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Author: endlessgame23
ASL Info:    25/f/The Endless Table
Elite Ratio:    3.22 - 28 /42 /44
Words: 1287
Class/Type: Prose /
Total Views: 2396
Average Vote:    No vote yet.
Bytes: 7514


Complete fiction..


Last night, it was Sunday, early November. Warmer than I'm used to for the Autumn season, but I had the windows up anyway. Didn't have a cigarette, so I didn't need the airflow.
Anyway, I'm cruising 60 down Latham singing along to my favorite song.
It's dark; daylight savings stole an hour from the day so the Sun sets before six o' clock now. I haven't changed my car's clock yet. The bright green numbers display the correct/incorrect time: 22:10. Card game ended a little late tonight..
Ken had really given me a run for my money, but I was 2:1 going home and fuckin' happy about it. (That's pretty good for a rookie like me)
I'm slowing down, getting ready for my left turn on to Old River rd.
Singing and watching the pretty Autumn leaves swirling in tornadoes across the weathered asphalt. No cars in the opposite lane, so I'm free to glide onto Old River.
My song ends as I leave the last street lamp to become a dim glow in my rear view mirror.  
This is my favorite part of the drive home. Taking the two lane country roads. Less traffic, more stars. My little piece of Elysium. It's just me and the dark; my old companion. The moon is full and low in the sky, making it look huge. Almost close enough to pluck from the black velvet sky. (If only, am I right? I'd put that shiny disc on a ribbon and call it a night! Whew, lemme tell ya.. What? Oh, alright. The point of my tale.. Yeah, yeah)
So, I'm accelerating back up to 60 (ish) mph on my favorite, poorly illuminated, two-lane road. I'm replaying my favorite song because I'm not convinced that I'm getting the bridge right and it's driving me insane. So on it goes... I turn up the volume and drive.
I'm a confident driver (especially when the road is mine) so  I let myself fall into the music, determined not to fuck up the notes. Again. (despite there being a ditch on the passenger side and a good, but not dense, line of trees on my side of the car)
(it's ok I got this, it's not like I'm closing my eyes or anything.)
Where was I?
The tress are rushing toward me and falling behind. Shadows and silhouettes play peek-a-boo with my headlights. The road is long and empty, but this night made that favorite road of mine fucking eerie. I swear by the Light it took me a literal eternity before I saw the next intersection approaching.
Before I made it there, I had noticed the shadows moved more than the should have been able to. The silhouettes were more defined than they had any right to be.
With each pass of a tree a certain shadow became more clear. I immediately dismissed it as Imagination. Mine can be wild and active. (Can be? Always is! I was once attacked by a shark from my kitchen sink, but that isn't this story..) Hence, the immediate dismissal. A few more trees pass, five or six maybe. This shadow has vague facial features, inky tendrils have become arms and fingers. three trees, now it's "face" is distinct. The entire shadow subtly lighter than the blackness surrounding. I lost my music trance, fading it to a dull sing along. More of my attention captured by my phantom stalker. I was really starting to freak myself out. I did my best to ignore the ever increasing clarity of the shadows. Found my place among the music and dived right back in. Sadly, to no avail. I'd become tone deaf.
The moon decided it was the perfect time to hide behind the clouds. I switched on my brights, trading the soft yellow glimmer for harsh bright white. A shadow darted from the trees across the road. It had to have been only a hair's width away from my front bumper. My breath caught in my throat, my heart panicked for a moment, but my driving never faltered. I searched the dark horizon for any more fleeing penumbras, but the coast was seemingly clear. I chuckled nervously.
"Fucking birds," I confided to the empty (ish) passenger seat. Bird or not, I slowed down a bit to avoid a future collision. (We're only lucky a few precious times)
At this point, I have completely given up on my jam session, so I let the track change to the next; quietly listening as I drove.  
Finally, the moon fought it's way out of the clouds. The shadows suddenly swarmed all around me. Another danced across the street in front of my car. I slammed on the brakes, tires screeching, I'm screaming, "Mother shit fuck sucker." my go to litany of curses when I'm startled. (Eloquent aren't I?)  
Just beyond the icy fist of my Lincoln's bumper, stood (floated?) a glaring intangible umbra of handsome darkness.
I mean, Romance novel, shirtless model, they traded in Fabio for this moody fuck's pensive mug, handsome.
Let's get something straight here real quick, I am no fangirl of the brooding bloodsucker, kissable fangs bs, but.. I was awestruck. He was glaring, I was staring. Drool probably dripping off my chin like the horny spinster those romance novels are written for (by?).
The pensive penumbra placed his fingertips on the hood of my Lincoln. His shroud of shadows slowly dissipating. He solidified into chaotic atoms and predictable quarks; all amassing into the most horrifying and beautiful creature the gods could ever hope to conjure. His new flesh was pale as the moonlight that softly kissed it. Wispy tendrils of stubborn shadows clinging to the sharp angles of his high cheek bones and square jaw. Thick brows adorned his large, grey eyes. They lacked a pupil and reminded me of storm clouds. I'm hypnotized. No joke. I'm completely immobilized and would have done anything he told me.  
I was his with just a glance..
The Me that still existed far beneath that placid marionette was grief stricken and terrified. Blurry visages of impending carnage flashed through my/our/her mind. Banshees began to wail in the foggy plane on nonexistence. Shrill and endless, their song accompanied the cries and screams of the many fallen.
I blinked.  
A car was zooming passed me in the opposite lane. Horn blaring angrily as it sped around my halted vehicle.  
I shook my head to chase away the last awful images from My mind. I released the break and continued the drive home. The music still escaped the speakers, the moon was still huge and bright in the sky, everything was right with the world.
Five quick minutes and I was pulling into my drive way. Car off, keys out, inside my warm, safe house.  
That was yesterday and only the faint memories of this weird random fugue that had mentally fist fought me and won. (One round. K.O. Baby!)
I can't even begin to fathom what fully transpired in that plane of shadows and silhouettes. But it was awful. I clearly remember that. You bet.
Anyway, that was the weird part. The scary part of this story...
That beautiful personification of evil is watching me through my patio door.
Three slender fingertips perched on the glass.  
I know what he wants. He can't have It. I won It fair and fucking square. So piss off and get on out of here!

Submitted on 2017-11-09 09:43:16     Terms of Service / Copyright Rules
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