jersey, a thong and a pair of heels. She was hoping like mad she didn’t chicken out because she already felt out of her element by taking and sending the pictures. This was a tough lesson but she was going to do it because she wanted to please him.
Since she was going out in the night and she had no clue who would be out, she put on a pair of sweat pants so she could drive to his house. She went over everything in her head as she drove to his house. She had planned to show up at the door dressed in everything but the sweats, hand him his food with a note that said “Soon. I love you” and turn around and walk away.
As she was driving she continued to text him her made up erotic story. She had to write it off the top of her head and it seemed to be pretty good. As she pulled up into his parking lot she shut off her car and took a deep breath. She was nervous about this whole thing because nothing she ever planned turned out the way she envisioned in her head. To calm her nerves, she sent a text to her sensei. He was the one that gave her part of her ideas on what to do to seduce her Daddy and encouraged her. He had more faith that she could do it than she did. Taking another deep breath, she slid out of her sweat pants and into her stiletto heels and put on her trench. It was hot outside but not too hot and there was a slight breeze.
Looking at the last text message she sent to him “…Rayne went over her hastily put together check list in her head…heels, check; trench in 1000˚ weather, check (damn it’s hot, she thought as she slipped it on anyway) and then she walked up to the door and….” She knocked then turned her back to the door. Her Daddy opened the door as she turned around and handed him his dinner. He stood back from the door and held his arms open. That was all she needed, she stepped into the apartment and right into his arms. As he wrapped his arms around her she exhaled. She was so happy to see him. As they released their embrace and stepped back from one another, everything in her was telling her to hand him the note and turn around and leave but her legs were refusing the command and she stayed in the apartment only moving further into the darkness. Daddy turned on the light and she made her way to the couch.
Rayne’s mother had always told her that the quickest way to a man’s heart was through his stomach so she as she sat down on the couch, he sat down on the floor at her feet and ate what she had brought him as they watched their favorite television show. He told her he was glad she was there because he had been waiting to watch the show so she could see it too. She smiled at his thoughtfulness. He finished eating before the show went off, he washed his hands and then sat back at her feet and laid his head on her leg. He ran his hand up and down her freshly shaven legs as they watched television pausing briefly to gently place a kiss on her thigh or her calf.
When the show went off they went back to his room. She pulled off the trench coat and kicked off her shoes and removed her jersey so all she had on was her thong and sexy black lace bra. Rayne then slid into bed next to him. He immediately began rubbing his hands up and down her back and shoulders then he pulled her on top of him and began slowly kissing her and caressing her some more. He undid her bra and slid if off her shoulders, one strap at a time. She could feel his dick get harder and grow longer through her thong as he responded to her little bites and nibbles on his chest, neck and ears.
After several minutes of kissing and caressing, with her straddling him he pulled her thong down and took it off only one leg; as she lowered herself back down, she could feel his dick pulsating beneath her so she raised her hips and came down on his dick. As he plunged inside her, he hit her G-spot dead on. In her head she is thinking “how the hell does he DO that every single time?!” She let out a gentle moan and he whispered “yeah that’s it baby girl” and reached up and wrapped his fingers in her hair.
Slow pumping on his dick, she got wetter and wetter. She sat straight up while still moving her hips and he reached up and grabbed her titties and began sucking on them. She could feel her nipples get hard and she got even wetter. As she leaned forward he whispered in her ear “is this what you wanted?” Breathlessly she whispered “yes Daddy.” Not hearing her he repeated himself and she breathlessly whispered “yes sir.” He reached up and grabbed her wrists and told her “show me your dominant side” and put her hands on his neck. Her mind raced as she did as she was commanded and she gently squeezed and he thrust deeper into her, again hitting that G-spot. They both moaned. She was extra wet and she could feel every drop.
As she let go of his neck he pulled her towards him and commanded “now get on your back and open those legs!” She groaned(because she didn’t want to take his dick out) and slid off and lay on her back and opened her legs. He plunged deep inside her and she closed her eyes and threw her head back on the bed arching her back and bringing her hips up to meet him. He brought her legs up and had her feet by his ears and he drove deeper inside of her, harder and faster then slowly and sensually. She let go of herself “fuck yes” she half moaned half and half said. She met every thrust using his shoulders to lift her hips up to meet him. He slowly caressed her legs and her nicely pedicured feet and began kissing her toes. She moaned in response to the new stimulus. While still pumping, he reached down and began playing with her pussy, sticking his finger in while he was still pumping he opened her legs and then told her to taste her. She sucked every bit of her juices off of his finger while he whispered “good girl, now make me eat your pussy.” She grabbed him by his hair and forced him down to her pussy.
Her Daddy licked and sucked all her juices and she moaned in ecstasy, he used his finger to find her G-spot while he flicked his tongue across her clit and sucked on it until she grabbed his head and tried to move him before she came again. He refused to move and she came and he sucked all her juices up as she convulsed each time she came. Her clit was so sensitive but he kept sucking on it until she begged for mercy and he let go.
They both collapsed exhausted. Sweat dripping and satisfied. Rayne had no idea how many times she may have cum, she never keeps count of that anyway but she was so tired and it was all she could do to remain awake. She grabbed a pillow and began fanning him to cool him down and as he slid up next to her on the bed and before she drifted off to sleep she whispered, “
“Did I do good Daddy?” “Yes baby girl you did really good” and she fell asleep with her face buried in his chest.

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  maybe a sidenote somewhere in your story could help the confusion over whether this is literally daddy or just a nickname for your lover. something to help ease the reader's confusion over the topic. like when you're talking about remembering the first time in sub space; maybe replace it with how you came to call this person daddy - "i remember the first time adam asked me to call him daddy when we played together". just a suggestion to help with the confusion :)
| Posted on 2015-02-08 00:00:00 | by gwenn sundala | [ Reply to This ]
  ohh very erotic and just wow! I loved it. and @cornonthekob, I believe Daddy is just a term... Id call my man Daddy...some people like it... but anyway, great write. honestly enjoyed how you kinda showed her coming out of her shell and sexually experimenting a little more. Keep Writin'!
| Posted on 2014-12-28 00:00:00 | by Teofila | [ Reply to This ]
  this is absolutely terrible. why write about this stuff? sounds like you're glorifying incest. that's the impression that i got. maybe find a new topic? idk man, i couldn't stomach reading the whole thing, but this isn't healthy. by no means.
| Posted on 2014-12-08 00:00:00 | by cornonthekob | [ Reply to This ]

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