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Poem X

Author: ThtDizzyDreamer
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Words: 274
Class/Type: Poetry /What you did
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Poem X

I once knew a girl who was always so vigorous
She had nothing to fear
Her happiness seemed to be continuous
Everything seemed so clear

But there was this dark morbid day
Where something inside her changed
Where she was led astray
And sadly became deranged

Now this little girl was gone
Nothing left but a beating heart
That night where she was just a pawn
And soon she would fall apart

She grew up in one night, one terrible night
Her innocence was ripped from her soul
She didn’t comprehend so she didn’t fight
Everything was out of her control

A few years pass, and she’s regained her felicity
She worked so hard to regain her innocence
But this young girl had a mind that surpassed complexity
And yet she was still blinded by her ignorance

Every time it happened she couldn’t move
She was terrified and alone
The feeling of disgust she couldn’t remove
And now her adolescence was unknown

A couple more years pass and she cannot find sleep
Afraid of what her head will force her to recall
So every night, she continues to weep
And a terrible weight she continues to haul

Now this girl is the one who stands before you
Reading this poem of her childhood
Knowing she will pull through
And hoping she’s not misunderstood

We all have our demons that are inside
And now you know the one that’s in my bed
I will continue to wait for it to subside
But you see, it fuels off the one that’s in my head.

Submitted on 2015-06-02 14:22:57     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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