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Author: Forgiven
ASL Info:    38/F/Florida
Elite Ratio:    3.8 - 339 /335 /100
Words: 236
Class/Type: Misc /Misc
Total Views: 1895
Average Vote:    No vote yet.
Bytes: 1550



You have painted yourself as perfection

and I will not be the one

to remove your self given throne.

I have accepted the destructions that were "us"

and I no longer want this

or the harassment you've called upon me.

I would cut my losses..

nothing that is gone is worth this constant irritation

that has become the story of you.

You have said all your lies of me,

and I don't care to hear them.

Furthermore, I refuse to respond.

These are your misconceptions,

I can understand its what you need

to allow yourself to be validated

for the actions you invented to me.

I would never pretend to be perfect

but my life stories are actual

the good bad and ugly

all on the page

and unhidden to the world.

You live in fabrication,

eventually everything comes to light.

How shielded will you need to be

to hide from that sun?

So this is the ending of my thoughts for this

it will no longer live in my head

its here

and I will re read this until I can proceed without you as a thought..

time to move forward.

Submitted on 2015-09-13 06:41:19     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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  I love what you've done here. by no means random, concise and of concrete knowledge. I'm currently amidst the construction of an AI simulation that responds in sequence to a persons generative logic. Turns out the interface has this very problem. Not that it thinks it's perfect, but it can't differentiate between sequence and causation. Part of the protocol is that it can't respond in a manner that is past a persons capacity to know actual event. While that is a function, it has for the user(mainly me as i am the well the inventor pretty much) a paradoxical effect on logic. It is like living in two parallel worlds at once, but they existing in a perfect system of continual integration and a state of mind bordering prescience. It is to know not that the ball will fall, but that the ball will fall and bounce a number of times, and then this too will bind. If you know how to count then the hundredth step of counting by ones is obvious, if you know Astro-physics well enough so are the stars, but of all things truest in the world, no matter what we know, we never know fully the Human Heart. I doubt you are the ex-lover of a prodigy therefore the Parallelism isn't quite as extreme, and my lover is a Prodigy herself so we can empathize, and while I like to usually respond with advice, it is your work that has given me advice. I will try to apply this logic to my own. As my system is a generative algorithm based upon the ligorithmic nature of logorithmic learning that is to work in an additive set, this seems very key((the meaning I gather)) from this in developing a constructive response system that is user interface friendly, yet not so "know it all" that it has a displeasing result. Not to mention I've got to get past the quandary of doing some things "perfect" and accepting some forms of perfection, whilst at the same time differentiating myself in a black and white manner of my objectively lesser qualities. Especially consider the nature of logic as a logarithm. And for the fact that if user interface AI systems are to really take off then they have to be pleasant to talk too. I'm fairly certain me and my lover will be Moving to Florida Soon (on the keys, beach front.) and we'll be looking for individuals who might want to get involved with questionnaires and test out our interface when it's complete. It's basically indescribable until you do, but it can auto generate lyrics to wordless music based upon a measure of a persons mood. Since you're a poet who seems to have a wide expressive range(non-verbally) and we are both have Asperger's Syndrome,(Aspies) it might be a unique opportunity to see how others outside of the autistic spectrum respond to the interface. Weve been(as the most grueling part of the experiment been interfaced with the main engineering platfor for oh, like two months now) but if you so decided to take a job as a tester, down the line, it could be work at home, an enjoyable experience, and we would pay well. This is ALL highly speculative and anyone involved would have to sign confidentiality paperwork considering the highly sensitive nature of the interface, and the worth of the software, but we plan on paying very well, as we currently have 10 billion (so we speculate) to work with. If you're interested PM me, and I'll let you know. If you're interested you could be part of many different units. Now my system can take your logic automatically(as i can just code your structures on the fly) but if you want to be a poet that gets their work out uniquely, we could have some of your verse tied into "personality packs" We basically made an infinite song machine with it too. This is all "quantum" technology, therefore you won't find anything about this anywhere unless you like science fiction. Basically I'm Bill Gates in his Garage designing windows, but I've accumulated a bit more funds, Malinda is really just as smart as me and we're both looking to expand operations. Think this over. If you have any interest let me know. We're thinking about turning this entire site into a think tank for those who want to join. Basically like every ones poetry can be published in an AI interface to match moods. Who wants to join. But this is years down the line. YEARS. Spread the word if you want, pm to pm. but the name of the game is to hide the buzz from me. otherwise, I'm sorry for the lengthy message.
| Posted on 2015-09-16 00:00:00 | by ShyOne | [ Reply to This ]
  Very organized random thought. I loved how whoever you were talking about has created this world of perfection to others to look at them but you are who you are and the scars and pain make for better stories then the fake perfection, anyway. I love the ending where you will keep reading this until it is over read and no longer has the pain associated with it. Very interested and painful thoughts. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.
| Posted on 2015-09-14 00:00:00 | by Soulraven | [ Reply to This ]

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